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Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: 09/15/18, 11:46:24 PM »
This one isn't for me specifically, I feel like the lyrics would speak to many characters when reflecting on the past decades of cold war, hot war, and Fallen Empires;

Heaven Only Knows - Bob Moses

Sacrifice all your life
Heads hang heavy when there's blood on the line
It's justified, don't ask why
'Cause heaven only knows

Paradise on the other side
Won't you suffer for the angels to fly?
Paralyzed, don't you cry
'Cause heaven only knows

Sacrifice, don't think twice
Wear your faith as you roll in the skies
It's justified, don't ask why
'Cause heaven only knows

Paralyzed on your life
Won't you suffer for the angels to fly?
Sacrifice to make it right
'Cause heaven only knows

Cantina / Re: RP Terminal Announcement
« on: 09/05/18, 10:28:14 PM »
They called it a Holo Disguise Terminal. It is not confirmed to launch in Release 5.9.3. If we use the Appearance Editor as a guide, will there be;

  • A Cartel Coin cost?
  • A Credit cost?
  • A Subscription requirement?
  • A Time Limit?
  • A Faction Restriction?
  • Will it allow you to change your weapon appearance regardless of Class?
  • Can you save "disguises" or is it a one-time use - at a cost - every time?
  • Will it be a ridiculous hologram image of the "disguise", instead of a fully-realized character avatar?

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 08/25/18, 10:19:42 PM »
Sincere thanks to @Niarra and @Dassalya for walking the walk and running tonight's Event.

I had an awesome time, and the Auction banter was perfect.

Someone with better Player knowledge than I please ensure everyone who attended gets tagged and thanked in this thread. We need to encourage all the participation we can these days.

And hey, if your Gray Jedi needs some third-party teachings based on the ancient Je'daii, Drexa made a holocron of her enclave's teachings that may be hidden in some corner of the galaxy...

@Colton, don't make promises you can't keep.

I'll only do that if you write me some short snippets of Drexa lessons that could be retrieved from a thousand year-old damaged Holocron. They can be disjointed, incomplete, unrelated, non-sequential. Send me some PM's if the writing bug takes hold of you... I can use them as handouts as my Padawan stumbles his way through the Galaxy.

It would be interesting if he found a Jedi Holocron and a Je'daii Holocron and had to make sense of which lessons were the right path to follow...

So this year I decided it was time to sit the chair once more.

It was time for recoveringgeek to run a tabletop Star Wars Campaign.

Our table had used Star Wars Saga Edition before, and it worked well enough, but the d20 Feat bloat/combat nonsense kept getting in the way of my storytelling. Then a couple years later, I ran a couple sessions using d6 Star Wars by West End Games. d6 for me is like putting on an old pair of gloves that fit perfectly but are worn through in places. It wasn't the right time for me to run a Campaign, and d6 is missing an extra layer of crunch that my table prefers.

So this time we settled on Savage! Worlds. While there isn't any official support of course, there are several fan-written iterations, many of which take inspiration from the d6 materials. More importantly, I started this Campaign right as the SWTOR creative well was really drying up for many of us, and we'd all just endured our impressions and opinions of The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

So the timing was perfect, as crafting my own story was the balm I needed to refresh my love of Star Wars, rather than waiting for another Creator to do the heavy lifting for me. Now I'm asking you, the Community, to participate too, in your own small way, by posting your reply here.

Here is a brief run down of the characters and setting, and what follows is my request;
  • Setting: Dantooine
  • Location: An  Imperial mining operation nestled against a small civilian-run outpost, surrounded by farmlands
  • Timeline: 10BBY, during the "Dark Times"

  • Quinton "Quint" Munister - Human male, former Head of Security for a Senator who was "disappeared" when Emperor Palpatine seized control of the Galactic Republic. Quint escaped the security sweep, and has been in hiding ever since. A grizzled, washed-up mechanic with a penchant for slug throwers over blasters.
  • Blake Blackthorn - Female Zeltron, runs the civilian outpost on behalf of her Father, and the Blackthorn Cartel, a minor crime organization with a mix of legitimate and black market ventures.
  • B1S-MK1 (Bismark) - Kaminoan Clone stormtrooper whose Inhibitor Chip malfunctioned during Order 66, and he witnessed his fellow troopers murder their Jedi compatriots during the waning days of the Clone Wars. Has continued to perform as a substandard Stormtrooper ever since, getting demoted down the ranks, and transferred further and further out in forsaken postings, before ending up on mining patrol on Dantooine.
  • Serado - Human male, former Jedi padawan who was separated from his Master during Order 66, and escaped murder at the hands of Darth Vader. Has lived in hiding ever since, eventually finding work as a Cracian Thumper wrangler at a mining outpost on Dantooine. Believes the teachings of the Jedi are a failure, and there must be a third way. (A Gray Jedi)

Near this mining outpost are the ruins of the Jedi Temple. The same Jedi Temple that was razed by orbital bombardment by Darth Malak in the Knights of the Old Republic game. Now in terms of timeline, that event was thousands of years ago, however I hand-waved that and simply referred to it as an Event over a thousand years ago so there can be some semblance of technology still functioning in the temple as dictated by the explanation of [PLOT].

