BC.org relies on donations to provide an environment for players of the Begeren Colony SWTOR Server. For those who wish to contribute in any capacity, a module is available to display what the site uses:


Help: The Admin Team

BC.org is supported by a team of administrators and site moderators who help keep the website and forums running smoothly.


  • Artisan
  • Navigator

Administrators are together responsible for the larger aspects of BC.org, such as policy decisions or hardware issues. Generally they work in the background, providing additions and improvements or directions and additional aid as needed. If Arbiters are not able to resolve an issue, it can be escalated up to an Administrator.


  • Forum
    - Aylaa
    - livia
    - Iaera
    - Niarra
  • Wiki
    - Aylaa

Arbiters (moderators) are tasked with enforcing website guidelines among community members. They are the first line in answering questions regarding the website, the community, and the forums. Their tools help both the regular visitor and themselves alike, from reported posts, to stickying and moving topics, to the warning system.

Please Note:
The Site Team is entirely composed of volunteers. They are not paid for the work they do, nor for the time they put into managing the website. The Team will work its best to resolve issues in a timely and impartial manner. To contact the Site Team, you may PM the Arbiters as a group by selecting the "Send to Group" option and placing a check next to the group "Arbiters". PMs to individual Arbiters or Admin will not be responded to and instead will be forwarded to the group. Please also note that although Artisan and Navigator have personal site accounts, those accounts are not to be contacted for administrative business in any format. All administrative decisions may only be appealed once at each level (Arbiter, Administrator), and further appeals may be ignored at our discretion.