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Author Topic: Written by Mei'li - a collection of stories  (Read 1165 times)

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Written by Mei'li - a collection of stories
« on: 04/30/16, 12:39:34 AM »
This is a thread to keep track of my writing. The list below is kept in chronological order of events for my characters (if you didn't already know, they are all related :grin: ). Please bookmark this thread if you enjoy my work (I will also keep this linked in my profile page and in my signature).

Pre-Cold War Stories

"S.O.B." (open prompt set to music)
Character: Ke'rii

Cold War Stories

"Tales from Camp Veshkgalaar" (main story by Noth, but I helped with a small segment)
Character: Gung'chul Areum

Pre-KoTFE Stories

"A Sibling's Deception"
Character: Ke'rii

"In the Black of Wild Space
Character: Ke'rii

Post-KoTFE Stories

"Defection" (Roleplay, play-by-post)
Character: Mei'li

"A Clash of What Is"
Character: Mei'li

"Call of the Wind" (part 1) | "Bloodline" (part 2) | "Genetics" (part 3) | "Visions" (part 4) | "The Lazy Luck" (part 5) | "Hunted" (part 6) | "Blood Drops" (part 7) | "What Lies In Wait" (part 8; the end)
Characters: Sihnon, Mei'li, Hoban'ji, Gung'chul Areum, Xia'li, Ke'rii

"A Traitor By The Heart"
Character: Gung'chul Areum, Ke'rii, Mei'li, Sartori'li, Wei'Misini

Post-KoTET Stories

"Resurgence" (Roleplay)
Character: Ke'rii, Mei'li

"Tutix and the Ziost Avenger"
Character: Tutix Kuwix

"The Spotlight Refocused"
Character: Ekaterina Koshkova

"So, Boss is Captain Now?"
Character: Ke'rii, Tutix Kuwix

"Hunted" -- continued in: "Hunting the Hunted"
Character: Keiko'li, Tutix Kuwix, Ke'rii, Alara Slate, Mei'li, Gung'chul Areum

Character: Ekaterina Koshkova

"That Which Lies In Wait"
Character: Mei'li

Characters: Ke'rii, Alara

Character: Mei'li

Character Journals

Diary of an Outsider: Ekaterina Koshkova

The Black Death: Research and Observations - by Ke'rii Ogasawara
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