Now by this point the characters are all allied by circumstance and shared hatred of the Empire. They have recently discovered some old maintenance tunnels running out to the temple from some old mining tunnels near their settlement. They haven't ventured to the temple yet, as the Empire has declared the entire area a no-go zone, and patrols the surface area with Imperial Scout Troopers on speeder bikes and Imperial Probe droids.

They want to go explore the temple however, for many reasons, not the least of which is an old timer who referenced the possibility that entire areas of the temple may have survived the orbital bombardment, including libraries, training centres, and even hangar bays.

That's my hook, as the Players want to get a ship and get off Dantooine, taking their new Clone friend with them. It's complicated, and for the most part they are all dirt poor, except for Blake, but her resources - and responsibilities - are tied to the outpost.

So my goal was for them to find a ship in one of the hangars that survived the bombardment, and they would repair it and get it operational so they can use it to escape the Empire. Then I thought, wait a minute, this is my Campaign, and if I want to be self-serving and self-congratulatory, why can't I?

So now the ship is going to the Jaded Dream.

It makes me smile just typing that.

The whole over a thousand years ago bit is to make it easier to hand wave a Gozanti Cruiser still being able to fly (with some repairs) after all that time. Gozanti Cruisers are Old Republic-era vessels, but still in service during the Prequels (You briefly see one in The Phantom Menace.).

Here's my request for the Community;

Some of you have had characters on both sides of the Treaty Line interact with Captain Jaade at one time or another. Another, smaller group of you have found yourselves on board the Jaded Dream from time to time, even if only briefly. Finally, an intimate group of characters have flown with Jaade regularly, by choice or consequence.

If you had a character who ever interacted with Jaade, or flew on the Jaded Dream, what did they leave behind that a group of desperate, motley, ne'er-do-wells would eventually find? What little piece of our collective stories from the past seven years do you want to survive a thousand years later?

Here are some examples and shout-outs, but this list is not exhaustive, so even if I didn't tag you, please post your suggestions if you have them.
@blingdenston - Pehn Qardaak has haunted the corridors of the Jaded Dream many times. That said, Rancem Rath might have left behind armour components, weapons, or even a Bounty Hunter license without an expiry date...
@Niarra - Kettur, the Twi'lek super spy probably had several projects on the go during his time on the 'Dream, never mind any Old Republic intelligence files on various points of interest.
@Iaera - Iaera the Player is off pursuing other interests these days, but on the off chance she ever reads this, I believe she would relish the chance to lock wits with my Gray Jedi player, and convince him of his folly. I had strongly considered a half-completed Datacron labelled the Teachings of Farworlder or something more clever. I would love to know what Iaera would say to an exiled Gray Jedi wannabe. Never mind one or two dusty Jedi artifacts...

@Cordae - I don't know what the Crown Prince may have ever left behind, but I am sorely tempted to have the characters find the coordinates to Erini in the Jaded Dream's aged navicomputer. I wonder what Erini would be doing in the time of the Galactic Empire?
@Orell - I don't know that Shaantil ever spent more than a moment or two on my ship, but certainly Kyri was part of a mission or two. A headstrong healer might have a clue or two waiting to be found.
@Hawking - Leave any breadcrumbs?
@livia - This Chiss may not have agreed with Jaade's temper very often, but she never resented him for it. She walked his landing ramp more than once I seem to recall.
@Lolermelon - I am genuinely afraid to even ask. Be gentle.
@Aylaa - I'm pretty sure Darth Necare set foot on the Jaded Dream once or twice during their brief Vysint smuggling contract. What would a Sith Lord leave lying around in a case of contraband alcohol?
@Colton - Testing, testing, this thing on? What nugget of SmuggCo's history would be found rattling around in one of the 'Dream's storage lockers?

Items, weapons, holo recordings, data files, contraband, hyperspace coordinates, unsolved mysteries, unfinished storylines...  what do you want our Legacy to be a thousand years later?

I have an old friend who's been working at BioWare (Edmonton, not Austin) for the past few years now. He's never been involved with SWTOR, but knows my appreciation and long-time participation with the game.

I'm embarrassed to say he gave me some sweet swag two years ago! I just finally got around to posting it now.

No excuses.

The t-shirt is an XL, and it just fits my 14-year old Youngling, so I passed it on to the next Generation of spacer in my family. However the coin is awesome, and I still have it tucked away for now. When I finish renovating my home office, I intend to display it somehow. It will always bring back my immensely fond memories of this community, even when the game inevitably shuts down sometime in the future.

