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Can DPS. 10/10

Availability upon the public demand as well, so I cannot say what times would be inconvenient to me or not.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 02/26/18, 01:04:20 AM »


Welcome to the bunch, we have Dark Side Cookies  :darkside:

Storyboards / The Iron Dragon - The Interrogation
« on: 01/28/18, 01:22:45 PM »
Dromund Fels, Maximun Security Prison. 2700 Hours.

The dimmed lights eased his eyes as he sat on the chair. He eyed the large room he was in. Almost empty except for the blackened glasses and the speakers, along with the secured chair and the microphone in the middle of it. Several booths seemed to be around the glass, as Imperial Guards surrounded and pointed their blaster guns around him.

"So, my interrogators will see me through this, I gather?" His words fell in deaf ears. No response, but I guess that silence was a confirmation. He looks at glasses, seemingly awaiting for anyone to speak to him.

He finally accommodated himself, and crossed his legs. He gazed upwards, then let out a long sigh.

"Well then. What does the Empire requires of one of it's servants?"

((OOC: Hello! As sort of a introductory hook ICly, the Empire has arranged an Open Interrogation session for anyone wishing to question Darth Haar. Although the clearing level and power needed to attend such session is high, nothing a good bribe, a small pull here and there, or just being lucky, wouldn't get you into. This serves as some sort of bridge for outsiders to enter and get to know the full situation, told by the man himself. Wether lie or truth, he will surely keep his guests entertained! ))


Sorry my acronym skill is like -10

Otherwise - huzzah!  :aww:  :dance:

Just realized I wrote PM's backwards lul

With the flow of interest and good feedback, I've now completed the first drafting of basic plots and I'm ready to kick it off! The first round of open interaction will be a open post in the forums that further expands the storyline. I'll be open for MP's when the post is up if anyone has any idea on how to include their characters :grin:

Outside Realm / Re: Farewell
« on: 01/13/18, 05:26:42 PM »
Godspeed, Nic, may the Empire of the other server be thankful you are among them. o7

I'll miss your greetings every time I popped up, they were absolutely awesome.

I guess with opening it - and pulling various people in to join in.

After reading your last post - I'm a little confused as to where this is all going; I thought I knew but then you opened up a whole new level -  :aww: - and I have questions again.

Haar is basically accusing (Ultimately?) specific Darths/Groups for putting their own politics above the needs of the Empire which caused this awesome weapon to languish unfinished when we really could have used it. (?)

By exposing this type of backstabbing he is wanting to...lead?push?hopes?...the rest of the Sith? Empire? the people? to change this reality and decide we won't take it anymore? 

Karmic is all about not backstabbing other Sith and finds others doing it to be immature and stupid and hopelessly shortsighted.  Karmic's all about hunting said Sith and solving the problem herself - it was her purpose for years in the Empire (See: Moirae) and she was (secretly) an actual Executioner of such traitors.  (and secretly also still is in that position, just not called as much to serve...deep state stuff!)

But she is loyal to said Empire.  So if Rys is actually being treasonous - or putting himself in some type of power as a "leader of this new Sith" (which isn't a new type of sith!) - then my approach to involvement changes and I gotta reset how I think :).

She'd also have words for how Rys chose to go about this - this was all a bit much in her eyes... very dramatic ;). And ultimately not too smart (again her opinion) so ...just saying.. she has words for him.  :cake:

Not asking for like plot details or whatever; but a bit of clarification :).

Hey, mostly nailed it! Indeed, Haar is putting pressure on the group of Sith of "Old" like he call them, who preferred to keep playing their politics and conniving plots instead of serving the Empire as a whole. He exposes it because he thinks it's wrong to have done that, not pushing a change of short (although being open to it if that is the case), even though he has his own agenda personally for the station.

And being treason it's quite a matter of perspective. Some would think those Sith had reasons to hide the weapons, and it's treason to actually reveal it, some might see it as being a true patriot and he's atoning for his sins. He doesn't try to put himself in some sort of power or leading position, because again, he may have his own agenda for the station which might not necessarily run with bringing change, fact is, everything he does can be perceived as something else, and that's exactly how he wants it  :shifty:

As I said on the shoutbox, and finding myself with more free time than a human should have (Trust me, that does exist), and seeing I delayed things mainly because I was badly unsure people would actually be interested in what I written here as of late (which, trust me, it's barely a part of what I wrote as a whole a few months ago), I've been curious to see if people would be participating in the plotline I've developed as of now for the infamous Darth Haar and his conspiracies.

