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Author Topic: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)  (Read 5828 times)

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Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« on: 12/13/16, 12:22:03 AM »
Timing Update!  Planning for this to run 2 weeks with several Coalition players posting snap-shots Mon-Sat (final prep) and actual assault beginning New Years day/leading up to the Jan 5th start of some of the Zakuul finale shots. 

Folks involved in planning know who they are- if you'd like to contribute something PM me, happy to work you in but need to make sure you know the plan!

Occurring shortly after the end of KotFE/Battle of Odessen, Caben and Coalition allies attempt to work with local Resistance forces to finally free Tatooine in the chaos.  Will play out over a few weeks, interest welcome (PM me or GabrielThorne) 

While Tatooine's villages and gangs were suspicious after delays of clear Coalition support and Exephos' rampage, Caben invited some Wraiths and Gabriel Thorne's Four Moons to join him in rebuilding the trust of local allies- starting with his old mentor and partner Gorvan Kremmel, boisterous leader of an anarchist settlement that grew into the Dune Sea Freedom Collective, uniting various settler groups. 

After an initial clandestine move into Gorvan's interior offices, Wraiths and Four Moons consider strategies combining tribute-ship codes from local underworld contacts with some Moon-Cracker bombs and  Thy's infiltrator Skytroopers.  Meanwhile, a shadowy figure attempts to infiltrate the meeting from the cliffs...

The group runs out as exchanges with hired bounty hunters and the intruder erupt into explosions on the roof and courtyard.  An enraged Gorvan runs out front, seeing the intruder escape after ramming a speeder remotely into his front door.

The notoriously short tempered bar owner sprays artillery fire after the intruder into a nearby brothel.  He even moves his ship to fire via a slave circuit- til Caben snaps him out of it with a punch.  The party lays low for a bit while Gorvan cools down with booze and the dust settles. 

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #1 on: 12/26/16, 09:07:25 PM »
Week 1- Final Prep Big Picture (snapshots to follow)- feel free to expand/add to my hooks, or those able to jump into my longer scene at the jump.  Don't be limited by my hooks, just suggestions based on what I know

Across Tatooine and the Rim, forces are in motion, hoping to capitalize on the lull of Empress Vaylin's rise to free a dustball oddly coveted by many factions...

On the red-dusted sands of Moderon, Darth Karmic's shadowport Wraiths smugglers arrive in force to acquire necessary munitions and any other aid their longtime Sith ally would like to offer... @Karmic

Caben's niece, acting-Commander Nyla Korr-Wysan struggles to ready the 2 Hutt Cartel-loaned Coalition warships without tipping the Hutts as a whole to the focus on an underworld planet they might see as ripe for the picking.  She has only been partially successful in this and, as Hutt bosses begin trying to get a stake in the Op Commander Nyla reaches out to some of the Krayt's Jaw and Four Moons Mercenary corps to even out their space forces and plan the backup-assault if the Star Fortress is not cracked by the covert bombs. @Cirsei  @Skip

Grizzled anarchist/Free Tatooine leader Gorvan Kremmel meets with trusted contacts among Anchorhead Vigilantees, Dune Sea Settlers and certain Sand People Tribes.  Willing fighters are recruited to help take the Shield Bunker should plan A fail.  Those unwilling to help directly are directed to cave shelters in case the fortress attacks the planet below. @Seraphie  & Sebrik

Finally @GabrielThorne @ThyssenKrupp make final preparations of the covert Skyptooper bomb delivery system, and Wraiths Underworld Chief N'gima arranges delivery of the 2 Moon-buster bombs that are Plan A. 

As all these meetings spring into motion, however Gorvan Kremmel invites Caben, Gabriel, Thy or other merc leaders to join him on a very... uncomfortable meeting with an old business rival at a remote outpost in the Dune Sea...


Cool winds across shifting sands signal the mid-way point between Suns-set, and Tatooine's upper, pinker sun casts a crimson hue over the Dune Sea.  Gorvan Kremmel, grizzled smuggler-barkeep and rebel leader walks beside his protege, Caben and representatives of the Merc forces key to this operation.  Caben briefed them... diplomatically on the situation before Gorvan arrived.

So, this last contact is vital but a... touchy one.  Feraedin and Gorvan were partners, ages back but rumor has it they fell out hard, possibly over the Twin Suns moving into slaving.  They've been at each other's throats ever since... but reached something of a truce a few years back shortly before Zakuul, when the Sith Kezie attacked Anchorhead.  Twin Suns is down on its luck after the Star Fortress purges, but they remain one of the oldest and biggest gangs here, and certainly the most Tatooine-centric.  Rumor has it Feraedin has his hands in old Imperial Intelligence circles- he's our best shot at getting tribute codes to that Star Fortress and his recent business losses make him likelier to deal.  All we have to do is keep these two old dogs from each others' necks...

They near a lonely, prearranged hut meeting place in neutral territory.  Notably, it has two entrances.  The hawk-like, narrowly refined bearded man's face is an impressive contrast to Gorvan's rotund, crazy-jolly grandpa.  Both meet each other sternly, silently across the dunes while sending an attendant in to check the room for traps. 

Finally we enter, Gorvan's slightly larger party off-set but a single, extremely creepy-looking wiry man in all black, sunglasses and fedora who holds back at the door as a presence of polite menace.  Strangely, staring at him too long causes a faint headache, possibly an electronic buzzing to others. 

