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Author Topic: The Rumor Mill  (Read 24755 times)

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #240 on: 09/29/17, 05:41:10 PM »
The following news story aired on a local channel on Iridonia, but was pulled soon after. Enterprising slicers and people with their ear to the ground, however, can recover the data.... (This is an open hook for RP for Imps or Pubs both! Query away if your character could gain access to this and would be interested in pursuing it.)


"Shoppers in the sleepy town of Tira'Osh found themselves in the middle of a conflict between three Force users during a duel in front of the local cantina. According to witnesses, a Human woman—identified only as a Sith—spent some time drifting through the town's market square before being confronted. The two others, a local Sang and an unidentified Zabrak, confronted the woman, leading to sabres drawn. We bring you footage of that moment now."

Blurry footage, from an unhelpful angle, just barely shows three figures: an imposing Zabrak man in brown leathers holding a metal zhaboka and his back to the camera, a slim, hooded, Human female with a red-black lightsaber, and a ruddy-skinned Zabrak with a white sabre whose jato are obscured. They appear to be in standoff. When they do start moving, the jostling camera and the blur of the lightsabers makes it difficult to discern the action.

"Townspeople gathered in the local hall while the fight occurred. The conflict ended when a ship carrying members of the Zabrak Army landed in the market square, surrounded the combatants, and arrested the Sith. Neither the Sang nor the remaining Force user could be located afterwards for questioning. The Sith is still believed to be in custody."
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #241 on: 10/20/17, 02:30:09 PM »
Within his sanctum in the Palace of the Eternal Ocean on IC-711, Darth Malagant watched the news report from Shadren with a hint of curiosity. Metheius had given up his little pretense of fighting on the front line and gone back to play governor again, which gave him one less thing to worry about. At least now he could reside in a house worthy of a Sith without being judged...not in public, anyway.

Now Shadren was back in the news. Rumors had begun to circulate...this back-and-forthing of Dorian and Vedriat as the "lord of the dead", and Dorian huddling his fleet around his capital, made Malagant think that perhaps the so-called kingdom was not the powerhouse it made itself out to be. Like Insomnius, the Shadren usurpers thought their bravado could hide their true weakness. It made him wonder if there could be a weakness he could exploit...

He tapped his commlink. "Commander."

"Yes, my lord."

"Get me Cipher Five-Seven. I have a job for her."
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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #242 on: 10/21/17, 12:35:29 PM »
Heard in the Slippery Slopes Cantina, Nar Shaddaa...

"You're not gonna believe this."


"Saw a man in a fancy-pants Imperial uniform and a jacked-up face head up to the Dancer's Palace on a speeder from the Imp spaceport...it was him, man. The Butcher of the Sobrikarill Valley."

"You're right. I don't believe you."

"What? I'm serious!"

"Oh, come off it, bud. The Butcher is dead. Everyone knows that Jedi killed him on Tatooine. They made a big whoop about it on the HoloNet, for kriff's sake."

"It was him, I tell you! The smug look in his remaining eye, that face...so much like that psycho Sith brother of his."

"And you could see him while he was flying in a speeder. Right. I know you're still hurtin' from those days - hell, which one of us isn't? - but you're not gonna do yourself any favors by chasin' ghosts."

"But --"

"But nothing. He's dead. You're flashing back again - hush up now and have a drink. Put those nightmares to bed."

Circled tomb of a different age
Secret lines carved on ancient stone
Heroic kings laid down to rest
Forgotten is the race that no one knows

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #243 on: 10/21/17, 09:13:53 PM »
Heard in the Eye of Mortis' low bridge bar, officer's lounge...

"What is it? Why the pale face?"

"Is Lord Haar...he..."


"He woke up at the middle of the operation...the surgeons were struggling to reattach his arm...they didn't know what to do..."

"What did he do?"

"He cut his arm off...and killed the medical team."

"All of them?"

"All of them."

"That's a sour mood to woke up, but that's not the reason you're pale, is it?"

"No...someone called...someone important, we're being redeployed..."


"Dromund Kaas."

"Why would we go to Dromund Kaas?"

"Because we are have a court martial to attend to. Haar v Empire."

"I decided to let shadows into my mind, and they revealed the ultimate truth. The galaxy is sick. I shall be it's cure."

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #244 on: 01/09/18, 03:33:18 PM »
Public in the darkest forums of the Holonet, the recording of the Dromund Fels Prison gathered plenty of attention. Massive megathreads and discussions were had around the truth of the statement made by the Sith Lord. A public livestream is shown to those who could not access it through slicing or unconventional methods.

The image of Darth Haar, surrounded by troops, and and in front of a mob of Sith Lords, Imperial Officers and Moffs,
 and a Sith Inquisitor appears. A small grim smile in Darth Haar's face is visible as takes out an holocommunicator them, while states: "...this changes everything." After typing several codes into the small device, the enhanced image of a space station, grey, thin, with bone-like appendixes and almost finished decks, flickers to life in front of them. Some of the faces among the mob seem shocked, while others are confused, one of them, the Inquisitors, continues to gaze upon Haar.

Haar begins to talk again: "A Sun Razer station, nicknamed the Iron Dragon, in late construction stages and almost fully functional, left in a proper sun to be capitalized. It was to be the punch the Empire needed to knockout the Republic, but it was left to collect dust and rot away. Why?, would you all ask? Because of politics, and backstabbing, assassinations and genocides. Planets occupied and rooms exploded. The charges you trial me with? This is the reason of them. This is why the Council, and it's Emperor, killed your friends and loved ones, this is why I was the their arm of terror and murder. I did not know why until later on, when the Council crumbled and Acina raised to the throne, I was able to scour the Galaxy, seeking the answers to my deeds and actions. When I found out the truth, I was put shackles and tried to be silence forever, old plans and directives to old agents who no longer had a Master to serve, yet they still obeyed their orders from the tomb. So, I placed my own plans in motion, and I finally was ready to strike back. Now, esteemed patriots, will you execute me, and ruin the only chance for the Empire's survival, leave it to be gone and forgotten? Or will you seek to be the head of this new age for the Sith Empire, where we leave the old plans, backstabbing, and mockery of politics aside, and unite in one single front to rule this Galaxy once and for all? The decision is yours.

After Haar finished, he turns his back on them, and getting on his knee, surrenders. Imperial troops surround him and arrest him, while the Inquisitor, seemingly wary of the troops at first, approaches slowly. The holorecording ends.
"I decided to let shadows into my mind, and they revealed the ultimate truth. The galaxy is sick. I shall be it's cure."

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Re: The Rumor Mill
« Reply #245 on: 01/20/18, 05:48:20 AM »
Bad Dreams on Tatooine

Overheard in watering-holes and shady places on Tatooine...

"You hear about that 'space weather' thing awhile back? Yeah, the one messing up everyone's commlink and sparking lightning storms across the Great Chott flats. Anyway, I heard that people have been having messed-up dreams and visions ever since it started. Like, bad hoodoo, up and down..."

For the sensitives, dreamers, and visionaries trying to sleep on Tatooine...












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