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Author Topic: News Channel Feeds  (Read 63980 times)

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #330 on: 07/06/17, 09:00:17 PM »
<< Voice of Iridonia >>


The camera shows a sprawling tent city, blinking lights and lanterns dotting the background, beneath the warped and crumbled structure of some metal stronghold whose top half lies in complete ruins. Zabrak in the background can be see running back and forth with medical kits and emergency toolkits, as well as a few in pilot's uniforms who seem extremely embittered. The newscaster in front of the camera speaks:

"Volks Iridonia!

"In a stunning turn of events, Clan Noth, led by recently vindicated Chieftain Varooth Noth of the High Council, came under attack earlier tonight by an as-of-yet unidentified warship. Eyewitness reports state that the attacking ship was a Republic Valor-class cruiser, which leaped into orbit, bombarded the clan's city stronghold, and then leaped out of orbit as quickly as it came. Clan Noth, Clan Va, and Clan Toth's chapters of the Zabrak Army responded to the attack, but were successful only in taking out a few of the attacking vessel's blaster cannons before it leaped back into hyperspace. As you can see, the attack did irreparable attack to the infrastructure of the clan settlement, so the clan's citizens have spread out into temporary settlements around the base. Remarkably, casualty reports show only injuries. The clan attributes this survival rate to the aid of local Jedi, and to neighboring Clans Va and Toth, who have commited themselves to relief efforts for the beleagured clan.

"Now, we have also picked up a rumor that Colonel Exephos was behind this attack. The Republic colonel was called out months ago by Chieftain Varooth Noth to answer to crimes against Clan Noth and Iridonia. Varooth dropped his suit, but it may be that we see him pick it up again. If that rumor is true, it seems that the Colonel has stepped up his level of offense...

"We do not have word as of yet if King Ayrak Malid has heard of this attack, or if it will impact the diplomatic tour he and several other clan heads are taking around the Republic. If he is listening, we at Vos i'Iridonia would urge the Kal'Edar to investigate the truth behind this attack, if at all possible."
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The Jedi: Bren (Archaeologist), Iirim (Healer), Zorru (Recruiter), Orans (Master), Aybekk (Padawan)
The Politicians: Varooth (Senator), Seirion (Aide/Spy), Ayrak (King)
The Mandos: Urziya (Rallymaster), Terr (Chieftain)
The Outlaws: Telen (Slicer), Majia (Pirate/Smuggler)
The Imperials: Athuuna (Agent), Zhekrazh (Lord), Z'ridia (Apprentice)

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #331 on: 07/11/17, 08:10:14 AM »
Korriban Academy Officials Arrive for Archaeological Survey               IWSC Discovers Uninhabited Water World; Approves for Colonization!

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Chief Archivist of the Korriban Sith Academy to Start Reclamation Project on Belkadan

BELKADAN—Darth Varinas, Chief Archivist of the Korriban Sith Academy, has been issued a Claim of Exclusivity over a large tract of the Belkadan jungle for an initial archaeological survey of Belkadan. The Dark Lord's mission is extensive, restructuring and consolidating previous archaeological initiatives for greater efficiency.

"Darth Varinas honours Belkadan and the Empire with this commitment to reclaim relics of historical significance. Repatriation of important artifacts to Korriban for study is not only the Empire's right, but a source of its power," asserted Governor Heermann in her official declaration of the exclusive claim.

As stated in the newly-issued Imperial Edict 963, all on Belkadan are to abide by the terms and conditions of Darth Varinas's exclusive claim. Conventional penalties for impeding the work of the Sith will apply to any who are found in violation of this Imperial Edict. All are advised to refer to the Imperial holonet before any expedition to ensure they will avoid restricted areas.

Uninhabited Aquatic Planet Discovered by IWSC Mapping Service; Colonization Approved

(Holo: Imperial Wild Space Astrography Service)

FORT MARR—At press briefing this morning, an Imperial Wild Space Command spokesperson announced the unit had recently discovered an aquatic planet in Wild Space.  IWSC's Imperial Wild Space Astrography Service, a special unit of the Fourteenth Fleet created by Moff Heermann for the specific purpose of Wild Space exploration and mapping, discovered the planet approximately two weeks ago.  According to the spokesperson, the planet is situated approximately 653 parsecs to the Galactic-west of Belkadan, and initial surveys of the land-less planet have revealed no presence of sentient life.