So, I come here to check interest and discuss! With the main plotline now open for anyone to read, I shall just bulletpoint it to have a quick refresher of most things, and add little details that I may not have written in just yet but are pivotal in understanding the story as a whole:

-Darth Haar, accused of multiple charges of treason, war crimes, sabotage, genocide and assassination, is imprisoned in an Imperial Prison. An investigation led by Darth Ruix, new member of the Inquisition, is set on discovering the reasons behinds his actions.

-The powerbase of Darth Haar begins to work in obtaining clues for Haar's main defense card; The Iron Dragon. Tyrgunn and Thrachta, known Bounty Hunters in the Empire's employ, are the front of such actions

-Tyrgunn offers the aid of Darth Haar, even in prison, to the Shadren Hegemony in their troubles, hoping to secure political support from the Hegemony and the Imperial Sith who support them.

-In a display of power, Darth Haar crumbles his accusers defenses and takes overs the Maximum Security Prison of Dromund Fels, only to show his card to the present Sith and officials. Inquisitor Ruix and his troops are now put in charge to investigate Haar's claims. A Trial will still happen to judge Haar in the coming weeks, only after a interrogation is done.

And that's about it of what's public. Although the plot has a certain line I want to follow, the results are still open and I'm very curios if anyone has any ideas and I'm very open for discussing them. Althought a few people have approached me with interest (SORRY KARMIC :cry:) I was still hesitant to actually open the storyline.

Thank you for your interest!

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 01/09/18, 03:33:18 PM »
Public in the darkest forums of the Holonet, the recording of the Dromund Fels Prison gathered plenty of attention. Massive megathreads and discussions were had around the truth of the statement made by the Sith Lord. A public livestream is shown to those who could not access it through slicing or unconventional methods.

The image of Darth Haar, surrounded by troops, and and in front of a mob of Sith Lords, Imperial Officers and Moffs,
 and a Sith Inquisitor appears. A small grim smile in Darth Haar's face is visible as takes out an holocommunicator them, while states: "...this changes everything." After typing several codes into the small device, the enhanced image of a space station, grey, thin, with bone-like appendixes and almost finished decks, flickers to life in front of them. Some of the faces among the mob seem shocked, while others are confused, one of them, the Inquisitors, continues to gaze upon Haar.

Haar begins to talk again: "A Sun Razer station, nicknamed the Iron Dragon, in late construction stages and almost fully functional, left in a proper sun to be capitalized. It was to be the punch the Empire needed to knockout the Republic, but it was left to collect dust and rot away. Why?, would you all ask? Because of politics, and backstabbing, assassinations and genocides. Planets occupied and rooms exploded. The charges you trial me with? This is the reason of them. This is why the Council, and it's Emperor, killed your friends and loved ones, this is why I was the their arm of terror and murder. I did not know why until later on, when the Council crumbled and Acina raised to the throne, I was able to scour the Galaxy, seeking the answers to my deeds and actions. When I found out the truth, I was put shackles and tried to be silence forever, old plans and directives to old agents who no longer had a Master to serve, yet they still obeyed their orders from the tomb. So, I placed my own plans in motion, and I finally was ready to strike back. Now, esteemed patriots, will you execute me, and ruin the only chance for the Empire's survival, leave it to be gone and forgotten? Or will you seek to be the head of this new age for the Sith Empire, where we leave the old plans, backstabbing, and mockery of politics aside, and unite in one single front to rule this Galaxy once and for all? The decision is yours.

After Haar finished, he turns his back on them, and getting on his knee, surrenders. Imperial troops surround him and arrest him, while the Inquisitor, seemingly wary of the troops at first, approaches slowly. The holorecording ends.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 01/09/18, 02:53:07 PM »

Referential Image of the Prison

MAXIMUN SECURITY PRISON AUREK-Dromund Fels suffered a planet-wide panic spread as the Maximum Security Prison Aurek was suddenly breached in and taken over by Imperial Forces from the 8th Shock Division, Also known as the Black Guard. One of the most experimented divisions in Imperial Military, the Black Guard and it's sister division, the Black Shields, had been in a R&R tour in the local systems before being reassigned to the front again.

