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Author Topic: Little Trooper girl  (Read 805 times)

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Little Trooper girl
« on: 08/12/17, 09:05:54 AM »
((SPOILER ALERT!!! This story borrows heavily from many SWTOR storylines, including but not limited to various class, planet, and expansion story arcs. Though throughout it I have embellished / added or deleted scenes and names. It still has quite a bit from the actual story arcs within it. If you choose to read, do so with that knowledge in mind. By continuing you agree not to complain about spoilers, be they intended or unintended. Understood? In that case, I hope you enjoy my version and happy reading!))
This is the story of my Trooper Zabrak - Troi'an

Chapter 1 - Betrayed

Troi'an threw her Helmet across the small room where she bunked, tears streaming down her cheeks. How could they?! She idolized Commander Tavus, had looked at him as a replacement father, had become friends with the whole squad, they called her kid and looked out for her. She thought she had a family in them since she couldn’t be with her brother. But Havoc squad had just stolen the ZR-57 that she had tracked down… for them! And now she was left holding the bag, she was the one the general was going to look at suspiciously. She pulled the blaster rifle off her back and hefted it to throw, when suddenly it was taken from her hands.
“Whoa there kid, you don’t want to break your baby.”
She spun around to stare up at the Cathar with the unyielding stern look. “They stole it LT… I gave it to them, how could I be so stupid?!”
Aric Jorgan, Lt of the very same squad that had duped her, sat the blaster down carefully and turned his attention back on her. She watched his hands begin to reach for her, pause and rest on his hips instead. “You and I both kid. But we’re still here, we’re still havoc squad and we will get that bomb back.”
She nodded and swiped at her cheeks. “I just can’t understand why…”
“Doesn’t matter. What matters is they are traitors to the republic and we have to stop them understood?”
She nodded again, wishing she could be just as hard and determined as the LT. “Yes sir… I guess this means you’re in charge now”
He moved slightly, an easing of the tense posture he usually adopted around anyone else. “Don’t know, actually came in here to tell you that the General wants us Asap.”
She swallowed and nodded. Here it was, she was going before the general who was going to look at her with suspicion and question her motives. No matter what Aric said, she was the one that located and handed over that bomb to Commander Tavus.

She stepped into the office and saluted the general before taking the at ease stance Aric had just taken. The General paced before them back and forth for a moment before finally speaking. “Tavus and the others have escaped.”
“Sir, I tried to stop them from…”
She bit her lip as the general held up a hand, then turned to look at Aric. “Lieutenant, because you are the highest ranking officer currently in Havoc squad, Command has decided that you should have been aware of this and directs me to take disciplinary actions.”
Troi'an glanced over as Aric went from the tense at ease posture to his hand on his hips and his scowl getting deeper. “How was I supposed to know what my CO was planning? Or the rest of the officers in Havoc?”
“You are one of those officers Lieutenant.”
Aric folded his arms, his displeasure evident. “This will be a stain on my record. MY spotless record and I don’t deserve it”
“I understand Lieutenant, but nonetheless, it is what high command has decided. So I regret to say, but you will be demoted to the rank of sergeant”
“And the kid?”
Troi'an swallowed hard and looked back at the general. If Aric was being demoted, what were they going to do to her?! The general looked over at her.
“Sargent Oatra, You have shown exemplary courage and loyalty, faced with such a situation as to watch the squad you were just recruited into turn on everything we hold dear. Because you were newly recruited, command does not think you were implicated in any of the traitorous dealings of Havoc squad.”
She let out a slow breath, relieved that she wasn’t going to be in trouble as well for something she didn’t do. Then blinked in surprise as the general continued.
“And because of your determination and loyalty to the Republic, and for the attempt to retrieve the ZR-57 from your former squad members. It has been decided that you are to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and that you will now spear head the new Havoc Squad.”
“Wait. I’m getting demoted for not knowing what they were up to, and the kid gets a promotion?”
“It is what command has decided”
“Th…thank you general. I will do my best.”
“What squad? They’re all gone. It’s just us.”
“You two will be vetting some of the members of the republic task forces for a new squad of Havoc team. Report to General Garza”
Troi'an saluted the general and turn, facing Aric. She was his commanding officers now… She swallowed. “Sergeant Jorgan…” It felt weird saying that to this man frowning down at her.
“Well Sir, let’s go find ourselves a squad.” He said giving her a smart salute.
She couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or really meant the salute, but she turned to head out of the general’s office. “Least we can get off this planet.”
“You’ll find Coruscant far less friendly than this war torn planet Sir.”
She looked over at him and grinned a little, maybe he was ok with this after all. “I’m sorry for your demotion Aric.”
He shook his head, his scowl deepening again “let’s just keep it professional Sir. You didn’t call me by my first name before.”
She bit her lip and there went any hope of being friends with the only one left of her Havoc squad family. “You got it Sergeant.”
She missed the glance down at her from the big Cathar as she quickened her steps to head for the starport.

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Re: Little Trooper girl
« Reply #1 on: 08/12/17, 09:08:53 AM »
(This is my version of the story arc of Elara - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 2 - Recruitment of Elara Dorne

Troian stepped into the Republic base camp of Taris with Aric, her gaze taking in everyone as Colonel Gaff folded his arms taking on the surly stance Troian instantly knew as a man not pleased with his situation.
“Well, well. General Garza graces us with her finest” She sneered and Troian resisted the urge to wipe the sneer off his face, instead she decided just sticking to protocol might be better and saluted the man who continued. “At ease. I’m Colonel Gaff, these are my senior officers. Your CO sent orders to do whatever is necessary to support your mission. Of course she didn’t see fit to tell me what that mission is, care to enlighten me?”
“I can’t discuss the details” Troian said, putting on that cold unfriendly expression she always saw on Aric.
“Typical, forget the reconstruction of Taris. I’ve got to shift everything around and help with some ‘top secret mission’ nonsense. Whatever Garza has you looking for, you won’t find it on Taris. Nothing unusual has happened since I took command.”
Troian opened her mouth to tell this man off and to remind him that is was General Garza not just Garza, when a blond girl stepped up speaking. “Patrol teams three, five and eight. All lost, all without explanation”
“Sergeant Dorne, I don’t’ recall giving you permission to speak.” Snapped Gaff
“I wasn’t speaking to you, I was speaking to the Lieutenant per General Garza’s instruction. Are you ordering me to violate code 73-B and ignore the general’s directive, Colonel?”
“Always got a regulation to quote don’t you Dorne?
Troian frowns at Gaff. “I don’t like it when people hide things from me.”
“Who do you think you are Lieutenant? That Havoc badge doesn’t mean you can ignore the chain of command. Taris is dangerous, casualties are common on patrol teams, it’s unfortunate, but not unusual, not matter what Sergeant Dorne says. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a planet to run. Go on with your secret mission, just don’t muck up anything important”
“Apologies for the colonel Lieutenant. Not all men are meant to lead”
“Colonel Gaff is disobeying a direct order”
I can assure you, it’s not the first time he’s done so. I’m Elara Dorne sir, Sergeant first class, commander of search and rescue squad 204. We have 3 full squads, all MIA on patrol. The situation is critical”
Troian raises an eyebrow, they didn’t even have that on Ord Mantell. She had the Sergeant continue to explain what was happening, which she did in full efficient report mode.
“Thank you Sergeant, carry on.”
“I’ll contact you with developments." She paused a moment. " I knew another Oatra, he was very nice." She shook her head. "Good luck Lieutenant Oatra” Dorne salutes and walks away.
“That was… interesting. I’ve had drill instructors more relaxed than that woman. Not to mention that accent.”
“I don’t know... she kinda reminds me of someone…” She grinned then frowned a little. “What’s wrong with her accent?”
“The only people I’ve heard talk like that were Imperial. This republic must have freed her homeworld in the war. Growing up imp would explain a lot about her personality.”
“No kidding... But I say, we could use more like her”
“And I say there’s a better use for a soldier’s time than memorizing every single regulation in the books”
“Someone knows the regulations? Say it isn’t so...” She cracked and grinned at him as he gave a huff.
“Guess it’s off to work then. I’ll watch our backs”
Troian stood before the holo terminal, giving her report to General Garza at the end of their harrowing mission. Another ex-havoc member down and she had another mark on her gun to show for it. It was an odd thing that Aric had shown her, he did it as well. For each take down on the enemy, he put a mark on the butt of his gun.
“Sir, might I add, that the colonel here, needs redressing. The man was sweeping this under the rug and ignoring your orders.”
“Understood Lieutenant, he is being recalled even as we speak. And there’s something else Lieutenant. Tell me what do you think of Sergeant Dorne?
“Sergeant Drone helped me when no one else would general”
“Yes, your reception on Taris wasn’t ideal. I’m glad you managed to find the one useful officer in the entire outpost. I looked over her service record. Impressive stuff, I must say. Were you aware that Dorne served with the imperial military for almost two years Lieutenant?”
“Yes sir. She told me she grew up in the empire”
“Yes, the accent is a dead giveaway. Pure Drummond Kass.”
Troian looked over at Aric who gave her a smug, told you so look. She grinned at him and nodded. “We could use her in Havoc Squad, ma’am”
“I agree. Sergeant Dorne is Havoc squad material, without question. It’s settled then, you should go inform Sergeant Dorne of her transfer. Garza out”
Troian nods and salutes and turns, looking at Aric. “What do you think Sergeant Jorgan?”
Aric relaxed his folded arm position and nods “I think we should go talk to our new recruit”
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Re: Little Trooper girl
« Reply #2 on: 08/12/17, 09:10:25 AM »
(This is my version of the story arc of M1-4X and Jonas - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 3 - Finding the M1-4X droid
Meeting Jonas Balker

Troi'an walked into the officer's’ mess hall, her gaze going to the newest member of Havoc squad. She grins a little and heads for the Caf dispenser. A few days ago, the girl had mentioned knowing another Zabrak with her last name. She first thought it simply coincidence but how long had it been since she’s seen her brother? It seemed like forever ago when she left Tython for basic training. And then after the year of drills, she had been sent to Ord Mantel, where she’s spent another gruesome year out of contact with the galaxy as she fought not only the war on that planet, but her own squad. Then she was thrust into the leadership role of a new Havoc squad… one just beginning to form. She hadn’t time to breathe let alone think of her brother and how he was doing. He must be a Jedi by now right?
“Yes sir?”
She shook her head and turned to lean against the counter with her cup of caf. “Relax Elara, you’re not on duty”
“I prefer to keep myself in check sir; keeps me from making mistakes.”
Troi'an nodded, letting that drop as she took a sip of her caf and grimaced. Turning she added a bit of sweet cream to the bitter black stuff, that ever helpful protocol droid must've made the caf again. “When you were recruited, you had said you met a Zabrak like me, with my last name… Did you go to Tython then?”
“Tython sir?” Elara shook her head. “If I had; he’d had been in their prison, sir. No sir, the reason I dropped it was because I realized he couldn’t be related to you and it must be coincidence. I had been home to try to talk to my brother on Drummond Kass when I met the Sith Acolyte”
“Sith?!” Troi'an laughed and shook her head. “Yeah… not related that’s for sure. I only have one family member left, and he’s on Tython.”
“That’s what I figured sir, sorry for the confusion.”
Troi'an shook her head, then set her cup down as the holo terminal sounded. “That sounds like work calling”
Elara nodded and got up to follow as Troi'an headed for the terminal, Aric joining them from the weapons room.
General Gaza appeared on the holo. “An experimental republic war droid has gone rogue, committing a series of seemingly random attacks across Nar Shaddaa. The Droids designation is M1-4X and it is my belief that the Droid is acting under orders of Tavus”
“Do we know anything about the war droid’s capabilities?”
“The droid is a highly advanced prototype, one that was being developed to serve in Havoc Squad. The project was supposed to have been canceled, but it would seem Tavus simply shifted the development elsewhere, most likely his allies in the Sith Empire”
“What are our orders general?” She asked making sure her team was included
“This war droid’s rampage must be stopped before it’s linked with the republic. An agent of the SIS will be assisting you. Officially, you’re providing military support to a SIS squadron. Do not divulge Tavus’s defection or the droid’s connection to it.”
“Understood sir”
“Be careful Lieutenant. Garza out.”
Troi'an turns to her team “Well looks like Nar Shadda is out next stop”
“I heard the planet was like one giant party barge sir” Elara said
“One with Hutts and criminals in every corner, including SIS” Aric grumped.
“The SIS is part of the republic, we should all work together.” She said turning to the bridge to fly them to Nar Shadda.
Troi'an walked into the rather elaborate cantina trying not to gawk. Elara was right, this whole planet was like one huge party barge!
“Good thing we left Elara on the ship, I think this would over circuit her regulation brain” Aric said and Troi'an looked over at him a bit surprised.
“Was that a joke Sergeant?”
Aric shrugged and grinned the barest little grin, but a grin. Troi'an grinned and shook her head as she walked up to a rather nice looking human man.
“Ah there you are,” Said the man. “Go ahead, take a seat. And keep your voice down”
“Why? I didn’t come here to play your little spy games”
“Suit yourself, you look good from this angle anyway. Hope you like the cantina. It’s not one of my favorites, but it is conveniently located. There’s a vault, not far from here. It’s a merc operation, holds valuables for anybody with the credits to pay. Our mutual friend is about to pay them a visit.”
Troi'an grins a little at the compliment and tries not to blush, but doesn’t bite. “Do we have a welcome party arranged?”
“Not exactly, no. A group of paramilitary types always shows up on the scene before the droids attacks. We’ve already spotted them casing the vault. You could head in now, but, I don’t to scare them off. We wouldn’t want the guest of honor to skip the party, would we?”
“It would be bad if our party was ruined… Definitely bad.”
“I have people with eyes on the vault. Once they spot our target, we’ll get the party started.” He smiled at her then. “So... Havoc Squad huh? Pretty nice of Garza to loan us her very nest. I’m...” his com starts beeping. “…ah, excuse me”
She waited patiently as he answered his com then looked up at her and Aric. “That’s our que. The target is in the vault. Are you ready to move out?”
“Let’s get this party started.”
“You take care of the droid and we’ll have you on your way within the hour, Nice and tidy. Good luck, we’ll have our eyes on you”
She opened her mouth as he winked and seemed to look her over, blushing she turned to walk away as Aric growled. “Let’s keep the partying to a minimum shall we?”
Troi'an watched as the M1-4X droid with its override walked out with Captain Andrik, one of the soldiers that defected with Tavus as others aimed their weapons at her and Aric. The battle was short, but the droid was gone and she began cursing in her native Zabraki just as her com went off. She growled and answered the call from Jonas.
“Well… that was interesting, wasn’t it?”
“You think you couldn’t done better Jonas?”
“No, when I said interesting I actually meant ‘Interesting’. Our tap on the vault cams wasn’t perfect, but the droids crew looked like they were packing republic heat, all standard issue. We didn’t have audio though. Any luck finding out who we’re dealing with?”
“Enemies of the republic. That’s all we need to know”
“I can see why you chose this line of work. Our people tracked the droid and his buddy. They just headed into an abandoned arms factory in the red light sector. I have a team setting up shop in a warehouse not far from there. Meet up with us there.”
“We need to wrap this up before things get any worse”
“Keep your eyes open, the red light sector isn’t exactly the safest place in the galaxy. See you soon”
She looked over at Aric “I hate lying to our own people.”
“Good thing we only have to do it this once then sir.”
She sighed and nodded. “Let’s go meet up with Jonas and get that droid”

“Hey there! Welcome to Balkar Interior Refurbishments Incorporated. Be sure you review the new employee manual”
“Nice cover…”
Jonas smiles and gives her that wink again, then sobers. “I’ve got bad news. The droid and his friends gave us the slip. Tracking them down is going to take time.”
“I can’t believe you lost them! You’re totally useless”
“Too bad you’re stuck with us. Whoever these guys are, they aren’t working alone. And it’s time to find out who. I bet they’d call for help if you shot up their arms factory, then we trace that call”
“That’s… pretty clever.”
“Here,” He grabs a small box, “set these trackers around the area, then do what you do best and we’ll track the call when it goes out. Sound like a plan?”
“Time to wreak a little Havoc...” She quips and Aric snorts and Jonas grins giving her a little ‘I see what you did there’, point of his finger.
“We’ll be waiting for you when the party’s over, have fun”