Caben opens talks, as the two men continue staring daggers at each other. "So, gentleman, we come here in hopes of reaching an understanding- one that will both free Tatooine, and avenge Twin Suns on those who have wronged it.  All we need to do is discuss the small matter of a docking code, and not shoot each other in the next 40 minutes..."

The parties do not remain silent for long... Feraedin fiercely defending Twin Suns turf long-shrinking due to their loss of manpower, and Gorvan demanding an end to slavery across the entire Dune Sea.  Caben looks to his allies, hoping they can bring some focus as he struggles to get this crucial part of the deal done...

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #2 on: 12/27/16, 10:02:07 PM »
Decided to post something @Erednash RPed in Mos Ila this eve, a day or 2 after the above meeting.  Replies to that meeting still welcome, or can just focus on other scenes. 

1-2 days following Gorvan and Feraedin's desert meeting...

A shadowy Chiss agent enters a secluded corner of a Mos Ila cantina, waiting in a prearranged spot after putting out some rather direct feelers in the underworld.  Unbeknownst to our conspirators, the mysterious Shadow Assembly, poised beneath many layers of secrecy has decided to make a play in the coming battle for Tatooine while much of the Imperial military remains indecisive... 

After a few minutes of waiting an extremely tall, yet for some reason hard to watch-very long-cloaked man enters, dark-suited with a long hat that hides his eyes.  He parts the folds of his dark robe briefly, a single casino chip dropped on the bar counter.  There are no casinos in Mos Illa.  The bartender puts his dirty towl away, and suddenly the place is VERY empty for some reason Moments later he walks straight to the Chiss' table, pulls up a chair, puts his feet on the table and begins reading an antique printed news-leaf.  If any electronic/sensors one may sense a deep-scan from cybernetics concealed beneath his cloak.  The figure seems to be ignoring his tablemate thus far. 

Suddenly, at the exact time they  were supposed to meet, he puts the paper down, sits up politely and suddenly seems to notice the Chiss.  He tips his hat.  "Greetings. I'm Mr. Dee. Pleased to make your acquaintance"

Mort's only carrying what you'd expect from an undercover Imperial Intelligence agent, nothing threatening. Only thing out of place would be Charric Blaster Rifle instead of usual Imperial Standard Issue (hint at his Chiss blood). After Mr. Dee tips his hat, Mort nods his head. "Call me Mr. M, then."                             

"Fine to meet you, Mr. M. Tis very unusual to meet on such short notice, but was told you delivered... particularly intersting news.  Still, been a tough time for deliveries- my Employer requested I check the weather first.... given its fickle nature of late."  Sets down some weather pages... include a few Rim worlds... including Dromund Kaas.

Morn replies “Yes, quite the storm we had. But then, we've been through plenty of them" Later part said after eyeing the DK weather page "Of course, we could talk weather all day long, but that won't make the sun come out now, will it?"

Nodding- Mr. Dee's voice is disconcertingly childlike and whimsical, each moment since he "noticed" you full of excitement- seems the levity in his words is taking all his willpower to maintain, poorly.  “Yes, I do so like to chance to come out and play.  But I've promised my elders to be more wary... in light of broken toys when we were left without umbrellas of late""For future playdates... such as this.. are needed certain assurances weather will not ruin our party"

"My dear Mr. Dee, answer me this: Why carry an umbrella when you could make the clouds go away?" Mortuus'vir's voice is near monotone, but you get a faint feeling he's playing you, or that he sees this whole thing as a game he's already won.                             

"A fine dare... but such words are serious, on the playground.  Is someone ready to make them?"

"Not currently, I'm afraid. Some pieces still need to be placed. But if my suspicions are correct, one of those pieces will be heading your way."

Mr. Dee stares at the Chiss, dead center for a few seconds, then smiles, again becoming childlike.  "I am limited in how many toys I can carry.  But I can take you to a club-house, to discuss such matters if you are serious about your dares."

"Then lead on, my friend."

Dee nods "Hope you aren't scared of the dark.  This way!"  He leads  to a recessed panel that opened sometime while they were talking... they enter a rugged mining lift of some sort- which immediately goes dark and activates a zero-g field on entering- distorting sense of direction.  It begins to move underground,From:

Mort breaks character for a bit here, letting out a low whistle while he stabilizes himself against a wall. "One of the most creative rides I've ever seen."

Dee exclaims gleefully in the noisy dark "Yes isn't it thrilling?!  It never gets old.  Not that I can remember more than a ride or two back."

After about 20 dizzying minutes, you find yourselves exiting a very rough-hewn mine-shaft, fitted with several modular security doors, leading off in a dizzying number of side passages and maintenance shafts.
He seems to pick one at random (actually making eeny-meeany-miney-moo finger moves) , which then opens to a QUITE opulent carpeted corridor, underground fountains and plants and mood lighting galore. 

At the far end, it opens to a simple but striking narrow stone-hewn office, with a well dressed, but relaxed silver bearded hawk-faced man sipping tea behind the desk. 

"Well, someone's a fan of decoration," Mort observes, consciously taking a slightly-submissive posture while eyeing the other man, trying to gauge his reaction to his change in posture. "Mr. Feraedin, then?"

Drell looks up dressed in a bit more finery than his desert meeting, calmly gazing over his tea.  "Some know me by that name, yes.  Tea?"  Glances at Dee, who stands respectfully back by the door, and pulls out a yo-yo.

Mort shrugs. "Not sure how long I'll be here, but if you insist."

"Its the last of my Alderaanian, quite good and hard to come by, given the weather.  Shame to go to waste.  And nice to hear of a possible clearing in the clouds.  We were.. quite intrigued to hear of your interest.  And appreciate your flexibility.  Trust is shorter than usual, even for me of late.  I'm sure you understand."

