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Absolutely reversing my earlier position, these games just get better and better

Freestyle Street Basketball is the best. For the J

I figure I might post this here since planning thread and all. If any one needs to speak to Dorian about something regarding Shadren shoot me a message on here. Oh the joys oh having to schedule rp when you have to adult.

Server Development / Re: Custodum Council II: The Counciling
« on: 01/27/18, 01:17:44 AM »
I was tagged, thus I have been summoned. I'm cool with you guys using the SH.

Great, everyone! It sounds like Saturday or Sunday will work best, then, since Monday overlaps with Indie Night and the other days you guys are busy chew up the other weekdays. Is there are any day/time on the weekend that absolutely will not work for people?

Anytime pass 5pm pst is no go for me. Granted, I am only really there to represent my baby, the Shadren Hegemony.

Ahh, sorry, I read your post as Tuesday and Wednesday being no-gos. Is it the other way around?

Yes sir. Those are the only days I don't have to go to sleep early.

Great, everyone! It sounds like Saturday or Sunday will work best, then, since Monday overlaps with Indie Night and the other days you guys are busy chew up the other weekdays. Is there are any day/time on the weekend that absolutely will not work for people?

Anytime pass 5pm pst is no go for me. Granted, I am only really there to represent my baby, the Shadren Hegemony.

Most importantly from all of you, I need days on which you are free to RP! Let me know here in the thread.

I am still locked for Tuesdays or Wednesdays unless it is sometime in the afternoon. GG working graveyard..... this has nothing to do with being undead, I swear.

I am wondering, was this last week or coming up?  :umm:
Coming up. We've been busy and haven't been able to get together to set a week or talk GM stuff yet.

Phew, I was worried that I missed it. Thank ya for replying Noth.  :grin:

I am wondering, was this last week or coming up?  :umm:

So, we can expect this on the 6th, then?

Is the next Imperial RP event for the Shadren plot this Wednesday or next Wednesday? I'm confused.

It will be on a Wednesday, the date has yet to be stated.

Just to throw it out, I'd really like to be able to attend, just because Shadren is Dorian's kingdom and it does concern his wife.

I am good for Tuesday and Wednesday nights generally for an Imp side thing. 

Due to my graveyard work schedule, I am not aboot as often I'd like. So if anyone needs to talk to Dorian about Shadren things or would like to do a scene that relates to plots, just shoot me a pm. It is the best way to get a hold of me to set things up.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: The Chronicles of King Dorian
« on: 10/23/17, 02:49:48 PM »
Dorian sat upon his throne in silence after Tymeis had left the throne room The crackling of the torches were the only sound in the room, then suddenly he pounded his fists down on the arms of the throne. “Kriff!” He roared, no longer able to contain the anger that burned within him. He jumped up onto his feet, tapping into the Force, he threw his throne into a nearby wall. The throne broke upon impact against the stone surface of the wall, showering debris all across the throne room. His emotions took control as the Dark Side surged through him. “Damn her for being reckless!” He punched his fist with all his might into the wall near him. There was a crunching sound as he broke the bones in his fist. Yet he felt nothing. Bone poke out of the flesh his hand, if he were still alive he'd be in agonizing pain.

Energy wafted off the undead king as he drew his lightsaber. The black and white plasma of the weapon shimmered into existence and it hummed softly. Dorian let out another roar as he cleaved the other throne in the room in twain. His thoughts were a disorganized swarm with ideas of revenge. He bellowed out his anger as he reached out with the Force, toppling a nearby statue. It crashed down to the ground shattering all over the floor.

“I am going bring death to those that have taken her.. I shall make manifest their worst nightmares!” He tossed a chunk of marble into one of the standing torches in the room, scattering embers all over the cold stone floor.“If they harmed her in anyway, there will be no mercy.”

