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This section provides information on the Calendar and related actions.

Help: Calendar

When you select to have an Event linked to a post, several more options become available before your Event will be placed onto the Calendar. Information that you have entered on the previous Create Event page will autofill into the appropriate segments.

  • The Subject option will be displayed at the top - please note that this is the post title and not the event title.
  • If filled out on the previous page, the Event Title and Event Date information should be autofilled.
  • The Event Registration will be blank by default. If you do not want to have registration turned on for your event, leave the Max Attendants field set to 0.
  • You can change any settings made for how long the event lasts or which board the event is posted to.
  • The post box is displayed just as any other post, and all formatting allowed in a normal post is accepted in an event post.

Event Registration Options
If registration is desired for the event, there are several options to configure as a part of the post.

  • Max Attendants - The maximum number of characters/players that can sign up for this event. If set to 0, event registration will be disabled.
  • Ask Confirmations X Days Before Event - Set how long before the event begins that players can confirm their registration for the event. If set to 0, players will not be able to confirm.
  • Sort Signups X Days Before Event - Set how long before the event begins that registrations begin to be sorted. Confirmed registrations will be sorted with higher priority than unconfirmed ones. We recommend this always be set to at least 1.
  • Close Signups X Days Before Event - If you wish to close registrations to an event before the event begins, set this to how many days before the event you would like this to occur. If using this option in conjunction with the Confirmation option, the Ask Confirmations date will need to be set further out than when signups close.
  • One Member Can Sign Up Multiple Names - If allowing a single player to signup more than one character or concept, set this to Yes. Otherwise, when set to No, players will only be able to sign up once.
  • Allow Comments - Set whether or not players can include a comment when registering for the event. If multiple signups are allowed, a player can specify a different comment with each signup.
  • Terms and Conditions - If there are any additional rules or agreements you want players signing up to confirm, input them here. These will not be shown on the topic for the event, but a player will be asked to agree to statements placed here before signing up.