You have no idea. Mort thinks to himself. "Of course, the weather has been hard on us all as of late. Truthfully, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to clear the skies."

Feraedin pours the cup- fragrant smells rise- its VERY good Core tea.  "Some of us decided some time ago.  Though were intrigued to hear other plans might be in motion as well.  Still, while little time to restore trust, coordinating to avoid waste might be wise at this juncture."

Mort continues "I understand you met with a Gorvan Kremmel recently? Truthfully, it's not him so much I'm interested in, as it is some of the company he's been keeping."

Feraedin taps his left fingers thoughtfully as he sips his tea.  "Recently... yes.  I am a busy man.  And aware of his company, more or less.  They have not been subtle... though have more freedom to do that of late than I, I fear.” A strain, and slight flicker of anger comes in eyes as he mentions Gorvan's name... but VERY well hidden.

Mort replies "What I ask is very simple: Keep an eye on them for me. After an... incident, some time ago, it's no longer safe for me to be near Gorvan. If they get a date set for their plan of action, be sure to let me know."

Feraedin nods.  "I have been asked to aid their plans, as a Keymaker- by means still left to me despite the storms.  Although having... Friends to smooth that way could let me deliver it far more securely.  It is more the Key itself that determines the timing.  I have several makers at work.... but an Original would be of most value.  And open other doors of Trust as well"  He pauses.  "Keeping of an eye... and an invitation to the party would be more than possible to arrange, with that Introduction.  Is that... all you seek?" Looks up from his tea and courtly playful evasiveness until this point... meeting Mort's gaze quite firmly

"While the storm still rages on, no harm unto them shall be done. For how much our respective governments might have had at each other's throats any chance they could find, me and mine know that fighting will only lead to ruin while Zakuul still stands. Even if we can't make ourselves known to them yet, it is my hope that we can at least work towards a common goal."  The all-red eyes of a Chiss can be hard to read, but there is nothing but sincerity in what he just said.

Feraedin nods "I shall be clear.  This place is my home, and the only government I seek is my own.  Twin Suns is my game, but I play a long game and this is not my first time rebuilding from ashes.  But the Empire has been good to me, when it let me do my work in peace.  And its my desire to continue to benefit its interests here, so long as its servants can understand the ways of Tatooine's rabble."  Pauses. "The Key I speak of, will not be a subtle move.  But we have certain... calling cards that might divert some attention from its source.  The plans surrounding our lock-picking have gathered many interesting players." "Once the Clouds have been cleared, prosperity can return for all.  And it is my desire to rebuild much in the ruins of our formal rivals, the Exchange- in a manner benefiting our guests in Mos Ila

Mort- "It's not really lock-picking when you have the key, now, is it? But if the end results benefit us both, then I see no reason to hold back.'

"That is... most pleasing to hear.  I shall convey this news to my fellow artists... and let you know once plans are in place.  There may also be opportunities for others who seek a more- glorious entry, should the key only push the door ajar.”  Continuing- “For said key to work most smoothly... certain cargoes will be delivered by my friends to Mos Illa.  I'll inform you when matters are in readiness. From there, things should run themselves, and we shall have additional pieces in place to clean up any residue"

"Sounds like everything is settled, then." Mort gives a small, polite bow, raising what's left of his drink "To clear, sunny skies."

Drell raises his glass as well, rising to his feet to see him out "Indeed.  As you see, I've comfortable accommodations here but it will be nice to see the suns again.""Mr. Dee can show you out... via a slightly more direct route to one of our warehouses.  It shall be the delivery point, when matters are ready.  And perhaps, when next we speak under favorable weather, we can discuss some new common goals"
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #3 on: 12/31/16, 07:45:56 PM »
(( I've decided to make use of my own take on the highly unorthodox "script fic" format for this particular post, as I feel that it would have the best impact if described as a cutscene of sorts. If it's undesirable, I implore the GM to send me a PM and let me know so that I may go back and revise it. ))

Following a cinematic dissolve that takes us into Tatooine orbit, and within the shadow of its massive Star Fortress, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOeju9eMnuc begins to play.

Four days later...

A long line of ships, easily dozens of kilometers long, extends well past the Star Fortress and into the planet's high orbit. It's a customs checkpoint, and after panning from right to left, the camera focuses upon and consequently zooms in on the YZ-1025 armed transport known as the Lonely Specter. A cut later finds us, the audience, inside the transport's cockpit, where there sits a Zabrak lady very similar in appearance to the subject of this image in the pilot's seat. As the ship edges closer to the not-quite-shield gate that hovers just beyond the Star Fortress, the Zabrak inches herself over her console and looks up. The camera would follow her movements, showing the audience that she's gazing up at a trio of Zakuulian vessels.

"Shift change in three... two... one..."

Right on time, the ships leap into hyperspace.

"Alright. Here we go, folks." The Zabrak says, flicking a few switches and pressing a few buttons before taking hold of the stick. "Make sure you're strapped in." At this point there would be a brief cut to another area of the ship, where a heavily armored Thyssen Krupp sits with his wife, Xyrna Altaros, and a cybernetically augmented Echani man. All three, who had been sitting, hunched over in their flight seats, would look up and around as the interior lights switch over to silent running mode. We would then cut back to the exterior of the ship as it veers out of line, angles down to the surface, and then takes off like a shot. A brief segue into the cockpit of the ship that had been in line behind it would see its pilot -- a character played by iconic actor Will Smith -- raise an eyebrow at the maneuver. "Sumbody's in a hurry to get shot." He'd say, before the focus returns to the Specter as it hits atmosphere.