They met up with Jonas after making sure the call went out. Troi'an grinned at Jonas as he asked.
“Now was that fun?”
“You definitely picked the right squad. This was right up the Lieutenant’s alley.” Aric said giving Jonas a nod
“I wasn’t the only one impressed with your moves either. The alarm pulled din a very interesting audience.”
Troi'an grinned at Jonas, high on the adrenaline rush of the fight. “If you like what you see, maybe you should do something about it…”
Jonas smiles a little wider at her. “Trust me, there’s a reason I’m trying to get all this boring ‘save the Republic’ business out of the way quickly.”
“Get your priorities straight, Balkar, or I’ll straighten them out for you.” Aric growls and Troian blinks in surprise at him.
“Are you Jealous Aric?!”
“What?!” Aric said shocked. “I don’t… I mean… ugh! Am I really the only one who cares about the mission here?”
“Yeah… I’d rather discuss violence against people who aren’t me.” Jonas says eyeing Aric now. “The alarm signal, led to a surprising place. A penthouse at one of the more… Affluent clubs on Nar Shaddaa. Our slicers took a pass at the computers there… all Imperial tech. Our rogue droid is Republic, but it’s the Imps giving the orders. We need to get you in there without bloodshed, so let me introduce you to our top slicer, he’ll make sure no one harasses you going in.”
“Nice to know I’m worthy of your top talent”
“Of course, the best for the best. I’ve been watching, you look good by the way…”
Troi'an smiles and blushes. “Thanks for noticing... I’ve been working out lately…”
“Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you people?” Aric asked with a growl of annoyance
“Hey, hey. No need for any insubordination… We’ll get back to the mission... You’re walking into a hell of a situation here.”
She looked over at Aric and smirked, then man was jealous! “Ok, back on track. How tricky we talking?”
“Questioning the imps about the droid is one thing, but if this comes down to shooting, the Republic can’t afford that.”
“You worry too much Jonas.”
“One more thing… I ran the images we got from the vault, checking faces against our database. The weird thing is… I didn’t find them in our imperial or criminal database, I found them in the Republic Special Forces personnel records…” Jonas gave her a wondering look. “Weird huh?”
“I don’t’ know anything about that…” She said looking away and at Aric
“So you had no idea that a bunch of SpecForce traitors had gone rogue? Hm… interesting. Alright, I won’t hold you any longer. Good luck and don’t get yourself killed”
Troi'an Stepped into the Republic Embassy, having secured the droid and turned it over to the Republic technicians for reprogramming. It was time for a debriefing with Joans and General Garza. She took a deep breath and stepped into the office just in time to hear Jonas arguing with the hologram of General Garza.
“Which is why you shouldn’t have tried to hide this from us! How can SIS do its job if you lie to us?”
“You are in no position to demand anything from me Agent Balker. I will conduct Special Forces affairs as I see fit.”
“Treason? Mass defection? You’re covering up a threat to the entire republic!”
She swallows as she walked fully into the room. “I
M back. The operation was a success.”
“Yes, the operation.” Jonas turns scowling at her. “That’s just what we were discussing.” His frown got deeper. “You lied to me. You knew all about the traitors, about a direct threat to the Republic and you helped cover it up! I had to figure it all out myself, dig it up like some enemy secret.”
She cringed at his accusing words, but honestly… he was right. She did exactly that.
“I would think that someone in your line of work would understand the necessity of secrecy, Agent Balkar.” Said the hologram of General Garza, but she wasn’t here… not physically here…
“I’m sorry Jonas… General Garza told me not to tell you. I had to follow orders.”
“Great” he said sarcastically. “I feel much better.”
“This discussion is over. Lieutenant, contact me on your ships holo when you leave Nar Shadda. Garza out.”
“Look… You were just following orders. I know how it is. Lots not talk about it.” Jonas said relenting. “The job got done. And it was definitely no small feat, you deserve your reward.”
She turned her gaze away from the now dead holo, still reeling over the fact that Garza had just bailed on her, leaving her to finish dealing with this mess. Her gaze fell on Jonas and she gave a grateful, if more than a bit unsure smile. “I just did my duty Jonas, nothing more.”
“I’m afraid modesty isn’t going to get you out of this one...” He said and pulled out his data pad. “Republic War droid M1-X4 is to be repaired and direct control transferred to Havoc Squad’s current commanding officer immediately.” He looks up and gives her that charming smile. “Want to go meet the newest member of your squad Lieutenant?”
She smiles and nods. “He’s saved?”
“Come on, let’s go see.”
“Thank you Jonas. I owe you…”
She grins and Aric grumps making her laugh.
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the story arc of Fuse - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 4 -Going after Fuse

Troi'an frowned as she looked at the data scrolling across her screen. It was hard to get information from Tython, top secret and hidden as it was, but what she’d gotten so far made her wonder if her brother was there…. But if not there, where? He would’ve contacted her if he could.
She lifted up and pulled the seat cushion out from under her butt, -the protocol droid re-stuffed the cushions again, made them more… cushiony he said- and tossed it to the side where it landed on the floor by the wall.
Maybe she should ask her new friend, Jonas, to look into it for her…. She heard the holo terminal sound and sighed, getting up she headed for the terminal where the rest of her team was beginning to file in.
“Come in Lieutenant, this is General Garza.” Troian stepped up to the terminal and activated it, thinking if anyone else actually comm’d her on this thing, she’d be surprised… It was always just General Garza. But the woman followed protocol nearly as close as Elara did. So identifying herself was something she just did.
“Havoc squad here General, we read you.”
“I see you’ve landed in Anchorhead. Tatooine is a vast and dangerous planet, and I’m afraid you can’t count on having Republic support during your mission there.”
“Havoc squad can handle anything General”
“All the same Lt. I hate sending my people into uncharted areas like Tatooine without some kind of support. In the absence of military assets, I’ve arranged a local contact to assist you in your mission. Oleg Klerren, the mayor of Anchorhead. Mayor Klerran may not be a soldier, but he know the area extremely well, and can out his city’s resources – whatever those may be- at your disposal.”
“Very well. I’ll speak with him General.”
“Be sure to remember that this operation is top secret, Lt. I told Mayor Klerren only that you’re undertaking an important mission. Which is all he needs to know, understood?”
“Understood sir.”
“Very good. That’s all I have for you at the moment. Garza out.”
She frowned as the holo went out and Aric grumped. “She says that every time, as if we tell anyone our business…”
“I’m sure she’s only taking precautions in reminding us sir.” Elara answered, but Troian agreed with Aric. The woman seemed to think they… no, SHE would tell…. Even after not telling Jonas and getting chewed out for not divulging information that could’ve been vital to his own mission.
“Let’s prep for Tatooine, anyone know anything about this planet?”
“Only that it’s all desert. We should bring plenty of water with us.” Aric said setting his arms on his hips.
“There are a wide variety of species on the planet sir, and many indigenous peoples. Most notable are the Sand people, It’s reported that they are a nomad people and highly aggressive to outsiders. And if you’re not of their tribe, you’re an outsider.”
She nodded “Alright, bring plenty of canteens of water, extra rations and the appropriate gear.”
“I’ll go get the gear ready sir.”
“And weapons if those sand people are as nasty as Elara made them out to be.” Aric growled heading off for the weapons room.
Troi'an grinned at her crew and then looked over at the droid. “What of you 4X, any suggestions?”
“I would suggest you keep an eye out for the thieves that steal droids and resell them. Little creatures called Jawas. And the data banks say that this planet is a high traffic area for Smugglers, usually working for the Hutt Cartel”
“Check. Sand people, criminals and Jawas. You stay on board ship 4X, don’t want one trying to steal you.”
“They would have a hard time sir!”
She grinned and nodded at the battle droid. “All the same… someone has to watch the ship.”
“Oh thank you sir! I was worried that you still thought I was capable of such a thing.” The protocol droid chimed in making her chuckle at the very idea.
Troi'an walked into the mayor’s office, her gaze going around the dome structure before landing on an older man speaking with a younger one. The younger of the two notices her and instantly demands.
“Excuse me. Who are you? You can’t just barge in here without an appointment”
Troi'an lifted an eyebrow even as Aric growled lowly about leaving doors open for anyone to just walk in.
“The Mayor is expecting me.”
“You must be the Lieutenant,” the older man said. “The one General Garza told me about. I am so thankful that you are here. Please Lt. I need your help. My city, the people of Anchorhead, need your help.”
“What’s going on?”
“Lieutenant... mission first” Aric said lowly, almost low enough to not be overheard. He thought he knew she’d help anyways and he was right, she could never just leave people in need of help.
“Please. My city… we really aren’t prepared for things like this. Someone is attacking us, lieutenant. Bombs have been going off all over Anchorhead, more than a dozen just in the past week. We have no idea who’s behind them. Innocent people are being murdered without any explanation!”
She grimaces and looks over at Aric. “Jorgan, isn’t one of our objectives a bomb expert?”
Aric sighs but nods. “That’s a big affirmative Lt. He pulled some pretty flashy stuff back on Ord, if my memory serves.”
She remembered too and nodded.
“Do you think our problems might be related? If you find this bomb expert…”
A young woman came running in and nearly had Troi'an pulling her weapon, but Aric laid a hand on her arm. She might have been made Lt of Havoc Squad, but she knew she still had a lot to learn and was thankful to Aric, who probably still thought of her as the ‘kid’. She nodded and relaxed as the girl told the mayor of yet another bombing.
“Oh no…” the mayor put his hand to his head and Troian thought the old man might faint “No,no. How-how many? DO we now yet?”
“No sir, but it’s going to be bad. A lot of people lived in that building. A lot of families…”
“I’ll proceed to the scene at once Mayor Klerren. Aric, get Elara down here to assist.”
“Yes sir.” Aric said instantly stepping away to make the com call.
“Please Lt. protect my people and I’ll do anything I can to help your mission. Please hurry”
Tori'an nodded and followed the woman out and towards the newest explosion. It wasn’t hard to find the building, debris everywhere and dust still settling. She toed a piece of debris before carefully stepping up onto a large hunk of wall. She heard the cry of a child and hurriedly began scrambling over the fallen wall she’d just stepped on, pulling back dirt, debris, chunks of mortar and rebar poles as she called out.
“Over here! Someone help!”
The lightly orange furred strong hands of Aric was suddenly reaching past her, dragging away larger chunks of cement than she could ever hope to lift, until they made a hole just big enough. She looked around, but saw no one small enough to fit in there. Nodding to herself she began jerking off her armor.
“Lieutenant. What are you doing?”
“I’m going in there Aric.”
She looked down at the big Cathar as he grabbed her forearm. They stared at each other a long moment before he nodded. “I’ll help lower you in”
She shimmied herself into the hole, without the bulky armor she fit in, barely… her work outs and constant wielding of the heavy blaster had given her more muscles than her tiny frame once had. Dropping into the opening, she slowly looked around, she could hear the drip of water, a mainline had broken and the city had shut off the water, they had to, water was crucial here on Tatooine of course. Well she didn’t have to worry about the place flooding at least… she looked up as the precarious crumbling ceiling rained debris on her.
“See anything?”
She squinted up at the hole Aric was looking in through, the light filtering in around him. “Give me a sec sergeant.”
She turned back to the sound of the child and began making her way. She came across the child, children actually. Three of them, an older boy and two little girls, one no older than 3 she guessed. “Hi… it’s ok” she said squatting down to their level. “Are you hurt?”
“Maman won’t wake up” The older girl said sniffling as the boy, she thought was the elder of the three, rocked the toddler in his arms, bringing a pang of memory to her of Jay doing the exact same thing with her whenever she was scared. “Ok, let me go see about your mother, why don’t you three...” She turned to point up to where the Cathar was sticking his head in the hole. “Go over to my sergeant, he’s gonna help you get out ok?”
The boy looked to where she was pointing then nodded getting up and lifting the toddler to carry. “Come on Ceecee, let’s go.”
The older girl sniffled but took the boy’s hand and Troi'an watched at the kids made their way to where Aric was trying to lean in. She moved to where their mother was, feeling the woman’s pulse. Sighing she left the dead woman to go help the children. “OK, let’s get you kids out of this hole shall we? Who’s first?”
“Take Ceecee first, she can watch Em until I get up” The boy said, taking charge of his sisters, he glanced back only once. Troi'an’s heart broke for the boy, for the look of lose, of loneliness and then determination coming over his young face. Was this how Jay felt?
She got the kids out of the hole, then jumped up to catch Aric’s hand, letting him pull her up out of the hole. The woman that had come to the Mayor’s office came up, gathering the children to her.
“You need to get search parties going, make sure there’s no one else alive still in this”
The woman nodded “I will Lieutenant. Thank you for getting these children out of there.”
Troian looked down at the boy’s tear streaked yet set face. He would take care of his sisters, no doubt about it. She nodded and turned to head away, back to the mayor. They needed to find that traitor before more lives were lost... lives like those three kids.
Troi'an walked away, thinking of heading back to the mayor’s office to give him a report when she saw the woman she had thought of. Her eyes narrowed a little and she turned to walk towards the redhead who was just getting paid it looked like.
“Miss Kit?”
Kitalye turned at the name and looked over the trooper coming her way. She moved away from the imp, who was smart enough to hurry away. Well least some of them weren’t completely dimwitted. She smiled at the new comer. “I know ya… aren’t ya’ll the kid from Iridonia?”
Troi'an smiled and nodded “Yeah, you helped me and my brother... I never got to really thank you for saving us.”
“And now lookit ya’lll, That a Havoc squad emblem ain’t it? ” Kitalye said looking up at the Cathar by the young Trooper. “And who’s the handsome fella with ya?”
“This is Sergeant Jorgan.” She looked over at Aric. “Aric, this is the smuggler I told you about.”
Aric nodded and turned his gaze back on the woman. “Nice to meet you ma’am.”
“Kit, please. My, ya’lls ruggedly handsome” she said holding her hand out to him and smiling as the Cathar, grunted, grinned and took her hand.
Troi'an grinned, she’d never seen Aric relent in his tough gruff stance, but then again if she remember correctly, not many were immune to Kitalye. “So what brings you here to Tatooine? Are you helping with the bombings?”
Kitalye turned her grey eyes on the girl. “Oh, those are awful aren’t they?” She shook her head. “But sadly no. I was here for different reasons, though I am glad I ran into ya. I tell ya, ya’lls a hard group to find.”
“Well we are a secret military organization...” Aric began
“Why were you looking for us?”
“Not ‘us’ chere. You.” Kitalye shook her head and looked over at the Mayor’s office. “Looks like someone is looking for ya. When ya’lls got time...” Kitalye handed Troi'an her com frequency. “Give me a holler.”
“I will, thank you.” Troi'an turned to head for the mayor’s office, reattaching the last piece of her armor back on.
“Oh there you are Lieutenant!”
“Doesn’t seem to be any more casualty’s mayor. It’s now imperative that we find my objective”
“Thank you Lieutenant, thank you for helping.”
“Excuse me mayor,” the younger man that had been with the mayor earlier steps into the office. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have an urgent holocall, someone who claims to have vital information about the bomber’s identity”
“What? Really? Put him through Cohn”
Troi'an raises an eyebrow and turns to the holoterminal as the young man transfers the holocall. She gasps slightly at the sight of the Zabrak who once made he blush with his stares. Back on Ord, she had thought he was staring at her cause he liked her, but it turned out he was only hoping she didn’t get in their way... or hoped she wouldn’t figure it all out before they made their escape.
“Ah! UH... hello there Mayor Klereen sir. My name is Vento Bazen and I have information for you regarding…I’m sorry...” He stopped speaking as he turned to look her way. “If that… Sergeant, is that you?! It’s me, Fuse! From Ord Mantell, remember?”
She frowned hard, her fists clenching in anger. “I remember Ord Mantell, Fuse. And I’m here to make you pay for it.”
“I… I’m sorry. I-I don’t know what I was thinking. I know uh... you might not believe this but… I’m really, really glad you’re here. If anyone can shut down the Imps and stop the bombings it’s you.”
“What twisted game is this?” She growled sounding much like Aric now, who she felt come up beside her. “Pointless flattery won’t make me trust you, Fuse.”
“What? I… no, no please. You don’t understand. It-it’s not like that…”
“Lieutenant? Who is this guy?” The mayor asks in confusion. “Can he really help stop the bombings?”
“This man is a traitor to the Republic. Don’t trust a word he says.” She snapped in anger.
“Lieutenant.” Arci cautioned and she jerked her gaze at him, her anger evident in her dark scowl.
“Please, I don’t have much time.” Fuse broke in. “If they catch me transmitting they’ll uh… It won’t be good. They brought me here to design bombs. Desert planet middle of nowhere. But Colonel Gorik wants to test the bombs on live testing grounds. He choose Anchorhead.”
“That someofaHutt! He’s killing innocent people just to test your bombs?!” the mayor exploded.
Troi'an folded her arms, still mad as hell and not trusting this man. “You’re assuming that Fuse is telling the truth”
“Why would I lie?! Why would I call at all unless I wanted to help?” Fuse shook his head. “As soon as I found out what Gorik was going to do, I refused to help, so they locked me up in here. Gorik’s afraid of Tavus or he’d have killed me. Only you can stop Gorik, let me help you. I’m sending you the cords now. I’m so, so sorry…. Innocent people dead, all because of my designs. I feel… so stupid!”
“Well you’re working for the right side now, ok buddy? We’re going to put a stop to this”
The holo went blank and Troi'an stared at the spot. “I still don’t buy any of this… but give us the Coordinates and we’ll check it out.”
“Thank you Lt.”
Troi'an couldn’t believe how easy it had been to not only make it into the base, but all the way in to where they held Fuse. The man waved from behind his force field. And Aric nodded for her to go to him before turning to head for the entrance to keep watch.
“Where is everyone Fuse?”
“You made it just in time! Gorik called for a full scale evacuation. He’s already at the hanger in the back of the base, overseeing the evacuation, and he has my bomb designs with him. Please, you have to get to the hanger and stop him before he escapes with my designs”
“Gorik won’t escape from me…”
“If anyone can do it, it’s you. Good luck Liue…” The sound of the alarm and a robotic voice cut off Fuse and Troi'an turned reflexively, but it wasn’t droid it was part of the warning alarm systems. Stating a self-destruct sequence had been initialized.
“Oh no! It’s too late! We’re out of time!” Fuse said beginning to panic inside his little cell
“Don’t give up on me now. We’re getting out of here.”
“Heh,” he runs a hand around his horns. “Havoc Squad never surrenders, right? Never fails. You can get to the command center and shut down the destruction sequence... you can even unlock my cell from there. But if you do… then Gorik will escape with my designs and that can’t happen.”
“I’m sure I can stop the explosion and get Gorik, if I move fast enough.”
“No… no, you have to leave me. Please there isn’t time to argue. It’s down to me or the designs and well... There’s only one good choice there”
“I’ve made my choice. I don’t leave people behind.”
“Forget about me! Stop Gorik. Please Lieutenant, don’t let Gorik escape just for me… please don’t do it”
“Lieutenant…” Aric said more gently than she’d ever heard the gruff man speak and she turned, to look at him, unshed tears burning her eyes. “He’s right Lieutenant. We have to stop Gorik.”
She nodded and turned to look at Fuse. “I’m sorry Fuse.”
He nods “Good luck Lt. and uh... please tell General Garza, I’m sorry I let her down.”
She nods “I will Fuse… It’s been an honor.”
“You too Lt. So long…”
Troi'an stood before the holoterminal, her posture that of at ease, though she didn’t feel at ease at all. She had never had to leave someone behind before and wasn’t sure she could cope… But she had to, she had to keep going, didn’t she?
She looked up as General Garza continued with her words, words Troi'an had barely heard… “Thank you sir.”
“You represented the Republic very well in this, good job. I also understand you not only located Fuse, but routed an entire imperial research facility in the process. I was described the facility as a flaming graveyard. And I understand Fuse was one of the deceased. I’ll admit, I’m a bit confused by that turn of events. According to Mayor Klerren, Fuse cooperated and was instrumental in your operation.”
“The imperial base was rigged to detonate. Fuse insisted I leave him behind to stop Gorik.”
“That was… very noble of him. What about the bomb designs? Were you able to retrieve them?”
“Fuse died to make sure we got these designs…”
“Then we best make good use of them. I’ll download them to Coruscant for review. Garza out”
Troi'an turned away from the blank holo to see Aric standing there. How many times had she cried on his shoulder already? It seemed he was the only one that cared. The one that knew from the start what this was all about. She walked over to him and put her face in his chest to weep silently, feeling his arms come about her.
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(This is my version of the story arc of Gearbox - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 5 -Going after Gearbox