Despite the absence of intelligent life, Fourteenth Fleet officials declared the planet suitable for colonization, and revealed the existence of abundant lifeforms in the planet-wide ocean.  The IWSC spokesperson reported that Moff Heermann himself has reviewed the astrological and planetary data and, after consultation with the Citadel and Diplomatic Service, has signed his approval for Imperial colonization of the world.  Moff Heermann has decreed the planet Imperial Colony IC-711, and encourages interested Imperial citizens to consider establishing settlements on the planet but only after the Imperial military has first established its presence in accordance with Article 23 of the Ziost Convention*.

*Article 23 of the Ziost Convention establishes minimal provisions for security and military authority on prospective new Imperial holdings, including colonies, prior to the arrival of civilians.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #332 on: 07/12/17, 04:11:55 AM »
"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes and we'll give you the galaxy!" The intro boomed, before switching over to the usual reporter that had always worn a stonewall expression through strife of all kinds. This time, that expression was not present. There was a slight twist of worry on one of the corners of her mouth.
"Just this morning, thirteen members of the Republic's leading departments in the army, navy, Senate Bureau of Internal Affairs, and even a member of the Republic News Network." There was a slight swallow at this.
Coruscant's Security Force has taken on the role of investigating this matter, but so far have released no details relating to the course of their investigation. With no witnesses known, and less known by the public, the investigation promises to go on indefinitely unless anyone possessing information steps forward to aid as best they can with any knowledge of the incident or even what brought those members together at the same place and time." A reshuffle of flimsi on the desk.
"In other news, despite the sudden and rapid openings left by this attack, a successful succession has occurred in most departments in which proper chains of command have been re-established without any excessive trouble or delays in the governing of the Republic's affairs." She rolled off, as though reading out a pre-prepared statement, before swapping to another sheet of flimsi.
"Additionally, it's been reported that Colonel Exephos has also gone missing, but that he was not among the dead at the location of the incident. It's not yet been revealed if that's a link to the death of several other Republic officials, but we'll continue to-" She started, before a handful of CSF officers showed up on the set of the screen.
"Excuse me, ma'am, we have some ques-" Was all that was heard in the background.
Then the feed cut, switching over to a standby screen.
Exephos; a haunted war-ravaged veteran.
Shad'ra; an indecisive ex-mandalorian.
Gharzog; a happy-go-lucky gun for hire.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #333 on: 07/13/17, 05:00:01 AM »
Colonization Begins on IC-711!               Malagant's Star on the Rise Again?

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

IWSC Military Expedition Begins Colonization of IC-711

IC-711—Colonization efforts have begun on the waterworld designated IC-711. Pursuant to Article 23 of the Ziost Convention, only military forces have been allowed on the planet by order of Moff Heermann, before the planet can be opened for civilian habitation.

(Holo: Imperial Wild Space Astrography Service)

Among the initial forces sent to IC-711 is the 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion, under the command of Colonel Menrim Tekan. The 54th was formerly part of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force, our Empire's military presence on the border world of Reydovan Prime. However, the Ministry of War, in conjunction with Reydovan Prime's Sith governor, Darth Metheius, reassigned the 54th as part of the IWSC's 71st Armored Infantry Division, stationed at Fort Marr on Belkadan. Elements of the 54th, including the colonel, have been involved in the ongoing campaign on Iokath.

Darth Malagant Joins the Colonization Effort

It is perhaps no surprise that the 54th is joined by their former (and perhaps current?) Sith patron, Darth Malagant. The noted Sith scholar and historian arrived at the facility constructed by the 54th, overseeing the initial phase of colonization. Often "absorbed" in the fighting on Iokath, this is the first that Darth Malagant has been seen in public since his reassignment to the IWSC. Rumors have circulated that this was a "banishment" following the confiscation of his properties and possessions, including a reclaimed Massassi temple on Yavin 4, by Darth Metheius, following charges of inaction during the war with Zakuul. Darth Metheius has denied this assertion, stating simply that his fellow Sith's energies "were better directed elsewhere".
Darth Malagant arrives on IC-711.
(Holo: Adjutant to Commander, 54th LRB)

Having claimed a number of worlds for the Empire, including Reydovan Prime, Darth Malagant has offered his services to Moff Heermann and his forces to ensure smooth preparation for Imperial civilian settlement on IC-711. "There is not as much challenge as before, as there is not a population to bring into line," he said in a statement, "but the work is no less necessary. We must ensure that all the bases are covered so that this world, and those people who choose to reside on it, will prosper. No detail, and no danger, is too small to ignore when it comes to the future of our Empire."

