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The Sevellis Building  (Views: 674)

Author Manager: Elym
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Elym's Stronghold
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Elym, Atavia (it is public for now but if you wanna harvest its many crystals don't be afraid to ask!)

The Sevellis Building is a forty story mixed-use skyscraper in Kaas City's exclusive Citadel Heights district.  From the outside, it is easily identified by a prominent, glowing SRM logo crowning the top.  Another defining characteristic is that its facade is nearly entirely made of SRM's proprietary reinforced one-way transparisteel.  Those who can see the north face of its thirtieth floor, however, will probably notice the ostentatiously large lommite crystal adorning the balcony.

PUBLIC AREA:  The Adegan Ballroom, on the 30th floor.  When not rented out for a formal occasion, the hall boasts a quiet, luxe cafe overlooking the city.  Brightening the room, a variety of crystal formations pay tribute to SRMs contributions to the fields of mining and processing. In addition to its scintillating decor, the Adegan prides itself on its galactic tea library, fine liqueurs, and award-winning pastry droid.

SEMI-PUBLIC AREA:  Imperial Intelligence Field Office Senth, occupying the 21st floor.  This office is equipped for a variety of surveillance and personnel management tasks.  It includes a dedicated private elevator and a heavily-guarded waiting area, designed to keep both unruly informants and would-be gawkers at bay.

PRIVATE AREAS:   The residential units, which are off the ballroom by the door with the two cyan-coloured Upari Crystal formations.  (Feel free to have an OOC peek out of curiosity)

Full photo tour here: http://imgur.com/a/juI6j

((OOC info - feel free to use these spaces for Imperial/Neutral-but-Imp-friendly RP of a social or intel officey nature))