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Help: Approving Applications

GuildNet moderators can approve membership requests in those Guilds where joining is set to By Request. Each time a prospective member makes a membership request, the moderator will receive a PM, as well as find a message at the top of the Guild's GuildNet page, as seen below:

'There are 1 member(s) awaiting approval. Click HERE to manage them.'

Clicking either the link provided in the PM or at the Guild page will lead the moderator to a list of all the membership requests for the Guild. For each request, the moderator will have the option to APRROVE, DELETE, or SEND A PM to the requester. Approving the request will automatically place the requester as a member of the Guild group. The other two options are appropriate to use when the moderator needs more information, or does not wish for the particular member to join the Guild.