There'd be a brief shot, taken from atop the Specter's hull, that shows one of the planet's twin suns rising over the Star Fortress. Following this would be another brief shot, similar to this one from the Rogue One trailers, that shows the ship racing away from the sunrise. Past several prominent settlements and landmarks the ship would fly, before it comes within sight of the designated rendezvous point. Anyone who would come out to meet the ship would be greeted with its outline, as it's back-lit by the rising suns like so, and a cloud of sand & dust. When the ship touches down, the ramp drops, and out climbs the trio from before. But they aren't alone. Two by two they come, sixteen in all -- Skytroopers. The four at the front of the column, as well as the four at the back, each support a large, black durasteel container. And behind them all are two more figures, one feminine and short, the other tall in masculine, each obscured almost completely in robes. As soon as they set foot on the planet surface, a wind kicks up, causing everything to briefly transition into bullet-time as the figures' lightsabers are revealed to the audience. But things are quick to return to normal, and the scene ends with these two robed entities following their peers inside...

EDIT: I realized that the picture that I was using for the Specter was technically out of date. The sensor suite, "ball" turret, and concussion missile turret shown in this image were all destroyed following an intense battle with a Dark Jedi several years before this story arc took place. The image that's replaced that one lacks those particular things, and therefore should be considered canon.
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #4 on: 01/02/17, 09:11:30 PM »
N'gima lands on Tatooine in a much battered and rusty looking ship that looks like it was form the same model like and the Ebon Hawk, but it flies much better than it looks if you know what to look for, and any one walking her hull that knows what to look for can tell this ship is much more than she seams for a working mans ship The ship lands at a little use landing bad at a smaller out of the way town. The tall cathar  finishes shutting down the ship and walks back to the cargo hold that had tow large bombs in special crates that hide what is in it to most scans. He walks over to two other crates. One has some Ion grenades, and the other is full of satchel and shaped charges so that they have enough if needed for taking out the shield bunker, than looks at the last one in this hulled to see the one with some extra blaster power packs.
The cather smiles at what is in the big crates and at the thought of what they could do to the zakuul fortress of the planet. He leaves the cargo hold and check on the crew and the hand full of guards on the ship before walking down the ramp. He pulls out a small heavily encrypted comm and sends a message to Caben that he landed with out any problems and where to come for the "MC bombs".
He walks over to the dock master and pays some creds for full of the ship and a few more so that none of those working in this port would not enter the dock and to leave it alone. He than walks around placing a few small holocams round the place so that he would have early warning if any one started to come nere the docking berth of his ship. He than goes back in to the ship and sets up a schedule with some one watching the holocams and one more in the cockpit at all times for a quick get way if needed.
Hime'ryoko: Je'daii ranger, toxion specialist
N'gima: Black market weapons dealer, Has a very large business
A'uka: Cathar warrior and ex-pub specforce
Natsu'ryu: Togruta, ex-pub specforce explosive specialist
Ichi'goo: raised green jedi, and with normal jedi training
Briare'os: raised on NS blind but will cut down any one in his way

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #5 on: 01/02/17, 10:32:02 PM »
A day before the Spector's Tatooine arrival, in the cargo bay of the Wraiths' Fallen Angel in deep space...

Wraiths and allies gather for some hasty repairs on a salvaged Imperial tribute shuttle "liberated" during the Chaos following the battle of Odessen.   Caben, Haile, N'gima and Thessia handle repairs and traps while Force Priest Father Wilbur attempts to revive an Imperial on emergency life support within. 

In addition to the leadership of Four Moons and Krayt Jaw Cartel finalizing strategy, unexpected guests come in the form of rouge Paladin/Vigilantee Fel and his former Padawan Essex but pledging their aid in place in the final bombs in what will possibly be a suicide mission to the Star Fortress.  After a tense few moments, Admiral Wysan offers the long nemesis of the Coalition his hand, and thanks for their grim offer for a mission of atonement.


Back to present, at the warehouse and surrounding hills following Krayt Jaw and N'gima's landings..

As forces gather, Caben Wysan and Gorvan Kremmel wave them across the final deserted courtyard toward the staging warehouse.  Feraedin Drell emerges from the shadows of the wide arched doorway itself, in his best suit, holding the coveted comm codes in a briefcase, flanked behind by two imposing black-robed figures in dark glasses.  They pause just within the door, stepping aside with a gesture of welcome to lead the arrivals where glimpsed just barely inside one can see the glint of a recently repaired Imperial shuttle, its door open to receive the unexpected gifts and make its final journey...   

Within the hour, Caben is off on his swoop racing the dawn to join the rebel forces in the field, should the bombs make a ground assault neccessary...

As dawns shadows rise, motley forces prepare a final march- mercenaries, soldiers, Sith and settlers- and at their heart, the haunting war-hoots of Tuskens, tolerating a temporary truce to drive the invader from their sky...

'Round a brooding gas giant, across the system a ragtag but impressive fleet gathers, awaiting the final microjump.

A former Zakuulan woman, Wraiths hotshot Stori Satori clenches her controls, preparing her stolen Zakuulan fighter for a bombing run on the Shield bunker. 

All now wait with baited breath, for the grim work of a few droids and their ill-fated keepers as the shuttle makes its final approach above...

