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Author Topic: The Hermit's Journey: The Making of the Prequel Trilogy  (Read 349 times)

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So, I've linked to this guy's videos plenty of times before, most relevantly with The Hero's Journey and The Shadow's Journey, lengthy video essays on the making of original Star Wars, and the two follow ups Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Well, he's closed out the series with the logical follow-up, The Hermit's Journey, tracking what Lucas did after Return of the Jedi, mostly focused on the prequel trilogy but also the Special Editions, the other Lucasfilm projects outside of Star Wars and culminating in the sale to Disney.

It's an interesting (if long) watch, and particularly fascinating with how the story came together... because it sure morphed a lot along the way...
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Re: The Hermit's Journey: The Making of the Prequel Trilogy
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Look, I admit I kind of dozed off at times. But I think I got through it!

Still, I have to say I think my mind might have been playing this video essay by Rocket Jump.

I like to appreciate that the story was difficult to really throw in together. It makes you appreciate Lucas because when you really think about it -- the thing was a *mess*. But putting it together was soooooo worth it.
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