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Help: Community Channels

BC.org promotes the use of standardized channels to help bring players together in an IC or OOC manner. This is useful for roleplay events, coordination, getting help or getting to know one another. We welcome new members to join these channels to be connected to community at large! These are custom channels, which does mean that free-to-play players must reach level 10 before being able to join them.

In order to join the channels, please type the following into the SWTOR in-game chatbox:

Imperial side:
/cjoin imperialooc
/cjoin rp

Republic side:
/cjoin republicooc
/cjoin rp

The respective OOC channels are, as titled, out-of-character, which allows for direct player communication to ask for help and coordinate RP locations, plots, etc.

The respective IC channels (the 'rp' channel on both sides) are treated as an in-universe open comm channel and as such considered always in-character. Please note that it is assumed everyone on the channel will be able to hear the communication that you are providing ICly, if they have a comm unit available.

Please also note by right clicking the General tab on your in-game chat window, you will find options to Create New Tab or change Chat Settings, which will allow you to separate your chat channels into different tabs or set new colors to the channels for improved readability.