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The Orchestra  (Views: 261)

Author Manager: Ela
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Location: Coruscant
In-Game Name: The Orchestra
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Meagan, Alexandra, Medley, Sariyah, Consonance

The Republic Naval Service Orchestra is a Valor-class heavy cruiser that has undergone extensive modifications and operates as a non-militarized hospital ship. While she has retained most of her weaponry, they are strictly for defensive purposes, and may not be used in combat unless given direct orders from Republic Fleet Command.

While she operates under the order of the Republic, the Orchestra is officially part of the Free Spacers Fleet, the result of a diplomatic outreach mission to maintain the historic relationship between the two Fleets, and to further her image as a neutral, non-combatant vessel.

The Orchestra is also the port-of-call for the Republic Air Wing Song Squadron, acting as the carrier and base of operations for the five ships. The Squadron not only supports the Orchestra defensively, its presence serves as a further deterrent against any would-be attackers. Song Squadron also supports starship emergency recovery operations, with its two Warcarrier-class bombers providing field repairs to disabled or damaged ships, while its starfighters provide supporting air cover.