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Author Topic: ((OOC)) Returning player  (Read 784 times)

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Offline Jarros

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((OOC)) Returning player
« on: 10/22/16, 02:55:07 AM »
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Haven't been around SWTOR in a year or so now, most of the people I knew went inactive, I'm pretty sure. G'ale was my character, I roleplayed around the Grey Jedi faction, Pillar of Wisdom. If you knew me, say hi, if you don't, say hi too? idk

Offline Noth

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Re: ((OOC)) Returning player
« Reply #1 on: 10/22/16, 07:12:56 AM »
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Welcome back! That name looks vaguely familiar, I think we may have been around the same time haha. Good to see you again! Server community is still going strong, so there'll be plenty of stuff for you to get involved in. :)
The Jedi: Bren (Archaeologist), Iirim (Healer), Zorru (Recruiter), Orans (Master), Aybekk (Padawan)
The Politicians: Varooth (Senator), Seirion (Aide/Spy), Ayrak (King)
The Mandos: Urziya (Rallymaster), Terr (Chieftain)
The Outlaws: Telen (Slicer), Majia (Pirate/Smuggler)
The Imperials: Athuuna (Agent), Zhekrazh (Lord), Z'ridia (Apprentice)

Offline Seraphie

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Re: ((OOC)) Returning player
« Reply #2 on: 10/22/16, 12:32:38 PM »
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Sorry, don't recognize the name, but welcome!

Make sure you join us in our custom community channels with /cjoin Republicooc pub side, Imperialooc imp side and Rp both sides!

Hope we'll see you at the events on the calendar!

Offline SivWysan

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Re: ((OOC)) Returning player
« Reply #3 on: 10/23/16, 04:50:40 PM »
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Welcome!  Not sure if we've met either, but glad to have you back. 

Is your guild still active?  The Wraiths have a strong Grey contingent, essp after we adopted Grey Covenant if you're looking for a new home at any point. 

Offline Jarros

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Re: ((OOC)) Returning player
« Reply #4 on: 10/23/16, 10:11:12 PM »
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No unfortunantly, I think everyone has vanished. Could you send me a pm with more details and a link to your forum please :)