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Author Topic: Sons of the Empire  (Read 241 times)

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Sons of the Empire
« on: 10/25/17, 03:06:29 PM »
With all the ongoing conflict on Iokath and Umbara, Darth Malagant was glad to have this place to call home. Well-protected, comfortable, and entirely his. It had been one of the military surveyors who had called this place "the Palace of the Eternal Ocean", and it had stuck with him, too. Now if only someone could come up with a better name than "IC-711"...

Malagant sat in the gardens outside of his private archives, on the upper level of the main residence. He had just concluded his meeting with his chosen agent in order to find out what was going on with the Shadren usurpers, and she had gone to conduct it in her own way - likely with help from her colleagues in Sith Intelligence. While Malagant would have loved nothing more than to get into the fray himself, he had learned from bitter experience that sometimes the obvious solution was not the best solution. So he had told her to act as she saw fit, and to report to him as well as to her superiors. The Sith took their greater authority over Intelligence seriously.

The doors from the archive opened, revealing the commander of the palace's guard force, Colonel Menrim Tekan. "Lord Malagant, a communication from the dreadnought Sanguinar in orbit," the Cathar officer said. "Moff Caudell and the general in command of his support troops have requested a meeting."

Malagant's eyebrow rose. He recognized the Moff's name; he had been an admiral in the Imperial Navy before being named governor of the Nikaean sector, which had rebuilt its economy in the mining industry. It was somewhat ironic that it was another man who commanded one of Malagant's conquests, for he had taken the sector during the Cold War and then burned the inhabited planets of that sector nearly a decade ago when they sided with the Revanites. Odd that the governor of the sector would call on him now... "How about this general? Who is it?"

"He didn't say, my lord. In fact...it seemed to me that he went out of his way to be evasive."

Typically not a good sign, he thought. "Well, we'll soon find out why. Tell him he may come down, but not to waste my time."

"Yes, my lord." Tekan bowed and made his way back inside. The shuttle deposited the visitors, and within moments, they were escorted into the garden. Matthias Caudell was an average-sized figure with a neatly-trimmed mustache, with brown hair going gray at the temples, and deeply set dark eyes. He wore an Imperial uniform in black with gray trim, his task force patch on his right sleeve. The other man, who Malagant pegged as the general, was also of relatively average build, and wore a well-worn suit of what looked to be Deathshadow armor, crafted by the Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory on Reydovan Prime. He also wore the helmet, obscuring his features.

"Thank you for seeing us, Darth Malagant," Caudell said as he and the general bowed. "I understand that this is rather...unorthodox."

"The fact that you made a point of obscuring the identity of your associate even as you stand in front of me, Moff Caudell, makes that something of an understatement."

"A personal decision on his part, my lord. You had other things on your mind, and to a degree, still do. But with a new conflict in the offing, I thought it best that we know who our friends are...and if indeed, they are something more."

That comment piqued Malagant's curiosity, as he looked to the armored man, and then back at Caudell. "Explain."

Caudell looked to his companion. "I think it's time to let our secrets go, General." The armored man nodded once, and then reached up and removed his helmet, showing his battle-scarred face and the cybernetic set into his right eye.

Malagant recoiled, his expression one of utter shock. His eyes were wider than laigrek's eggs as he stared at the other man. Scars and cybernetics aside, he recognized him instantly. His mouth was open for a moment, but unable to say a word. When he could find his tongue, he finally said, "Impossible!"

"No, Masac," the general said, using Malagant's birth name. Only one man living had ever dared, and so far as Malagant had known, that man was dead. "It has pained me to keep you in the dark like this, but Thias was right in the end, as Bassel was before the end. I would have to tell you eventually. And with a new war seemingly imminent, now is the best time."

The look on Malagant's turned from shock to rage as he looked at the Moff. "Is this some kind of a joke? Explain this, Caudell!"

"I would not seek to deceive you, my lord," Caudell replied calmly. "I counseled him against maintaining his silence, but it was his decision to make. The Jedi Katran's lightsaber strike required extensive reconstruction of his cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but Moff Krysiak - General Krysiak, as he was then - arranged it all, and saw to his every need before he left with you for Nikaea. He was brought in a life support chamber from Tatooine to Dromund Kaas for his recovery."

Malagant reeled, unable to believe it. Bassel Krysiak, the brother of the IWSC's fleet commander, had commanded army forces at Malagant's behest during the taking of the Nikaean sector, and had been the first military governor. He had been killed by the Jedi-backed uprising on Nikaea, not long after the incident on Tatooine. An incident that had made Malagant particularly vengeful towards Saxtus Fayhan and the Miraluka orphans he had rescued during the war, including Caradell - the future Darth Insomnius - and Katran, who had struck the killing blow...or at least, what he and the Mos Anek garrison had believed was the killing blow.

He looked back to the general, eyes searching. "If you are who you say...do you remember what happened that night?" His words implied a hidden meaning, one that Caudell did not pick up on.

The general, however, did. His single eye met Malagant's without hesitation. "We were stuck in that rat-trap apartment in Kaas City with the nanny. How she treated us while Father was away for the war...then I remember her screams of abuse turning into screams of agony. The smell of her flesh as you fried her from the inside out with Force lightning. That look in your eye....I still see it now. I remember Father came home, and told the Sith. I remember that old Pureblood who came to investigate, and took you away to the Academy. What Father said when you were being taken away....'Look upon our future, Andav. For a soldier to father an officer, that is a badge of pride...'"

"'But to father a Sith is the highest honor'," Malagant finished. His eyes widened further, wondering if this was some kind of illusion. But then he put a hand on the man's shoulder, and realized... "It is you."

Andav Undjo smiled grimly, crinkling the scars on his face. "It has been a long time...brother."
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