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Author Topic: Knight Crew INC wants you!  (Read 410 times)

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Knight Crew INC wants you!
« on: 12/30/15, 06:11:17 AM »
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Sitting on the edge of his bed a man sits looking at a table. There are three things he keeps switching between. His blaster pistol, his glass of brandy, and a datapad sitting up so he can read it. The data pad flashes more and more new of defeats of the empire on key worlds. After all the work he had been paid to do the empire slowly crumbles without it's Emperor and with the Dark Council still at their own throats and with its own corruption there isn't much time left for this side of the war...Even Marr is gone now the only one who MIGHT have had a chance to rally the Empire together. "Rock and a hard place..." The republic wouldn't allow for people like him to operate. The Jedi wouldn't condone his work. The Empire is all he has ever known without even enlisting. He stands from his bed and looks at his armor. Marred with blaster burns and lightsaber marks...He has seen Makeb saved from destruction, The Emperor killed by his own son, The rise and fall of the Empire itself...Well almost it's fall...He has even seen Revan with his own eyes still alive and causing issues..."No. Not like this." He taps his comm in his ear. "Mako. Head for the fleet. We're sending out a call..."

All across the galaxy a call would pop up on every holoterminal. A tall strong man in full Mandalorian armor would stand with his helmet off. His long dark brown hair draped on his shoulders. His goatee perfectly trimmed and cut. His scar over his right eye not hidden but looking even more pronounced. His eyes themselves burning with a passion as he spoke from his hacked input to the datanet, infonet, and all forms of communication here he would make his plea.

"I am Duglaz J. Corema. I am a merc for hire and working for the Empire. No not working for them working to SAVE them. For too long the Empire has been fools of their own delusions. They think the Jedi are weak and powerless compared to the Dark Side. I have seen all too often Powerful Sith fall to those that they deem weak. Not anymore. Join me. Sith, Hunters, or Imperial. Any race is welcome.  Under the banner of Knight Crew INC we will deploy into the war under the Empire. I have brokered a deal with them. We operate under minimal guidance with them unless we need to be deployed in a specific area. All heads turned in or just jobs completed will give us credits to fund our operations. To make this cut and dry you will get paid to seek out the Empire's enemies and crush them. We have many jobs available and will always be looking for more people. Seek out Knight Crew INC and join today no matter if your in it for money, honor, the hunt, or whatever you want to call it. Help us to hoist the Empire back up in this war and to bring at least the status quo back!"

The transmissions would cut soon after leaving any who heard to to ponder it's meaning...

OOC stuff:
Knight Crew INC has been founded on December 30th 2015. I have run many guilds across many MMOs. This guild will be RP heavy but not required. We will work up and build a stronghold etc when the funds are available. We will have  a teamspeak when funds are available. We will be using a mix of http://begerencolony.org/ and an Enjin I will be setting up to communicate and focus on story etc. We will have weekly RP events etc and plan out actions as we try to slowly help the empire out of its corrupted, crumbling state. There is no restrictions on who can join. Light, dark, human, alien, sith, imperial, mandalorian. None of it matters.
We have the following rules:
1. RESPECT Plain and simple this is respect to everyone including yourself
2. Guild chat is to be clean. No swearing etc.
3. No metaing in RPs. Guild chat is not RP chat. If someone tells you X is a spy in guild chat your character won't know it. 3 infractions=boot.
4. Goes with #1. Don't be a douche OOC. If your character is one that's all well and good but don't carry it over please.

Our job is clear (and slightly vague on purpose) enough that any and all RP is allowed. Adult RP will be relegated to whispers in private areas though. So come all you who want to make the empire great again. Under our banner we can push back the republic and make a stand!

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