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Announcement: Graphical Banner
« on: 03/30/16, 05:03:29 PM »
Hello everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, BC.org has a motion graphical banner that directs users toward some of the major features of the site.

At this time, we would like to open up the banner for submissions from site users to highlight major topics or events. Please note that all submissions are at the discretion of the BC.org site team.

The rules for submission are as follows:

  • The topic to be highlighted or event linked must be time-limited in nature. No permanent banner submissions are accepted at this time.
  • The topic or event linked must be something that is pertinent to more than a single guild or a few people. It must be applicable for discussion or participation by a good portion of the community. Determination of this is up to the discretion of the site team.
  • Banner image submitted must be 750 x 150 pixels, with a 2 pixel black border around the image.
  • Banner image must conform to the appearance of a SWTOR screenshot, or similar in style to existing banners.
  • A short title, a short sentence "blurb", and the topic/event link must be submitted with the image. Site team may change the title and blurb for length or grammar at our discretion.
  • If an image is not submitted with the proposed topic/event, the submitter may request that the site team provide an image at our discretion. However, the site team may also refuse to place a topic into the rotation at our discretion based on lack of provided image.
  • The topic will stay in the rotation at a standard 2 weeks unless a different time interval has been discussed with the site team. The topic also stands to be removed once it has passed its relevant date(s), if any.

Please direct all submissions to the Arbiters group via PM. This is done by clicking Show membergroups in the header area of the PM writer and then checking the To box for Arbiters. You may link the image in the body of the PM to the Arbiters, which counts as your image submission.
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