Troi'an hit the punching bag over and over, her mind still playing over Fuse’s face. She’d left him to die. She listened to him and went after the designs instead of saving him… She could have saved him! She hit the bag several times in her anger, frustration and guilt.
“Whoa… kid. You’re going to bloody your knuckles or even break them keeping hitting that bag like that.”
She looked up as Aric grabbed the bag from the other side and looked around it at her. “I needed to work things out…”
He nodded. “Understandable. I remember the first time I had to leave someone behind. A fellow team member. It’s not something you ever forget.”
“What’d you do? How’d you get passed the… guilt? I can’t help but think I could have saved him… I could have gone after the designs later... He didn’t have to die Aric!”
“Yeah… kid, he did. I was there. You made the right call. I know it sucks, but it’s what had to be done. Now you need to keep that in the forefront and move on. One day at a time Lieutenant.”
She nodded, wiped her wrapped hand under her nose, nodded again. “Yeah... it’s just… I can’t stop seeing his face…”
“Worry when you can’t see his face anymore Troi'an. You still feel, you still care. That is important to have, but don’t let it control you.”
“Thanks…” She sniffled, nodded and grinned a little up at him. “I thought we weren’t supposed to call each other by our first names…”
Aric grinned a little but snorted. “Sometimes it’s warranted Lieutenant.”
She grinned a little and wiped her nose again with the back of her wrapped hand. “So how am I supposed to hit the bag?”
Aric gave a gruff grunt and came around to stand behind her, lightly kicking her feet into the stance he wanted her in, he took one of her arms in his hands to bend it slightly at the elbow. “Ok first you…”
The sound of the holo-terminal brought their lesson to a halt and both turned to look in the direction of the main section.
“Timing…” She said and stepped away, heading for the main area where Elara and 4X were already gathering.
“Come in Lieutenant, this is General Garza.” Came the voice over the holo-terminal before the hologram appeared. “I understand you’ve just set down on Alderaan. The political situation there is highly complicated. The world’s ruling families are mired in a civil war for control of the planet. House Organa supports the Republic, so they’re our primary ally. Your mission to find the defectors is still priority, but try to help the Organa’s where you can.”
“I’ll do everything I can sir.”
“The Empire supports House Thull. Thull was banished from Alderaan but with the Empire’s help, they’ve returned to make an attempt for control.”
“The Empire’s full might? How much support is Thull getting exactly?”
“Quite a bit. SIS reports that the Empire operates openly on Thull’s behalf all over Alderaan.”
“Be nice to have Jonas here to get me more Intel…”
“Yes, well he’s been called to another mission. Now, your Primary objective. One of the defectors is here, according to a captured Thull nobleman, he’s been helping the Empire and House Thull in their effort to take control of Alderaan. “
“Remember your main objective remains the man himself. Speak to the prisoner, see if you can get more information out of him.”
“Understood sir.”
“The overseer at the detention center is a man named Balic Cormac. He will be your primary contact. Garza out”
She turned to her crew. “Ok, Alderaan, not as harsh as Tatooine. What do we have?”
“A lot of political intrigue. The ruling houses are at war with each other, causing civil unrest. I’d be very careful who I spoke to here. And the Empire has a toe hold here as well sir. I heard that they have even had Imperial ambassadors merge with Killik hives” Elara stated.
“It can be bitterly cold here, I think we’ve come just in time for the snow to melt, but the wind will cut through your clothes, go straight to your bones.”
“Killik?” She asked giving a nod to Aric in acknowledgement of his words.
“Killiks are a sentient insectoid species native to Alderaan.” 4X stated
“I don’t believe they are bugs, Sir. They seem to be a hybrid of coleoptera and hymenoptera.”
Troi'an made a disgusted face and looked over at Elara who nodded in agreement with 4X. “So the Imps are… merging with bugs?”
“It is an effective way of maintaining a peaceful alliance with a species that rely on a hive mentality.” Elara said.
“Didn’t think imperials would demean their pure selves with merging with any species.” Aric grunted sarcastically.
“Imps will do anything to wrap their fist around the throat of every species in the galaxy.” Troi'an shook her head and shuddered. “Ok let’s gear up and get planetside. We have a traitor to catch”
Troi'an walked into the elaborate house of Organa, her eyes taking in the gold gilt interior before seeing a soldier standing before a force field door.
“Must be where the prisoner is…”
She looked at Aric and nodded heading that way. “Just who we need to talk to.”
“Whoa, hold up there friend. The detention area’s restricted. I’m going to have to ask for some identification before you come in here.”
“Of course.” She pulls out her military ID and hands it to the guard, who looks it over.
“Oh! I’m sorry sir.” The guard said, saluting. “I didn’t recognize you. We uh…” He paused to lower his arm from the salute.  “Well your general said someone was coming, but didn’t say who. You’ll be wanting to talk to our esteemed guest from House Thul, won’t you? He’s a tough one – we worked him over a dozen times and he still won’t talk.”
Troi'an sighed. “You shouldn’t have done that. Your orders were to keep the prisoner in isolation, Captain.”
“I… well, yeah. I mean… we kept him away from the other prisoners, kept anyone outside from talking to him, sure. But we…” He lifted a hand to his head. “Well, I mean we wanted to be sure the man wasn’t wasting your time with some made-up story.”
Troi'an shook her head a little. “It was good of you to try and help, but this is a Republic matter.”
“I apologize Lieutenant Sir. It absolutely will not happen again.” He cleared his throat. “So uh… going back to the prisoner, sir. His name is Markus Thul. Our boys caught old Markus sneaking into the castle with a dozen imperial commandos set on cutting the head of House Organa into Thranta bait.”
She glanced over at Elara who usually told her about the local wildlife or peoples. Elara pulled out her data pad and began searching, she assumed for any other creatures they might run into. She turned her attention back to the guard. “Was anyone in House Organa harmed?”
“Nobody in the family. But a bunch of guard went down in the fight, it was bad Lieutenant, real bad.” He shook his head. “Anyways, as soon as we got the shock cuffs on him. Markus starts in on the Gearbox stuff. Critical intelligence, republic Special Forces will want to know, that sort of thing. That’s when we called your people.”
“I should speak with the prisoner at once.”
“Absolutely sir. Sorry to have held you up so long. Markus is in holding cell five, Lieutenant. I’ve set the security door to allow you access.”
Troi'an salutes the guard and walks past him as Elara stops to talk to the man about the local wildlife. She moved down the hall to cell five, looking in on the man. He was bruised but otherwise seemed ok. “I take it you were treated for your injuries Mr Thul?”
“Your aspect of equipment are not those of House Organa. Whom do you represent?”
“I’m with Republic Special Forces.”
“Just as I’d hoped. We have much to discuss. I can tell you all about Gearbox, the Empire and their activities. But before I help you, you must help me. I want protection for my wife and daughter.”
She looked over the man. Brave, making demands while in a cell…
“I can’t help you until I know your intel is good.”
“And I cannot help you. Until I know that my family is safe. My wife and daughter. They still live amongst my house and amongst the imperials. If I tell you what I know, they will suffer for that betrayal. I won’t allow this. So, until my family is safe. I can tell you nothing.”
She sighed. “Your family isn’t my problem.”
“I understand that. Which is why I cannot trust you to rescue them once I’ve revealed what I know. Perhaps a compromise. I tell you part of what I know, to prove the veracity of my claims. If you find my intelligence is accurate, you help my family. After which I will tell you exactly how to locate Gearbox.”
“Fine. Let’s hear this intel of yours.”
“Among other projects, Gearbox had helped construct a hidden highly sophisticated missile battery capable of eradicating any Organa force that approaches Thul territory.”
“We’ll talk after I’m done checking your intel. If you’re telling the truth, then I’ll protect your family.”
“Then you will have what you seek. Farwell.”
Troi'an walked out of the room, her gaze going to Elara still talking to the guard. She grinned a little. The woman was tenacious when needed. The guard looked up with a pained expression then moved over to her. “I gotta say Lieutenant, you’re something else. Until you showed up, Markus barely said 20 words to us. But I don’t know about getting his family… I don’t think the Organa’s are going to like cutting deals with Thul.”
“Saving the family is the only way to get Markus’ intel.”
“Well, then it’s probably best not to call attention to ourselves. Good luck out there friend.”
She nodded and looked at Elara. “Sergeant Dorne. Look over the prison.”
“Yes sir.”
She turned to walk away hearing Elara begin talking once again as the guard lets her in.

Troi'an walked into the detention hall once again. The Intel had been on point and they even had some new information on Gearbox and something called project B. She wasn’t’ sure what it was, but it didn’t sound good and she hoped Markus knew something about it. She slowed her walk as she came up to someone berating the guard, Cormac.
“Captain Cormac. I really don’t believe I can make myself much clearer than…”
“Lieutenant!” Cormac interrupted with a look of relief. “Welcome back sir. How did your mission go? You know… destroying that giant missile battery that threatened our house sir?”
She frowned. “Is everything alright Cormac?”
“Oh, of course it is, Lieutenant. Especially knowing you pulled off such a dangerous mission against Thul and the Imperials.”
“Ahem...” the man cleared his throat. “Yes… allow me to extend the fondest gratitude of our noble House Organa for your heroic assistance, Lieutenant. I am Pallos Thessius Organa, first nephew to his highness, the great duke of Organa. It is an honor to make your acquaintance.”
“Spare me the ceremonial nonsense. I have work to do.”
“You’ll forgive me, my upbringing. I hope. A lifetime of pleasantries leaves its mark. I’m told that you have spent some time in the company of a prisoner, detained herein. One Markus Thul. This man is of no small consequence to our house as you may well be aware. What is your interest in him?”
“Unfortunately I can’t discuss the details of my mission.”
“Surely you’re joking.  Lieutenant, I’m certain you would agree that my family has a right to know what transpires in our home. Markus Thul is telling you secrets, which I deeply suspect he would not do without promise of recompense.”
“As I said, I can’t discuss mission details with you.”
“Your mistrust saddens me. Are we not allies? Can we not confide in one another? Well I’m afraid that house business compels me elsewhere. So I must take my leave of you Lieutenant. But let me make something clear. Markus Thul attempted to murder the head of House Organa. He will not be pardoned for this crime.”
“Sorry about that. I tried to calm him down, but to Pallos, you’re just a stranger, buddying up with the guy who tried to kill his family.”
“I can’t blame him, but I can’t do this without Markus.”
“Well, I’ll try to help. But I really don’t have much says against people in the family like Pallos. I’ve been helping Elara since you left. Don’t think Markus has moved a centimeter after she tended him.” He shrugged “Still, I’m sure he’s looking forward to your next visit. I’ll be out here if you need anything.”
“Thank you Cormac.” She said walking into the cell block.
“You’ve returned!” Markus said getting up. “I trust everything was as I described?”
“I see you’re feeling better.”
“Yes... well… your medic was very kind. Thank you. But now, before I give you any more information. You must rescue my wife and daughter.”
“Tell me what Gearbox is up to with project B.”
“I’ve stated my terms. Until you rescue my family, we have nothing left to discuss.”
“Alright. I’ll rescue them. Where can I find them?”
“At our family manor. I’ll provide you with the Coordinates. They must not be recognized while traveling with you. You’ll need to acquire disguises of some kind.”
“I’ll see if Captain Cormac has anything I can use.”
“My family and I have a code word for situations like this. Speak it and they’ll know you are acting on my behalf... Tyrovan. I’ll not have you harming Altana or Valyn to gain their cooperation when you can just speak a word…”
“What type of person do you take me for?”
“The imperials use force, he thinks we’re like his kind.” Aric growled, scowling at the man.
She looked over at Aric then back at Markus. “Don’t worry. They won’t be harmed.”
“Good. If you fail to bring them to me alive and well, I will never tell you anything. Never.”
She shook her head and walked out of the cell. “Man… that guy is…”
“Imperial to the core.”
“I was going to say desperate. He must really love his wife and daughter.”
“I guess there could be worse things, than rescuing noble ladies…” Captain Cormac spoke up, handing over the cloaks. “I got these for you. It’s going to be tough getting those ladies. There are bound to be Imperials and Thul guards everywhere.”
“Tough missions are what we do best.” She said, taking the cloaks and nodding her thanks to his wish of luck.

Troi'an had a headache by the time she walked in with the two noble women. She had never met a more insufferable, arrogant, whinny… and if she heard one more derogatory comment about aliens! Even the stoic Cathar was gripping his blaster tight in order to reign in his anger at these women.
“Oh uh… Hello there, ladies. Welcome to uh… the detention center.”
“Where’s Markus? You’re holding him prisoner in this horrid place aren’t you? I insist that you take me to him at once!”
Cormac blinked at the woman’s tirade and then looked over at Tori'an. “Uh... Lieutenant? What’s the call here- you think it’s safe to let them in?”
“I’ll take responsibility if anything happens Captain.” She said thinking she’d about do anything to hand these two women over.
“Alright, take the ladies on in.”
“Let’s move along, I want to bring this nightmarish journey to a close.”
“So do I” Aric grumped lowly
“Don’t be such a crank, mum. Enjoy the adventure! We’re going to see father.”
“Yes. The only thing that brings me comfort in out impending doom. Let’s find out what these beasts have done to my Markus.”
Troi'an watched the women walk into the cell block and shook her head as Cormac said quietly. “Beasts?”
She walked into the cell just as the two women embraced the man.
“Altana, Valyn. I’m sorry I put you through this. Was your journey a safe one? Are you injured?”
“We are uninjured husband.”Altana said. “This beast you sent for us was more savage then those we encountered along the way.”
“It really was the most exciting adventure of our lives, Father. Thank you.”
Troi'an folded her arms to keep from strangling the two women. One insulted and complained while the other thought it was all a big game. “Glad you had fun.”
“Oh yes, It was utterly thrilling. Thank you!”
Troi'an rolled her eyes. “You’re welcome.”
“You carried out your end of our agreement. I will tell you everything you wish to know.”
“Markus!” Altana gasped in shock
“Our house is no longer ours dear. It is a puppet and nothing more. The two of you are my only concern now.” Markus said to his wife then looked up at Troi'an. “Listen closely solider. Gearbox is working inside a highly secured bunker inside the mountains…”
Troi'an listened as Markus described the bunker, the generator facility that powered the defenses and the best way inside.
“As for Gearbox himself, I cannot offer any further information. His ‘project B’ was kept secret even from House Thul’s highest nobleman. However, he promised that project B would single handedly turn the tide of the conflict. Whatever it is, project B is dangerous.”
“Thanks for the heads up”
“Our arrangement is completed. Now if you’ll excuse me. I would like to spend some time with my family.”

“Lieutenant, you’re gonna wanna see this.” Aric called out and Troian moved into the room where the Cathar stood before a holo terminal, a downed imperial at his feet.
“What’s this?”
“Well! Hey there kid. Been a while now.” Gearbox’s image appeared on the holo. “I barely even recognized you.”
“You’re old, no surprise there. Memory loss is common for people your age.” She said looking around the area then back at the holo image.
“Hah!” Gearbox laughed. “Calling me old. Yeah, I’ve never heard that one before. Especially from someone I ended up killing a few seconds later.” He sneered. “Is that… Jorman? Gorvan? Something like that, right? Well, you must have been pretty desperate to drag that worthless pile all the way from Ord Mantell.”
“His name is Sergeant Jorgan – Havoc Squad.” She snapped
“Oh, pardon me. Sergeant Sir! Officer on deck! An officer with a lower rank than I remember… hm...”
“I’m gonna feel bad taking you down Gearbox.” Aric growled. “It’s like gunning down… well like gunning down anything old and decrepit… not really sporting.”
Troian blinked. That was sarcasm! Aric was cracking jokes during a mission! Aric!
“What are you going to do? Shoot my hologram? That’d really show me.” Gearbox laughed. “So welcome to my humble little research bunker. Have you had a pleasant stay so far?”
Troi'an frowned at Gearbox’s holo “There a reason you’re still talking?”
“Eh, the impatience of youth. As annoying and worthless as ever. I’ve gotta hand it to you. I didn’t think anybody could breach this place, but here you are. Still, you are Real Havoc Squad material. See a real Havoc Trooper would never have strolled right into a trap like this one.” He said as a door opened to reveal a rather large war droid.
“You’ve been busy haven’t you…”
“Helps to be passionate about your work. Welcome to the future of war Kid! Hope you’re ready to make history. Cause you’re going to be this baby’s first confirmed kill!”
Troi'an snorted. “You’re behind on the tech Gearbox. 4X!”
The M1-4X ran in from the door where it had been standing guard. Turning to instantly fire upon the large droid while she and Aric took cover. By the time the dust settled, 4X had a few new scorch marks, the droid of Gearbox’s was disabled and Gearbox was dead.