In what seemed a traitorous move at first, the Black Guard actually secured the prison after known Imperial traitor and criminal, Darth Haar, or known by his real name, Ryshias Valeus, broke out of his prison cell and attempted to escape the prison. Although only injuries were attained, none was killed, and the former Commander of the Imperial Wild Command was apprehended and returned to his cell. Today was scheduled to be his first public hearing for his trial, yet the Empire's Judges decided to postpone the trial as investigations must continue in order to find out how the Sith Lord broke out of his cell.

No further comment could be obtained from the Sith, Imperial Military personnel or the Sith Inquisition, but judging from their faces, the shock and terror the Sith Lord stilled on them was enough to know how much of a threat was adverted.

In related news, a holo-recording of the time when Darth Haar was leaked into the Holonet minutes after the incident. According to official sources, the recording is fake and shall not be taken as a serious concern, nor the content must be classified as truthful.

Glory to the Empire, and death to it's traitors!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 01/06/18, 07:42:42 AM »
Now, in the present...

He eyed around, and saw the open door and flashing lights of a new day. The curvy yet lethal shape of the Inquisitor tasked with his case; Ruix, a brand new Sith from the newest of generations, slender, athletic shaped now covered in the official armor of the Inquisition, and a blonde hair tied in a ponytail. She was part of the most recent group of acolytes raised to full fledged Lords, the ones that struggled, entrenched, felt the wrath of a Traitor Emperor and his new golden soldiers. Suffered the lost and confusion of a Empire in shambles, and now faced the internal struggle of a decaying society. Those were the judge of the crimes he had done.

Not a thrilling prospect.

"Rise and shine, Lord Haar, is your most sought after day. Public hearing number one." She drew a long smile on her face. Pretty face, yet scarred. How come someone so young, when really entering in the prospect of life, could be scarred? He drew a sigh, and raised up from the steel floor, his hulking figure had not lost any ounce of shape or physical prowess, and if the removed strains of rust of the metallic box were any sign, the man had been shaping his body even further his past limits.

"I hope I can give you something worth hearing." Haar now smiled back at her, taking the tunic she offered and covering his naked torso. His fingers laced onto the black silk, seemingly taking in the texture.

"It's not some of your fancy clothes." She commented, seemingly aware of his movements. Keen, blue eyes followed his movement it seems. She was good, really good.

"My fancy clothes are suits of armor and plates, my dear. This is obviously not one of them." The man passed the black fabric over his arms and laced it up, nodding towards the woman.

"Uh huh, you better puts this on." She offered the new pair of handcuffs, one more bulky than the other to reduce the effective gadgets of the metallic arm.  The Darth offered his wrist, and she connected both cuffs around them. She eyed the man one last time, before she nodded to the guards, and moved with the prisoner out of his cell, and through a long and silent hall.

The Imperial Guard traced every movement of the pair and it's escort group with precision. Red suits seemed to surround them at all sides as the Siths advanced. Were they all on the same side on a battlefield, that would have spelled doom for their opponents, no matter the odds. Now, it was but a dooming grace of the Pale Siqsa, nickname given to Haar a long time ago.

Ruix had heard the tales, the 'Siqsa' of the Academy, a brutal and blood-spilling machine of an acolyte, sought after by the Lords drawn towards him like a circus animal. Most would have trained him to be a perfect killing machine, brutal, destructive, dull and brutish.

He ended up with Nolus, one of the most mysterious and high ranking Darths, and he vanished every notion of the man when he returned the once-acolyte, now full Lord, to the Empire after years of training. Intelligent, charming, brutal, intuitive, cunning, strong. He had made what most would have seen only a brutish hammer, into an elegant sword and shield. A prodigy of a Sith.

"How the mighty have fallen", they said, once they heard the news of Darth Haar's arrest.

The doors opened as they arrived to the elevator, passing by the new string of guards that covered Haar's rise to the main facilities of the prison. He eyed around, then smirked. He recognized all of them. Black armor with the small drawing of a shield in the shoulder pad. The Black Guard. His Black Guard.

"Using my forces to contain me is a cheap trick. You doubt I would kill my own men, Inquisitor?" He side glanced her, who returned the sight.

