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Help: Community Events

One of the aims of BC.org has always been helping players find RP of all types at nearly any time. To help facilitate this, BC.org has "sponsored" several events to help breathe more and more life into the community. These are by no means the only RP events out there, nor are they the only ones open to the community at large.

To qualify as a BC.org Sponsored Community Event, these events repeat on a regular schedule (be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) with a strong Star Wars oriented theme and are open to the entirety of the public. Some are hosted while others have simply been adopted by the community at large. Each event has a listed start and end time, however roleplay often will last beyond these times.

Sponsored Events are represented on the calendar through the "BC RP" prefix, and their promotion is maintained by the Arbiter Team. A complete list of the Sponsored Events is found below.

Becoming Sponsored
Becoming a BC.org Sponsored Community Event is easy: simply send a message to the Arbiter/Admin Team with your event, its location, frequency, times, and a general description of the event. As stated above, all sponsored events have a strong Star Wars theme to them and are regular recurring events, so keep that in mind when crafting your PM!

Sponsored Community Events:

Grey Coalition
Every Wednesday, 7:30pm Server Time
Hosted by Gabe Thorne and organized by Quarasha Ahnshal, the Grey Coalition's regular Anti-Zak Nights are a forum to gather with others opposed to the defacto reign of the Zakuul Empire over the civilized galaxy. Meeting at 7:30 PM Server Time every Wednesday, anyone opposed to Zakuul and can reasonably justify getting invited is welcome to come. Meet other revolutionaries, discuss plans for fighting Zakuul and gather the resources needed to enact such plans. Open to Republic, Imperial, Hutt, Neutral parties... basically, anyone that isn't a supporter of Zakuul!

Jedi Open Enclave
Thursdays, 6pm-10pm Server Time
Hosted by Jedi Custodum. Held within the Custodum Headquarters Stronghold, characters gather together to converse on the philosophy of the Code and the Force in general or other Jedi-focused topics. Oftentimes a lesson is held by the Custodum or another Jedi, but even when there is no lesson scheduled there is RP to be had among those that show regularly. On regular occasions there are larger events or missions held based around the concentration of Jedi characters at this gathering.

Dancer's Palace
Fridays, 9pm-12am Server Time
Originally started by Stell and Anaris. A high Pleasure Palace on Nar Shaddaa, represented by Minette's Stronghold on that planet, set as a casino-pleasure Sky Palace run in part by a conglomeration of player characters. As a cross faction RP location, the evening offers casual relaxation RP without the immediate influence of the war happening beyond. A high-stakes security system is a part of the location to help bring an In-Character method to enforcing the peace while aboard.