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Help: GuildNet Arcs

GuildNet Guilds may publicly publish open roleplay stories or general roleplay invitations as GuildNet Arcs. Any site member may access and view these GuildNet Arcs. The purpose of the Arcs is not necessarily to record in exhaustive detail a particular roleplay situation the Guild has completed, but rather to invite others into the kind of roleplay a Guild is doing, encourage prospective collaboration, and allow for potential members to see whether their characters would be a good fit for the Guild.

Any member of a particular GuildNet Guild can create an Arc for their Guild. This is done by going to the GuildNet page and looking for the Arcs option on the top grey bar. Clicking on the option will bring one to that Guild's Arcs page, where there is an Add Guild Arc button. Clicking this button leads the member to create a post describing the Arc. BBC code is allowed in the post, as well as subsequent posts for that particular Arc.

There can be multiple active Arcs for a Guild, however BC.org asks Guilds to remove completed Arcs in order to avoid cluttering the space and prevent a prospective RPer from diving into an Arc that is no longer available. Please also note that any Arc is subject to the moderation privileges of the Guild moderator, who may change or delete Arcs as appropriate.