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Author Topic: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)  (Read 5831 times)

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #30 on: 02/01/17, 11:29:46 AM »
The eight Shrikes from the Indignation fell in around the descending transports in the literal definition of a fighter shield, and none too soon. When they had detected the incoming transports, all of the assets that the Eternal Empire had managed to scramble prior to the bunker's destruction stopped what they were doing and changed course to intercept. This was good news for the Coalition fleet and the Lonely Specter and her wingmen, but bad news for the would-be rescue effort. Worse still, sensor warnings indicated that three more squadrons were on their way from the dark side of the planet. Six squadrons altogether, and all intent on causing as much death among the Coalition's ranks as possible before their collective time was up!

"Here~ we go~!" The leader of the Shrikes cried over the comm as the combined swarm began opening fire upon them in earnest. It was like what the Specter had experienced just minutes before, but on a whole different level. Without the atmospheric drag and crosswinds dictating their courses, the Zakuul craft were able to focus their fire all the more intently upon the Coalition's assets as they streamed in!


"They're not going to last long up there." Dilphi said. She and her wingmen had come up for air once they realized what'd happened, and had consequently taken off in pursuit. But the Specter was slower than the Krayt fighters, not just because of her bulk but due to the damage that she has sustained while running the joust. It was rather infuriating, especially for the Zabrak, to see the lights of the enemy's engines growing more distant with every passing second. "Frak! C'mon!" She begged her ship, hoping against hope that the girl would be able to use her words and coax out a hidden reserve of energy. No such luck.

"You return to the surface and start gathering up the survivors." The Krayt's squadron's leader said. "But..." Dilphi began, but the pilot cut across her. "You'll only slow me down, damaged as you are." She was right. The Specter's position within the KJC's fleet meant that it was automatically tagged as a vessel of importance, and thus one that needed protection whenever it was placed in a space battle like the one occurring right then and there. If Dilphi proceeded to join the sortie, the Krayts would become obligated to stick by her, thus limiting their capacity to help the others.

"Understood." Dilphi said with a sigh. "Returning to the surface. Good luck up there."


"The Star Fortress' shields are down, Captain!"

In his excitement, Rex stood up from his chair and strode over to the viewport, looking out at the battlefield. A grin that was almost feral in nature spread across his lips as he made a completely unnecessary flourish which ended with him pointing dramatically at the orbiting structure. "All guns!" He shouted. "Open fire!"
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #31 on: 02/01/17, 01:04:44 PM »
Noting that all hostiles had either been eliminated or scattered, the Dragon Queen removed her helmet to reveal a sweaty face, flecks of sand and drips of sweat decorating her short red hair. She took a deep breath, letting out a sigh one associates with a huge release of tension.

A set of armor walks up to the woman. "Word from the Specter, boss," Thyssen says to Cirsei, his grim expression felt by her even through his helmet. "Grey Squadron's got quite a mess on their hands; Zakuulan fighters, and lots of 'em."

At that moment, Xyrna came out of the stealth field she had been in right next to her beau, facing Cirsei. "It seems a large force has come from the other side of the planet."

Cirsei rests her rifle on her shoulder, mouthing 'kriff' and looking off to the binary suns of Tatooine. "Well," she began, "I guess all we can do now is trust in our pilots, huh, Wolf of Rishi?" She looked back to him.

Thyssen smiled under his helmet. "I would say that's right, Dragon Queen."

Cirsei turned to face away from Thyssen, staring into the sky that she knew her pilots were above at that moment. She brought her wrist to her mouth, pressing her finger onto the button that activated her communicator. "Grey Squadron, do you read?"


Back in orbit...

"Loud and clear, your majesty," Grey Leader spoke back even as she was preparing to engage the swarm of fighters that was about to, according to any good bet, decimate her.

"I sure hope you're not thinking about engaging six-plus squadrons of Zakuul fighters without the rest of your squad, soldier."

Grey Leader smiled. "No time to form up, Lieutenant; they'll get too close, then the whole fleet'll be in the hole."

Cirsei's voice was much angrier now. "It's much easier to take out five then thirteen than eighteen, Grey Leader; I didn't pull you out of that pit on Nar Shaddaa so you could fly into fifty fighters with four."

"I'm hearin' numbers, Lieutenant, but all I see's a swarm. I'll get you Tatooine, your majesty; sit tight. Over and out."

"Don't you d--" but the twi'lek squadron leader had already cut the line and engaged her thrusters, signaling her three wingmen to follow suit. At top speed, the incoming squadrons of flyers became visible to the fighters' sensors in mere minutes, and the twi'lek spoke to her comrades.

"Get ready, boys! Paths have been marked on your H.U.D.s; you know what to do." The four Krayts drew closer to their enemy. "Not yet... wait for it..." Grey Leader leaned against her controls, ready to push forward as soon as her instincts told her to. "Not yet... just... wait... and... now!"

Almost as if they were going to play space chicken, Grey Squadron charged their enemy, simply imploring them to continue their intended path. "Come on!" the twi'lek screamed. "I frakkin' dare ya!"

