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SI Safe House  (Views: 286)

Author Manager: Mourne
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Volarris' Vacation Retreat
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Private
Primary Key Holders: Volarris

From the outside, this beautiful, luxurious estate appears to be owned by a wealthy Zakuul noble. While it does include modest defenses, nearly every decoration on the outside is appropriately Zakuul and Manaan themed. Once you get inside, however, the true nature of this stronghold is revealed, and the Imperial presence becomes obvious.

This is a safe house established and used extensively by Cipher Agent Volarris. The lower floor contains a master bedroom and a small barracks to house the light compliment of Imperial troops stationed here. On the upper floor is a fighter bay and operations center for authorizing visitors and tracking (and defending against) potential air incursions. Additionally, there is a lavish veranda for entertaining rare guests that are allowed to visit here.