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Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 07/08/18, 10:29:53 PM »
Alrighty! Gimme a heads up beforehand so I can plan to have that day off and NOT miss it XP

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 07/08/18, 12:12:15 AM »
Sorry I didn't make it! I had to stay a bit later for work and when I come home, my internet is down/still down. I'm stuck with the phone for any communication  :rage: Hopefully I can make it to the next event! ...when I stop having Ash's own luck >_<

Events and Occasions / Re: Soovada: The Party Strikes Back
« on: 06/27/18, 03:53:25 PM »
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff....okay, I am working that night, but I can make it to it about an hour and a half late max...that's the only way I can make it. So...sign me up as a late arrival XD

So over the past month or to from my perspective (which is very much skewed with the work shifts I go on) there hasn't been all that much going on within the game, being it talk within the chat or just people trying to interact with one another. I know I'm a bit of a loner when it comes to this sort of thing, being in a group, because my limited time causes commitment issues, but I decided I really want to do something to encourage me, and hopefully others, to be a bit more active. Kinda rebuild the reputation and the friendship of this community. So I have, here, a little challenge for everyone to try to commit more of my time with you guys!

As of today, well...tonight my time, I'm giving out keys to my Strong Hold for everyone. A small resort SH with a spa, meeting room, drinking/gambling area, and...suggestive dance room to create a small hub for people to go to for some individual/small group rp. Maybe an event or two as well for those that want to use it as such! Though with the stupid cross faction restrictions, giving out keys is the only way to make it work. But that brings me to my next terrible segway!

In order to work around my time, and to try and be more interactive outside of the game, I'm opening up my discord for anyone and everyone to message me! Further more I'm going to be giving a short description of each muse I currently RP with to try and plot something up, meet up, or...whatever else we decided to do! I highly encourage others to do the same here on this little page, to try and get more people to interact and communicate again. Just my little attempt to rejuvenate the community and get things back on track. Maybe even have some great moments before we get a healthy dose of cringe with the next expansion! ...Whenever that comes out. So without further ado, the cast of my trash muses!

 :lightside:Ash'ette: The star child herself with inappropriate humor to match her rather...crazy weird life. Hardly the brightest Twi'lek in the world, she's a complete social bug who would do anything to try and be your friend and get to know you! All while providing a healthy dose of sexual tension. For the kids! But in all honesty she's my primary muse Pub side and who I'm on the most. She was made to be easy going and just a charm to hang around with. So she's certainly my go to muse to break the ice for any situation...except for you Nulaa you p-

 :darkside:Jannet: The Zealot Imperial Cathar...yes, hypocrite is an understatement. My little spin on what being loyal to the empire is and how far she'd go to protect those beliefs and embody them. Add on some weird Cathar racism, cult like dedication, and...the usual imperial cliches, I like to think just her being a Cathar in the Sith empire is enough to get a ball going and bring up some weird conversations about her radicalism.

 :lightside: :darkside:Shaan Lix: My Togruta Pirate Queen! Erm...self claimed pirate queen. Who lives on her own...and tries to kill everyone. She's basically a heartless killer, willing to be a complete sadist to gain some form of entertainment in her bizarre life. Though I hardly use her, she's the muse I go to for straight up conflict and angst. If you want to roll the dice of how badly she wants to kill your muse, she's the one for you! Because given the opportunity, she'd kill every single living being in the galaxy...for fun!

 :darkside:Tarnish Vinx: My Zabrak Sith! Or as she calls herself "A pragmatic Sith." She's basically the kind of person who'd try to be your friend then determine whether you can be of use to her or not. Just some good ol' Sith manipulation with the twist of being friendlier than most. I like to think she's fun for the akward rps where she's actually nice to someone for a Sith. Except Taelios...what even is Taelios-

But that's the four major muses I have! At least for now. I still have two muses I eventually want to bring up in the future, so I may edit them in at a later date. But for now, those four will do to hopefully get this ball rolling. I'd love to see people just to start interacting again and bringing this community back to life. Keep this great thing we have going just a bit longer. But what's most important is that we have fun, make some memories, and just enjoy what RP can do to Star Wars! And if you just want to hit something up with me, message me at discord on ThatfunnyTwilekAsh#3437. I hope to be seeing more of you guys around talking up a storm! And if you need a key to my sh, let me know and I'll send one ASAP! Hope to see you guys out there!  :music:

Events and Occasions / Re: Soovada 2018 (Roze Garden)
« on: 06/18/18, 10:36:47 AM »
So the company has made a schedule change for me so I get off of work an hour earlier than normal. if we can host the next one 9 p.m. server time I would be a few minutes late, but would be able to make it! 8 server could work'd just be an hour in that case XP

Outside Realm / Re: Solo: A Spoiler Thread
« on: 06/17/18, 09:40:14 PM »
Pretty late to this discussion thread, but I saw solo yesterday and I thought I'd put my thoughts out there. Especially considering my opinions over the movie are...mixed to say the least. Lots of retconning, some stupid moments, some good moments, and a few dull moments in there. So...let's get into it.