Troi'an walked back into the detention hall, her mood sour after losing Gearbox, stupid idiot thought he could take her team on, now he was dead and she so wanted to bring him in, find out where his boss, that traitor Tavus was. Her eyes narrowed as she came upon Cormac having to deal with Pallos Organa… again. “Captain, you have converted out prison into a… a hotel for enemy nobles!”
“I already told you, the lieutenant had to rescue the ladies to get Markus to start talking. That’s all this is, sir.”
“I don’t think anyone invited your lordship to come and talk to my prisoners.” She snapped as she came up to them.
“Your prisoners? Yours?!” Pallos turned on her. “Unbelievable, Simply unbelievable. Would you be so kind as to explain to me why there are three Thull nobles here, insisting that they have a bargain with you?”
“That information is classified, sir.”
“Enough! You are taking advantage of our house’s hospitality to engage in secretive dealings that may or may not even be to our benefit. I will have the truth! What bargain have you struck with this man and his family?”
Troi'an narrowed her eyes, she hated being yelled at. “This man and his family have cooperated in full with the Republic forces. They’re free to go.”
“This is an outrage! You promised amnesty for the very man who tried to murder our honored duke? This was not your decision to make. You have overstepped your meaningless authority for the last time.”
Meaningless?! She set her hands on her hips in a very Aric-like posture. “Speak to my CO then.”
“Your commanding officer will hear about this!”
She watched him walk off and moved to the cell to lower the force field, letting the Thul’s out.
“Lieutenant I… I am surprised. You have risked everything for the sake of my family. Thank you.”
“Destroying families, isn’t in my Op Orders”
“I will forever be in your dept. And Markus Thul never forgets his debts.”
She grins a little as the Thul family walks out. “Least there was one good person in that family.”
“I don’t know, daughter wasn’t so bad…”
She turned her head to look at Aric in surprise and saw the smirk on his face.
“Well sir. I guess that wraps things up for you here. It’s been an honor working with you Lieutenant. A real honor.”
“Honor was mine Cormac. Thank you.” She turned to her team. “Let’s head home team.”
“Yes sir!”

Troi'an stepped on board the ship in time to hear the holoterminal sound. “Man that woman has timing...”
“You’d think she was a Jedi with the way she knows just when to call.” Aric said, moving to put the weapons in the weapons room as Troi'an moved over to the holo-terminal.
“This is Havoc Squad, go ahead general.”
“Report. What is the status of your mission on Alderaan?”
“Everything’s taken care of.”
“I’m pleased to hear that Lieutenant. Congratulations. And what of Gearbox? What is his current status?”
“Gearbox has been taken care of sir.”
“Excellent Lieutenant. Top notch work. Now, your secondary object, assisting House Organa. A very angry young man named Pallos Organa claims that you caused House Organa a great deal of trouble. Please elaborate.”
“That idiot impeded my mission from the beginning, General.”
“I understand that Lieutenant. But our allies are critical to the war effort. You will be more diplomatic in the future. Understood?”
“Yes sir.”
“Return to command immediately. We will discuss further operations on the capture of Tavus. It’s time we finish this.”
“Yes sir.” She signed off and turned to head for the main area of the ship.
“Sir, while you were out a message came in, from someone named Kitalye? I sent it to your personal message terminal”
Troi'an blinked, she’d actually forgotten about the woman in all the hustle of Tatooine, then Fuse and now Gearbox. “Thank you sergeant Dorne.”
“You’re welcome, sir.”
Troi'an grabbed a bowl of the stew that someone had made for their meal and a glass of spiced tea before heading for her room. Sitting down she shoved a mouthful of the hot stew into her mouth, fanned her hand at now open mouth and then grabbed the tea. She pushed the bowl aside to let it cool a bit as she turned on the screen and began to read the message.

Hi there,
Well looks like life is trying real hard to keep you all apart. I really wanted to tell you, but guess fate or the force or whatever hokey religion you believe in had other plans. Anyways, I said I would track you down and I did, didn’t know it’d be just for a second, but… other plans.
Your brother hired me to find you. He thought if anyone could it’d be me, and in a way he was right. But there’s something real important you need to know and I don’t feel that it should be said in an email. So come to Nar Shadda and we’ll talk.

Troi'an stared at the message at a particular line in it actually. Your brother hired me to find you, Jay. She’d been so busy with the war, with hunting down the traitors. Jay was looking for her and she hadn’t even given him much thought in all this time. She got up from her seat and hurried out to the bridge. “We’re going to Nar Shadda.”
Aric turned in the pilot’s seat to look at her quizzically. “Nar Shadda? Why?”
“Remember that red haired lady back on Tatooine? Kitalye?”
Aric nodded, “Nice looking, hard to forget that one.”
She stared at Aric a second, he threw her for loops at times with things that she’d never expect him to say. “Yeah…” she shook her head. “She knows where my brother is!”
It was Aric’s turn to stare. “Lieutenant… We have a war and the general wants us on Coruscant for debriefing and information on Tavus. You know our orders.”
She opened her mouth to protest, but he was right. She was the leader of Havoc Squad and she had to do what was right, not what she wanted. “But… he’s my brother Aric.”
Aric nodded and set the controls to autopilot before getting up to come over to her. Her face had to show the heartache, the indecision and longing to be reunited with her brother for he slowly put his arms around her and spoke in a soft deep near purring tone. “I know kid.”
She buried her face in his chest, her own hands coming up to grip his shirt at either side of her cheeks. “My brother…”
“I know.” He held her for a long moment, letting her come to grips with her job, her orders and her want. “When this is over, we’ll go talk to Kitalye, once Tavus is caught, we’ll find your brother. I promise kid.”

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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the story arc of Tavus - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 6 - Justice - Going after Tavus

Troi'an stepped into the command center for the Spec Ops on Coruscant, she knew this walk well now and headed straight for General Garza’s office.
“Welcome Lieutenant. Stand at ease, make yourself comfortable. We have a great deal to discuss.” The older woman greeted her as usual, turning from the computer terminal as she did. “Before we begin, I want to congratulate you’ve achieved thus far. You’ve completed mission and defeated enemies that few other soldiers could ever contend with.”
“Thank you General, I’m glad I could make a difference, but I didn’t do it on my own”
“Yes, you certainly done that and you are even finished. The time has come to end this, to deal with your former squad mates’ treachery once and for all. We’ve made a critical breakthrough in the search for Tavus, thanks to your interaction with one of the top SIS operatives, who decided your mission needed to be a top priority.”
She blinked at that. “I didn’t tell him what the mission was sir, as you ordered.”
“I know lieutenant. After that fiasco on Nar Shadda, I thought it in our best interest to divulge certain information pertaining to your mission.” Garza smiled at her. “Jonas has taken quite an interest in you Lieutenant. Now, are you ready to end this?
“Yes sir, I am.”
“Good, SIS intercepted a single broadcast to Taris. Nar Shadda, Tatooine and Alderaan. The signal contained a message from Tavus, calling all his surviving followers to pull pit and rendezvous in Imperial space.”
“Do we have the coordinates for the rendezvous?”
“Yes, they were included in the signal. I suspect the Empire is losing its patience with Tavus. Every operation the Havoc traitors were involved in has now been completely obliterated. Your missions have been very costly for the Empire. I think Tavus is trying to regroup before the imperials cut him off completely.”
“Sounds like an opportunity. If Tavus is pulling back, this would be a good time to make a move.”
“Exactly what I was thinking Lieutenant. I want you to infiltrate Tavus’ rendezvous. You’ll proceed to the coordinates in the message and slip in among the surviving traitors to board his vessel.”
“Yes sir.”
“Once on board, your first objective will be disabling the ship’s hyperdrive. Next come your ultimate objective, Tavus. Locate and neutralize him with extreme prejudice, Lieutenant.”
“Tavus won’t escape us this time general”
 “You don’t need me to tell you the kind of odds you’ll be facing out there. This is no ordinary mission. This is Havoc mission. A mission no other unit could ever accomplish. Is Havoc Squad prepared to do what no one else can Lieutenant?”
“Affirmative. Havoc squad is willing and able, general.”
“I’m counting on you Lieutenant, the republic is counting on you. So get out there and make us proud. Dismissed.”

Troi'an walks on board Tavus’ ship Justice, her eyes moving quickly around as a man walked up to her and Aric. “Good day Lieutenant. Welcome aboard the Justice. Need to run a few questions by you before you head on into the crew area.”
“Go right ahead Lieutenant.” She says, taking an at ease stance though she was nervous as all heck. She was NOT a spy, and this was definitely a spy’s job… Where was Jonas when she needed him?
“Which planet were you two posted on Lieutenant? And who did you serve with?”
“I was stationed on some rock called Tatooine with Fuse.”
“Fuse huh? Some other guys from Tatooine were telling me he cracked out there, that he suddenly just refused to continue his work”
“Fuse didn’t crack, he just refused to butcher civilians” Aric said scowling at the man.
“Hey you ask me, you’re better off dead than living on that rock.” The man shrugged. “So what of this other rumor I keep hearing? That a single republic soldier came in and broke up the entire operation? Is that really true?”
“The guy was a killing machine, I still have nightmares” She said giving a little shudder.
“Sounds pretty serious. But here, you made it, we’re in the clear now. Hey, I won’t hold you two up any longer Lieutenant, Sergeant. Go on and head for the crew area. I’ll bet you could use some rest after what you’ve been through. See you around”
Troi'an moves away, glancing back once to make sure they weren’t being watched. Aric points slightly to indicate the turn they needed to make and hurried down the hall towards to the hyperdrive.
She moves quickly to the computer terminal. “Ok… let’s get this thing shut down…”
“Lieutenant!” Aric says warningly as he lifts his blaster pointing it behind her
 “Hello Lieutenant” Wraith says as she walks in
 “Put your hands where I can see them!” Troi'an snaps, pulling her own blaster off her back and pointing it at the ex-havoc squad traitor.
“No.” Wraith shakes her head. “You’re caught. You’ve failed”
“Surrender Wraith, I don’t want to fight you”
“Too bad. Time to die” She said and pulls her own blasters.
The ensuing blaster fight should have alerted everyone around, but surprisingly no one came running. Wraith lay dead and the computer sparked and hissed from the several bad shots Wraith herself had done. Troi'an looked up at the hyperdrive as the things wined down. “Thank you Wraith, now I don’t have to try and figure that thing out.”
“Let’s get up to the bridge Lieutenant.” Aric said, bending only long enough to grab Wraith’s guns and to tear off the havoc symbol Wraith still wore.
The path to the bridge wasn’t an easy one and the blaster fire she had once thought would alert everyone, did. By the time she and Aric got to the bridge, she was really wishing for Elara and her med pack. One arm hung limp at her side, which gave her a big disadvantage.
“Kid, it seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t have any kind of gathering without you. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You were a member of Havoc just like the rest of us. I suppose you belong here, in some twisted way.” Tavus said turning from the console he had been bent over. He looked at Aric and nodded. “Jorgen. Shoulda known you’d be by her side.”
“You’ve got nothing to do with Havoc squad Tavus. You’re a traitor” She hissed, even as Aric gave her a quick stim shot to keep her on her feet.
“I am Havoc squad, kid. Karden, me, Wraith, Gearbox, Needles, and Fuse. We were Havoc squad. You are nothing. You should be thanking me really. I imagine that killing all my comrades, my closest friends, has been good for your career”
“Karden is still alive, he came in willingly”
“Karden? Really? That… that’s good to hear. But that hardly makes up for the rest, kid. Nothing absolves you for what you’ve done, in the end.” Tavus said, moving from the console. “I’m glad you’ve come. I’m glad you intercepted the signal and glad you’ve butchered the last of my loyal soldiers. I’m glad you’re here kid. I’m glad I get to kill you myself”
“That’s not gonna happen” Aric growled
“It’s time kid, Jorgen. Let’s finish this”
“Bring it on”
“This is for Ord Mantell, Tavus.” Aric growls and takes aim
“Come on then!”
Two against one wasn’t exactly fair, but Troi'an hadn’t cared. They were fighting against Tavus, the one that was supposed to have been the best of the best of Havoc Squad. Now he was just a traitor and she would take him down any way she could, besides she was injured enough that it was mostly Aric that did the fighting. In the end, she wasn’t sure if it was her shot or Aric’s that took the man down, but he lay groaning in pain.
“Ugh… I… this is it, isn’t it? This is all I have to show... for everything I’ve done. Everything I tried to achieve…”
“There’s nothing left Tavus, just give it up” She said, taking one of Wraith’s hand blasters from Aric “Keep him in your sights.”
“Go ahead Tavus. Give me an excuse to put you down for good.”
“I… You… What have I done? They’re dead. They agreed with me… they followed me. They died because of me”
“You should’ve known this would happen Tavus”
“We... we were the best in the republic. We never imagined. Don’t... don’t kill me Lieutenant. I… I can help you. I... I’ve learned things, Intel… about the Empire. Bring me in, take me to Garza. Let me… let me undo some of the damage”
“Surrender, and I’ll take you to General Garza”
“You... you’ve made the right choice. You’ll see, Garza will reward you well for… for bringing me in. I... I hereby formally surrender without condition to the custody of the Army of the Galactic republic.”
“You should’ve done this a long time ago Tavus”
“I... yes, yes. I see that now. I’ll stay where you can see me Lieutenant...”
Walks to the docking bay where republic troopers are. “Negative on hostiles. It’s all clear general”
Garza “At ease Lieutenant. You’ve done a truly remarkable job. Congratulations.”
“I’m just glad it’s over sir”
“As are we all Lieutenant.”
Takes Garza to where Tavus is standing, Garza speaks “Hello Harron, I wasn’t sure we’d ever have another opportunity to speak. I’m pleased you’ve finally decided to cooperate”
“I don’t really have a choice” Tavus says, “I’ve lost everything that was with fighting for”
“The people of the republic are still out there Harron. They’re the one's you should’ve been fighting for all along. Team one, take the prisoner back to our ship and secure him in the brig”
“See ya around Tavus” Troi'an says
“Good bye Lieutenant”
Garza says “I congratulated you earlier Lieutenant, but I think it bears repeating, you’ve accomplished something remarkable today. Tavus and his followers knew every aspect of our operation. They could have torn the republic military apart piece by piece, but they never got the chance. Thanks you.”
“I couldn’t have done it without Sergeant Jorgen’s help”
“Thanks Lieutenant. I’m glad I got the chance to help you hunt those traitors down”
Garza continues. “We’ll be staying to search the chip for intelligence while the hyperdrive is reactivated. But there’s no need for you to remain as well. I’d say, you’ve earned some leave Lieutenant. Take some time off, then return to my office on Coruscant when you’re ready to discuss a new assignment for Havoc squad”
“Will be nice to finally relax a bit”
“Yes, I imagine it will. Now go out and enjoy yourself a bit Lieutenant. And congratulations yet again on completing one of the most difficult assignments in SpecForce history”
“Thank you general” Troi'an salute’s Garza.
“Enjoy yourself Lieutenant. Dismissed”
She turned to head for the shuttle that would take them back to her own ship. “It’s finally over.”
“So. Nar Shadda?” Aric asked and she turned quickly to face him, making him come to a quick halt just inside the shuttle and he grinned down at her surprised face. “I did say I would help you after we took down Tavus.”
She smiled wide up at him “Thank you Aric. I could not ask for a better second… or a better friend.”
He grunted and moved to sit down but his grin remained.
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(HA! One without the actual storylines going on! This story was RP'd with one of my good friends. Avereck)

Chapter 7 Hunting for Jay and meeting Darth Averick

Troi'an stepped into the Cantina looking around a moment, Aric stepped up beside her. “I don’t see anyone, you sure this person said same place?”
Troi'an nodded and looked back down to re-read the message she’d gotten from this Avereck person. “Says He’s a friend of Jay’s, and an acquaintance of Kitalye. He was meeting me here instead of her, not sure what happened, but I’m sure we can find out.”
Aric finally jerked his head in the direction of a thin man sitting at the far bar. “That him?”
“Maybe…” She looked at the big scowling Cathar, wondering if Aric would scare the little man away. “Why don’t you stay here. Have a drink”
“You sure?”
She grinned as Aric’s scowl deepened and turned to head for the man. “Are you Avereck?”
“You must be Troi'an. Jayfer speaks highly of you.” The man replied in greeting with a grin and then chuckles. “It’s an honor to finally meet you.”
She returned his grin with a slight one of her own, still not sure what was going on. “So you know where he is? Where’s Jay?”
“Have a seat, I’ll explain” He said as he offered her a seat. Troi'an didn’t see any option and took the seat, the man wasn’t just going to tell her where Jay was obviously.
“Ok, explain why my brother isn’t here.”
“Your brother is up to his head horns in a difficult mission. I know he’d be here if he could have, but I’m unable to extract him at this time. He wanted to get in touch with you, though, hence why Kitalye and now I have sought you out.”
She pressed her lips together a moment trying to think this through. “He left Tython… What is he doing?”
“Well… if all goes according to plan, a very powerful Sith lord will die.”
She blinked and nodded slowly, thinking she knew what Jay was up to, he always swore he’d do it. “Did he find our father’s killer? Is that who he’s after?”
“One Darth Baras, Heard the name?”
“No, he’s not powerful enough to be on our radar obviously.” She slowly shook her head. “Why didn’t Jay tell me? I could’ve helped.”
“I’m sure you could, but not just yet… like I said, this mission is a delicate one.”
She frowned at the man. “If you think I haven’t done delicate jobs…”
“Right now, he’s posing as Baras’ potential apprentice. He’s seeking weaknesses we can use to bring Baras down, but so far all we’ve found is further layers of Baras’ web. It’s taking longer than expected to find the bottom. Is that the sort of delicate you’re equipped to deal with?”
She sighed, processing through everything he just said. “So you’re telling me, that though YOU know where he is, you won’t tell me, so I can see him?”
“What do you think Baras will do to him if a Republic trooper shows up unannounced?”
She frowned once against at him. “I didn’t come here to be told I can’t see my brother. If he’s looking for me, he obviously wants to see me as well.”
“Aye, he does. But he knows he can’t come himself yet. That’s one reason why he’s not here right now.”
“So…” She looked down at her hands, it was so much to take in, Jay wanted to find her but didn’t want to see her? “He doesn’t want to see me?”
“He does. He loves you very much. You’re one of the few happy things he talks about lately. But… well, we’d all appreciate if you didn’t shoot him on sight.” He said with a chuckle.
Again she frowned at him. “Why would I shoot my brother?”
“If he’d come here looking like a Sith, would you have shot him? I mean really.” He chuckled again.
Troi'an blinked as all he had been saying finally sunk in. Jay was portraying as Baras’ potential apprentice. Jay was… “A… Sith? He’s a Sith?”
“He’s thinking about it.”
Her mouth opened a little before she blurted out in shock. “He can’t! Sith killed our father! How can he even think of being one of them?!”
“Why do you think he’d consider it?”
Troi'an gripped her hands into fists, wishing she’d brought her hand blaster as it all began to fall into place. This thin, rather frail looking man who kept talking of Jay posing as a potential apprentice to Baras, how THEY were going to use information Jay found to bring this other Darth down. “You... you’re a Sith aren’t you? That’s how you know him, you’re part of the Sith Empire,” she could feel her blood run cold. “And you’ve convinced him that your way is better, that’s why he’s considering it.”
“I am a Sith, but only by exclusion rather than by Code. Your brother, too, has written his own Code to follow, and it is neither Sith nor Jedi.”
“If you hurt my brother, I will hunt you down.”
He chuckles. “If I do hurt your brother, you’ve my permission to hunt me. I’d expect no less of Jayfer’s sister.”
She was so angry and hurt, how could Jay do this?! She blinked hard, she would not cry in front of this… Sith – she thought the word with a sneer. “What do you mean his own code? I want to see my brother, I want him to tell me to my face.”
“You’re right, he should be here. I will do my best to find a way for him to meet with you on one condition…”
She wanted to shoot this Sith even more so. Condition... “What?”
The Sith spoke more quietly now. “Don’t hate him Troi. The whole galaxy hates a Sith. What he needs most is his sister’s love.”
She lifted a hand to swipe angrily at her eyes that were trying to tear up despite her vow not to cry. “I could never hate him. He’s all I have left. I might kick his butt all over the galaxy though.” She still wanted to shoot this Sith, but he was her only link to her brother, so… she conceded a little with, “You’re… a good friend of his then?”
The man smiles “Aye, met him in Kass city when he was first sizing up Baras. I’ve got a soft spot for him, since I’ve been in his shoes. Been trying to help him out when I can.”
She nodded, sniffling in an effort to keep the tears at bay. “I’m... glad. He was always the strong one of us, but he needed a friend.”
Avereck chuckled softly this time. “So did I.”
She nodded and looked back at where Aric stood scowling darkly and looking for all the world like he’d rip the little Sith in half if she said to. She rose from her seat and stuck out her hand.
“Thank you Avereck. Please have him contact me.”
He rose and shook her hand. “I will. I’ll do my best to help him bring down Baras, or at least get some leave so he can visit for a bit.”
She gave that slight grin “Thanks. I don’t get a lot of time off, but I would ask for leave if I could see him.”
Avereck smiled “I’ll see what I can do. For now, I’ll return to imperial space and assure him you’re doing well. And tell him to call you.” He chuckles again and shakes her hand. “Take care Troi’an. I hope we’ll meet again sometime.”
“Oh, I’m sure we will.” She turned and headed for Aric as Avereck mused about calling his own sister.
“You alright?” Aric asked as she came up and she shook her head.
“Come on, let’s go. My brother isn’t here.” She said, not telling this stoic hard Trooper that she was letting a Sith walk away unscathed. He reached out to touch her arm before nodding and turning to walk with her out of the cantina.

