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Kebaliya Celleas' Apartment  (Views: 488)

Author Manager: Brintte
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Kebaliya's Stronghold
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Brintte's characters

So, Kebby has lots of cash (No, Magius, she is not donating it to the cause, don't you even ask), and she has a fancy appartment, with lots of stuff. Including a bar for Erakleon. He brought the dancers despite Keb disapproving. Only cause she thinks he is like that annoying little brother she never had, she has allow it. Anyway, the place is rarely closed, and Keb enjoys visits THAT DON'T TRY TO KILL HER! *Glances at Thrax* I'm watching you....

Keys available, can be use for random RP if I am not present, and can even be used as a different location than what it really is. Only petition: NO ERP of any kind allowed, please. Got my nephews and nieces in the game and they have access to my stronghold. Anything else, from violent killings to just chilling, be my guests and enjoy!