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Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 06/03/18, 04:12:35 PM »
Yea it worked!

I want one.  Seriously, want that raptor.

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 06/02/18, 08:16:45 PM »
Thought this thing was stickied...  (IT SHOULD BE! *tag mods*  :grin: )

Posting to let people know Karmic's more-than-semi-retired.

You won't see me much around anywhere outside of Seraphie/Stell's private events in the future, maybe. 

I'm more than happy to RP with anyone who wishes to set something up one on one - my email account is linked to PMs here so I'll always know if you want to get in touch with me (for any reason).  And it always will be.  :aww:  Happy to hear from anyone who wishes to keep in touch!

But outside of that - this is my goodbye to the general community.

edited to add: Should anyone ever come around Secret World or WoW or TESO and need someone to help'em out or get them started - drop me a line! I'm always in a few online games simultaneously :)

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/11/18, 07:26:16 PM »
Cyone.  Please stop.  None of what you're talking about is the purpose of this thread.

And what you're writing (on that particular off-topic subject) isn't helping those of us already feeling alienated and/or frustrated and/or alone.  In fact, its making it worse. 

I'm happy for you that its that easy for you to find RP with.  I realize you don't believe me, or I guess others here, but its not that easy anymore for some.

So please, if you want to continue to lecture us on what we're not doing or what we're not trying - please start your own thread. 

And that's the last I'll say of that.

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/11/18, 03:28:16 PM »
Im sorry, Cyone but I think you really missed the mark with thinking the latest "drama" is what is "pushing" anyone out of anything - nothing's been blown up.  I get what you're saying, but I think you missed the point of what others are saying.

No one's talking about anything's death or demise.  Our RP numbers are down and have been for a very long time now.  This isn't news and it didn't just happen this month, or even this year.  Just as the game's numbers have been down (which is why they united servers). 

We've had all of maybe three active Sith roleplaying at all (regularly) in the last year and then some.  That isn't an exaggeration or guesstimate of time.  As one of those Sith who've been regular and active since launch, in this community - trust me, its something I've paid close attention to :).

Makes perfect sense to me that Jaade put the poll up not only to find out how many are left in our small community, but how many actual storytellers are left in the community.   

Because without storytellers you really don't have much of an RP community that RPs.  I've been a part of guilds and communities with no storyteller - its pretty dead.  RP revolves around *only* bar/cantina type RP and rarely is there a plot of any mention to be found.  It takes storytellers to give people plots and events to participate in, to color and fill the IC characters daily conversations when they go to those bar events and conversations just interacting with other Rpers.

So its quite important to know just how many storytellers are around in this community, and who they are.

And I am not one of them.  I know that about myself.  I suck at it.  I didn't grow up with tabletop gaming so its never been a mindset I could take on easily.  I didn't get into creative writing in school, so its not something I have a lot of tools for.  I can roleplay within a scene or plot given to me - I can be a great actor (IMO of course) in another's movie.  I'm just no good for coming up with actual story plots to involve others in.

I've tried - I keep trying - I just come up with zilcho nada!

But I am around - though not in a daily or even weekly sense anymore.  I'm not playing the game at all and except for a few days after new content is released, I don't play the game at all.  I don't like this game - it isn't fun.  Mechanics suck and the storyline is just as bad now.  I have no faith in bioware or EA at turning anything around as they've not showed yet they are able to do that with anything else they've done so far. 

But I don't stay around for the game anyway.  I stay around for the RP.

And I agree with Sera's post 110%.  This place has changed in the last year or so and it hasn't been for the good.

There have been very few plots to participate in, over the last couple of years.  As a whole in the community.  There have been less community events Sith side in that time and less Sith RP *at all* to be had to the point that there's almost none and has been next to nothing for over a year.

I've logged in for any events I could participate in, however far apart they were.  But outside of that I've only logged in game for scheduled RP one-on-ones, and Dancer's Palace.  And I've taken a break from that as well these last couple of weeks.