"You're a traitor, you've already killed your own men. They are here because they know how you fight, they know your capabilities, and are the most suited to shut you down." She retorted back. A little bit of bitterness on her comments. Was it personal? Or just national pride speaking?

"I see. Good plan, but futile. Knowing how someone else fights is quite advantageous, but..." The woman glanced upon him, but her eyes focused around. The guards seemed silent...too silent

"...the truth is...knowing how I fight is not the same as being able to stop me."

With that words, a saber was drawn, and so were guns, smacks, turns, fists into faces. Ruix fought the guards avoiding to kill them as Haar snuck behind the crowd of soldiers, a couple of them working the tall Sith out of his cuffs.

A spinning saber slashed blasters and armor pieces alike as she subdued at least four of them...until the elevator stopped, and she heard the hiss of the special handscuff release. Suddenly, everything flew and turned blurry for her, the ache of muscle and bone from her chest raising as she flew through the elevator gates, and crashed in the middle of the main hall, press, soldiers, guards and Sith all shocked as she tried to gain a breath, her armor dented inwards.

Haar moved and clenched his robotic fingers. Been a while since he had punched someone with such brute force, and never got to test his new left straight on someone. Seemingly, it was quite strong. With his guards composing, he went outside, only to find drawn red lightsabers and blaster rifles. The Black Guard had effectively replaced most of the garrison, and as such, the Empire group was surrounded. Aim-aid small lasers focused around the press and Sith, who in turn now faced the newly liberated Haar.

A Moff scoffed from behind. "What is the meaning of this, Haar?! You really think you can escape the system?! This will be your downfall!"

The Sith drew a smirk, as Haar's soldiers swiftly moved around it's leader, seemingly forming a perimeter. "No, I just want you to hear me, in my terms, not in yours."

Ruix raised slowly, her hand covering the broken armor piece as she worked it out. Fury radiated from her now yellow eyes, as she grasped her saber on a tight punch. "This changes nothing, Haar! Whatever you say won't break you from all the bantha crap doing this stunt will get you..."

And Haar, now, confidently, smiled, and just chuckled. His answer, before the holo-cameras begun recording for the Empire, and the Galaxy, focused on the big, pale man.

"Trust me, Ruix...this changes Everything."

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 12/26/17, 11:08:33 PM »
...Sometime, in a past barely remembered...

Rage filled the mind of the lone passenger of the Fury Interceptor. Rage, wrath, confusion, distraught, terror, discomfort...pain. Emotions mixed and stirred within the mind as the body shook and confronted everything with ire and violence. Punches were swung by at metallic walls, furniture was tossed aside in a futile intention to vent out, glass shattered by the immense pressure the Force suffered in the small lounge of the ship.

After the outrage was finished, the large man fell to the floor, leaning on the nearest dented wall he could find as tears and blood rolled out on his face. The mark of a traitor, the branding of a betrayal of the one, decorated his face as scratches, bruises and remains of rain water still clutched to Ryshias' face.

He was not Haar, anymore, but in his most vulnerable state, when the mask fell and the lights were dark, he became the scared, broken, pain-filled, fear-driven person he hid beneath a cold facade. He eyed the grey metallic ceiling, trying to find an answer to what he had done. He didn't even remember half of it, his eyes had been crying out in rage and pain for what he was doing, yet he never let him see his face...until he let down the mask.

The ship's pilot, a military-grade droid, drove the Fury out of the orbit of the oceanic planet. Seas ran rampant as waves clashed down to the landing platform they had just flew off from, as the limp body of a grey haired, pale looking man laid in the mud and cold stone. Signs of battle, a half destroyed avatar of rock and clay, shattered stone pillars and souls. A group of speeders reunited around the body of the young man and men and woman ran around him. A woman seemed to be in most distress of them all, yelling for his name as she gazed around, before she locked her sight on the already vanishing Fury.

"You killed Baelfir, Monster!"

Ryshias suddenly woke up.

Cantina / Re: The Begeren Colony Community Timeline.
« on: 12/25/17, 02:50:20 PM »
I support this endeavor! And shall be say, I'm throwing my hat into the table by saying I could go around gathering data from most of the current wiki/asking concurrent users of the forum about their characters.

Nice idea! :grin:

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