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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the story arc of Gauntlet - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 8 - Code-named Gauntlet

 Troi'an stepped into the command center, her gaze going around to all the bustle in the general’s office. She turned her gaze back to the general coming around a table pilled with papers and data chips.
“Lieutenant, welcome. Stand at ease.” Garza says as she usually does then glances at the rest of the squad before continuing. “We have a lot to discuss and not much time to do it in. Please ignore my other visitors. Tarvus’ testimony at trail has created a great deal of interest in my day-to-day affairs.”
“Are you being investigated for some kind of crime?”
“The Senate fears I’m withholding information, so they’ve sent observers to waste my time. But we have more pressing concerns. First, for demonstrating exceptional discretion in the capture of numerous key enemy personnel, you are being award the Bronze Crescent. In addition, due to your exemplary leadership under the most dire of circumstances, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain, effective immediately. Congratulations”
“I’m honored general, thank you.”
“You’ve more than earned it. I’ve called the other members of Havoc squad here so that you can designate one of them as your executive officer. Your XO will serve as your second in command and be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. As droids cannot hold rank, your choice is between Sergeants Jorgen and Dorne.”
“I would promote Aric Jorgen as my XO ma’am, he has been with me on this from the beginning and deserves his rank back”
“Very good Captain.” Garza says, “Now, let’s discuss the reason you were called here. An SIS agent working undercover in the Imperial Military has made a critical discovery. The Empire is constructing an experimental new superweapon, code named Gauntlet.”
“How dangerous is this thing general?”
“We’re short on details unfortunately. The agent is in too deep to risk transmitting any further information. Our only option is a rapid extraction. That’s where Havoc comes in.”
“We’ll pull the agent out immediately general”
“The extraction will take place on Tatooine. An SIS agent will meet you there with the full details of the operation. Failure is not an option, Captain. We have to learn what they Gauntlet is and what it’s capable of. No matter the cost. Dismissed.”
 “Captain, good to see you.” Jonas Balkar said smiling his charming smile at her. “It was a big relief to hear that Havoc could make it out for this one. Congratulations on the promotion, by the way. How’s it feel to be so big and important?”
“Good to see you too Jonas… heard you were instrumental in my last mission” Troi'an smiled at the agent she’d had many dealings with and actually liked.
 “Well when you’re at the top of the republic military someday, feel free to have me station somewhere cushy.” He quipped and grinned at her. “And you’re welcome, beautiful.”
“Oh for the…” Aric grumbled and growls at Jonas. “You want to skip the flirting and tell us what we’re here for Balker?”
 “You may be jealous Jorgen, but you’re also right, we need to get moving on this one. So, you know that you’re extracting an undercover agent who has intel on the Empire’s new superweapon, code-named Gauntlet. The agents name is Prellon Garn. He’s done his part. The transport he’s riding just made an emergency landing in the desert under ‘mysterious circumstances’.”
“If your guy is already on the ground, why doesn’t he just come here?”
“I think the Imperials might wonder why one of their people wants to wander off into the desert alone. Garn’s ride was an Imperial troop transport, so expect plenty of security as you approach. Once our agent is secure, be sure the scene is clear and make your way back. Good luck”

Troi'an ducked behind a boulder as suddenly they were being fired on. “What do you see with those eyes Aric?” She asked knowing he saw a lot farther than she could.
“What the… He just shot his CO?”
“Who?” She lifted to take a quick peak as a man waved and yelled. “I’m here! Get down here!”
“So much for being undercover.” Aric growled.
She nodded in agreement. “Havoc Squad, move in!”
“Yes sir!” Elara, 4X and Aric say in unison as they all begin fighting their way to the agent. Rapid fire and explosive round kicked up sand and debris, Troi'an wanting to shoot the agent himself and thought she just might if any of her team were hurt because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
“Ah that felt good.” Prellon said as the last imperial fell. “You don’t know how many times I had to talk myself out of murdering that walking scum…”
“That was a pretty dumb move.”
“Yeah well, I’ll take the little victories where I can. An imperial rescue team will be here any second, so let’s move” He snaps and moves towards the ship. “I need to rig the ship to blow. That should vape all of the evidence of my little disappearing act. Can you cover me?”
Troi'an’s eyes narrowed on the agent but she nodded. “Get to work, I’ll keep you safe”
“Much obliged” he said as he begins to set explosives. Once he set the timer, Troi'an escorts him to their speeders and gets him back to Jonas.

“Welcome back to the loving arms of the republic, Prellon. It’s good to see you.”
“Good to see you too, Jonas. Your friend got me out with all limbs intact, I guess that means I owe you twenty credits huh?”
“That’s what you get for betting against the best, Prellon.” Jonas chuckled and looked to Troi'an. “Ah Captain, you brighten my day. Fatten my bank account and gun down imps like maimed Banthas. Marry me when this war is over.”
“We’ll stick to that drink for now.”  Troi'an says grinning at the compliment. “But we can chat later. I want to know about the Gauntlet.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
Prellon nods “Yeah, we better get down to business. The Gauntlet, the Empires new superweapon. It’s a massive cannon, built into the frame of an imperial battle cruiser. But it’s no ordinary cannon. The Gauntlet can fire on ships traveling through hyperspace, where they’re completely helpless. Warships go down in one shot.”
“A weapon that powerful can win the war by itself…” Troi'an says in shock
“Exactly. We have to move fast to stop this thing. I’ve got a full report ready. Once Jonas gets me to a terminal. I’ll send the details to General Garza.”
“You better head back to Coruscant Captain,” Jonas says. “Garza will have Prellon’s report by the time you get there and I’m sure she’ll want to keep Havoc Squad in the loop. But one day, we will have that drink. Right?”
She grinned at Jonas, he was such a flirt! “One day Jonas.”
“Really?” Aric asked in what could only be called annoyance.
Troi'an grinned even wider. “I’ll head to Coruscant immediately”
“Take care Troi'an” Jonas says giving her that charming smile of his again before he turns and walks away from her.
She looked up at Aric’s scowling face and grins. “You’re jealous again.”
“What?!” Aric said shocked. “No! I don’t… I mean… ugh!” He turned and stomped off.

Troi'an walks into General Garza’s office, noting the two men with the general, she salutes.
“Ah Captain, you’ve arrived. This is fleet Admiral Numinn, head of the Republic Navy’s fifth assault fleet and Supreme Commander Rams, overall head of the republic armed forces.”
“Good day” the Zabrak, Numinn says in a deep voice. Then the human man, Rams says “We’ve both heard a lot about you Captain.”
“Given our present circumstances First admiral Numinn and Supreme Commander Rams have come here to plan a full scale joint operation to deal with the Gauntlet Superweapon.”
“I’m honored to meet you both” Troi'an says with another Salute to the two men.
“It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t meet under better circumstances,” Says Rams. “As you know, the situation is dire.”
Garza turns to her. “A single operational Gauntlet device gives the Empire a decisive military advantage, but agent Garn’s report has revealed the enemy’s true plan, mass production.”
“If the Gauntlet prototype is completed and the Empire succeeds in producing more of them, we’re doomed.” Says Rams.  “The entire republic would be conquered in a matter of weeks”
“There must be something we can do to stop this thing sir”
“Destroying the Gauntlet will require a coordinated naval and infantry strike of unprecedented scale. Our forces must begin preparing now”
Garza nods. “In the midst of the assault we’re planning, a single commando team will board the Gauntlet and sabotage it from within. We’ve chosen Havoc squad to carry out this task”
“Havoc squad will be proud to end this threat to the republic sir.”
“Your team will need to be expanded. You’ll need a technical specialist and an Explosives expert.”
“The general and I have scoured the entire Republic personnel database to locate the two most highly qualified specialists available.” Said Rams.
“Both men are engaged in active operations. The first on Balmorra, go meet up with him and bring him here, understood?”
“Understood sir.” Troi'an walks out and gives a heavy sigh as Aric pushes off the wall he had been leaning again. “That bad Captain?”
She nodded “We have a lot of work ahead of us Lieutenant.”

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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the story arc of Tanno Vik - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 9 - The ever loving blastedly annoying, Tanno Vik

Troi'an looked over the data on the Republic demolitions expert she was here to get.  Aric sniffed and suddenly sneezed, she looked up from the data pad in concern. “You ok Lieutenant?”
“Yeah. It’s the damp vegetation. Makes my fur itch.” Aric grumped and rolled his shoulders back to ease the tense muscles. “What do we got sir?”
“Tanno Vik.” She read aloud from the data pad. “A Weequay with a history of insubordination and collateral damage.”
“If he steps out of line, I’ll collateral damage him…” Aric said before sneezing again.
Troi'an grinned a little she didn’t think Aric was going to be able to collateral damage anything but a box of tissue soon. “General Garza recommends that we keep him on a short leash.” She said continuing to read. “Seems he was dishonorably discharged for his infractions a year ago.”
“And they let him back in?” Aric asked incredulously
“Apparently. This says he is the most skilled demolitionist on record.”
Aric sighed. “And Havoc squad needs the best right?”
She nodded, giving her own sigh. “I’m sure he’ll work out fine… We’ll just keep an eye on him.”
“Maybe you can get Elara to play nice with him.”
She looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. “Having girl troubles Aric?”
He gave her a dark scowl. “Where are we going?”
She chuckled and looked over the information. “He’s currently fighting as a merc, his supervisor is a resistance leader named Ardon.”
“And where is Ardon?”
“Coords are here. Let’s go.”
Aric nodded and the two left the spaceport ramp to head for the coordinates of where Ardon held his Ops. Upon entering the room they heard him speaking to men on a holo-terminal, he glanced over, scowled nearly as darkly as one of Aric’s glowers “Ah, look. It’s one of our reliable friends from the republic. Meeting’s over people, I wouldn’t dream of keeping a Republic officer waiting.”
Troi'an glanced at Aric, was this guy for real? Did he just insult them before they even said hello? She thought they were allies. “Don’t blame me, I’m just here to do my job.”
“Yeah, never heard that one before.” He said and rolled his eyes. “General Garza sent me a message explaining everything. I’ve got Vik’s current assignment details right here. I’m glad to hear the Republic’s finest aren’t here to help, but to take away one of my best men instead. We’re honored. Really.”
Troi'an blinked as Aric snapped. “Vik’s skills are needed, Havoc Squad needs a demolitions expert.”
“Of course. And what Havoc needs, Havoc gets.”
Troi'an opened her mouth to blast this man with a few choice words she’d heard, but Aric cut her off. “Look, we’re sorry this has to happen, but there’s more at stake than just this planet. There’s a galaxy that needs saving.”
“Vik is taking one of our teams on a patrol run. Their next stop is out signal interception post. You can catch up with him there.” Arbon said folding his arms. “Now if that’s all, there are real soldiers, who need my time.”
Troi'an glowered at this rude man and snapped. “You got a problem with me or my squad, do something about it.”
“Havoc fights harder in a day than your people fight in a year Ardon. Don’t waste your posturing on us.” Aric chimed in looking ready to kick the guys butt.
“We’ve got nothing else to talk about.”
“Gutter sucking sleemo…” Troi'an said lowly as Arbon walked away.
“Bullies always walk away when confronted by someone ready to fight.”
Troi'an nodded “Come on, we have a Weequay to track down.”

Troi'an and Aric walked up to the lean-to located at the coordinates Arbon had given them, it was pretty quiet in the area, but the two men working on the scanner seemed more than a little jittery. She motioned for Aric to keep an eye out as she stepped up to them.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for Tanno Vik.”
The Human jumped so much he actually rocked the scanner. “What?! Oh, you’re with the republic. I thought I was dead meat.”
The other Technician turned around less jumpy than the first. “Looking for Vik huh? That Weequay scumbag is long gone.”
“Do you know where he went?”
“He was here earlier, but he slipped away when we weren’t looking, along with our entire security team. All he left was a message said our security was being co-opted for some secret mission. Said it was on republic orders… regulation 235-R, said it all would check out.”
“How could you let one man take your entire security team?” She frowned, she didn’t know of any regulation 235R and wished Elara was there to confirm it.
“We were busy watching our station!” said the jumpy one. “We never even saw them leave”
“Vik is the least of our problems.” Said the calmer but seemingly angrier man. “With security gone, the imperials have breached the perimeter and started sabotaging our equipment. All of our com relays are down. General Rakton himself could march an army through here and we’d have no way to warn anyone.”
She sighed, ok- so far Garza saying he was a loose cannon was a huge understatement and she may just punch him for leaving these guys defenseless. “Is there any way to get the relays back on line?”
“Oh yeah, judging by what we’re seeing, it’s an easy fix. But the problem will be getting through the imperial commandos, think you can manage it?”
She smirked at the guy, of course they could manage it. “We’ll do it.”
“Just like that huh? Just another day on the job.” He shook his head as she turned to face Aric who grunted. “4X could do this powered down”
She grinned and nodded. “Too bad we told him to stay on the ship.”
“Roger that, Captain.”

“You did it!” the jumpy one exclaimed excitedly. “Comms are back up!”
“We won’t forget it Havoc Squad. You can bet on that.” Said the angry one, she assumed he was actually in charge, would be a good reason to be so mad at Vik. “Once the com relay came back on line, Jalba here had the bright idea of tapping into Vik’s communications like we did with the Imps. Listen to this.” He said playing the recording for her.
”A dangerous mission no doubt about it. To be honest, a lot of you probably won’t make it back. Of course if you ask the guys up top, they’d never even admit to ordering this mission. That’s how it is in this business. But we’re not here for glory or credits, we’re here to save Balmorra. Am I right?”[/i\]
“This is ridiculous… I don’t even know if I can hear this nonsense…”
“No, wait. Listen to this part.”
”Step one is Sobrik, once we have what we need there, it will be a straight shot to our final objective.”
“Sobrik is an imperial occupied city, one of their main base of operations on Balmorra.”
“Great.” She sighed and shook her head that man was going to get everyone killed. “We’ll move out right away.”
“Hopefully you can catch that scumbag before he slips away again.” Said Jalba
“I know a guy, a major in the Spec forces here on Balmorra. He’s been helping us out around Sobrik. I’ll bet he can narrow down the search for you.”
She nodded. “Good, get hold of him, don’t want Vik doing any more damage than he’s done already.”
“I’ll tell him to meet you outside of the city.”
“Thanks.” She said turning to head for their speeders.

Troi'an had them stop a good distance away from the city and walk to where the location was that they were to meet Major Triam, not wanting their speeders alerting any Imperial scouts along the way. Once they reached the rendezvous spot, they waited until a Kel Dor came up, holding his clawed hands out to show he was unarmed.
“Captain, I’m major Triam.”
Troi'an saluted him. “Appreciate your time Major. I’m hoping you could help us find a Weequay named Tanno Vik”
“I’ll bet I can.” He said through his rebreather. “That lying filth ‘volunteered’ to destroy some imperial jammers in Sobrik. They’re blocking the scan data from all of our high altitude probe droids. Vik took the explosives, but never did the job. The resistance needs the data from those probes to avoid patrols and conduct raids.”
She sighed, she really was going to punch that Weequay. “Give me the coordinates and I’ll get those jammers taken out.”
“It’s not that simple. Unfortunately. You’ll need detonate charges to bring them down. Vik took the last of mine. The imps have check points scattered throughout Sobrik, they’ll have explosives. If you can get some of those we can take those Jammers out. Once they’re down we can pinpoint where Vik is with our aerial scans.”
“Consider the jammers scrap, sir.”
“Contact me via holo as soon as those jammers are down. Dismissed captain.”