I've craved more reasons to be able to login and see anyone around Sith Side to get RP going with of any substance.  But it doesn't appear and I can't make it happen myself.  I'd love to be able to. I WISH I could.  But writing plots doesn't come from wishin'.

So I'd love to see RP events and would love to jump in with both feet.  I really hope things pick up again and people get more open with what they are doing.

But the serious lack of any RP activity to participate in and lack of plots to talk about - along with, as Sera stated, "become so frustrated and dismayed with some of the behaviour I've witnessed directly and indirectly in the community, how people are treating other people. lack of flexibility in rp, lack of proper, respectful communication" - has me questioning if the people left are people I can trust enough to RP with, anymore.

Again, like Sera stated, this isn't a pointing finger and blaming.  Its a response and explanation of my own head right now and why.

I hope it turns around.  I hope I continue to have reasons to login and find more RP to join in with.  Only time will tell that.

Outside Realm / Re: All good things...
« on: 05/03/18, 11:11:59 AM »
As one of the "oldies" left around here - you will be hugely missed Iaera.  You're presence (either partial or fully involved) has been a wonderful thing for our RP community and certainly for the Jedi faction as a whole.  And I do hate that its been drama that has made your final decision for you; even if I totally get it and am not at all surprised.

I 100% understand your post and had come to some similar conclusions about this community in the last year myself and find myself now evaluating my own presence in it and what I want (if anything) from this place next.  I quite understand the need to re-prioritize this place and deciding that its time to move on.

I wish you all the best in all the things.  I hope you con't to enjoy roleplay in your life as a stress RELIEF in some form or fashion as it serves you best.  And I hope one day our paths will cross again.

And if you choose to try again in the future I know you'll be welcomed back.  And if I'm still here then Karmic would love to buy Iaera a round of tea for her return - one of the very few Jedi Karmic actually respects.

Be good to yourself.  Live long and Prosper.  May the winds ever be at your back.  <3

nevermind - misunderstood question :)

Nevermind - cancelled signup.

BTW - Same start time as Palace night?  I'm figuring so just checkin!

Normally 9:00PM P.S.T.?

Can more players attend if we start an hour earlier?

Yes, normal start time for DP is 9 PST time.

I'm in - though I don't know how smart this is going to be... having Karmic watch Pehn in a fight...  :rage: :aww: :nuu: :darkside:

She may close her eyes.  (HA like that will help...)

BTW - Same start time as Palace night?  I'm figuring so just checkin!

The Trading Floor / Re: Squiggly's WTB things
« on: 04/08/18, 04:51:51 PM »
FYI Squigg - Those Decorations aren't on sale, those are the regular prices that have always been up for them.  There's always been a few pages of decorations that have stayed on the market.  And that's what you're seeing now.

So get them this week or not - but they won't be going up in price (Unless its a mark-up decoration sale... instead of a SALE lol).

Events and Occasions / Re: The Race through Roche
« on: 04/04/18, 08:00:43 PM »
Does the chatroom log? *blinks* 

Events and Occasions / Re: The Race through Roche
« on: 04/01/18, 11:51:33 AM »
I would love to be there and have Jessak throwing a spectator event with betting set up. However I'm not sure if I can make it. We'll see.

Aww Karmic would totally show up to that event =D

Events and Occasions / Re: The Race through Roche
« on: 03/31/18, 05:55:47 PM »
Karmic signing up to listen'in and cheer.... may not make it to the finish line but i'm gonna try =D
(Not joining the Field'dough - Karmic is not a pilot.)

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/26/18, 06:35:34 PM »
*cracks knuckles* Time to put my money where my mouth is.

And get all the things I don't have ...  :grin:

Cantina / Re: Character Faceclaims!
« on: 03/21/18, 09:30:32 AM »
This is probably pretty obvious but just in case its not...

See Avatar and Signature for my "faceclaim."  :grin:

(In case you can't tell:  Angelina Jolie)

edited to add:  Just face claim.  Body is really more like Tina Turner's  :aww:

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