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Help: Adding a GuildNet

To add a Guild to GuildNet, follow these steps:

  • Go to the GuildNet main directory by clicking on GuildNet on your top left menu bar.
  • Once there, click the ADD GUILD button immediately above the Categories heading.
  • In the box titled Name, please put the name of your Guild.
  • In the box titled Description, please put the description of your Guild. Please note that this section accepts BBC code, as described elsewhere in our help section.
  • Next, you may select a Category to list your Guild under.
  • Your Guild Type determines whether you wish for people to request to join your Guild, in which case select By Request, or if you wish to allow members to Auto Join your Guild. Selecting By Request will require the Guild moderator to approve an applicant before they join the GuildNet.
  • Creating a Guild also requires uploading an image to represent your Guild as a thumbnail. The Guild thumbnail has a dimension limit of 150x150 and a file size limit of 25mb.
  • Click ADD GUILD to complete the process, and all of the information will be sent to a site administrators, who will approve your Guild as soon as possible. The requester will be placed as the first member of the Guild and as its moderator, and thereafter be able to edit the Guild description, approve member requests, as well as add GuildNet Arcs.