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Author Topic: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!  (Read 1484 times)

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(OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« on: 08/20/16, 07:01:05 PM »
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Hey Everyone, I was quite happy to hear there was a PST RP server on Swtor, so I'd like to give it a try! Little bit about me...

About me... As the name suggests, I'm a happy Canadian so the nickname 'JollyMoose' was given courtsey of my American gaming pals. Been gaming since a kid and made a career out it by going into console game development. My other hobbies include drawing, D&D, and traveling.

RP Background... Started roleplay in the early days of Yahoo Chat almost 20 years ago. First MMO was Ultima Online, then played Anarchy Online, WoW, SWG, and ESO. I loved creating plots and events, or running RP establishments like taverns or stores to promote interactions. Used to lead a Hlaalu trading guild for over a year but handed the mantle off when I entered a lead position at work and entered crunch time.

Why I'm here... I've always played on EST servers but now that I'm at a new company with a 2 hour commute, everyone is offline by the time I get on. I'd like to be able to meet new people and participate in stories after work, something I've never been able to do before due to time zones.

So my question... I am Imperial and have an operative I'm considering moving over, but many Guilds seem out of date. Where is good to start? I'm fairly adaptable, so anything from military, sith, bounty hunter, or business rp seems fine. I like trying new stuff and meeting new people!

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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #1 on: 08/20/16, 07:40:21 PM »
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Hello friend person! I can maybe help with your question somewhat.

I'm not sure about the state of any specific guilds, but you don't really need to be in one for anything these days. Any guilds still left on the server are probably decent tho, and the site's GuildNet has a bunch of them listed as well as the Guild Recruiting forum.

But you can get started in RP without a guild easily! I think. You can ask around here for some stuff and there are public events every week, plus each side has an OOC chat channel (/cjoin republicooc and /cjoin imperialooc) for  publicly shaming traitors and alerting the authorities to vile heresy  complaining about sorcs/sages, KOTFE, the latest patch, no new ops, reskins, and people complaining  doing anything productive at all  pissing around aimlessly or whatever.

Also check out the Holonet (IC wiki for characters and such) because it has interesting stuff on it.

And if you ever want to do Imperial military RP of some sort at a late-ish EST time, totes let me know!

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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #2 on: 08/20/16, 08:17:46 PM »
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Seconding the public events! They are listed on the calendar and on the forums, and are a really nice way to meet people, and see what groups and guilds you might be interested in.

The OOC channels are really nice too. You can usually toss out a 'Anyone up for RP!' and someone will answer. I've never had a problem RPing unguilded characters or in groups of people from all different guilds using the OOC channels and the forum community.

As for Imp guilds, I only just made my Imp toons into RP toons myself. :c So I don't know the guild scene as well as others might.
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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #3 on: 08/20/16, 08:26:06 PM »
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Definitely get into the OOC channels and then definitely come try out some of the weekly rp events! If you want a key to Dancer's Palace, just whisper me on any one of my way too many alts! And if you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to call that out in the OOC channels too!

I have a few characters in The Wraiths, pub side, but other than that, almost all of my characters are just in my own guild. My rp is rarely guild based or even if guild based is rarely guild limited.

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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #4 on: 08/20/16, 10:00:22 PM »
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Thanks so much for the kind replies, its very encouraging! Glad the forum is so active too. This is very encouraging!

Will definitely join the ooc channels. Thanks again, you guys are awesome :)

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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #5 on: 08/20/16, 10:06:23 PM »
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Welcome to the site! As you can see to your left, there are several events during the week! Anti-Zak Night is for everyone and currently most integrated with the storyline (though there might be the occasional spoiler). Jedi kNight is Pub-side, and Dancer's Palace is for every faction and a lovely place to get some excellent RP in.

A few thingies to browse through (and throw an entry into if you like):

Casting Your Characters: Giving your characters a face claim
Character Location Banter and Character Influence Gifts: for fun information on your characters
Character Idiosyncrasies: for further character info/quirks

Imperials forever, man.
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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #6 on: 08/22/16, 08:13:43 PM »
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Welcome JollyMoose! I think you'll find this is a friendly and welcoming community. I hope you'll find a place to feel comfortable and that you'll be happy to stay.

I just wanted to echo what some others have already said, regarding it not being necessary to find a guild. Many of my characters are in a PVE guild that I can't leave due to commitments there, but I haven't had any difficulty integrating into the community's RP even so (the biggest barrier was my own shyness, which took a while to overcome). Of course if you do manage to find a RP guild I'm sure the opportunities for RP will increase, but on the whole I think most RP guilds still interact widely outside their own sphere. I'm sure there are some RP guilds on Begeren Colony that are not active on this site and exist in their own bubbles, but this site is still an excellent place to start.

That being said, not that long ago some folks here put up a recruitment post for their Imperial guild, <Imperial Navy>. I don't know any of the folks personally, but I've seen them at a few open events and they bring a lot of great color to the scene. Uber arrogant and speciesist totally appropriate Imperial color.  :grin: Since you specifically mentioned Imperial characters, they might be worth checking out.

There's also <Sith Intelligence>, GM'd by @Nicohlas. From what I recall of various posts over the last few months, I think he either started a new guild or morphed his existing one into a new War Ministry themed organization in Wild Space. I'm probably mangling it, but I've tagged him here so maybe he'll have a chance to stop by and tell you a little bit about it.

I would also suggest, as others have done, that you attend some of the open night community events. Currently there are three that are regularly scheduled and hosted via this community/site: Anti-Zakuul Coalition (a cross-faction affair) on Wednesday, Jedi Night (generally hosted by the guild <Jedi Custodum> on Thursdays, and Dancer's Palace (a cross-faction purely social event that takes place at a cantina/club themed Stronghold) on Fridays.

Dancer's Palace is a good place to start. It will be listed in the public Strongholds listing for Nar Shaddaa as Minnette's Stronghold, but if you don't see it you can always speak up in either Imperialooc or Republicooc chat channels saying that you'd like an invite and there is pretty much always someone who can shoot you one. Generally if you find a spot at the bar, you've got a very good chance to strike up some RP with someone. The chat window can get very crowded (most of the zones in the SH end up overlapping in the chat window so you can get half a dozen conversations overlapping in the chat), but while that can be a little overwhelming to sift through sometimes, it does have the side benefit of letting you observe all the various RP scenes happening around you and maybe get a good idea of some characters you'd like to interact with in future.

Good luck, have fun, and hope to see you around!
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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #7 on: 08/22/16, 11:56:52 PM »
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I see my name here.

Hello and welcome! Yes, I am the GM of <Imperial War Ministry> We RP as an Imperial military guild.  If you are looking to RP any of your characters as Imperial Navy specifically then I suggest the <Imperial Navy> guild mentioned above.

Check us out at warministry.enjin.com for more info.

Offline JollyMoose

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Re: (OOC) Old RPer looking for new adventures!
« Reply #8 on: 08/23/16, 01:36:38 AM »
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Hey everyone, wanted to echo my thanks again for the kind and warm welcomes, as well as additional information. It's nice (and very comforting) to know that roleplay is not isolated to guilds, and more extroverted then I thought.

Niarra, thank you for taking the time to write us a great post, that shows me how supportive this community is to new folks!

Will definitely keep an eye and ear out for the guilds mentioned, as well as other guilds - with the knowledge that I don't need to actually be in one to enjoy roleplaying. Which I guess is good since I greatly enjoy pvp and field RP.

You guys are awesome!