Darth Malagant's involvement with the colonization, amidst the rumors of his "banishment", indicate that perhaps he is not as out of favor with the Imperial leadership as some have suggested.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #334 on: 08/15/17, 08:57:06 PM »

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Belkadan Set to Complete Planetary Transport System
Victory over Zakuul system of trams and freight lines nearing construction

BELKADAN—The Ministry of Logistics on Belkadan announced the planet's comprehensive transit system is nearing completion.

Named in honour of the recent glorious Imperial triumph, the Victory over Zakuul system will provide comprehensive tram and shipping coverage for much of the planet's surface. This is a huge boon to both Belkadan's security and prosperity, as the high-volume rail lines will considerably cut travel times via airspeeder. The new infrastructure will streamline Imperial projects from outpost establishment to resource extraction. The security benefits of such a wide-reaching system will also be a thorn in the side of insurgents, slashing Imperial response times and buttressing surveillance.

"This project is a vital continuation of the imperial colonization project, reinforcing Belkadan as a piece of the core in Wild Space," stated Governor Elym Heermann. "I commend those involved in its construction for their contribution to Imperial civilization. We all take pride in the fact this system was Belkadan-built, to the highest Imperial standards."

Inaugural tours of the Victory over Zakuul tram line can be booked free of charge by all Imperial military and civilian personnel, as well as their families. Interested citizens are encouraged to register and reserve their places at the nearest Civilian Affairs office.

Holiday Housing Initiative on IC-711 Open to Belkadan Citizens

(Holo: Imperial Wild Space Astrography Service)

IC-711—Colonization efforts on the new acquisition of C-711 are underway. The Imperial Government of Belkadan has authorized interested military and civilian Imperial citizens in good standing to apply for ownership of holiday homes on the aquatic world. IC-711's proximity to Belkadan makes it an ideal location for personnel who cannot take the extended leave required to visit the core.

Idyllic as it is, the Imperial colony offers more than mere resort worlds run by foreign outfits. IC-711's permanent resident complement grows daily, as the Resettlement Office processes and authorizes the applications of only the most suitable Imperial citizens. Imperials can rest assured that all contractors operating on IC-711 meet the most stringent Imperial standards. A holiday on an Imperial holding such as IC-711 brings all the excitement of an exotic world without the disorder.

The Ministry of Logistics on Belkadan has designed a system whereby Imperial personnel can make contributions towards their purchase directly from their wages. Citizens seeking to view the model units of both the underwater family dwelling and the luxury condo may report to IC-711's Resettlement Office for official viewings and planetary tours.

Advertisments with more information can be seen in authorized Imperial publications.

Imperial Belkadan Repels, Interrogates Insurgents

The Empire continues to close in on the insurgent camps in the jungle. Intelligence provided by Darth Varinas in the field has been indispensable to security forces, who rounded up a very weakened cell of Republic holdouts.  Interrogations, also ongoing, have proven fruitful.

All Imperial citizens and employees thereof are reminded that Imperial law on Belkadan requires them to report any suspicious individuals, locations, or occurrences. Failure to do so is tantamount to obstructing an Imperial investigation, and will be punished swiftly and to the fullest extent of Imperial law.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #335 on: 09/07/17, 10:49:09 PM »

Across all channels within the galaxy, nearly simultaneously, a holovid image of a masked Sith Lord flickers into view, his arms locked behind his back in a stern, militaristic pose as he speaks with a perfected Imperial accent.
"Greetings, once again, ladies and gentlemen of the Galaxy. It has been far too long since we've spoken... As some of you may recall, my name is Oba'rion Mallei'ves - Slavebreaker and Sith Lord of the Empire."

Images begin to surround the being, Imperial and Republic ships alike shattered and floating lifeless among open space.
"Due to some rather... Unfortunate circumstances, I was forced to take a leave of absence and spend some time in recuperation. But there is no time like the present to make up for profits lost in my absence. I implore any and all able bodied spacers to contact the Enterprises should they be interested in bolstering their accounts, be it in slave transport or retrieval of vital resources. Seek me out on Nar Shadaa and you may find yourself wealthier than you have ever imagined."