Troi'an watched as 4x came back to where she and Aric waited. She had called on the droid once they had finished speaking to the major, having the droid with them helped make the job of destroying all the jammers that much easier. Now she pulled out her holo-com as Aric made sure the droid hadn’t taken any damage.
“The jammers are down major, repeat the jammers are down”
“Good work captain. I was starting to sweat…” she thought the Kel Dor frowned, but that wasn’t easy to tell with them. “Is that… a battle droid?”
She grinned “It is sir, part of Havoc Squad. M1-4X.”
“Impressive.” He looked to the side at something not on the screen “Alright, the aerial scans are coming in now… let’s see if we can find that Weequay.” Hm… I’m seeing signs of an explosive entry at the Imperial HQ, near the administration offices. We don’t have any people in the area, so it’s got to be Vik’s handiwork.”
What’s he…” she shook her head. “Copy that, I’ll proceed to the area immediately.”
“I’m sending you the coordinates now. When you see Vik, pass on my thanks for all his help.”
“Oh I will… and then some.”
“Triam out.”

Troi'an stepped over the rubble, her eyes taking in the utter annihilation within the building. “Wow… this is…”
“Bad, it's real bad captain.”
She nodded and looked over to where one of the corpses lay, his com device sounding. “Guess we should investigate.”
She moved over to the corpse, he wore the insignia of the Balmorran resistance. Shaking her head she pulled the com unit off him and turned it on. A holo of a Weequay, one she had to assume was Vik, appeared.
“Hmm.. you are not the man I left behind to cover us, but you are answering his holo. Just who does that make you, exactly?”
She frowned at him, this man was not going to make her already hectic life any easier. “I’m Havoc Squad’s CO. Surrender immediately, or my team will hunt you down.”
“Nice to meet you too. I guess that message I got, wasn’t a prank after all. I really want to hear what the republic has to offer me, because last I checked. I wasn’t winning any popularity contests with Command.” Tanno’’s visage shrugged. “But that’ll have to wait until my work here is done. I couldn’t stand to leave without doing my part for the Balmorrans.”
“You’ve got to be joking… You telling me you actually care about these people?”
“Why else would I be here? You know, if you’re really interested in getting me on your team, you might want to pitch in with the operation. My odds of surviving go way up if I have Havoc Squad’s help. I’d say that’s better for all of us.”
“If it gets you into Havoc Squad sooner, I’ll do it.”
“Great. We’ll be on our way in no time. My team and I just grabbed an enemy VP named Brel Orus. He’s a Balmorran fat-cat who sold out to the Imps. Brell has… volunteered, the location of a hazard vault where my objective is hidden. I’m borrowing a republic missile battery to blast it open.”
She frowned at the holo. “What’s hidden inside the hazard vault, Vik?”
“Let me worry about that part. I need you to clear a path. That are all sorts of defenses that could stop my missile before it hits. The imps have anti-missile turrets, shields, defensive sensors…. Why don’t you start with the sensors? Take them down, then contact me again, copy?”
“I’ll be in touch Vik.” She said turning off the holo and turning to Aric who growled.
“This is ridiculous. Why are we going along with Vik’s nonsense?”
“This is our only shot at catching up to him. I don’t see any other options.”
“Once we get Vik into the Squad, you leave him to me. I’ll teach him some discipline.”
She nodded. “Good.”
“He’s going to pay for this”
“And then some.” She agreed

Troi'an made her way to into the section she was sure Vik was in. She could hear someone yelling to hit the thieving liar again, make him pay. She had made sure that if they were going to infiltrate an imperial prison, she had all her team with her. She and Aric had met up with 4x and Elara not far from the prison and she updated the two of the situation, she wanted 4x and Aric to take out as many imps as they could, while she and Elara made their way to Vik’s location, thinking she may need their medic if the imps were torturing the Weequay. And sure enough, there he was; tied and being beaten by the orders of, from what Vik had described him, could only be Brell Orus. Sometimes imperials were way to over confident for their own good, she thought as she came up behind one and using the butt of her blaster, knocked him out.
Vik spit blood from the last punch and looked up. “Well it’s been fun guys. But my ride is here. Nice knowing you.”
His words caused Brell and the two imperial guards to turn as she walked up, blaster drawn and pointing straight at Brell.
“Drop your weapon! Surrender now!” yelled one of the imperial guards.
“Don’t be stupid. I made it this far, you really think you could stop me?”
“She’s got you there.” Vik panted out in obvious pain. “Is this really how you want to go out?”
“Shut up!” Brell yelled at Vik. “We do not negotiate with riffraff. The Empire fears no one, isn’t that right?”
“Yes sir.” Said another of the two guards.
“I won’t ask again. Hand over the prisoner.” She stated coldly, watching Brell as she heard Aric and 4X come in behind them.
“He’ll pay for his crimes, and so will you! Shoot her! Shoot her!” Brell yelled and lifted a blaster, Troi'an shot it out of his hands instantly as Aric, 4x and Elara quickly took out the other guards in the room. She moved over to Vik, her idea of punching him not as strong as it had been seeing he had been beaten pretty bad already.
“Elara, tend his wounds. 4X, go get that scum.” She said as she untied Vik.
 “Well that was exciting. It’s good to finally meet you in person, Captain.” Vik said as 4X moved quickly to where Brell was hiding and dragged him back over to them.
“Welcome to Havoc Squad Vik.”
“Now there’s something I never expected to hear. So,” Vik looked up as Elara began dressing his wounds. “What does Havoc Squad do with worthless enemy bureaucrats?”
“Usually send them to prison…” She looked over at Brell
“Uh… let’s not be hasty, now. I am a man of honor, despite what you may have heard.”
“Yeah… nice guy.” Vik grunted as Elara poked him with a stim. “You stole from your people and betrayed them to the Empire by accident.”
“I’ve made mistakes, certainly. But allow me to make amends. A contribution of credits, say, to repay the Republic’s heroism on behalf of my fellow Balmorrans?”
She made a disgusted face at the man. “I don’t want your credits Orus. Just get out of here.”
“Oh, yes, yes of course.” He said hurrying past them.
“Should’ve just killed the fat scumbag. Now seeing as we’re all on the same team. I’ll fill you in on my little operation.” Vik said and began explaining about the weapons Orus had been hiding in the vault. Then went on to say how he thought they could sell what they didn’t want to keep for themselves.
“I can’t believe you!” Elara exclaimed
 “Those prototypes should be put to use, not sold for profit.”
“I’m with you captain. Good men sacrificed their lives for us to get here, we got to do right by them.”
“I bet you change your mind once those blasters are in front of us.” Vik said smugly. “Let’s just get to the vault. If we don’t move fast, the imps might find them.”
“No, they’ll go to the republic Vik. In Havoc Squad we put the republic first, not ourselves.”
“Just remember that, the next time you need a better gun.”

Troi'an sat in her room at her writing desk typing out her report on the events of recruiting Vik, she didn’t want anything lost in translation or have Havoc Squad blamed for any wrong doing while they were on Balmorra.
“Captain, can I have a word with you?”
She looked up from her typing and grinned at Aric, he looked miserable, she guessed the cold he got on Balmorra was not leaving as quickly as he thought it would have. “You’re my XO, you can always speak your mind to me Aric. What’s up?”
“I appreciate it.” He said coming in and closing the door.
She lifted an eyebrow, this must be bad if he was closing the door to keep it private. “What’s wrong Aric? Is it the dead eyes? Have you found something new?”
He shook his head. “No, thank you for showing your concern, but no… not the dead eyes.” He sighed “Its Vik.”
“Force, what now? He just got here…”
“Vik is a liar, he’s reckless and he had no regard for the lives of his fellow soldiers. With all due respect I don’t think someone like Vik has a place anywhere in the Republic Army, let alone Havoc Squad.”
She nodded and rubbed her temples. She knew this was coming, Aric didn’t like anyone that didn’t follow the rules. Him and Elara both. And he was sick which seemed to make him even crankier.
“I couldn’t agree more, but General Garza thinks we need him. This squad has to have the best explosives expert available and that’s Vik.”
“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, sir.”
She frowned at him. “I understand your concern Aric, best we can do is keep an eye on him.”
“If you say so”
She sighed a little. “You DID say you were going to teach him some discipline.”
Aric grunted, but eased up on his tense posture. “Sorry… he just gets under my skin.”
She grinned at him. “Did you just apologize?”
He scowled at her but grinned a little a second later and then sneezed. “Don’t push it, kid.”
She grinned and nodded. “We’ll make it work Aric. We always do… And for Force sakes, take something for that cold!”
“Roger that…” He started but was interrupted with the sound of the holoterminal sounding.
Sighing Troi'an got up from her desk. “Work calls.”

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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Quesh - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline)

Chapter 10 - Safecrackers

“So come to find out…”
Troi'an looked up from her desk where she wrote up a report, to gaze over at Aric leaning against her door jamb, his hands behind his back. “What?”
“I found out that Zabrak, though not celebrated, do have a day they acknowledge for becoming… did I get that right?”
Troi'an grinned at him and turned in her chair to fully face him. “We do, Selenoren. It’s a rite of passage, going from childhood to Adult.”
“Yeah, I read that one too, you get your faces tattooed as a ritual for it…”
She nodded. “Jay has his tattoos filled in already.”
Aric indicated her own lighter markings “You didn’t want yours filled in?”
She shook her head. “I… usually your parents do it for you. I was too young still when…”
“Yeah… I found out the day you should’ve had your…Selenoren, you were on the lamb then. I didn’t know you were so young”
She snorted softly and grinned, nodding. “Yeah. I got these on the space station. Jay said after what we both went through it should count for my Selenoren.”
Aric nodded and pushed off the door jamb coming over to her and squatting down. “Well, us Cathar, don’t have Selenoren, but we do celebrate births, much like humans… sorta. Not really, but... Here.” He holds out the little gift box to her.
“What’s this?” she asked surprised and she reaches to take it
“Something to celebrate your becoming. I might not be your parent, so can’t give you tattoos or whatever, but… “
She opens the little box and stares down at the little holo-locket inside. “Aric…”
“Turn it on, I looked on the Republic data files, found the picture.”
She glanced up at him then pulled out the little locket, turning it over until she found the switch at the bottom. A tiny holo of her parents appeared and she gazed down at them as tears began to fill her eyes.
“I can’t take this… this must’ve cost you, your full pay.”
“Well I’m not taking it back, it’s for you. Happy becoming day Troi.”
She looked up and impulsively threw her arms around his neck as she hugged him. “Thank you Aric.”
He cleared his throat and wrapped his arms around her back to hug her back just as the holo-terminal sounded. They pulled apart, he cleared his throat again and stepped back as she got up.
“Here put this on me, then we’ll go see what the General wants”
He nodded and took the necklace from her to put around her neck, the backs of his knuckles resting against her neck a moment. “You have marking back here too?”
She laughed and stepped away. “Tattoos are meaningful to us Zabrak. Come on.”
She led the way out to where the holo-terminal was, the rest of the crew already filing in.
“Come in Captain, this is General Garza.”
Troi'an stepped up to the holoterminal. “This is Havoc Squad, go ahead General.”
“Captain, an urgent situation has developed involving a critical part of our plan to assault the Gauntlet. Havoc Squad is needed immediately. A platoon specializing in bunker assaults, code named ‘Safecrackers’ is trapped behind enemy lines on Quesh. They must be rescued immediately, we cannot destroy the Gauntlet without them.”
“We’ll proceed to Quesh immediately General.”
“When you arrive, report to Major Donovan. He’s overseeing the rescue mission.”
“Yes sir.”
“The mission is vital Captain. If we fail, our entire operation against the Gauntlet is ruined. Stay focused and bring those men home. Garza out.”
She watches the holo wink out before turning to her squad mates. “Ok everyone, you heard the General. We’re going to Quesh, get me intel.”

Troi'an walked into the room to over hear a holo conversation. Between Lt. Coria and Major Donovan, she now knew that Quesh mined a chemical called Hutt Venom, lovely name for adrenals that improve physical-recover, response time and mental focus, but that’s what it was called. The Republic had control of the mining or had control, until the empire came in claiming a treaty was broken and turned the planet into yet another war zone. Not much lived on Quesh, due to its poisonous air, which meant rebreathers for her crew, she wasn’t taking chances. And of course Aric was to stay on the ship since he was still suffering from Balmorra.
 “We’re dug in major, but the imps are coming on strong, and I never much care for playing defense.”
Major Donovan, clenched his fists but spoke as calmly as he could. “Just hang in there son. Havoc Sqaud just walked in – I’ll get then briefed and in the field on the double”
 “Copy that. I’m sure we’ll find a way to keep busy. Coria out.”
 “What’s the situation major?” Troi'an asked as she came in with Elara
 “The situation is a mess, that’s what it is!” He leans his fists on the table “Everything went south while the Safecrackers were on a bunker raid. Intel was bad, alarms got tripped and the imps moved out in force. Now Coria’s people are surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned. We don’t punch them a hole to run through, every man in that outfit is a goner.”
“I’m all for rescuing our people, but we need a strategy.”
“Agreed. We don’t have the manpower to fight through the imps head on. We need to outmaneuver them. Diversion is the key. Scouts found an imperial command center deep behind their lines. That’s where you’ll strike.” He straightens up to start ticking things off with his fingers. “Equipment, vehicles, personnel – anything with an Imperial logo gets holes in it. The imps will rush back to stop you and the Safecrackers will get the gap they need.”
“Just give me the coordinates, and I’ll make some noise Major.”
“Let’s give those scum bags a run for their money” He said with a tight grin. “Soon as the imps clear out. Coria will contact you so that you can all burn jets back here. Speeders are waiting for you. Get out there and give the Imps something to think about.”

The battle was longer than she liked, but they usually were. Smoke filled the air, fallen debris and dead men scattered the command center. Elara was tending to a wound on Aric when Troi'an’s com unit went off.
“Havoc this is Coria, with the Safecrackers. We’ve got the gap we needed, so we’re pulling out. I don’t know what you’re doing, but the Imps sure don’t like it. You’ll have a lot of company soon – Suggest you pull out immediately.”
“Roger that Lieutenant.” She looked to her team. “Time to go home folks.”

“Captain! Great work out there, great work!” Donovan grinned. “You made that op plan look easy. IN and out, hit & run, the Imps never had a clue. Top-notch soldiering”
“I’m just glad we got the Safecrackers out of there.”
“You and me both. Quesh definitely won’t be making my list of the galaxy’s most relaxing destinations.” Said Coria. “You got me and my people out of a tight spot and we won’t forget it. Whatever and whenever you need, the Safecrackers are there.”
“Much appreciated Lieutenant.”
“Alright, alright” Said Donovan. “We’re not vacationing here people. Coria, get your men settled and ready for transport. Captain, it’s been a pleasure. Contact General Garza with the rundown before you take off. Dismissed.”
She saluted the major and turned to head for the holo-terminal to contact her CO.
“General Garza, this is Havoc. Safecrakers have been extracted safely.”
“Excellent. Very good work captain.” Garza said as her holo version appeared. “I’ll make sure that the Safecrackers stay out of harm’s way until our operation begins. Your next step is Hoth. The specialist that Havoc needs is stationed there. Contact me when you arrive and I’ll brief you on the specifics. Garza out.”
She turned to face her crew. “Rest up while you can.”
“Better pull out the thermals” Elara said as she followed everyone back to the ship.

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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Hoth - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline) Side note @Noth - wasn't sure about the actual uh.. becoming a woman thing for Zabrak, so I made it up.. vaguely, if its wrong PM me and I'll remove that tid bit

Chapter 11 - Meeting Yuun
Side story - Jonas comes to take care of her sick self

“Come in Captain, this is General Garza. I understand you just docked over Hoth”
Hot is locked in a three-way struggle with the Republic, the Empire and a powerful alliance of Pirate Warlords. It is the site of a major fleet battle. Many advanced warships, both Republic and Imperial crashed on its surface. Both sides need the material from those ships, both sides want to learn the secrets of the other. The pirates are in it for profit. You’re there to recruit Sgt Yunn. His service record shows that he is the finest technician in the republic military. Yunn is a gand, an uncommon species in the Republic, and he follows an indigenous shamanistic training. No one understands it, but his results are unmatched.”
“If he can get the job done, then I’ll be glad to have him.”
“Whether through mystical powers or luck, Yunn’s gained a reputation for doing the impossible. Currently he’s scavenging crashed imperial warships to piece together a functional umbra encrypter- the machine responsible for the Empire’s most secure military codes. It criticle that Yunn completes the encrypter- We’ve never come close to breaking the code and the amount of intelligence we could gain is immense.”
“With Havoc’s help, the job will be done in no time.”
“Yunn has already been informed of his transfer into Havoc Squad. I’m told he’s excited to meet you. Contact me with the mission is completed. Garza out”
Troi'an turned to face her crew. “Ok, what the intel we have so far?”
“As the general said, Hoth is in a three-way struggle over downed ships, so it’s a hot bed of enemy fire.”
“It’s also one of the most inhospitable ice planets out there. It’s a frozen world and never gets above freezing.”
Troi'an nodded “Ok, so we should expect to either freeze our butts off or freeze them off. Alright folks, gear up and let’s move out.”

Troi'an stepped into the warm air of the bunker that had long ago been drilled down into a mountain. She could hear the hum of generators somewhere in the distance that obviously provided this bunker with electricity and heat. She pulled off her heavy snow jacket and gloves as she walked into the conference room where Sergeant Yunn was speaking to several other officers. She flipped on her communication device to understand what the Gand was saying in his language.
“Do you see here? Tracing the lines of the smoke damage, we see our path through the snows. Each piece shows signs leading us to the next.”
“That’s amazing. I never would’ve imagined…” one of the others there began before spotting her walking in and jumping to his feet. “Officer on deck!”
She returned the salutes of the men who all stood, then looked to the Gand speaking once again. “Captain! Yunn is please to make your honorable acquaintance. And to share this hunt for knowledge with one so renowned.”
She nodded to him. “You’re going to be part of my team soon Sergeant. Ready to join Havoc?”
“This appointment gives such honor, Yunn can only hope to prove valuable during our search for the Umbra encrypter components. The signs guide Yunn to the Crescent Canyon Facility nearby. Imperial computers in the facility will contain locations of Imperial shipwrecks. Imperial shipwrecks will contain the Umbra components we seek. Do you follow?”
She listened as Yunn’s gravely language was translated by the communication device in her ear, nodding she said. “Yes, I follow. Having the imperials own records should speed things up in our search.”
“Yunn’s team will disable the security measures from the wings, while Havoc Squad activates the Imperial Databases. Is this agreeable?”
She nodded again. “Havoc is used to going in first. Just point us in the right direction.”
“Yunn will contact you when infiltration has begun. Please journey carefully, newfound friend.”