Thanks to Thy for the dramatic open and good music.  I'll PM everyone, and if any others want a brief "preparing" scene let me know- but I'm thinking me and Thy next 2 posts- 1) Thy writing any of the actual entrance to the Star Fortress/placement of his bombs and (final/dramatic?) moments of his  Jedi/Paladin depending his plans for their fate.

2) Then I'll post the actual explosion/impacts of the bomb on the station- and the battle in earnest can begin for all on the ground/space fronts.

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #6 on: 01/08/17, 11:20:34 PM »
(( More script fiction! Enjoy! ))

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V6nFSX7hPs begins to play as the "Tribute Shuttle" is given the go-ahead to land aboard the Star Fortress. As it comes into the shadow of the station, where upon it stops being illuminated by the binary suns of Tatooine and begins being illuminated by the innumerable artificial lights of the station, several cuts showing the major players of the operation interrupt the flow. The leaders and top fighters of the Wraiths and the Krayt's Jaw Cartel, down on the surface and / or aboard their ships, along with their allies, all shown in a state of tense contemplation as they await the word to attack. Before we cut back to the exterior of the shuttle, there'd be one last shot taken from its interior, as two robbed figures, sitting next to each other, one tall and masculine and the other small and feminine, seek out each other's hands in the dim light. There'd be only the briefest of glimpses of the older of the pair managing a sad smile before things cut back to space, back to the shuttle, which touches down without incident amidst a hangar full of Zakuulian vessels.

Personnel of the organic and synthetic variety go about their rounds, all oblivious as to what's about to happen to them. The ramp to the shuttle descends, the airlock door opens, and the lights of the Skytroopers' optics that stand just in shadow all blaze to life. Just as they had done when they arrived at Tatooine, they march, two-by-two, down the ramp and into the hangar, carrying large crates between them. The Zakuulian officer tasked with leading the inspection team gazes at them curiously, clearly unsure as to whether or not Skytroopers operating aboard a shuttle belonging to the Sith Empire is standard procedure. Nevertheless, he waves several servant droids forward and instructs them to open the containers. The cases are cracked open one by one, and one by one their contents are revealed to the inspection team. All seems fine at first, as stacks of credits of both the coin and paper variety, along with a plethora of jewels and other trinkets present themselves to the officer's gaze.

At this point the camera would cut briefly into the interior of the Tribute Shuttle, as the two hooded figures from before appear in the doorway, looking down into the hangar. Back to the inspection team. One of the servant droids pauses and looks up at his master, the officer. The officer, sensing the unusual break in routine, strides over to his droid and shoos it out of his way. He crouches down, frowns, squints, and starts pushing the tribute aside. His eyes open wide when they see what's secreted beneath, but before he can cry out the Skytrooper next to him is hefted slightly into the air, where upon its head and chest are crunched by some invisible force. As its thrown carelessly away, its comrade turns to aim at the Tribute Shuttle. But before it can open fire, it, too, is destroyed. Except the destruction of this Skytrooper is particularly dramatic. Everything briefly slows down into bullet time as it's knocked off its feet and broken apart in mid air, with the action returning to normal just seconds after its unexpected "deconstruction." This thematic effect is repeated several times over the course of the next half-minute, as Rowan Fel, who is revealed after his robe is dislodged mid-Force Jump, lands amidst the remainder of the inspection team, cleaving one of them in half with a downward swipe from his lightsaber in the process. It continues on with Fel's former Padawan, Lyrica Essex, as she Force Runs past Fel, stabs another hostile Skytrooper through the neck, and then Force Pushes it into a nearby stack of fuel canisters, which promptly explode as the disintegrating droid's sparking body sets them off.

"Now!" Fel screams. The camera, which had cut to a close up of his face, pulls out, revolves around, and focuses upon the Skytroopers that had exited from the Tribute Shuttle before him. As one they begin wreaking havoc, laying into every opponent that dares challenge them. It's an absolutely grandiose spectacle that lasts the better part of a minute, and which ends with a 100% casualty rate on the side of the enemy. As everything but they and the Tribute Shuttle burn around them, Fel and Lyrica nod at one another and then take off at full speed into the depths of the Star Fortress. The Skytroopers literally fly after them, carrying the payload between them. At this point we cut briefly to the Fortress' command center, as an unidentified Exarch is informed of the situation. In the live feed(s) that he's observing, we would see Fel and his team not only cutting a bloody path through their foes, but also taking the time to plant shaped charges here and there. Realizing that his station's compliment of Skytroopers and Knights alone won't match the might of the traitor Paladin, the Exarch rises from his throne. Steam would hiss from his armor as he disconnects from the EPHEMERIS AI interface. He holds out his hand, and the lightsaber pike that had been resting next to his throne flies into it. He then marches out of the room with several white armored Knights at his back.

We cut / fast forward several minutes into the future, to the point wherein Fel's team breaches the vast room housing the Star Fortress' miniature sun, which acts as its core. The guards there are made short work of, with several of them falling to their deaths after the blaster bolts that they sustain cause them to lose balance and fall off the elevated walkways that they had been standing upon. The next quarter of a minute or so would be spent focusing on the tense race against time to rig the core to blow. Once those fifteen seconds are up, however, chaos reigns supreme once again. All of the doors leading into the room open at once, allowing a veritable tidal wave of enemies to come pouring in. Leading them all from the rear would be the Exarch, who would quite literally swagger into the room as Fel and his forces try to repel the counterattack. (...) Left with no other choice, the Exarch leaps into the fray, demolishing the last of Fel's Skytroopers in the process as they attempt to intercept him in mid-air. What comes next is a very tense moment wherein the Exarch uses Force Push in an attempt to knock Lyrica into the gravity well of the miniature sun. Fel reacts immediately, Force Pushing at the Exarch in turn while simultaneously Force Pulling at Lyrica. (It's like a game of tug of war, with Fel at the center!) Finally, realizing that she only has one chance, Fel focuses his attention entirely upon her. The Exarch, seeing an opportunity, turns his focus on Fel. So as Fel is being Force Pushed closer to the edge of the platform, Lyrica is maneuvered away from danger and then literally shoved through one of the doors to safety, which closes and locks behind her!


