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The Oasis Lounge Resort and Casino  (Views: 556)

Author Manager: Mei
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Location: Tatooine
In-Game Name: Oasis Lounge's Marketplace Cantina
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Ke'rii, Mei'li

The Oasis Lounge Resort and Cantina, located in the Dune Sea on Tatooine, has recently been renovated and expanded! Formerly once just a simple marketplace and cantina, The Oasis Lounge has opened its doors for travelers to stay the night in luxury and enjoy a cool refreshing pool with the best food and drink available in the Outer Rim. Rooms are by reservation only, please contact Ke'rii Ogasawara.

Though newly renovated, rest assured that the Oasis Lounge has kept it's relaxed atmosphere, and continues to cater to lower-to-mid class individuals. Upper class travelers and visitors are welcome, but should understand that all are equal here at the Oasis Lounge.

The Oasis Lounge Lobby

The cantina is located on the top floor, with a beautiful balcony overlooking the pool and marketplace, and offers a stunning view of Tatooine's dual sunset. Perfect for evening parties. Private parties are welcome, but please book ahead of time. Venue also has several slot machines and game tables.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served around the clock, which is great for travelers just arriving on this side of the planet who may be on a "different time". The Oasis Lounge has an extensive drink menu. Most drinks are affordable, though there are rarities for wine aficionados including Ogasawara Blossom Wine (exclusive to the lounge, and imported straight from Dee'ja Peak on Naboo). Drink samples are free, just ask!

Are you a Huttball fan? Don't just come by the Cantina to watch the latest match! We've got a Huttball arena! Play fair and play for fun! It's a good place to kill some time and blow off some steam with your friends!

With its huge marketplace, this venue is a great stop for travelers. Its isolated location makes The Oasis Lounge ideal for individuals who wish to conduct private business affairs, as it free of any local or galactic law enforcement. To ensure each visitor's safety, private security works around the clock.

The marketplace has several vendors. Stock changes all the time. Metals, herbs, crystals, luxury cloth, and more! Look, buy, sell, and even trade at the trading outpost!

The Oasis Lounge is also home and office to the owner, Ke'rii Ogasawara--a freelance business man, pilot, tech-specialist, hunter and Huttball and podracing enthusiast! Having speeder problems? Engine giving you a hard time? Someone owe you money and just won't pay? How about that vacation to Rishi you've been wanting to take but just can't find reliable transportation? Contact Ke'rii, his office is located on the west end of the marketplace. You may also book transport at the newly added Travel Agency just located up the stairs from the marketplace. Beyond this area are personal living quarters, which is off limits to visitors.

Captain Ke'rii Ogasawara -- book your transport today!

  • Ke'rii Ogasawara - Owner
  • Alara Slate - Co-Owner
  • Tutix Kuwix - Operations Manager
  • Keiko'li Ogasawara - Mechanic, Greeter, sometimes Server
  • Matt Corsic - Master Chef, Chief Bartender
  • Lena Corsic - Waitress, Greeter

((OOC: stronghold includes jawa junk vendors, personal cargo, legacy cargo, guild bank, Galactic Trade Network, and mailboxes located in various areas around the stronghold. Keys are available upon request, please contact in-game. Imperial: Ke'rii, Mei'li, Keiko'li; Republic: Alara Slate, Matt Corsic, Lena Corsic))