Troi'an stood outside a rather large blast door. She looked around and frowned, there was no console to open the door. Sighing she pulled out her comm.
“Yunn, there’s a blast door between us and the databases.”
“Capitan, please stand by, Yunn will remove the security door from your path momentarily. No obstacle stands to long in the path of knowledge. Yunn assures you, the way will be open shortly”
The blast door slide up with a metal clang and suddenly an alarm starts going off. Troi'an looks around startled. “Yunn….”
“Captain, Yunn has discovered that an alarm has been raised.”
“You think?” She said giving a deadpan expression that Yunn couldn’t see but made Aric smirk even as he pulled his blaster.
“Troops are being summoned to the location of Yunn’s team. The Imperials numbers are too great. Yunn’s team will surely be slain unless Havoc Squad intercepts these enemies.”
“A bit dramatic isn’t it?” She shook her head. “We’re on our way.”
“Yunn humbly thanks you for your help. Harmonious actions usher victory and truth ever closer.”
She closed the comm and looked to Aric, 4X and Vik. “You hear the Gand, let’s move.”
“Do we really need a Jedi talking Gand Captain? I’m sure I could just blow it all up.”
She shook her head at Vik as Aric snapped. “Cut the chatter Sergeant.”
They headed for the location of Yunn and his team, killing or seriously wounding imperials as they went, they team worked  smoothly together, Vik actually holding his own and showing when needed he could follow orders. Soon they were in the room with Yunn and Elara was tending the wounded men.
“Captain, Yunn wishes to thank you for protecting the lives of Yunn’s team, but also to warn you. Turrets defend the halls you approach. A force field lies beyond them, impossible and impenetrable to weapons.”
“Good thing we got you then, right?”
“Force field cannot be accessed remotely. There are control panels nearby that may be accessed and connections severed to allow passage.”
Troi'an frowned at Yunn. “I don’t like what I’ hearing Yunn.”
“Your concern is understandable. Yunn will provide assistance when called for”
“Or. Yunn can come with us.”
“Yunn must prepare for the data that will be coming in.”
Troi'an didn’t lose her frown, as a matter of fact it only deepened as she turned to head out. He wasn’t part of her Squad yet, but if he kept this nonsense up, he wouldn’t make it to her team. What was Garza giving her?! She double timed it to the access panel and opened it up, looking at all the wires.
“This isn’t my forte…”
“Mine either Captain.” Aric and Elara said in unison and then looked at each other
“Don’t look at me, I blow things up.” Vik said holding his hands up
Sher glanced at 4X who wisely remained quiet and stood guard. Sighing she commed Yunn. “Ok, there are two wires in the panel, Yunn. One red, one blue. Which do I cut?”
“Hmmm… Red wire suggests danger, threat even anger, but it sits serene. Its placement demonstrates calm and peace.”
“You’ve got to be kidding…” She hear Aric growl behind her as Yunn continued.
“The blue wire presents an appearance of cool serenity, bit its placement is askew, its twists and turns betray its evil nature. Yunn believes the blue wire gives the force field its deadly resolve. Sever it and your journey can continue in safety.”
Troi'an takes a deep breath and leans down to cut the blue wire. He spoke a lot of words, much like Jedi Carishma always did, when he could have simply told her which wire to cut. She shook her head slowly as Vik said lowly
“Well I’ll be…”
“Perfect. The threat is removed and harmony returned” Yunn’s voice crackled from the comm link.
“He certainly made it sound mystic but really all he did was look at which one was mostly likely it.” Elara said as she followed them into the area.
“Thanks for the assist sergeant.” She said into the comm, silently agreeing with Elara.
“Yunn is slicing into the database now Captain. Much promise is already clear.” She waited by the computer terminal as Yunn broke into it remotely. “Yes, yes. All here. List of all Imperial warships and where they met their end on Hoth’s surface. We must regroup and meditate on this newfound knowledge. Yunn’s team will meet you at outpost.”
“Is he kidding? Meditate?”
“I’m sure is just the best translation for what he wanted to say.”
“I’m pretty sure he’s crazy.” Vik grumped and she had to grin, he sounded just like Aric right then.

Troi'an walked into the bunker, pulling off her jacket and trying to clear her throat from a tickle that was beginning to start in the back of her throat as one of the colonel’s spoke excitedly.
“That was incredible! I can’t believe we pulled it off!”
“All ends can be reach if proper path is followed. One only need to be wise and shrewd enough to see it.” Yunn told the young man.
“You HAVE met Jedi Carishma, haven’t you?” She asked and sniffled, lifting the back of her hand to her nose that was beginning to feel like it was either stuffy or running. “Great work everyone.”
“Yunn is honored by your praise Captain. With Havoc Squad’s help, we have walked a path we never could have walked.”
Troi'an looked down at the sudden sting in her upper arms as Elara gave her a stim shot. “That should hold you over for a bit Captain.”
“Thank you.”
“Yunn has meditated on the recovered data and determined the wrecks likely to bear Umber encrypter parts. But Yunn also discovered this.” He said hitting a button to play the holo recording he had found.

“Outpost 427, this is Major Artano, information control specialist for General Rakton’s command group. Republic personnel are searching Imperial shipwrecks on Hoth. This cannot continue. Full security details will be posted at all crash sites immediately. I’m on route to Hoth now. Any questions about General Rakton’s orders may be addressed to me upon my arrival. Glory to the Empire!”

“Who’s this General Rakton?”
“Rakton? He’s Republic enemy number one – the man who plans and leads all of the Empire’s major campaigns against us.” Aric said frowning hard.
“What do we do now sir? The Empire knows we’re coming!” asked a private coming up and looking panicked
“If the Empire puts up guards, then we fight through them, soldier.”
“Yes sir, Captain sir.”
“Yunn believes we can turn this situation to our advantage. Many sites to be guarded have no Umbra components at all. If Havoc Squad attacks one of these useless sites, guards will be drawn away from other’s, allowing Yunn’s team to acquire Umbra components.”
“Nice thinking Yunn. Pick a crash site and we’ll move out.”
“A nearby cave is guarded, assaulting it should draw much attention.”
“And if it becomes too hot to shoot our way out, I can easily collapse the cave.” Vik supplied.
“Yunn’s team will finish reloading and depart immediately. Journey safely Captain.”

Troi'an watched as Vik began placing charges around the cave entrance, her comm sounding making Elara jump a little. Frowning she pulled her comm out.
“You’re attempt to steal Imperial property has been detected and reinforcements called from all nearby positions. Drop your weapons and enter Imperial custody or face termination.”
“We’re Havoc Squad, nobody you send can handle us.” Troi'an taunted the Major.
“Havoc Squad? Excellent. This victory will be celebrated. You had your chance, now be crushed by the might of the Empire.”
She turned the com off, effectively hanging up on him and grinned at Elara’s shocked expression. “Men really hate that.”
“Yes. I believe you are correct Captain. Was it wise?”
“What better way to get him to bring them all to us?”
“The more the merrier for me to blow up.” Vik said coming over to them. “All set Captain.”
“Good…” Her com sounding again brought a frown to her brow but she pulled it out
“Captain, The diversion has succeeded. Yunn’s team has discovered much promising salvage.”
“We’ll collapse the cave and be on our way then. Oatra out.” She turned off her comm and looked to Vik, “Do the honors Vik.” She looked to the others. “Let’s move out folks.”

Troi'an walked into the bunker, leaving her jacket on this time. She felt chilled to the bone and didn’t think even the heater in this bunker could warm her right now. She noticed Yunn going over his components and moved towards him.
“Sergeant, our mission is complete.”
“Captain!” Yunn turned around “Truly your journey has been one of unrivaled heroism and accomplishment.” He stated in awe.
“We could never have done this without you and your team, Sergeant.”
“Yunn is honored to simply have had a part in these occurrences sir. Yunn must now guide this piece into its place, thereby completing the whole. A moment, please.”
Troi'an waited, sniffling and wrapping her arms around herself still feeling the bone chilling cold. She also was beginning to feel very very tired.
“It is done. The Umbra encrypter returning to functionality. Vast knowledge of our enemies can now be uncovered with ease.”
“Well done, this could change the entire face of the war Sergeant. You should be proud.”
“This journey was merely part of Yunn’s duty to the Republic. Nothing more. Yunn would ask a small favor of you now. Many preparations must be made before Yunn embarks on Havoc Squad’s path. Could you do Yunn the honor of delivering the Umbra encrypter to Colonel Fierros, Yunn’s former superior?”
Troi'an wasn’t sure she heard right and it took her a moment to register the words coming from her translator. “Of course. I would be honored Sergeant.”
“It is Yunn who is honored by your indulgence, sir.”
“Once all preparations have been made, Yunn will meet with you onboard your ship sir. Thus will our new journey begin.”
She walked out and nearly fell as she stumbled over an ice mound. Strong hands were quickly there to catch her. “Whoa captain. You ok?”
She looked up at Aric and shook her head a little. “I think I caught your cold from our last jump Lieutenant.”
“Seems like you have more than a cold Troi'an...” Aris said putting his hand to her forehead. “Let me take the encryter, you should go back to the ship and have Elara give you something.”
She really was too tired to argue and slowly nodded, handing him the encrypter before turning to head back to the ship, Vik suddenly by her side. “What can I do for you Vik?”
“Nothing captain, just going to the ship, figured you wouldn’t mind too much if I walked with you.”
She smirked a little. “Careful, I might think you care.”
“Hey now, I can go to the ship too you know.”
“I know Vik… thank you.” She said as she walked in silence with Vik back to the ship. Once there, she went straight for the med bay where Elara was putting away their restocked supplies.
“Oh Captain, I didn’t know you...” Elara stopped and looked over her face a moment before coming over to help her onto a med bed. “You look awful”
“Gee thanks.” She said as she eased herself onto the med bed. “I just need one of your stims to get me going again.”
“No sir, what you need is rest. You don’t give yourself enough of it.”
“I really just need… ow!” she looked down at where Elara and just injected her with something. “What was…” she lay back feeling very very fuzzy. “You… putting me out.”
“Yes sir, I am. Now rest.”

Troi'an didn’t remember much of the next couple days, she had lucid moments where she thought she might have thrown a bowl of soup at Aric, told Vik to jump out the airlock and told Yunn where to stick his harmony. Elara got the most of it she thought, poor medic, every time she came in to give her another shot Troi'an knew she threatened the girl with a blaster bolt to the head. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, She thought she heard Elara speaking of something going on with her biologically and that perhaps finding someone with more knowledge of the Zabraki biological system would best. So it was more than a cold? The next time she awoke Jonas was sitting in a chair near her.
“Well hey there. Awake are you?”
“Am I hallucinating again? Why are you on my ship?” She asked in confusion at seeing Jonas here.
“Well Mr jealous remembered seeing me around the base and thought I could be of help to you. Hoping I’d know a bit of your species. Lucky for him and the rest I do.”
“What does that even mean?” She asked trying to sit up and he got up to lean over and help her. Propping her pillows so she could.
“Seems you’ve not only caught the Hoth flu virus. You’re growing up.”
She frowned at him hard. “Mind explaining that or are you going to leave me guessing?”
Jonas grinned at her. “I never knew you were so young Troi'an. I’m assuming you didn’t have a mother to explain the facts of Zabraki life to you huh?”
She shook her head. “My mother died when I was a baby, but my father taught us –my brother and I, he’s MIA- about Zabrak physiology if that’s what you’re referring to?”
“Garza mentioned you had a brother. MIA huh? Sorry to hear that.” He shook his head. “Well I gave your medic, Sergeant Dorne – pretty one isn’t she.” He held up his hands at the hard frown she gave him. “Well, I gave her all the information I had on Zabraki physiology and a number to a good Zabraki Doctor. I just wanted to make sure you were ok before I left. That Hoth flu virus can kill you know.”
“You care that much about me huh?” She grinned a little at his mock severity and looked up as Elara walked in, Aric hovering just outside the room. “Thanks Jonas…”
“Anything for you beautiful.” He set his hand on top of hers a moment. “I'd kiss you, but I don't want that virus.” He winked before he got up and turned to walk out and she heard him say to Aric as Elara began administering yet another shot for her. “No wonder you always call her kid…”
“Yeah, so hands off Balker.” Aric growled and Jonas laughed
“She’s an adult now, was before if I go by human years… hey I’m just saying.”
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of the gauntlet - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline. I made it a rather short chapter)

Chapter 12 - Operation Gauntlet
    Troi'an grinned over at Aric who was trying hard not to crack a smile as Tanno and Elara argued over procedure. She thought Aric must really like Elara, they were like two peas in a pod, both so very by the book that it sometimes drove even her up the wall, though she had learned that Aric’s gruff exterior hid a very big loyal heart. Aric would do anything for the team.
    Her team, Havoc squad. She and Aric had been the only ones left after the defection. Aric had been demoted while she had been given command of the ruins of Havoc… she and Aric. At first she had really thought it would cause problems, but Aric was stoic and loyal to the Republic and he accepted what they gave him. They had recruited new members; Elara Dorne – ex Imperial military field medic. Sergeant Yuun, a genius technician in nearly everything mechanical and technological. And the blastedly annoying, Tanno Vik – the demolitions expert- highly skilled and completely amoral, made exclusively for Havoc. New members all… and better. Now Havoc Squad was fully operational once again.
    “Call coming in sir” Said the large Battle droid M1-4X, that was part of their team, an odd hunk of metal specially designed for Havoc squad, one she had, had to retrieve from the traitorous thieves that were once her squad.
“Thank you 4X” She said as Tanno and Elara stopped bickering and Aric straightened up to follow. She tapped the comm and waited as General Garza’s image appeared.
“I understand that Havoc squad is at full strength.”
“We can take down whatever the Empire throws at us sir.”
“That’s what we were hoping for” Says Rams, “General Garza? Care to begin?”
“Certainly.” Garza says “As you know Captain, The Gauntlet superweapon allows the Empire to target and destroy any ship traveling through hyperspace. This capability, if out to use, would give the Empire an insurmountable advantage. It also makes an attack on the Gauntlet itself extremely difficult.”
“Fortunately the technical data you helped retrieve allowed us to determine a safe approach pattern that will get out forces within attacking range.”
“Can you explain this approach pattern sir?”
“We’ve run the numbers from the imperials readouts and determined that Gauntlet’s min time to acquire and lock onto a target.” Says Rams
    Numinn comes up beside her. “Your ship and those of my battle group will approach the Gauntlet by making numerous short hyperjumps, always remaining below the min lock on time. Short repeated hyperjumps are very inefficient – once we’re in, our warships won’t have enough fuel to return, total victory will be our only option.”
“Failure has never been an option, sir”
“Quite right.”
“When the attack begins, Lt. Coria’s Safecrackers will immediately disable the planetary shield generator that protects the Gauntlet, allowing Havoc squad to board it.”
“Once you’re aboard, begin the demolition operation. Sgt. Yunn will help you bypass the security on the weapons inner core. Specialist Vik will then go into the core with you and plant explosives at key weak points, ensuring the Gauntlets total destruction.”
“How should I deploy my other squad members?”
“During your demolition operations, two Havoc members of your choice will assault the gauntlet’s bridge and download all the data from the weapons computers. Unassigned squad members will provide mobile backup to the rest of the team as needed. As soon as your objectives are complete, evacuate the Gauntlet immediately. Understood?”
“I will assign the bridge assault team before the attack begins.”
“We cannot over emphasize the importance of this mission Captain.” Says Rams. “The future security of the Galactic republic hinges on this destruction of this single weapon.”
“You and your team are no strangers to situations like this. You’ve faced incredible odds before and overcame them with skill and determination. If anyone can lead the charge in this battle and see us through to victory, its Havoc squad. Your republic is counting on you. Move out!” General Garza says and salutes.

“Captain, Fantastic work – the Imperial Ministry of War is a firestorm over Gauntlet’s destruction. The SIS says that heads will roll over this quite literally.”
Troi'an “I’m glad we’ve had an effect. It’s good to know our work paid off”
“Havoc squad has accomplished a great deal under your command. Your leadership and skill in conducting this operation has been exemplary. I’m promoting you to the rank of major, effective immediately. Commensurate promotions will be issued to your squad members as well. Congratulations Major.” Garza salutes her.
Troi'an salutes the general. “I’m honored to accept this promotion general”
“You’ve earned it. When presented with extraordinary circumstances, you have delivered extraordinary results. I’m also recommending you for the Silver Crescent, in honor of the extraordinary valor you demonstrated in the attack on Gauntlet super weapon. Aric Jorgan and Elara Dorne will each be recommended for a Mark of Dedication, for the injuries they sustained and their heroism in ensuring each other’s survival. Do you approve?”
“I can’t think of anyone more deserving”
“Excellent. I’ll submit the necessary forms wright away”
“Now, I’m afraid that not all of our news in positive. We received a holo transmission not long after the Gauntlet was destroyed by a General Rakton of the Imperial Ministry of War.”
The general plays the holo recording, showing a bald human with a goat-tee and looking very self-assured in himself as he introduced himself and continued on with telling them they destroyed a weapon of peace by destroying the gauntlet.
Troi'an frowns deeply “This is a joke, right? A weapon of peace? That’s ridiculous”
Garza “This is only the beginning”
He goes on to threaten to slaughter every solider and burn planets until the republic embraces the Emperor’s will. Troi'an swallows and turns from the holo recording.
“How serious is this threat? Can Rakton back up those claims?”
“He can, and I have little doubt that he will. For years general Rakton has outmaneuvered and outwitted every republic force that has stood in his way. Including mine. The SIS is watching for any sign of Rakton’s new campaign. Until we have solid data. Havoc squad is relieved. Rest recuperate and be ready for my call. Dismissed major.”
Troi'an salutes the general.
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Operation Talon - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline.)