The morbid images of starship carnage flicker away, and leave the Sith standing tall alone once again.
 "I look forward to working among you once again... Until next time, Mallei'ves signing off."
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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #336 on: 09/07/17, 10:54:54 PM »
A brief message airs shortly after the announcement, a well dressed young woman with tasteful makeup sits behind a desk smiling sweetly into the holo-camera. "The Mallei'ves Enterprises Remote Office will continue operations on Dromund Kaas and remain open for private consultation during our standard business hours.  All pending orders should be assumed unchanged unless contacted directly." She taps a button on a thin holopad. "Any currently pending contracts may be subject to change, please contact your representatives at the Remote Office for more information."
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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #337 on: 09/28/17, 12:48:05 AM »
Republic News Network

UMBARA-At least 900 lives have been lost in a terrorist attack, perpetrated by Imperial Commando's, in one of the main cities of the Shadow World. Valiant Republic soldiers had discovered a hijacked moving train and assaulted it in the effort to discover who had been behind several mishaps on their defensive effort. Coincidental with the Alliance appearance on the planet, an Imperial Special Operations group had infiltrated into the planet and stole a cargo train under the chaos, using it as a staging position for an invasion.

Sadly, the skirmish turned into an all-out battle, due to the appearance of Sith Lord, Darth Haar, in the area. The train went off the gravitational rails and crashed in the middle of an Umbaran city, killing several soldiers from both sides. Although the battle was fierce, and several Jedi had aided in wounding the Sith, he still managed to pull backhanded trick.

Using a unknown weapon of some sort, he managed to created an small asteroid from the debris, and launch it in the middle of the city centre, killing almost every single person in a 3km radius. It has been reported the Sith Lord survived the impact, and he has been signaled public enemy number one of the Umbaran people.

As of the time of this writing, the Empire has made no official statement, but the increase in naval movements had shown that soon enough the Umbaran skirmish will turn into a full-scale invasion.

It is troubling times for our dear Republic.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #338 on: 10/13/17, 11:15:52 PM »
Belkadan Command Hits Additional Insurgent Hideouts in Capital               Famed Imperial Scholar Oclivius Dromoor Rumored to Visit Belkadan Soon

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Moff Heermann Tours Battlefronts on way Home

AETEN II—The Ziost Avenger, flagship of the Fourteenth Mobile Fleet and personal flagship of Moff Nicohlas Heermann, arrived with escort vessels in the Aeten system recently.  The stop is the first of several unscheduled inspection tours Moff Heermann is undertaking on his way back to Belkadan from Iokath, where he had been personally overseeing Imperial Wild Space Command’s campaign to seize the alien sphere.  Moff Heermann transferred command of Task Force Iokath to Admiral Krysiak, expressing his confidence in the admiral’s abilities and the need for him to take a step back to monitor IWSC operations across Wild Space.

Speaking specifically to the conflict in the Aeten system, Moff Heermann expressed the criticality of stripping away a core member of the former Rift Alliance from Republic membership.  “Reclaiming this system for the Empire will expose the Republic’s weakness to its outlying members and reveal the attractiveness and good sense of swearing fealty to the Empire,” the moff said.  Aeten II is the first of several stops the moff's caravan will be making, which will include other systems such as Sernpidal and the newly discovered IC-711.

Fourteenth Fleet Offering Letters of Marque to Prospective Privateers

FORT MARR—To bolster Imperial naval capabilities in the regions of Wild Space, the Imperial Fourteenth Mobile Fleet will be issuing official letters of marque and reprisal to qualified individuals for status as protected Imperial privateers.  Moff Heermann and Admiral Krysiak both signed their official approval for the program, which goes into effect next week after satisfying some remaining administrative requirements with the Ministry of Logistics.  The new initiative, which builds on the existing practice of commissioning private ship captains to assault and plunder Republic assets, is expected to give a shot-in-the-arm to the stretched forces of the Fourteenth Fleet.

Speaking from Iokath, where he is overseeing the Wild Space Command campaign to assist in the sphere’s capture, Admiral Krysiak told reporters that privateers will be encouraged to operate in select areas to release standard Imperial naval elements to focus on larger, higher-risk operations like those over Iokath and Aeten II.  The admiral stated the privateers will be encouraged to attack Republic convoys and small to medium-sized settlements in Wild Space, and that prospective privateers will be offered generous terms with regard to plunder retention.

