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Help: User Notepad

The Use Notepad is a place where you can keep notes for yourself and draft new posts or stories without it being in the public eye. To access it, click User Notepad on the top left of your page, just under Show All Unread GuildNet Posts. You will be taken to the main Notepad page, where a list of your previous notes will be displayed, and you have the option to create new notes.

To create a new note, click Add New Note. A new note will be created for you, and you will have two boxes to fill out. The top box will prompt you to put in the subject, or title of your note. That is the title by which you will access your note in the future. The bottom box will prompt you to input the content of your note. You may put whatever you wish there. Once you are done filling in your note, you can click the Add Note button at the bottom right to save it. Now your note is saved, and you can always return to it by clicking on its name from the list on the left.

You can always return to edit your note at any time. Simply click on the note, and make your changes, then click Edit Note. You can also select all the text in your note by clicking Highlight Note, which will then allow you to easily copy its content.

To delete a note, select the note you wish to delete, then click the Delete this note link at the top right corner.