Chapter 13 - Operation Talon

“Major, General Rakton has made his move. The imperials have invaded dozens of planets, havoc squad is wanted immediately” Came the voice of General Garza as Troi'an walked into the General's office on Corsucant.
“Is there a plan for dealing with this invasion general?” Troi'an asked coming to stand at attention before the general's desk as she turned to face her and Aric
“Major, Lieutenant, stand at ease. Let’s get straight to this situation at hand. After we destroyed the gauntlet, general Rakton called a diplomatic summit with the heads of several republic allied planets along our borders. The summit was held aboard a neutral space station, where Rakton’s troops seized the heads of state by force. That’re now hostages of the Empire.”
“I wouldn’t have expected anyone to fall for peace talks with the Empire”
“Public pressure to attend peace talks is quite high. This war has people, understandably terrified. With their leaders held hostage, our allies are allowing Imperial troops to pass through their systems and strike us where we’re vulnerable. Our forces are at their limit, the imperial will overwhelm us unless we rescue these heads of state and block Rakton’s invasion routes.”
“What’s our intel on the hostage’s location?”
“The station where the heads of state are being held is call Outpost 256. Imperial Security is tight, but we’ve developed an entry plan. Hellik, a diplomat from one of these worlds, is flying there to surrender his government’s security codes, he’s volunteered to sneak you on board”
“That’s a brave diplomat. How can minimize the risk to the hostages once we storm the station?”
“Lt. Yuun will be responsible for that portion of the plan. Your ship will ride along Helik’s, detaching at the last second and landing in an unused maintenance hangar aboard the station. Lt Yuun will slice into the stations security and stop any alarms from sounding while you storm the crew area and secure the hostages. Understood?”
“I’m ready to begin immediately general”
“Helik will rendezvous with you at these coordinates. Imperials are expecting him to deliver his security codes very soon so move quickly. Remember, the safety of the republic depends entirely on the safety of these men. Good luck”
Troi'an travels to the space station 256.
Holo terminal the Aquellian alien guy comes on “H-hello? Are you there? Havoc squad is that you?”
“This is Havoc squad, it’s good to meet you Helik”
“Yes, yes. It’s good to meet you too. Thank you for coming. You’ve done this sort of thing before right? Rescuing hostages? I don’t really know anything about you.”
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Troi'an says to the obviously nervous Aquellian.
“Yes, yes of course. The people of Aquella truly appreciate what you’re doing for us. I-I’m sure the people of all the world's affected by this situation do... eh to. You’re risking your life for leaders you’ve never met and I-I thank you.”
“The republic is always proud to help its allies in need”
“The citizens of Aquella will never forget the help you’re giving us. I’m going to set a course for Outpost 256 now. Good luck major.”
Yunn talks in his language “Major, our landing has concluded successfully without gaining enemy attention. Yuun is now prepared to carry out this mission’s technical requirements. The terminal Yuun requires, lies just outside our ship. It will grant Yunn preliminary access to the station’s security systems. However, to gain full control, other terminals nearby must be destroyed. So that their functions will be routed here. For this, Yunn requires you.”
“I’ll find the other terminal and take them out”
“Yunn will ensure that the terminals’ destruction goes unnoticed. Do not fear alerting the imperials. Yunn is prepared to begin when you are, Major. May our path lead us to victory.”

Troi'an walks into the main room where Rakton is speaking on Holo to the dignitaries standing around a table. “You’ve made a wise choice. Embracing the imperial way of life will bring prosperity to your floundering worlds.”
“Thank you, general. You’ve give us a great opportunity, and we appreciate it” Says Archduke Kailur.
“Indeed,” Rakton says “It’s unfortunate, your colleagues couldn’t be persuaded to… Guards! Security breach” He suddenly yells as he noticed Troi'an and Hvaoc squad coming in “Engage protocol two-seven immediately!”
“Hello to you too general Rakton”
Premier Vonn. “Who are you? You’re going to get us all killed!”
“Guards, execute!” General Rakton says

“Who are you? Who are you?!” Rakton demands
“The best in the Republic. Havoc Squad and we’re coming for you next Rakton” She says and shoots the holo terminal.
Premier Vonn walks up “We’re saved! The republic has saved us! Thank you, thank you”
“Shut your mouth traitor!” Says King Lorro of Aquella, as he walk up with the other dignitaries. “You don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us”
President Walinor says “These cowards were signing up with Rakton. They traded their planets to the Empire in exchange for lifetime leadership positions.”
“Betrayed the republic huh? That wasn’t very nice of you”
Premier Vonn stumbles over words “We… we had to! We must be loyal to our people first and foremost! Their lives are our responsibility”
Prime Minister Milarzen says “Don’t hide behind your people. You gave up. You betrayed everything that we’ve fought for. Alliances that we’ve all held for generations”
“We are at war. We don’t have room for cowards or traitors. You deserve to be executed” snaps President Walinor
“Agreed, give these traitors what they deserve” Says King Lorro “If anyone asks, we’ll say the imperial murdered them”
“No, we are not the Empire. The republic doesn’t just execute without a trial”
“We are at war with the Sith empire, we cannot waste time on cowards or traitors”
“They will stand trial or we are no better than the Empire”
“Thank you!” says Premier Vonn
“Save it for the Republic” Troi'an snaps at the man “You’re still being arrested and will stand trial for treason against the republic. You may still be executed”
“Can we get off this miserable station now? Where’s my man Helik? Did he ever turn up?”
“Helik was very brave. I sent him and the rest of your crews to hold out with my squad” Troi'an said to the unpleasant King then hit her earpiece to talk to the ship “Yuun, come in. Mission complete. Unlock the the crew area so our allies can regroup with their associates”
“We owe you our lives solider,” says President Walinor. “The republic has proven how much it values us as allies. It’s time we returned the favor”
Prime Minister Milarzen adds “Tell your leaders that starting now, no imperial will step foot on our worlds without paying in blood. Long live the republic”
“Long live the republic!” Agrees King Lorro
Troi'an walks into General Garza's office, wondering why the woman couldn't just holocall her as she sometimes did, but here she was again, on Corsucant... maybe she should just get a house here, since the general constantly called her back... The Surpreme Commander turned as she stepped in and she instantly went to attention and saluted the man.
 “Major, stand at ease. It’s good to see you again, welcome back” Commander Rans said.
“You remember Supreme Commander Rans. We were reviewing the results of your mission. You did an excellent job on Outpost 256. Congratulations” General Garza said.
“Thank you ma’am, Rakton was on the holo when I rescued the heads of state”
“Let him see what you’re capable of. Let him wonder when it will be his office you’re blasting your way through”
“Thank you for bringing in the traitor, they will be dealt with”
“We’ve won a major victory, but the war is just beginning. Your squad will be playing a vital role in our campaign against Rakton.”
“Havoc squad is going to win this war general. No matter what” Troi'an said, proud of her team.
“We’re counting on it. But the war is just beginning. Your squad will be playing a vital role in our campaign against Rakton.
“Havoc Squad is ready to serve, General.”
“That’s why you’re the best in the republic.”
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Belsavis - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline.)

Chapter 14 - Dagger Wing

“Good news sir!” Aric says walking into the mess hall, causing Troi'an to look up and set her cup of Caf down.  “Dorne’s given me a clean bill of health. I’m free to get back to work right away.”
“I’ll be glad to have you backing me up again.” She said smiling up at him.
“Let’s get to it” He said in his usual gruff manner and Troian had to shake her head with a grin.
“Bet that had to be hard for you, to sit on the sidelines.”
“You have no idea…”
The holo sounded and she got up to walk with him to the terminal, where everyone else was lining up. She placed her hands behind her back as General Garza’s image appeared.
“Come in major. This is General Garza. The situation on Belsavis is complicated, so let’s begin immediately.” Troi'an nodded, well at least this time it wasn’t critical, she thought to herself but let the General continue. “Beslavis houses a top secret prison colony for the worst offenders in the Republic – Sith lords, war criminals and mass murderers. That prison is under heavy assault. The Imperials are trying to free their captured comrades. While you’re in the field, do whatever you can to impede them.”
“I get the impression the prison break isn’t why we’re here”
“Your primary objective is to extract the pilots of Dagger Wing, an elite navy Starfighter unit, from within the prison zone and return them to service.”
“Were these pilots shot down? Will they need medical attention?”
“They weren’t sent to Belsavis on a mission, they’re inmates. The pilots of Dagger Wing are serving life sentences on Belsavis for participating in an unauthorized bombing mission that killed thousands of Imperial Civilians. The attack was so brutal that High Command had no choice but to disavow the incident and sweep away the pilots responsible – permanently.”
“Why did they target civilians?” Troi'an asked in bafflement.
“Dagger Wing thought they were acting in the Republic’s best interest at the time. But results far outweigh intentions. The Republic needs Dagger Wing back in the fight, regardless of their past crimes. Starfighter pilots of the caliber are in very short supply. A prison guard captain, named Zess, will direct you to Dagger Wing’s C.O., Conrad Gall. Extract them and report back to me. Garza out.”
Troi'an stared at the terminal a moment longer, something didn’t seem right to her, why pull out criminals? Did Garza have Command’s ok for this or was she going to end up just like these pilots? Did they act alone? She shook her head to dismiss her doubts and turned to face her squad.
“Alright team, you heard the General. Gear up.”

Troi'an walked into the guard house, looking around before seeing a man with the captain’s insignia on his shoulder. “Excuse me, Captain Zess?”
The man turned, and nodded. “Hmm? Ah, Major”
“I was told you could help me locate Dagger Wing’s C.O.?”
“Glad you caught me. I was just heading out to round up another wave of runners.” He moved over to his armory. “The Imps are springing everyone they can. The Daggers volunteered to help get things under control – so they’re spread out across the prison.”
“Can you put me in contact with Conrad Gall?”
“Gall’s in one of the higher-security zones, so my comm won’t reach him. The Daggers’ XO is closer, though, let’s give him a shout.” The captain said and pulled out his comm unit. “Harlan? Harlan, come in, this is Zess, over.”
A small holo image of a man who could’ve easily been mistaken for a grunt appeared. “Zess? Heh, good timing pal. We need backup. Asap, the Imps are opening the vaults!”
“Are they insane? We’ll get you backup, Harlan, just hand in there!”
“Give me your coordinates and we’ll double time it to your position.”
“Who is that?” Harlan asked then brushed his hand in the air, “Forget it, I’ll take anyone you’ve got. We’ve got some Imps cornered in one of the Vault entrances, but we’re shot up pretty bad. We need medpacs and manpower, and we need them yesterday”
“Help is on the way Harlan. Zess out.” Zess looked at Troi'an as he put his comm unit away. “We’re out of medpacks.”
“Don’t worry sir,” Elara said behind Troi'an. “We’ve plenty to help out.”
“Not to mention the best medic on the field.” Aric said with a note of pride
Troi'an nodded. “We’ll get them Captain.”
“Alright. Here are the coords. Stay on your toes out there. This place is a madhouse.”

“Dagger Wing is still kicking you murdering cowards!”
Havoc squad rushed into the fray of blaster fire, their own blasters out and firing into the imperials as they rushed to the side of the X.O. Harlan. “Your back up is here, Harlan. And your medpacks.” Troi'an called over the last of the blaster fire as Elara moved quickly to tend the wounded.
“Best news I’ve had all day. So did the army finally send reinforcements or…” Haron turned as he got up and instantly saluted, surprise clearly on his face. “Havoc Squad!”
Troi'an nodded as he went on.  “It’s our lucky day, ladies and gents. Dig in and patch yourselves up, the Army’s sent their best.”
“What’s the sitrep?”
“They’re dug in farther into the tunnels, and they’ve got some serious heat. If we hadn’t caught them by surprise, we’d all be dead. That was some serious fighting. You alright there ground pounder?”
“I’m fine, your men ready to move out?”
He nods. “Look… it’s good to hear that command wants us back, but they burned us pretty bad.”
“Even the good guys make mistakes sometimes. Have to roll with it and move on.” Aric said, coming to stand beside her.
“Yeah? You ever made a mistake that killed thousands of innocent people? It never would’ve happened if we’d known about those civilians.”
Troi'an frown at that. “What did you think you were bombing?”
“Our target was a Sith lord, Ondoru. A real sadistic bit of scum. He’s razed dozens of Republic colonies and left no survivors. Intel put Ondoru on Fest, with nothing but soldier’s ad factories for company. We launched at full burn, dropped everything we had – and now we’re here.”
“That must’ve been very hard on your unit.”
“If not for Commander Gall, the men would’ve gone rogue for sure.” His comm unit sounded. “One second. It my Commander.”
Troi'an watched him move a little ways off and folded her arms. “What do you think Aric? Was he telling the truth?”
“About them not knowing their target had innocent civilians?” Aric shrugged a shoulder. “It’s possible. But why would Command send them here for the rest of their lives?”
She shook her head. “General Garza said they had no choice…” she moved over to where the man was talking to his C.O.
“That’s what I’m telling you Commander. They want us back on the double. They sent Havoc Squad, they’re serious.”
“Hmm… How are the men taking it?”
“They’re ready to get behind a stick again. But it doesn’t sit right, sir. Them just showing up and pulling us back in.”
“Excuse me.” Troi'an said glancing at the man in the holo image then at Haran. “You’re getting a second chance Haran. Most people don’t get this kind of opportunity.”
“Ah, major. This is my CO Commander Gall.”
“It’s a pleasure major.” The holo image of Gall turned to face her. “I understand you’ve been busy saving my men. I appreciate it.”
“Just trying to complete my mission sir.”
“Yes, your mission. I’ve heard. AS Harlan has told you, I volunteered Dagger Wing to help the guards when the imperial attack began here. They accepted. Dagger Wing always completes its mission. We aren’t leaving until we’ve done our part.”
She nodded, she hadn’t expected them to just leave. Nothing was ever that easy. “Havoc Squad is on board Gall. What’s your plan?”
“I’ve been tracking a large contingent of Imperial personnel across the prison zones. Could use your help when we catch them. The imperials are heading straight for the maximum security area. If they release any of the prisoners there, it could be catastrophic.”
“What’s so bad about the prisoners in that area?”
“That is where they house the worse of them all, Darth Ekkage is in there. If any of them get out… They’re a threat to the e tire galaxy – they can’t be set loose.”
“Baras’ sister?” Troi'an asked in shock before a cold hardness came over her. “We’ll stop them sir. Don’t worry.”
“Good, then I’ll see you at the coordinates. Gall out.”
“You heard the man, Major. Better get moving, or you might miss all the fun.” Harlan said and Troi'an frowned a little.
“I wanna know more about your commander.”
“He’s the best there is. Wouldn’t be Dagger Wing without Commander Gall. After Fest, he held this unit together, made sure we all remember who the real enemy is. Bah, listen to me blabbing. You wanna know about Gall, talk to him when you meet him.”

Troi'an walked into the bunker where some of the men were and a young boy - not much older then she had been when she had first joined, she thought – called out and motioned to another one to come over. “They’re here, Adan!”
A rather large Cathar stepped up to them. “You’re just in time, Commander Gall just rushed off after the imps, you’ve got to help him!”
“Ondoru was with them! The Sith we were trying to take out on Fest! He’s here, now!”
“How do you know it was lord Ondoru?” Troi'an asked the excitable younger man.
“It was him. We all recognize him after Fest. We memorized everything about him.”
“You’ve got to understand, Ondoru is the reason we’re all here. Commander Gall couldn’t let that filth escape.”
She sighed, she understood where Gall was coming from. She wanted to get her own hands on Baras’ sister. “I’ll bring Gall back. No matter what.”

Troi'an ran into the building, finding a scene out of a nightmare. The men were all dead, there were a few Imperials down as well, but seeing the Sith lord force choking Gall in the center of all those dead guards… She lifted her blaster only to be shot at herself. Quickly she ducked behind a column, while Aric and Vik got behind a cement block. Blaster fire was exchanged until she heard a body hit the ground hard, she looked around her column to see the imperials and the Sith running off, Gall on the floor, closer to where she was. She hurried over to him, kneeling to feel his pulse.
“Get Elara!”
“Major? Ugh… we never had a chance. Ordoru, he… lightning, straight out of his fingertips… impossible…”
“Easy there Gall.” She said trying to keep the man still. “Not that impossible.”
“I can’t… I can’t move… You have to capture him. You can’t let him escape – only he can prove the Dagger Wing is innocent…”
“Don’t try to move Commander, Stay calm. Help is on the way.”
“Calm? That scum is getting away! Go after him, go!”
A loud roaring echoed though the building and Troi'an looked up surprised as Aric asked. “What was that?”
“It doesn’t matter, go. Forget about me, just get Ondoru!”
“The Sith can wait. Dagger Wing needs you.”
“This may be the only shot we ever get at that Sith scum! Harlan can take over Dagger Wing, and Ordoru can clear their record. I’ll gladly die to make that happen. Now go!”
She stood up as Elara and Vik came hurrying up. “Havoc Squad doesn’t leave anyone behind, Elara, Vik. Get him to safety.”
“You stubborn… I guess I should thank you, but now my men’s reputation may never be cleared.”
 “You’re welcome. And I’m not done yet Commander.”  Troi'an saluted Gall, before turning to head deeper into the Maximum Security wing. “Come on Aric, we have a Sith to find.”
Aric moved up beside her and said quietly. “Is that Sith, Ondoru or is it Darth Ekkage?”
She gave the stoic Cathar a sharp glance. “What do you know Aric?”
“That you’ve been looking into where this Darth Ekkage could be located… That she’s the sister of another Darth… uh... Baras.”
She nodded. “And that’s all you need to know.”
“You know I’ll stand by you kid, no matter what.”
She looked over at him again. “Even if that means winding up like Dagger Wing?”
She paused at a T at the end of the hall they were in and indicated for him to go left. “If you see him, don’t take him on alone.”
“Same goes for you sir.”
She nodded and headed down the right hall. It wasn’t long before she heard Aric over their comms curse some very color explanatives before saying in that typical low angry.
“He got away sir… and a female Sith was with him”
“Kriff…” she hissed and keyed her comm. “Are you injured Lieutenant?”
“Just my pride.”
Troi’an sighed, she had a feeling who that female had been. “Everyone rendezvous back at the ship. We’ll get him next time.”