Wild Space Command Secures Gubernatorial Authorization for New Rail Use

FORT MARR—Capitalizing on the completion of a major infrastructure project initiated by Governor Elym Heermann, ground forces of Imperial Wild Space Command have secured terms with the governor’s office for military use of the planet’s new tram system.  The Ministry of Logistics previously revealed Belkadan's new Victory Over Zakuul transport system as a near planet-wide rail system for passenger and freight transport.

Officials from Fort Marr say protocols have been established with the planetary government to establish military priority and use for the system in times of need.  The officials stated the system will significantly facilitate supply to IWSC installations on the planet and will substantially reduce the time to move ground troops in planetary defense scenarios.  The Fort Marr garrison commander conveyed Moff Heermann’s interest of the system’s prospective potential to facilitate a more proactive approach to handling Belkadan’s lingering insurgency of Republic sympathizers.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #339 on: 10/20/17, 01:44:44 PM »
A Shadren News Network breaking report! We are going live to the royal palace.

A camera pans to Dorian standing at a podium. On the wall right behind him was the flag of the Shadren Hegemony and the podium itself had the royal crest of House Numair. His bone white hair had been pulled back into a tight ponytail. Dressed in suit of black armor, on either shoulder were golden clasps that held a white cloak.

“Citizens of Shadren and all of the hegemony, I stand here now to formally declare my return as your king. Now. I do not intend to undo the work of our queen has done in my absence. In fact I aim to work alongside her to further build ties with our Imperial allies.”

He smiled at the camera, those blue eyes of his glowed brightly.

“To those in the Sith Empire that may be watching, as always, the Shadren Hegemony wishes to continue its support. To show this, we will be sending a shipment of our most advanced starfighters to date as gifts.”

He had to force air into his lungs to fake the signs that he was alive as he addressed his subjects and fickle allies. The last thing he needed was the Empire deciding to invade because he too was undead like his soldiers.

“My loyal subjects. As I address you all, my personal fleet has been summoned to gather at the capital. I will undertake a grand tour of the kingdom, visiting each world within the realm. Until then I plan to remain within the palace with the queen and the crown prince and princess.”

Dorian flashed one more smile to the camera before the feed was cut.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #340 on: 10/21/17, 09:36:17 PM »

As of this moment, Darth Haar is being sent to the Maximum Security Prison Aurek in Dromund Fels following procedure in a impromptu Court Martial held today in Dromund Kaas Morning. The charges, going from treason, espionage, sabotage of Imperial Operations, assassination, manslaughter, war crimes and violation of Imperial Citizens Rights were held against him after the massive discovery of documents held by the former Dark Council's Henchmen, all being in storage inside several datacrons under orders of, as claimed by the defendant, Darth Mortis.

Imperial sources feel devastated and distraught over the discovery of the documents, most of them holding information about classified operations done by the Phantom Division, led by Darth Haar, in Imperial soil. The assassinations of Darth Nolus, former chief investigator in the Sphere of Mysteries, assault on the Sith World of Thule, where Nolus held his estate and the slaughter of citizens of the Empire will be one of the first cases reviewed by the court, which will remain anonymous to protect their identities and ensure their safety.

We will expand as soon as possible.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #341 on: 01/09/18, 02:53:07 PM »

Referential Image of the Prison

MAXIMUN SECURITY PRISON AUREK-Dromund Fels suffered a planet-wide panic spread as the Maximum Security Prison Aurek was suddenly breached in and taken over by Imperial Forces from the 8th Shock Division, Also known as the Black Guard. One of the most experimented divisions in Imperial Military, the Black Guard and it's sister division, the Black Shields, had been in a R&R tour in the local systems before being reassigned to the front again.

In what seemed a traitorous move at first, the Black Guard actually secured the prison after known Imperial traitor and criminal, Darth Haar, or known by his real name, Ryshias Valeus, broke out of his prison cell and attempted to escape the prison. Although only injuries were attained, none was killed, and the former Commander of the Imperial Wild Command was apprehended and returned to his cell. Today was scheduled to be his first public hearing for his trial, yet the Empire's Judges decided to postpone the trial as investigations must continue in order to find out how the Sith Lord broke out of his cell.

No further comment could be obtained from the Sith, Imperial Military personnel or the Sith Inquisition, but judging from their faces, the shock and terror the Sith Lord stilled on them was enough to know how much of a threat was adverted.

In related news, a holo-recording of the time when Darth Haar was leaked into the Holonet minutes after the incident. According to official sources, the recording is fake and shall not be taken as a serious concern, nor the content must be classified as truthful.

