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Author Topic: A Roll of the Dice (Mando Heist Prelude)  (Read 41 times)

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A Roll of the Dice (Mando Heist Prelude)
« on: 12/11/17, 07:19:15 PM »
This is the prelude to a plot I am planning, which you can read more about and comment on/get involved here

Giradda's Fury, Orbit of Corellia, 2 days after the Second Zakuulan Bombardment

Lt. Commander Nylaa Korr-Wysan surveyed the shattered wreckage of Corellia's shipyards, bombarded for the second time in 5 years.  Hardly much had been rebuilt with the world's economy still reeling, but it did not stop the Eternal Fleet from its heartless rampage.  So much for my thoughts for finishing college back then... Still, she mused, arriving this time at the helm of a fully armed warship had been far preferable to her personal transport in the chaotic improvised smuggler and Wraith evacuation against a then unknown enemy.

She glanced back over her bridge at her strange company, a young smuggler and her Wraiths escort who'd spent the past year leading a ramshackle band of Hutt mercenaries and Mandolorians on a powerful warship on lease- while trying to manage the occasional drama of a Hutt wanting to drink and Luck-knows what else upstairs on the party floor and treating the ship's battles as a form of entertainment.  She'd never expected to actually join the military, let alone on these terms, but Uncle Caben had trusted her and, all told it had put her in the right place to protect their home. 

Though no small irony, given the Wysan family history with Mandolorians.  They'd actually been growing in number of late, gradually replacing the Hutt's staff as more and more Clans joined the Coalition and the Crime Lord's happily pulled their retinues back to personal security so others could foot the bill for running the ship.  But she hadn't minded them, they were more disciplined than drunken Gamorrans and and, for all the stories this bunch seemed fairly honorable, some even hailing from Republic border worlds.  The Cathar, in particular had strange customs, though, seeming to prefer camping out on deck and having the occasional campfire for stories.  Still, it wasn't much different from growing up with Caben's Jawas. 

It was a strange truce, and she wondered how much longer it would last, with the war ending.  The Hutts would expect their ships back soon... and the thought caused her no small sick feeling in her gut.  That had been the deal, ships and support from several prominent kingpins on the Cartel Council- with some vague pledge to "look the other way" for future "expansion."  She'd helped enough refugees and slaves in her time to know that that looked like for those in their way.  She'd been able to protect her home, but at what cost? 

She could sense she wasn't alone in that feeling either- the crew, especially the Cathar had been speaking in hushed, wary tones in small groups since the war ended.  Mandelorians had destroyed their homeworld, long ago, though this group seemed a strange juxtaposition of both sides of that tragedy.  She couldn't make much heads or tails of their Clans and leadership- another group, led by a Togruta seemed related in the same camp down on Hyperion. 

It had been some surprise when one of their more talkative members, a woman named Malhra had asked to meet with her off-ship on a Corellian Cantina.  She was unsure what to expect, but having some answers to her people's intentions would be preferable to continuing to guess what came next. 
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