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  • Mandolorian Clan Elders Meeting/Moot: 02/07/18
  • Signed up (2/16):
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    1.Terr Veshkgalaar / Noth
    Clan Chief, Clan Veshkgalaar
    2.Malhra Vok / SivWysan
    Clan Chief, Clan Vok

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Author Topic: Mandolorian Clan Elders Meeting/Moot (6:30 server/9:30 EST)  (Read 297 times)

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Noth and I were planning a 1:1 between the two main Clan leaders in House Galaar, but decided to announce it in case any other Mandolorian warriors might be passing through to witness it.  This event involves some confidential news, so non-Mando characters are not privy without special permission (though if you have a character close enough to us to justify, or an ability to spy post here or PM me and I'll consider it). 

The location is tentatively upstairs/Council Chamber for Clan Vok on Myrkrr (Malhra Vok's Yavin SH, or just poke on imperialooc). 

This ties into some of the fallout from this Hutt incursion and involves a plot involving a stolen Hutt ship from the breakup of the Grey Coalition