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Time to get Rixbo back in the action. The days that work for me are Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturday, and Sundays.

Open World PVP / Re: Planet Battle circles
« on: 10/20/15, 10:07:23 AM »
I'm a big fan of active RP and rping either out on planets or in the middle of something. It makes the RP more immersive and more entertaining. I definitely like the sound of this idea and would be down for trying some of it as well.

I'm not sure which subforum this would go in so I threw it in the Events one. At 9PM EST, I will start the KOTFE storyline and do a full playthrough of Chapters 1 through 9 in one solid go. This is for people that may not be able to see the storyline until next week. Curious to see what decisions could affect your companions? Not a sub yet and want to see what's coming? Come hang out and watch/enjoy the story.

The story will be from the Imperial side with a Light Side character. Hope to see people there.

Server Development / Re: Begeren Colony Summit
« on: 10/18/15, 10:42:54 PM »
I also concur with what Siv said. My representative was going to attend but raidcall proved to be a pain to install/sign up. Can we use a less painful program next time?

Outside Realm / Re: Battlefront beta - Oct 8th through 12th
« on: 09/24/15, 04:56:02 PM »
I plan on playing it hardcore during that window its open on the PC. I will also be streaming a bunch of it during that time as well for people who are on the fence on if they want to get/play the game. Definitely down to find others to play with during that time as well.

Myself and my guild, Dendarii Mercenary Fleet are into progression. We are a primary PvE orientated guild with 2 different groups tackling HM ToS/Rav.  We are also working on a bunch of the old Nightmare 55 content with allies Synovian Empire. So far we've got Hateful, From Beyond, Dragonslayer, and Gatecrasher.

tl:dr  Progression is still being done by some guilds on this server.  :grin:

The Trading Floor / Selling Crest of the Dread Master Run
« on: 09/07/15, 03:09:33 PM »
Greetings everyone!

Do you wish to become a Dread Master? An Eternal Warrior? Well now is your chance. No need to transfer servers for it, you can stay on BC and get your very own Crest of the Dread Masters.

This item is a rare item that comes from the secret boss in the Operation Scum and Villainy. When you kill the Hateful Entity, you get this mask to drop as well as earn the title "the Eternal Warrior". Interested? It can be yours for the low price of 10 Million credits. Lower then many of the other servers are currently selling runs for.

If you are interested, please post below in this thread or contact me in-game at Rixbo. 

*Run brought to you by Dendarii Mercenary Fleet and The Synovian Empire

The Trading Floor / Re: Recluse Intergalactic Trading Post
« on: 06/16/15, 04:30:48 PM »
I have the Revered Huntmaster breastplate and can also provide rakata energy node or engineering encryptions. I'm looking for the Revanite planning tents.

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/12/15, 10:13:11 PM »
So let's try to get this show started.

This coming Tuesday Jun 16th at 7pm PST / 10pm EST I will be trying to get a group going on the Impside.

If you are interested in coming let me know and with which toon if you have multiple ones. The goal will be to do Eternity Vault and Karragga's Palace for the first night. The more the merrier as it are pretty easy Ops at Level 60. I will use this thread for now and if it goes off well break off into a new thread to organize it better.

If this time isn't good we can adjust accordingly per the masses.

Cantina / Re: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion
« on: 06/12/15, 07:13:21 PM »

An interesting picture. Not to mention that white armor looks pretty cool.

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/11/15, 07:11:13 PM »
@Bolas : If you want, you could do a Republic one. I don't have any toons on the pubside that are raid ready so that could be a way to separate the factions into two different nights.

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/09/15, 07:29:43 PM »
So let's see.


Aylaa – DPS/Heals
Audaine – Sin Tank
Mikella – Merc DPS
Karmic – Sin Tank
Kyr’am – Operative (Dps/Heal)
Farida – Merc DPS/Heal
Lakesh – Operative DPS
Jak’sito – Sniper DPS
Lastagir – Merc DPS


Aylaa – Tank
Abethul – Shadow Tank
Skuth – Commando Heal / DPS
Armeria – Seer Healer
Jaronn – DPS/Heal Scoundrel
Ineri – DPS Sentinel
Samzun – Gunslinger DPS
Caben – Gunslinger DPS
Maerin - Shadow DPS/Tank
Zytarion – Sage Healer
Zylsendor – Vanguard Tank
Zaynn – Guardian Tank (HM)
Zel’rose – Scoundrel Heal
Zevanen – Gunslinger DPS
Reithan – Sentinel DPS
Aolanni – Shadow DPS/Tank
Pehn – Scoundrel DPS
Ran-del – Guardian DPS

Did I miss anybody?

I was planning on maybe a Monday or a Tuesday to run stuff? I know that Tuesday there aren't any RP events planned on and on Monday Rishi Night doesn't draw a steady contingency like War Room or Dancers Palace. Thoughts?

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/08/15, 04:54:24 PM »
Alright so let's start forming up a roster.  I can DPS/Tank/Heal so I'm open to any role. Please post what toon and what role you would be interested in going on below.

Rixbo - DPS/Tank/Heals

Flashpoints and Operations / Re: RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/06/15, 10:34:34 AM »
Nice to see a lot of interest in this. I guess the first thing we should do before we start planning a roster is figure out a time to run these Ops that works well with the schedule and the events on

Any specific nights people had in mind?

Flashpoints and Operations / RPers interested in Ops?
« on: 06/05/15, 08:06:52 PM »

I am making this thread as just a way to gauge interest in the RP community. I know a lot of RPers probably haven't done much in terms of Endgame PvE content. My guild is primarily a PvE guild running number of Operations. The old 50/55 Operations are quite simple to do and can be a lot of fun, not to mention they have some nifty decorations for those who are stronghold decorators. I have no problem trying to help organize runs for RPers to experience this endgame content. This is on the Imperial side.

IC: it could be explained as an organized job that my Mercenary fleet was hired to help with. OR Can take it one step further and RP it as whatever the Operation truly is. (Killing a Hutt Cartel boss, etc. etc.)

OOC: Again, this is a way for me to try and make a niche inside the RP community. My guild is primarily PvE and I want to start an RP branch inside it so I figured I would try by using our greatest strength of PvE success.

Hopefully people are interested in this.

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