Because I'm a positive person I want to just start off with the stuff I liked, and it did some pretty good stuff. I loved how Han and Lando's relationship came to be. It really gave off that feeling from Episode V of how they may respect each other and team up from time to time, they both subtly piss off one another. Plus the whole sabbacc scene for the falcon, twice, really reminded me of the books, so i certainly liked that. Chewie's reveal was cool...was a bit disappointed they didn't mention the whole life debt part but I can knock that off as a oversite. Alden Ehrenreich did his best to be Han and he certainly had his moments where I thought "there's my boy," but then being Han is a tall order to begin with. And one little detail that I loved that some of the movies has kinda ignored is the old star wars species. Seeing Twi'lek, Rodians, Duro, just the classic star wars aliens again was really nice, especially since the main films have a weird obligation to try and ignore those species when possible...for some weird reason. Oh, and Warwick Davis. That cameo brought a sweet smile to my face.

The negatives! Because every movie has one and this is no exception.

The whole retconning of Kessel and the Maw, honestly, pissed me off. How such a interesting, dangerous, and contested region of space is devolved into just a big ol' cloud with a gravity well in the center...which makes no sense, but whatever. I like to think the Kessel region, where in the EU is a partially destroyed planet, barely staying together as it skirts the region of space when a cluster of thousands of blackholes encompasses space would be far more interesting, but that's what the film crew decided not to go with. The villian sucked...I can't even remember his name except that it's temper tantrum jarvis. The lighting was off at times...especially when they first enter the falcon. It just seemed far too dark for what it should be. Hyperfuel...was weird. I may just not have understood it and they decided to finally give the fuel in star wars a name. I need to think over that a bit, but it certainly quirked a brow. And finally looked kinda bland, like some knock off, low budget coruscant. And it also messed with me that it didn't show any Drall or Selonian. That was a real missed oportunity to show the effects of the empire on alien species. Just a missed opportunity.

Over all I just felt the movie was...Meh. The good parts kept me entertained, the bad moments kept me pissed, and there was just a lot of down time between the two. Where stuff didn't happened and left no impression. The movie, overall, is just something I don't plan on ever seeing again, and would like to just kinda something that doesn't represent the star wars i grew up with. Though, this is from the respective of a unchanging veteran of the take that with a bit of salt.

Events and Occasions / Re: All Galaxy Combat Tournament
« on: 06/14/18, 12:31:45 PM »
Oooooooooooooo, I know a certain cathar that would love to participate in this. *cough* jannet *cough* Sign me up!

Events and Occasions / Re: Return of the Social RP Event!
« on: 06/13/18, 05:40:48 PM »
Damnit, it has to be when I'm working >.> welp, if this is reoccurring, I guess I know what day to get off of for work

Events and Occasions / Re: Soovada 2018 (Roze Garden)
« on: 06/10/18, 12:17:43 AM »
Here's to hoping it does!  :whee:

Events and Occasions / Re: Soovada 2018 (Roze Garden)
« on: 06/07/18, 01:43:24 AM »
Damnit...I have to work that night. Afraid I'm gonna miss out on that! Hope you guys have fun! :aww:

Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace Aurevoir
« on: 05/24/18, 07:18:38 PM »
Thanks for all the time and effort into making DP a nice little hub for rp to unfold in! Hate to see the event go but we all understand! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it! <3

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/24/18, 06:57:18 PM »
Work has mostly, for me, prevented me from being more active in game...or on the site >.> Also doesn't help I've been having computer problems lately too. I also do manage to hop onto fridays for DP, though, even if I'm usually late! I still very much enjoy having my toons meet people, be their crazy/weird selfs, but it's hard to play the actual game. I'm still very much interested trying to spread out and do some more stories lines ingame and whatnot. Maybe even host an event when the expansion finally lands and we know where this game is going. Definitely not abandoning the game, that's for sure. My biggest concern these days is really just time...stupid night shift.

I can certainly attend and help out with the op! My schedule is open this week so if we are doing it pub side I can dps or imp side I can tank. Whichever one is needed I can do!

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/06/18, 04:53:01 PM »
Indie Night certainly is a conundrum considering everything. It's just hard to get everyone in one place and to make it a event where people can know why they're going and what to do.

One thing we can do is use the SH I've been using and sorta use that as a goto place for free roaming rp or to host a indie night! I've been decorating it and building it up for the better part of three months and it's at a point where it can suit most general purposes! It's got a staging room for making plans and whatnot, a bar, a recruitmentish room, a battle arena, a dancer's room, even a self made spa! If anything it'd just be a good "to go to" place to start something up without too much planning. Basically a place where anyone can go to do most things! It's an idea at the very least and may help out with this whole problem.

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/05/18, 10:36:43 PM »
I always try to make it to Rishi not, but with recent events I'm currently going to be working till 12 a.m. on mondays. So sadly, I can never make it to rishi night unless it changes or the schedule opens up >.>

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