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Help: GuildNet Introduction

The GuildNet is a special section of BC.org where roleplaying Guilds that are associated with the community can make their presence known. GuildNet Guilds can be created by anyone, and once approved by the administration, can be edited by the moderators of the Guild and joined by members. Editable content includes Guild descriptions, Guild logos, GuildNet Arcs, and more. Guilds can also request for dedicated forum boards on BC.org for their members through the administration.

The GuildNet can be reached by looking to the top left menu bar of your site screen, and clicking the button called GuildNet.

This will bring you to the main GuildNet directory, where you will find sections on 1) Republic Guilds - Guilds that are based on the Republic side in game, 2) Imperial Guilds - Guilds that are based on the Imperial Side in-game, and 3) Meta Guilds - Groups and affiliations that are not necessarily represented by in-game Guilds, but you still wish to represent on the site. Each of these categories will also have several subcategories.

Other sections that you may notice on the GuildNet directory page include My Guilds, Random Guilds, and Recent Guilds. You can access any of these Guilds by clicking on their pictures or the link of their Guild names.