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Profile Info

This section provides information about viewing member profiles.

Help: Profile Info

The profile info summary screen displays basic site information about a member, as well as any additional information they may wish to share.


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A member may view their own profile summary at any time simply by selecting Profile from the main menu. A member may view another member's profile summary by selecting the member's name whenever it is displayed on the site. The following is the displayed information, where applicable.

  • Display Name - A member may choose a display name that is different from their username they use to log in.
  • Membergroup - If a member has been assigned a membergroup with roles on the site (such as Arbiter), it is displayed. Othwerwise, this is blank.
  • Communication Icons - If a member provides information for various communication methods such as email, web site, ICQ, or AIM, it will be displayed in the form of icons.
  • Online Status - If a member has not chosen to hide their online status, it is displayed.
  • Add To Buddy List - Members may add each other as buddies through this link or in the Buddy List page.
  • Send PM - A member may send a private message to another member.
  • Posts - The site keeps track of the number of each member's post, as well as an average per day.
  • Show Stats - A member may view various stats related to another member.
  • Username - A member uses their username to login.
  • Email - A member may choose to hide their email, in which case it is not displayed.
  • Custom Title - If a member has been given a custom title, it is displayed.
  • Personal Text - If a member has chosen to enter personal text, it is displayed.
  • Gender - A member may choose not to disclose their gender, in which case it is not displayed.
  • Age - If a member has filled in their birth date, their age is displayed.
  • Location - If a member has chosen to disclose their location, it is displayed.
  • Characters - A member can display the list of characters they play in this field. If no characters are specified, this will not show.
  • Faction - If a member prefers play on one side or other of the in-game faction mechanic, they can specify. The default answer is 'Both'.
  • Date Registered - The site remembers when each member first registered.
  • Local Time - Since a member may be from any part of the world, their local time is displayed.
  • Last Active - The site keeps track of when a member was last active.