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October 2018
Oct 18: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PDT
Oct 25: Jedi Night - 7:30 PM PDT


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Author Topic: The Lost: Chap 5 "Party Crashers" (Open to all Wraiths-hosted RP) 4:30pm Server  (Read 382 times)

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This event is open to all factions and guilds, though players encouraged to sign up to help plan connections and invites. 

The Wraiths and Zakuul Knight Dax continue their search in the underside of Zakuul for missing refugee families after the war, having reached a tentative truce with the Knight who believed some of his family members may be missing.  Upon arriving to stake out a suspect, however two Mandalorians arrive and state their intent to capture a slaver.  The group uneasily agrees to work together in hopes the target is the same, and can finally provide some needed answers...

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Just a reminder for tonight's RP.  Open to everyone.  Hoping to lead into some more Mandolorian plots in near future as well. 

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Wraiths, Mandalorians and Zakuul Knight Dax successfully infiltrate the luxury penthouse of a suspected
slaver, discovering disturbing evidence of high reaching corruption and refugee trafficking. 

The lead Mandalorian surprises everyone by revealing herself a Cathar, and offering to delay her capture of this target to buy them more time to go after the slaves.  She and her fellow Cathar, Wraiths Underworld officer N'gima share a few awkward exchanges. 

The group decides to rendezvous with a larger liberation force in 3 days at Clan Vok's camp on Myrkr.