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Author Topic: Jedi Archive Personnel: Jedi Knight Medenia Andor'veen  (Read 305 times)

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Name: Medenia Andor'veen
Race: 75% Echani, 25% Human
Homeworld: Tython and Coruscant
Birth World: Balmorra
Occupation: Jedi
Current Rank: Enclave Leader, Jedi Knight
Age: 25 Years Old
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver White
Skin: White

Theme of Medenia Andor'veen:


Primary Focus: Healing, Medicine, Defensive and Offensive Force Abilities
Secondary Focus: Teaching, Botany, Anatomy [human and alien]
Lightsaber Forms: Shii-Cho [form i]
Lightsaber Design: Improved Byrothsis Lens, Expert Deflection Emitter, Superior Ion Energy Cell
Lightsaber Crystal: Ultima-Pearl [silver crystal]

Years In Jedi Service: 19 Years
Has Trained a Padawan: No
Padawan's Status: Has Not Yet Trained a Padawan
Mother: Andaria Andor'veen [Status: Unknown]
Father: Germaine Andor'veen [alive]
Sister: Does Not Have a Sister
Brother: Does Not Have a Brother

Enjoys: Teaching, Researching, Traveling, and Medium-Rare Bantha Steak
Least Enjoys: Slimy Things, The Empire, and Sith Especially



Control Another's Healing
Alter Damage
Alter Mind
Force Barrier
Force Blinding
Control Another's Disease
Control Another's Pain
Force Deflection
Plant Surge
Return Another to Consciousness
Return to Consciousness
Sever Force
Force Weapon


Accelerate Another's Healing
Accelerate Healing
Control Disease
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Detoxify Poison In Another
Hibernation Trance
Force Healing
Place In Hibernation Trance
Force Repulse
Force Speed
Force Whirlwind
Telekinesis (Lift 3 Tons, Move 1 Ton)
Thought Shield


Force Sense
Life Detection
Life Sense


She was born on Balmorra to a mother who was Echani and a father who was Half Echani, Half Human. She inherited her Force-Sensitivity from her mother's side, and was quite gifted since she was quite young. At age six, Balmorra fell into unrest, and her family was caught in the crossfire. Her mother was taken by the Sith Empire, and her father had tried to save her. He was unsuccessful and critically injured in the attempt.
Medenia was targeted a week later when the Sith Empire got a confession from her mother that she had unique talents which greatly interested them. With her father still recovering, all Medenia could do was run. It did not take long for the Sith to find her, and upon attempting to apprehend her, she was rescued by a Jedi Knight, Ogden Err, and his Padawan, Erin Scrye. The two Jedi fought the Sith off, and brought the little 6-year-old Medenia out of hiding with welcoming arms. She took them to see her father, who thanked the two Jedi for saving his daughter.
 After talking with the two Jedi, an agreement was made between him and they that Medenia would be brought into the care of the Jedi Order. Medenia tried to resist the decision, for she did not want to leave her father alone, but he told her she was in great danger and it would pain him greatly to see her taken like her mother was.
With reluctance, Medenia went with the two Jedi. She was brought to Tython not long after, where the Jedi had come to call their home since the sacking occurred the very year Medenia was born. There, she began to integrate with her fellow Younglings. She made friends with many of them, and showed great promise in learning new things. She can read at an excelled rate, and understand at an age much older than her age suggests. She took to learning many subjects well into her 9th and 10th year, but her Shii-Cho still needed work.
This was one area where she was sub-par, and that was with a practice saber learning Shii-Cho. However, her Masters soon discovered why in her 10th year. She showed much greater promise as a Force User than as a Duelist, as she continued to delve into knowledge of healing, botony, and anatomy. Her power to heal was exceptional into her 11th year, and she was also well into the study of the more advanced stages of Telekinesis and Tutaminis.
At age 12, she passed her Initiate Trials, though her Shii-Cho was barely passable. Her Master was the man who saved her life 6 years ago, Ogden Err. His Padawan had already achieved Knighthood just one year prior, and he had been without a student since. He felt it was an honor to take her in. Under him, she learned well, and she learned fast. Her ability to soak in knowledge was extraordinary, and it did not take long at all to understand and learn more Force Abilities.
With the war against the Sith Empire waged in her teen years, she used her power to heal to help the Order stave off the dark threat, while also training to use the Force for offensive and defensive purposes, along with her talent in healing. By the time she was 18 years old, at the time of the rise of the Hutt Cartel, she was ready for her Knight Trials. By this time, she had surpassed what many could hope for in her, and only her Trials stood in her way of achieving something greater. She passed her Five Trials within the year, and at age 19, she was Knighted.
However, the ceremony didn't last long, as Zakuul began its crippling invasion. Her Master was slain in the Temple of Tython getting younglings to safety from the invading Skytroopers. She assisted in the dismantling of another Skytrooper regiment who were attacking the shuttle bay portion of the Temple. This is where she faced her greatest challenge: A Zakuulan Knight. The way he fought was so different than anything she had experienced before.
He was so different from Sith. There was little emotion from him. Just an overpowering sense of duty that she had to die based on a command from his Emperor. She was wounded, but she managed to destroy him and clear the way for shuttles to safely exit the temple. Grand Master Satele Shan gave the order to abandon Tython, and Medenia was one of the last to leave after being unsuccessful in finding her Master.
As the purge of the Jedi continued at the hands of Zakuul, she made frequent stops to various worlds to heal the injured. She even healed Sith, who she detested and healed with great hesitation. But she knew they were all in the same boat and it was her duty as a Jedi to assist. She eventually settled with the Alliance on Odessen, and continued her training as well as healing others at the base, while the commanding officers and various Leaders went searching for the captured would-be Alliance Commander.
After the defeat of Arcann, there was a lull in the fighting while the transition of power was handled by Vaylin, and Medenia used this to leave Odessen and return to the Republic. She helped the Republic defeat the Zakuulan infestations of Skytroopers and Knights that joined in on Vaylin's madness. By this point, Medenia had become quite the Force User, having knowledge in over 30 Force Abilities, while still being barely average in Shii-Cho. Nonetheless, her powers prove to be far too much for her Zakuulan adversaries and she had destroyed a large number of them alongside Republic resistance.
Upon Vaylin's defeat, Medenia used the lull in the fighting to begin the process of constructing her very own subsidiary of the Jedi Order. Her Enclave, which she bore the name <Ashla's Chosen>, was built using both family funds and funds she had accrued at Zakuul's expense. With the Enclave built on the ocean of Balmorra, her homeworld, she had begun to welcome any Jedi remnants who had survived the purge, offering them a place of safety and comfort. She offers them a place where Jedi fundamentals and values were respected and enforced, and many Jedi went to her.
To this day, more Jedi pour into her Order, and though Medenia is still quite young to be a Leader, as she is only 25 years old, the Zakuulan War had taught her many things. Still, she relies on her brand new council to help her with her problems when they occur, and provide guidance and wisdom to her as she leads her young Order forward. What further threats await the young Leader?


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