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Help: The Warning System

The Admin Team operates a tiered warning system to handle transgressions against the BC.org Guidelines or other members of the community. Taking action against anyone is something the Admin Team would like to avoid, but realistically must do in order to maintain the quality of content in the community and protect other players. When making a determination about how best to address a situation, the Admin Team conducts a thorough investigation of the incident in question, the seriousness of the offence and the users previous history. Reprimands will be given at the Admin Teams discretion and may vary from case to case, based on the aforementioned criteria.

The Warning Level
All users have a "Warning Level" expressed as a percentage. This warning level is visible by everyone should any member actually have a level above 0%. When a member has a warning issued to them, that warning adds to that users warning level, and the site automatically applies some moderation tasks once a member reaches given warning levels.

The levels at which actions are automatically taken are:

  • 10% and above - The member is put on the "Watched Users" list, and actions that member takes on the forum are noted so Arbiters can take a look. This does not affect the members ability to perform any tasks.
  • 50% and above - The member will find all their new posts require moderator approval before they appear to the forum community. This applies only to posts, and not to chatroom accessibility or PMs.
  • 85% and above - If a member reaches this level they will find they are unable to post at all or enter the chatroom or use PMs. Other site features are still available, but they will not be given any option to post or chat until their warning level falls below this line. If members wish to communicate with the site administration at this point, they can do so by using the Report link on the warning post.

Warning Level Decay
The warning level of a member automatically degrades towards to 0% by 5% for every day they do not receive a warning. For example, a member with a warning level of 15% will have a 0% warning level after three days if they do not receive another warning in that time. The site will automatically remove any actions that apply to a member once they fall below the level set for that action. The 5% drop will occur 24 hours after the last time they received a warning and every 24 hours after that point. If the member receives a new warning, that is the time the counter will reset to.

Warning Standards
The maximum warning an Arbiter can give to a member is 25%, regardless of how many warnings might be given. This is to prevent any possibility of abuse, but also to help counter imagined slights of prejudice from either side. This also serves as the maximum warning that can be given for any Arbiter-level response. If the Arbiters decide that an infraction deserves a larger response, the case may be escalated to an Admin.
A 5% warning is considered the standard "friendly reminder" warning, as this level removes itself after 24 hours and does not incur any additional action. A 10%-15% warning is considered the baseline for cases of agitated unfriendliness and breaking of BC.org Guidelines.

Warning Communication and Appeal
The Admin Team investigates all reported posts, reported PMs, and member complaints thoroughly; responding as is fit for the situation in question. A member may not be contacted before a warning is given, however a notification will be delivered to the warned member with a detailed reasoning for the action taken. Any and all communication regarding a warning, including the reasons for one being given, will be discussed with the recipient of the warning ONLY. Should you receive a warning or other administrative action that you feel was not warranted, you may appeal the decision by contacting the Admins directly. Filing an appeal does not guarantee that the action will be reversed.

Please Note:
Though we make every effort to anticipate circumstances we may encounter as Admins and caretakers of BC.org, issues may arise that we had not foreseen. Players are free-thinking, creative and sometimes crafty individuals who possess the ability to enter into situations or create scenarios unexpectedly. Therefore, this FAQ should not been seen as all-inclusive, but rather to give members a general idea of the guidelines we follow in dealing with cases.