She slumps against the door, then slides down to the floor, sobbing heavily. After a few seconds, she looks down, taking notice for the first time of the detonator that she holds in her hands. She clutches it to her chest, crying harder... and then presses down on the trigger. Outside, as the music reaches its finale at time index 03:05, countless explosions begin to break through the surface of the station. All of them are fairly small in origin, but there is one significantly large one at the end that breaks through the top of the station. The force of it is so strong that it leaves the Star Fortress on the verge of losing power, and in the process of venting atmosphere.

The real mission begins now...

EDIT: I know that it says at the end of the previous post that Siv was going to describe the bombs going off. However, I talked to him about it in PM and he gave me the OK to describe it myself. But if he wants me to go back and revise anything, I will gladly do so!
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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Thanks Thy!  Ok folks, after this post ground and space forces can post at will.  Please hold off extremely decisive moves so all have a little time to play out their parts- though the Shield Bunker should fall slightly before the station itself.  Can clarify as needed over PM, though trust folks from this point to do as they need to flesh out their particular corners/enemies etc.

Scout-craft high above Tatooine, and brave forces hidden in the sands below wait with baited breath for the results of Fel and Lyrica's insane gambit.   The final explosion is massive, plasma and ionic lightening actually rupturing out and showing cracks into the raging Star Reactor Core.  The station drifts sharply to one angle, its orbital maintenance systems struggling to correct in the absence of the Exarch's leadership...

But then thrusters fire- only partially, but slowing the fall.  EPHEMERIS kicks in, struggling to salvage the buckling station, sending out repair droids to the rupture.   At the same time, automated doomsday protocols prepared by the Exarch trigger over EPHEMERIS' salvage efforts, firing on the planet below even as the reactor is dangerously unstable! 

In the conflict between systems, chaos ensues.  The Star-Core weapon is unfocused due to reactor leaks, more a wavering spray of plasma than a focused blast, but still streaking down towards the planet's population centers with terrifying force!

The station's drift, however is only accelerated by the blasts and the targeting drifts west of an intended strike on Anchorhead, falling instead to the northwest over relatively sparse badlands in the Judland waste.  Remote canyons instantly become streams of glass, and a fountain of debris is visible high above the planet's terminator.  And then it is over, as the damaged reactor gives out and another charge begins.  Far below, people already moving towards safety rush to seal bunkers and cave shelters, not knowing when or where the next blast may land. 

Into this pause, the Coalition and Tatooine forces spring into action!  Far out beyond one of Tatooine's gas giants Captain Edaera and Rr Admiral Draevik of the Wraiths (a veteran of Coruscant who sacrificed his ship in their exile) lead the mighty stealth flagship Fallen Angel, two Hutt Cartel Warships, and fighter wings into a micro-jump.  Behind them are the impressive forces of Four Moons, Krayt Jaw Cartel and any other craft choosing to join the fray, all preparing to to follow on their commanders signals. 

The first forces to arrive in the vanguard would find the station continuing to list dangerously in its orbit, and the shield from below struggling to maintain a solid coverage- but that many of its turrets and defense systems remain quite deadly!  Admiral Draevik urges any available to begin wide band jamming of Zakuul distress signals, and probe any exposed targets, while keeping some distance until the shield is down.  Ominously, forces appear to be stirring in at least one surviving hanger bay, so there may be some fighters or boarding pods to contend with...

Meanwhile, on the planet far below, a massive gathering including Sand People, local militias and gangs, mercenary and military forces, (and even a crazed band of Jawas!) rouse themselves from trenches and caves for a multi-angle assault on the Shield Bunker, which lies on a rugged outcropping with only a 2 narrow final approaches and a deep canyon to one side.  Several ranks of Skytroopers, Knights and auto-turrets already seem to be moving to establish positions, now having some warning of trouble. 

High above, however help comes in the form of several pilots, including Wraith Stori Satori who offered an initial barrage to soften resistance. 

The die is tossed- and all must choose their places in the final showdown! 
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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An average sized Togruta with wide shoulder stance with The Wraith detachment on the ground. He has red skin and white markings, and some one calls out to him "Hey Natsu'ryu it is time. He throws off a cloak revealing some specforce black ops armor designed to be used behind enemy lines and not to look like normal Republic trooper armor. He has a double grenade bandolier with thermal dets, ion grenades, smoke, concussion, and a couple of frag, he also has on him a light mandalorian repeater, a heavy mando pistol, and on his back a pack with thermal cutting tape, detcored, power packs, and some explosives. as the fighting starts as he runs forward those with him can see an odd fey light in his eyes as the explosives go off and he starts to sing with glee a battle song and yes out "Now this is fun. Lest blow this stuff up." He is a wee bit crazy but if you need something blowen up he is ye're man.
Hime'ryoko: Je'daii ranger, toxion specialist
N'gima: Black market weapons dealer, Has a very large business
A'uka: Cathar warrior and ex-pub specforce
Natsu'ryu: Togruta, ex-pub specforce explosive specialist
Ichi'goo: raised green jedi, and with normal jedi training
Briare'os: raised on NS blind but will cut down any one in his way

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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(Tossing a few tags to make finding each other in big fight easier)

Not far off at the Eastern Command post in the cliffs, a mohawked Mirulaka sniper adjusts his highly illegal long-range disrupter sniper rifle.  Mixed in with some of the Greasy Hutt/Dune Sea Anarchists Merc's, Capt. Rughail Valsepi's Marines had been assigned with a couple Grey Jedi to watch Admiral Wysan and the Underworld Commander's close to his sniper roost.  He's glad to get his mind onto another battle- he'd just sent Captain Adera his report on the returning turncoat Colonel Du'vange's surprising return, and didn't like the whiff of politics it was causing among the ranks.

