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This section provides information on the Calendar and related actions.

Help: Calendar

The Calendar on BC.org displays events that are current and upcoming, hosted by members of the community. You can find the Calendar in a box on the left sidebar from the main site page. In general, days that contain events are displayed in green, weekdays are displayed in blue, and weekends are displayed in red. Below the numerical calendar is also a written list of upcoming events in chronological order.

By clicking the Calendar link on the top left menu bar, or by clicking any date/month/year link on the Calendar itself, you will be led to a full page display of the dates and events for that month. If the event is linked to a descriptive thread, you can also click on the event name to get to the thread.

There are certain events that are recurrent and frequented by many members of the community, and these can be found both on the Calendar listings as well as the Sponsored Events section.