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call: Aaand... Sold!
« on: 08/17/18, 12:20:59 PM »
Character: Jaade

Auction Lot: pending...

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/06/18, 01:51:59 AM »
Just a heads up @Niarra, I have a rare break from tabletop night on August 16, so if you need a hand with anything really, I'm available to help.

Cantina / Re: Polling interest
« on: 07/31/18, 08:43:39 AM »
What Captain worth the chair thinks so small @blingdenston? One door, one key?

I also have a spin-off of the original Keys of Iokath arc which I gave to a specific group and if they're game, others may potentially be brought into that spin-off arc as well.

Whomever it is that holds those original keys, imagine the doors they can open...

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/19/18, 05:06:42 PM »
I will be using the Deep Space room here in our ChatRoom, and the #Kwenn channel on the Begeren Colony Discord if it helps everyone stay in touch.

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/19/18, 05:04:02 PM »
No problem.

We'll stagger things, and I can accommodate late arrivals. 5:00PM was mostly a soft start and to help people get organized. 6:00PM was more of a firm start, and usually I can't start until later due to Time Zones, but I am off work today, so I thought an earlier start time might attract a larger crowd.

It's a fluid Event, so please join us when you're able.

is that there're a passel of folks who've been tossed to the curb in this community that could turn up like bad pennies with all the potential annoyance and recurring trauma that could entail.

As usual @blingdenston, you read my mind.

I am happy to lend my support in whatever fashion I can if this is something we want to do.

As I was writing my reply to this thread, I was already forming a short list of Players who would need to be reached out to to see if they had any interest in participating. Part of my lending support, would be to help talk to anyone who was willing to start a dialogue, if they saw me as a voice they could trust.

I wanted to highlight this particular comment from @Niarra

I would be more amenable to the idea of creating alt-versions of my primary characters on Star Forge to attend the occasional event over there if someone has a particularly cool event to call out (or if folks from our community want to create "satellite" events over there for this purpose). But the thing about group RP is that it's like a living eco-system, and if you aren't actively and consistently connected to it you won't really get much out of it either.

If other players such as @Ash and @TrickyNick87 were to extend an invitation to us for a specific, well-attended, Cross-Faction Event, similar to say our former Friday Night Dancer's Palace, or another dual-faction accessible Event, I would be willing to roll a Jaade-alt for the purposes of some role-play and a Meet and Greet. I'd do my best to twist @blingdenston's arm to do the same with me.

Further, while I am not Ultra-Rich, I do have enough credits that I could assist some players in rebuilding their core "Outfit" if it required something pricey from the Cartel Market. I also know there are other players out there ( @Seraphie , @livia , @Lolermelon) who have assisted me in the past, and there may be enough of us to pay it forward and ensure everyone could roll on Star Forge with their favorite 'toon who is dressed to impress.

Even if I did it would delete my outfits and strongholds and guild ship, I don't have anywhere near enough credits to redo all of those and some of the things in them are literally unobtainable now.

My Roll Call poll identified there may only be 20 - 30 of us left, with maybe only half of that actively playing at all anymore. It may not be lasting, or revitalize our community, but meeting some new faces would be fun all the same, and I think we'd maximize the moment, if as many of us from all attended on the same night.

I have never researched character transfers, so I don't know what you can and cannot transfer with you in regards to Collections, Credits, and Legacy. I am happy to lend my support in whatever fashion I can if this is something we want to do.

Events and Occasions / Re: A Dread Mind
« on: 07/19/18, 02:18:04 PM »
  • Updated start time to 5:00PM P.S.T.

This gives more time for the East Coasters, and we can still wait for stragglers, and do some light role-play for the early birds.

I will be online using ChatRoom and also on the Begeren Colony Discord channel, to assist with Cross-Faction communication.

I will primarily be on Ziost using Imperial-Faction Old Witch, however I will have Republic Faction Augustus Jaade on stand by if needed for Group play.

I will encourage everyone to use the Dailies and Weeklies as we role-play. Only because they have some fun activities like scanning with equipment, scouting with macrobinoculars, fixing damaged speeders, and retrieving lost probes. We may not have sufficient numbers to defeat the World Boss, but we don't have to complete everything. I have my own story planned, but the Dailies and a couple of small Instanced-Areas help add to the exploration aspect.

Due to Cross-Faction game play, we'll have to utilize /Say range a lot, so watch your distances, I think the maximum distance is approx 30 meters or so.

Please post any questions today if you have them. I look forward to seeing as many of you as can attend.

Thank you for posting this @Ash.

Can you share any additional details?  Is it primarily cantina role-play?  Are players fractured into Stronghold play?

The public Fleet role-play is a nice sign, are they organizing any large scale Events?

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