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This section provides information on the Calendar and related actions.

Help: Calendar

Though the recurring events are placed on the Calendar by site administrators, events can also be freely added by any registered site member, and can be linked to a descriptive thread:

  • First, click on the Post Event link below the Calendar.
  • You will then be led to page where you can input your Event Title, as well as the date the event will occur.
  • Below there are also options to indicate how many days an event will last, and whether you wish for your event to be linked to a thread, and on which forum board.
  • When you click the Post button, if you selected for the event to be linked to a thread, you will be directed to create the thread and set any Event Registration options. Otherwise, your event will simply be added and will now be displayed on the Calendar.

Please Note that when linking an event to a post, who has access to the post will determine who can see the event on the calendar. For example, if linking an event to a post placed in the GuildNet Forums for your Guild, then only the people who are a part of your GuildNet will see that event. This can be useful for planning private events.