On spotting Natsu'ryu he gives a wave and tries to catch the Togruta's attention as he runs off.  He recalled the slightly craze demolitionist as more his style of gallows-humor and borderline psychopath. @Hime_Storm

"Hey Horns- got your Overwatch again.  Though... as I recall the kill count from the Nar Shaddaa Shield Bunker betting pool's never been beaten.  Care to make this interesting and restart the wagers here?"  Grins darkly.  "Just remember, I've got some of the best records, and can shoot in the dark through walls."


Nearby Caben adjusts his bounty hunter armor- a necessary disguise to avoid detection as a vital target by the notorious list compiled by Tatooine's underworld-obsessed Exarch.  Been too long since I've seen proper action he grumbles to himself.  Nar Shaddaa, most likely, the last time he led ground forces a bit more recklessly than Lagrigo would have tolerated in the old days. Not that the Old Man's one to talk at this point.  The Wraith's eldest founder had amazed a crazed team of merc guerrillas, the Rabid Rancors to fight in their own fashion long before Zakuul attacked.  He'd gotten some year old hints of his Sith partner Sherraa on Tatooine from Cher's report, and rumors she might return to the Fleet but the trail was pretty dead now.  Still, he couldn't help but wish the two of them would show up here.  He hoped they were safe, despite the bitter disagreement that led to their departure. 

He glanced around, looking for his more recent Sith sister in arms.  He'd promised @Karmic a bit of glory, though he suspected his bodyguards would be quite adamant in keeping him up here til the initial resistance had been softened.  The transition from Wraiths Rogue Admiral to Coalition Fleet Admiral had added the dreaded paperwork Lagrigo had always warned him of, and even more layers of people trying to keep him buried on pillows while others risked their lives.  At least he'd stashed his starfighter nearby, if he needed to make a quick transfer to help the fleet... and no telling what trouble he might "accidentally" run into on the way! 


Nearby is one definitely NOT planning to hold back from the fight.  Gorvan Kremmel, veteran gunrunner, senior owner of the Greasy Hutt and leader of the northern Anarchist freedom fighters.  He stands amidst the vanguard, a motley crew of Sand People clans, settlers and local mercenaries and bounty hunters on his payroll.  Distrustful and fight-prone, they are nevertheless focused today. Nearby stand the few remnants of Twin Suns- Drell himself being too secretive to show but promising some "surprises" a few of his thugs nevertheless want hands-on revenge. The Jawas, of Caben's adopted clan and long-time fixtures since their Sandcrawler crashed and the Greasy Hutt and repairs lagged due to embargos are also eager to pay back Zakuul- although many also suspect they've grown a bit comfortable with free drinks and musical gigs at the cantina.  All the same, this is one party they're not going to miss!

Seconds later the starfighter bombs erupt, and the battle is joined!

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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Natsu'ryu loos back and calls out "Glad to be havin ye on over watch stripe, but ye know when I'm on the mission they body count is very high when we be gettin in there for nothing improves a good explosive like bein in a inclosed space makin the blast bigger and go longer, so aye I be takin that bet and winnin it this time". @SivWysan
As he turns back and runs on his smile get bigger thinking of all the fun they would have this day and what new things he might be able to blow up this fun day.
Hime'ryoko: Je'daii ranger, toxion specialist
N'gima: Black market weapons dealer, Has a very large business
A'uka: Cathar warrior and ex-pub specforce
Natsu'ryu: Togruta, ex-pub specforce explosive specialist
Ichi'goo: raised green jedi, and with normal jedi training
Briare'os: raised on NS blind but will cut down any one in his way

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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"It begins."

The large, bulky Pureblood ((BT4, to get an idea)) watched the skies from a secluded spot near the Tatooine Shield Bunker. Far overhead, the Star Fortress erupted, the bombs going off, but not destroying the massive space station like some of the others have hoped.

Elsewhere, Gorvan Kremmel leads the vanguard of the allied ground forces. The Pureblood hadn't joined them, mostly due to Gorvan's connections to... certain people he wasn't suppose to associate with as of yet. That wouldn't last long, though. Once the fighting begun, he'd get down there and show them what a Sith could do.

"It's been far too long since I've last had the chance to fight Zakuul," Ered'nash said to himself from his overlook. "This will be glorious."

Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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The Four Moon Mercenary Company's ship, The Argosy, begins its assault on the Star fortress alongside the rest of the group fighting in space, while Gabriel, his team, and three additional squads of five people each, take Gabriel's XS Freighter down to the shield generator to link up with the rest of the ground team. Two people are set up in the freighter's turrets, providing air support for the ground team as the ship flies around the generator before landing and dropping off Gabriel, his team, and two of the squads, while the remaining squad remains in the ship to provide air support for the attack. Once off the ship, Gabriel activates his helmet comm, switches into the ground team's comm channel, as he and his people begin fighting alongside the ground team with the Zakuulan garrison at the shield generator, while the freighter resumes it's attack on the shield generator, "Moons, watch out for friendlies and stay alert, I want all of you alive and back on the Argosy once this thing's taken out. Other than that, I don't want to see any of those Zakkie bastards alive, Understood?"

Some form of acknowledgement is heard over Gabriel's helmet comm as he blasts a couple of the Zakuulan soldiers/skytroopers with his rifle.
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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Nearby Caben adjusts his bounty hunter armor- a necessary disguise to avoid detection as a vital target by the notorious list compiled by Tatooine's underworld-obsessed Exarch.  Been too long since I've seen proper action he grumbles to himself.  Nar Shaddaa, most likely, the last time he led ground forces a bit more recklessly than Lagrigo would have tolerated in the old days. Not that the Old Man's one to talk at this point.  The Wraith's eldest founder had amazed a crazed team of merc guerrillas, the Rabid Rancors to fight in their own fashion long before Zakuul attacked.  He'd gotten some year old hints of his Sith partner Sherraa on Tatooine from Cher's report, and rumors she might return to the Fleet but the trail was pretty dead now.  Still, he couldn't help but wish the two of them would show up here.  He hoped they were safe, despite the bitter disagreement that led to their departure. 

He glanced around, looking for his more recent Sith sister in arms.  He'd promised @Karmic a bit of glory, though he suspected his bodyguards would be quite adamant in keeping him up here til the initial resistance had been softened.  The transition from Wraiths Rogue Admiral to Coalition Fleet Admiral had added the dreaded paperwork Lagrigo had always warned him of, and even more layers of people trying to keep him buried on pillows while others risked their lives.  At least he'd stashed his starfighter nearby, if he needed to make a quick transfer to help the fleet... and no telling what trouble he might "accidentally" run into on the way!

Karmic's Death's Head mask helmet was attached to her belt, alongside her duel double-saber hilts, as she stealthed closer to Caben and his cadre of guards.  Smiling to herself as she took her time, shadowing the movements of others as they moved through the masses of people - following in the wake they left to ensure she touched no one as she made her way ever closer to him. 

She wasn't planning anything grandly suicidal - like leaping up out of stealth suddenly and yelling 'Surprise!' inside his guard's line of defense.  As highly amusing as it was to consider...  But she did want to get as close as possible before giving away her position.  Testing herself, and testing his men.

She stepped inside the small half-circle of guards around Caben, edging her way ever closer until she was just behind his right shoulder.  Then, and only then, did she release her cold tendrils of dark side power to move around Caben. 

The air around Caben suddenly got colder, a sensation he was not unfamiliar with when around Karmic - and he heard her soft whispering behind his right ear, through the Force.


She was grinning, flashing her canines, as she slowly unveiled herself just behind him - wanting to make sure he knew who it was so that his surprise at her appearance wouldn't scare his guards anymore than she was already.

She purred as she looked around, waiting on everyone to settle at her sudden appearance - and then furrowed her eyeridges at Caben. "Don't tell me you're going to spend the battle all protected and General-like up here... that's no good. How am I suppose'ta fight with you if you're up here safe the whole time?  What's a girl got to do to smash a few heads by your side again?" Karmic winked at him.

History Posts:  Her Backstory , Darth-Hood

Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
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Almost as though it had been planned for dramatic effect, the Lonely Specter chose that very moment to buzz @Karmic and Caben's position. Whether or not it was intentional would have to be left to the imagination, because it was immediately made clear that it wasn't landing but instead on its way to the designated battlefield. The voice of the ship's zabrak pilot, who everyone would have come to know as Dilphi, chimed over the Coalition's designated comm frequency less than a quarter of a minute later. "Commencing with package delivery."

The Wraiths' bombing run was the perfect opener for the Nar Shaddaa Blood Opera that Gabriel's landing party had kicked off, and which was about to intensify by an unprecedented magnitude at the hands of the Specter's crew and their soon-to-follow Coalition allies. The transport comes in low, sending sand, dust and smoke flying in all directions as it executed a perfect 90 degree turn that placed its landing ramp in perfect alignment with the path of destruction which was the fight ahead. "Specter Team, you are good for drop!"


Back up in orbit...

@Cirsei, leader of the Krayt's Jaw Cartel, had decided to commit just two ships --the Recollection and the Wyvern -- to the task of engaging the crippled Star Fortress. It was upon the latter that the woman stood, watching a live feed of her ships and those alongside them pour streams of red, green and blue unto its cracked and decaying hull.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if the two volunteers had been lucky enough to survive the chain reaction that had nearly destroyed the station. But that thought was quickly swept aside. She would feel no amount of positive sentiment for a man who had devoted his life to serving the pest that she now strove to crush underfoot. It was because of men like him that she had been driven from her home, that her family had been scattered to the stellar winds and been forced to hide in hovels that made the bottom-most levels of Nar Shaddaa look like five star hotels.

And yet it was because of men like him that she now had a chance to reclaim all of that. To reunite. To rebuild. To become more than just a voice in the dark, struggling to be heard by the galactic oppressor. Oh, irony. Sweet, delicious irony. Who would ever have guessed that it made for the perfect appetizer for something else? Something that is so often said to be best on a dish served cold...

"Incoming messages from the Specter and the Argosy, ma'am. They both say that the path down to the surface is clear, and that we should go now."
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