Not wishing to stretch their resources more than they already had, the Zakuulan fighters dispersed in preparation for a dogfight of epic proportions. Two Greys -- Grey 2 and Grey 4 -- went wide, around the dispersal, while the leader and Grey 1 dove right into the crowd of fighters, guns blazing. Leader and 1 quickly made symmetrical arcs, turning to bait what could have been a dozen of fighters and keeping any would-be runners from going towards the fleet. These two fighters dodged expertly, merely serving as a distraction so that 2 and 4 (who had their own opponents on their tails) could open fire on their pursuers; and it worked. Their initial bluff cost Zakuul ten of their fighters, due in large part to the Krayts' superior speed and, if it were to be admitted, guts.

But this was a short-term strategy; the Zakuulans quickly accommodated, devoting every single fighter to pulling back and finding themselves all behind our four heroes. It seemed to be certain defeat, but of course, Grey Squadron wouldn't give up that easily!

"Not today, Zakuul!" Grey leader laughed a rousing laugh and pulled away, signaling the other pilots to dive in completely opposite directions. This forced the opposition to split into four teams of three, meant to chase down the Krayts while the remaining fourty or so went to engage the fleet.

Then, Grey Leader heard a familiar voice on her comm: "Didja have to break 'em all up like that?"

The voice was Grey 5, who was taking point with the other twelve KJC fighters that had been lying in wait. To their displeasure, the Zakuulan force once again had to disperse in preparation for a dogfight; but this time, it would be a much harder battle to win...

Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #32 on: 02/01/17, 03:24:57 PM »
Before the generator explodes, Gabriel's XS Freighter lowers itself to the ground outside of the shield generator with the rest of the transports. Gabriel and the two other four moons employees book it out of the shield generator along with the rest of Natsu's team. The three board the freighter as the timer on the explosives counts down closer and closer to its destruction. Once onboard, the ship evacuates the area with the other transport ships as the timer on the charges reaches zero.

He takes his helmet off, puts it away in a locker, and walks towards the cockpit. Once inside the cockpit, he presses a button on the console to activate the commlink, "Caben, my team's clear and we're going to assist our forces up in orbit, if you don't need us down here." He leaves the cockpit and heads towards the turrets "Whoever's in the top turret, take a break, I'm taking over for the rest of the mission." The FMMC employee leaves the top turret and Gabriel climbs the ladder into the top turret's seat, as the ship leaves the planet's atmosphere.

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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #33 on: 02/03/17, 01:51:39 PM »
As the freighters and the transport come in the freighters open up on any enemies they they can see the troop transport lands near the main for attacking the bunker. Hime lands near Natsu' and his group the ramp lowers and the troopers storm up the ramp and in to their seats Natsu finds one near a holo display to see what is going on and the jawa jump up on the the seat next to Natsu and starts to jabber again and bouncing on its seat. click on the inter comm "K the time is gettin low so we need to be gettin out of here NOW!."

Hime opens a comm to the all the freighter and the transport we ill be needin to angle the deflectors double layer to the bunker as we do be gettin out of here." ans the ramp starts to close she takes off and starts to head out with the others ships.

N'gima come in low towards Caben's position opsn up fire with the bottem dual laser turret and the two side dual laser cannons on the enemies near Caben' position and than lands between Caben and the enemies with the ramp lowering, and N'gima opens a comm to Caben "Get ye're butt up here we need to go fast the counter is counting down fast. In the main crew area there is set up a nice little command area with a nice holo graphic display and comm board.
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Re: Redeeming the Sands (Coalition Tatooine Op)
« Reply #34 on: 02/06/17, 11:13:40 AM »
(( This isn't going to be a very well-written or even that long of a post, but I wanted to get somethin' out there so that Siv doesn't think to tie things up just yet. ))

The Lonely Specter was the last to arrive on the scene, coming in low and dropping to just a few inches above the ground right as the shield generator blew. The position of the ship made it possible for Specter Team and those who'd hooked up with them to survive the near-atomic blast, but they were all still forced to hunker down as the sheer force of the explosion threatened to knock them off their feet. As soon as they were all inside, Thyssen ordered Dilphi to circle around and provide air cover for Cirsei's team and their dropship as they made preparations to lift off.

"What's the plan?" He would ask the woman once they had eyes on her. "Do we join the battle in orbit? Or do we make a move on the Dragon's Den now, while Zakuul's got their hands tied?"


Back up in orbit, the people on the bridge of the Righteous Indignation were whooping like beast wranglers in the process of trying to tame an uncooperative creature as the spine-mounted Planet Defender opened fire, sending the ship rocking backwards on its transverse axis to such a degree that she gave off the impression of being a sea-bearing vessel on the verge of capsizing. The large orange-yellow "arrow" of energy punched its way almost clear through one of the station's two "claws," causing catastrophic damage in the process.

"Direct hit!"

"That's what I like to hear!" Rex shouted. "Prepare another volley! I want us to be the ones responsible for sinking that ugly contraption!"
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