Taking hold of one of the halves of the cleaved throne, he tossed it at the entrance of the throne room. Just at that moment the door opened and the nanny droid who looked after his children peeked in. “Master, I have brought the children. They were craving the attention of their moth…” A piece of the splintered throne smacked into the chest of the droid causing it to fall back with a loud thud. This was followed by a shrill cry of a child. “Mommy!” Dorian’s jaw dropped as he saw standing in the hallway his children, a few feet behind the downed droid. “I want mommy!”

He felt his rage drain from him as he let his lightsaber drop to the ground. It bounced off the stone floor, deactivating now that it was out of his grip. He rushed over to the little prince and princess, dropping to his knees before them. His arms snaked around the little prince. “Shhh, Trestin. Mommy is away working.” A part of him hated that he had to lie to them. “She will be gone for a little while.”

Now that he was no longer venting out his rage, he started to think rationally. This was not the time for war. He had to follow through with the plan he had formated. “Daddy is scary! I want mommy!” Trestin shouted as he attempted to get away from his father. The dead man flinched slightly at the sting from his son’s words. “Daddys not scary, daddy is fun.” Zaria said in a sleepy voice as she held her arms up. The princess appeared to ready for bed. “Up.” She commanded with the ease of a ruler. Dorian obliged, freeing his son and picking her up in his arms.

He caught sight of the nanny droid that was finally getting back to his feet. “Master, the children were asking for you and queen so I figured I'd bring them to you…” It trailed off as it saw the mess within the throne room. “Oh dear! What a mess! I shall get someone to clean this up!”

“Thank you.” He muttered. He reached out and pulled his son into his arms as he stood up. “No! I want mommy!” He kicked and screamed as Dorian held him. “Mommy!”

He sighed softly. Leaving the droid to tend to his mess, he carried the prince and princess to their rooms. Tiny fists and feet pounded against him as he walked. “Trestin, stop. Mommy won't be home for a while. Daddy will look after you and Zaria.” The little prince rubbed his tear stained face into the king’s shoulder. “You have to be strong like your sister.” Zaria looked over at her brother and smiled. “I am strong. Just like mommy.” She seemed proud of herself. “Yep you're just like mommy.” He gave his daughter a soft smile. “Too much like her..”

The door to the children’s room opened right before he walked into the room. He first tucked Zaria into her bed. Then he tucked in Trestin. He sniffled as he looked up at his father. “You my little knight, are too much like me. Now. Sleep.” He kissed his son on the top of his head before moving to his daughter. He kissed the top of her head as well. “Sleep well my little girl.” The lights dimmed as he left the room. As the door closed, he dropped onto his rear and rested his back against the closed door.

“I made you go through this too, didn’t I?” He talked to himself as he stared down at the floor. “We need to get you home.”

I like Wednesdays

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 10/20/17, 01:44:44 PM »
A Shadren News Network breaking report! We are going live to the royal palace.

A camera pans to Dorian standing at a podium. On the wall right behind him was the flag of the Shadren Hegemony and the podium itself had the royal crest of House Numair. His bone white hair had been pulled back into a tight ponytail. Dressed in suit of black armor, on either shoulder were golden clasps that held a white cloak.

“Citizens of Shadren and all of the hegemony, I stand here now to formally declare my return as your king. Now. I do not intend to undo the work of our queen has done in my absence. In fact I aim to work alongside her to further build ties with our Imperial allies.”

He smiled at the camera, those blue eyes of his glowed brightly.

“To those in the Sith Empire that may be watching, as always, the Shadren Hegemony wishes to continue its support. To show this, we will be sending a shipment of our most advanced starfighters to date as gifts.”

He had to force air into his lungs to fake the signs that he was alive as he addressed his subjects and fickle allies. The last thing he needed was the Empire deciding to invade because he too was undead like his soldiers.

“My loyal subjects. As I address you all, my personal fleet has been summoned to gather at the capital. I will undertake a grand tour of the kingdom, visiting each world within the realm. Until then I plan to remain within the palace with the queen and the crown prince and princess.”

Dorian flashed one more smile to the camera before the feed was cut.

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