BC.org relies on donations to provide an environment for players of the Begeren Colony SWTOR Server. For those who wish to contribute in any capacity, a module is available to display what the site uses:


Help: The Main Menu

The main menu is displayed at the top of each page of the site, and is split into two sections. The top left menu includes common links to sections of BC.org for all members. The top right menu contains user-specific areas of BC.org.

The following are the links for the upper left menu, or Main Menu.

  • Home - The Home link redirects back to the board index.
  • GuildNet - The GuildNet link brings up the section where Guilds can recruit, share, and organize RP.
  • Articles - The Articles links are a collection of sponsored resources available for players to utilize in their RP.
  • Calendar - The Calendar link displays the BC.org calendar. The calendar has upcoming community events, holidays, and birthdays.
  • HoloNet-Wiki - The HooloNet is the BC.org hosted Wiki that provides a large amount of IC and OOC information generated by players.
  • Chatroom - The BC.org Chatroom is open to all members for an OOC hangout or to use for IC text RP.
  • Help Guide - The Help Guide link leads to this help section.

The following are the links for the upper right menu, or User Menu.

  • Search - The Search link enables users to search for posts and topics in the forum or for members in the memberlist.
  • Profile - The Profile link displays the profile summary of the member that is currently logged in. From there, members can edit their account settings and information.
  • Register - The Register link enables guests to create their own member account.
  • Logout - The Logout link enables members to log out of their account and become guests again. Logging out disables anyone from using the account unless they have access to the username and password.
  • Login - The Login link enables guests to login to their member account if one currently exists.

Additionally, administrators also have access to an Admin link, which enables them to access the administration site. Arbiters have access to a Arbiters link, which allows them to access the Arbiters center and perform many moderation tasks.