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Author Topic: Watchers Personnel: Laureline Bellard  (Read 313 times)

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Watchers Personnel: Laureline Bellard
« on: 09/17/17, 08:48:14 AM »

Name: Laureline Bellard
Race: Human
Homeworld: Watchers Sanctuary
Birth World: Dromund Kaas
Occupation: Watcher
Current Rank: Watchers Leader, Grand Overseer
Age: 26 Years Old
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Skin: Fair


Primary Focus: Knowledge of the Force, Archaeology
Secondary Focus: Research, Teaching, Meditation, and Combat Effectiveness
Lightsaber Forms: Form VI - Niman Form
Lightsaber Design:  Adegan Lens, Expert Fencing Emitter, Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell
Lightsaber Crystal: Blackwing Crystal [ash-colored lightsaber]

Years In Watchers Service: 23 Years
Has Trained a Squire: Currently Trains Many Squires
Squire's Status: Vary Amongst Each Other
Mother: Zoe Bellard [deceased]
Father: Unknown [status unknown]
Sister: None
Brother: None

Enjoys: Teaching, Meditating, Exploring the Galaxy, Music, and Researching
Least Enjoys: Traitors



Adiabatic Shield
Alter Environment
Alter Mind
Force Barrier
Battle Meditation
Force Burst
Force Cloak
Force Destruction
Force Blinding
Force Punch
Force Kick
Force Jump
Force Speed
Force Weapon
Sever Force
Transfer Force


Control Pain
Inflict Pain
Force Lightning
Telekinesis (Lift 4 Tons, Move 1 Ton)
Thought Shield


Drain Knowledge
Life Detection
Life Sense
Sense Force
Sense Path
Force Sight


Born between Darkness and Light, this Watcher was birthed while her mother was in captivity on Dromund Kaas. Her mother was accosted by Sith and Imperials alike, though one night, a child was born. Immediately taken from her mother, she was placed into care of the Sith Empire. Throughout her toddler years, many events went undiminished, learning how to crawl, how to walk, how to run, and how to talk. But upon her fifth year, her true purpose came to light. Watchers had infiltrated Dromund Kaas and appeared to know who they were looking for. Successfully penetrating the protective compound, a young Laureline was taken from the Sith Empire and brought to a very populated world. A place of seclusion, but also freedom. Welcome to Sanctuary: Cademimu, the secret temple of a secret sect of Force Users believing themselves to be in perfect balance of Dark and Light. A sect that they have come to call themselves "Watchers".

It was conveyed to a young Laureline that her mother, Zoe Bellard, was a Watcher, and that no one ever knew other than Watchers themselves. The Sith Empire thought she was a Jedi, but it was all a ruse. She endured torture without breaking, and her status was unknown up to this time. After learning who and what her mother is and was, a young, half-understanding Laureline was integrated into Watchers society. Joining other children, Laureline was given many benefits, just as they were. There was a nice bunk for her, three meals per day, a refresher to wash and bathe morning and night, and classes. Laureline's integration was fast, but it also became one of great hardship. Each student was pushed beyond their years in all things. Even now at six years old at this time, she is swamped with assignments and meditation, as well as learning of the Watchers' Code. She was studying almost daily, but she did not seem to mind. Much like all the other students, she adapted quickly, and made friends just as quickly. There was always time for talk and play, but study was the most important.

By Laureline's 9th year, she had been so deeply filled with knowledge and basic philosophy, that she was now ready to take the next step. By this time, her Force Sensitivity was showing great promise, and she would be entered into a serious testing phase to see how potent this child's abilities would become. And Watchers were not disappointed in what they saw. Laureline demonstrated great potential, and it was clear that this girl would become a very heavy Force User. They decided that she should learn Niman Form, or Form VI, to work alongside her Force potential. The training, however, was merciless. At age 10, her Agoge officially began, where her sleep is reduced to six hours, she would be rapidly healed by Watcher medical staff, and sent back into the battlefield. Knocked around, punched around, kicked around... She learned very quickly just how difficult being a Watcher truly is.

She yearned to learn more about who and what her mother was, and Watchers granted her access to her mother's file. Zoe Bellard (Pronounced Zo Beh-lard), was a Watcher Overwatch, a personal right-hand woman to Overseer Bursk, a Mirialan Watcher who possesses great power and wisdom. Zoe was a very capable woman, trained extremely well in healing and medicine. Her capture came at the hands of a Sith Lord who managed to find a way to track her down and secure her capture through the use of force binding techniques. With her mother captured, Watchers were unaware of where she was sent to, until they finally figured it out a year later. By then, Laureline had been born, and her mother was killed after failing to break and become Sith. Laureline's name and location were kept secret, and it took five years to find the child. Laureline is very thankful, after learning who and what the Sith Empire are, for being rescued from a possible future of being soaked with knowledge of a flawed philosophy. Laureline, after reading what she believed to be all she needed to know, agreed to train hard and make her mother proud.

By Laureline's 13th year, she was already well into her Agoge. She was training very extensively. Her powers were beginning to show. She was excelling in offensive and defensive Force Powers, but also she was developing something very unique, something that only one other Watcher currently possessed: The ability to influence one's mind to such a degree that she was able to extract information. This is why she is learning so fast. She can read the minds of her own teachers, and though they possessed Mind Shields, they did not use them as much around her. Wondering if this ability to copy knowledge would further benefit her training, her personal trainers continued to train her with their Mind Shields diminished. And they were right, Laureline was learning at an incredible rate. She was learning Niman Form three times as fast as one normally would, and her ability to read and write much faster were coming to light. She was able to identify and understand at an amazing capacity. Watchers, after reviewing her report upon her 15th year, knew they were looking at possibly the next Watcher Overseer in the future. They knew they had to protect her.