Glory to the Empire, and death to it's traitors!

There are many ways to serve the Empire

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #342 on: 01/20/18, 05:38:26 AM »


An unidentified gravitic anomaly was detected less than 0.2 AUs from Tatoo I, one of the stars in the binary system. We are unable to account for the lack of warning about a stellar object moving through the System at this time.

The orbit of Tatoo I, Tatoo II, and Tatooine were not affected. However, the unidentified gravitic anomaly appears to have disrupted the photosphere of Tatoo I, dispersing high-energy particles into the system at incredible speeds. Settlers on Tatooine and starship operators should expect atmospheric disruptions including, but not limited to, electromagnetic bursts, anomalous weather patterns, auroral displays as well as disruption of microwave, radio-wave and other high-band communications technologies.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Any starships active within the system at the Galactic Timecode of the unidentified gravitic anomaly with sensor-readings or ramscoop-samples are requested to submit their memory banks to authorities at Mos Elsewhere Starport in exchange for a bounty not to exceed 100 golden peggats or an equivalent value in nova crystals.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #343 on: 01/30/18, 10:56:47 PM »
Odessen Strategic Bulletin: Late Edition

Hutt Cartel Fleet Lockdown on Hesparian, Major Sector Shipping Disruptions

Refugees returned to Zakuul from alleged slaving operation... Zakuulan trade magnate Fio Desvis missing, Spire reports possible fowl play....   Republic Senate continues to debate appointment of a Special Prosecutor to address war crimes, but motion likely to be tabled in wake of Iokath crisis...

In late breaking news of interest to Alliance operatives and allies with business on the Rim, a small but significant trade hub near the borders of Hutt Space was occupied quite forcefully 48 hours ago. News is scarce since the Lockdown cut all traffic to and from the planet, but at least 3 Hutt warships were spotted in system, with tentative markings suggesting Giradda the Hutt and at least two other Cartel Council members.

Motives and details of the incursion are lacking, but witnesses and footage suggest a brief, intense firefight with a local Broken Skull's Crime Syndicate, and vague Cartel talk of resolving a "trade dispute." .

In the footage below, you can see some glimpses of that firefight, and an organized effort to shelter and evacuate some civilians by unknown parties.  Several reports place ships from an Alliance-affiliated Spec Force group, the Wraiths as refueling nearby at the time, however and several other former figures in the Grey Coalition possibly appear in the grainy footage. We are sure Alliance Command and our own news bureau would welcome hearing from any of these individuals should they surface. 

Hesparian is a backwater world, recently swelled with refugees, though in this resource strapped time no system is insignificant and it has become a useful underworld trade hub.  Most concerning is this sudden shift in Hutt policy, the most aggressive move by the Cartel since Makeb.  Caution is advised in the sector, and potential for further destabilization of local crime syndicates. 

Hesparian conflict feed.  Various sources claim to have observed Captain N'gima, a high ranking Wraiths Privateer,
noted Grey Coalition figure Lady Quarasha, and the CEO of Taelios Gentech Industries, though the latter seems to strain credibility.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
« Reply #344 on: 02/03/18, 11:50:09 AM »
Holonet News Network
"The Information Sources for the Republic"


"In other news, four Imperial Slave Estates hiding in Republic space have been cracked down on by Jedi Master Maryck Vos. Vos, a longtime Republic military commander, has been mostly inactive on the Republic affairs front since his resignation from his position before the Zakuul invasion, focusing on what can only be assumed to be his Jedi duties."

The scene changes as Maryck leads a procession of bound Sith into a Coruscanti court building in various states of disarray. The lead Pureblood holds his chin proudly and silently, the other three barking and shouting in protest.

"Nearly a thousand previously enslaved sentients are now free, and being kept in Coruscanti neighborhoods abandoned since the Sacking, awaiting their redistribution among the populace. The strike team responsible for the incursions, remainders of what had once been the Tenth Legion decimated during the Zakuul occupation, have taken the High Galactic epitaph Liberatorum."

"The incursions themselves, though technically unofficial, hold water based on the illegality of slave activities within Republic space, and Jedi Order involvement. The slave masters in question have been condemned by Imperial delegates and are awaiting trial, though indictment seems to be less a matter of if, than when. When Holonet News reached out to Master Vos, he offered no comment on the matter."
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