At age 18, calamity befell the Watchers when the Sith Empire grew in power. Shifting in the balance of the Force was in motion, and Watchers were moved from reconnaissance and watching duties to full on war against the Sith Empire. Watchers were nearly infiltrated but the attempt failed when the Watcher Commandos recognized abnormalities in various Watchers outposts. Three outposts no longer responded and the Overseers sent their Overwatch with the Watcher Commandos to oversee the status of the outposts. Upon arrival, they noticed that all Watchers in the outposts have been killed, and there were no signs of any Watchers unaccounted for. Had someone penetrated the sect? A thorough investigation was opened up. Meanwhile, Laureline continued her deep training, when the attacker who slain the Watchers in the outposts abroad had met with her. Brandishing a lightsaber, he walked up behind her, but by this time, Laureline's Danger Sense had been greatly improved upon.

It did not take long for Laureline to recognize that this man is her would-be assassin. It was a ruse to get the elites of the Watchers out of Sanctuary and leave her unprotected. This man was named Sylas Templar, and he was a Watcher Knight Commander. She used her power to try and read his mind, only to be unsuccessful in doing so. But his true motives came to light when he attempted to behead Laureline from behind. She barely managed to evade it, but even though she put up a great fight, she was critically injured by a lightsaber pierce through her abdomen. Overseer Bradden made it to the training hall and subdued Sylas. Other Knight Commanders and Crusaders, along with Honor Guard, rushed in to help both Laureline, who was struggling to stay alive, and Overseer Bradden, who was restraining Sylas. Sylas began screaming that Laureline will be the end of Watchers and should not be allowed to live. Laureline was taken to the medical wing, and spent an entire month in recovery, while Sylas was executed for betraying the Watchers.

Laureline continues her training throughout her teenage years and is finally ready to become a Crusader at the age of 20. She has learned all there was that needed to be taught, and she was ready for her tests. She passed each one with brilliant display, and was gifted with the rank of Crusader three months into her 20th year. As a Crusader, she made it known that she will now access the deeper files of knowledge of the Force. Watchers became especially alerted, however, as the planet Ziost was completely eradicated of all life, and the balance of the Force began to shift terribly in such a direction that spelled disaster for the entire Galaxy. It all happened so fast, it caught all Watchers unaware. How could they have missed this? The Force told them nothing. Perhaps it was a test of the Force to see how Watchers would do in times of greatest peril. It was then confirmed that the Eternal Empire, Zakuul, has begun to invade the Galaxy.

Watchers were brought to the breaking point, between in-fighting amongst the Overseers due to the Chamber starting to support favoritism. Problems within Watchers were reaching a point that it was impossible to continue Watcher duties abroad. The Kaladar Family had taken full control of the Chamber of the Overseers with four of their family members occupying six Overseer seats, and the mysterious disappearance of Overseer Bursk and Overseer Bradden. With Zakuul taking firm grip upon the Galaxy, Watchers were stretched thin and by this point, no one could stop the Kaladar Family from beginning to get a firm hold on the way Watchers operate. Erinome Kaladar, the young Crusader who was also destined to become an Overseer, was critically injured when the Kaladar Family began to turn on itself in a dark twist of fate. Ambitions by Sylar Kaladar, the brother of Erinome, brought Sanctuary to its knees. Laureline hid in a grate throughout all of this, and when she finally crawled out, she heard multiple beepings and blippings coming from various walls in Sanctuary. She now realized that someone was about to detonate Sanctuary. She barely escaped the explosion.

The Kaladar Family was destroyed. There was nothing left of Sanctuary. Laureline survived with a handful of other Watcher survivors. She stood strong and resilient, and with no other Watcher Overseers surviving, the Force bestowed upon her the visions of leadership. She would be the one to gather Watchers together again. It was time to bring all remaining Watchers who survived to Site B, Watchers Sanctuary: Praya, an ocean world very deep in the outer rim. Site B, with its location closely guarded and secret, known only to Watchers, was a Headquarters based just above the surface and far below in the dark depths of the ocean. There, Laureline would gather all she could, and reform Watchers under the traditional Watchers banner. Setting up the new Watchers would take her five years, and throughout Zakuul's reign, she would be busy restructuring and reorganizing Watchers. Proclaiming herself as Grand Overseer, the young Laureline would spend all this time strengthening Watchers so another calamity of what occurred will never happen again.

By now, Watchers are structured once again, and her Chamber of the Overseers is being filled with capable Watchers who would lead this sect right there beside her. She is worth only vote, as tradition dictates, and she is fully committed to the strength and unity of Watchers, but also to defend it from the flawed philosophies of the Galaxy. Watchers will have no official allies, for she knows that one day they would have to betray them, and knows that all other concerns are secondary to the Will of the Force. She is 26 years old by this time, and the Eternal Empire was defeated by the Alliance Commander and their resistance. Laureline is happy that she did not have to spare precious resources during their restructuring. But now with Watchers structured, all missions are once again in full swing, and Watchers are once again branching out to every corner of the galaxy. Outposts are constructed while others were returned to, and Watchers are now once again embedded where they belong. Laureline is still young, and makes mistakes, hence why she relies on her Chamber of the Overseers to help steer her in the right direction. Will the premonition that Laureline will be the official end to Watchers come true? Only the Force itself will ever know until that day comes.