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Introductions / My Introduction
« on: 02/22/16, 12:29:25 PM »
Even though I have been a member of this site for a while, I have finally decided to write my introduction because I am looking to start participating more in the great events that are run through here

I have been a member of SWTOR since a little before ROTHC, and have been participating in RP from the start. I have had previous years of RPing through games like D&D and have had a lot of fun through the years. In the days of
my free to play, I used multiple servers to play more toons, but finally settled on BC because of the rp guilds I got involved with. I am a huge SW Lore nerd so I always loved to learn the lore and canon of the universe, and also love to read character bios and stories, which is actually how I originally found this site.

Outside the game, I am a human who has a very sarcastic personality running through the gauntlet that is college but I am always up for a good rp.

I run about 21 different toons (One for each advanced class and some extra sith) and play different backgrounds, personality, and style for all of them. I usually am on my Imps more though so seek me out there if need. I go from a company-running baroness to a war-driven Sith back to a sassy smuggler. My main and favorite is my toon Ophion (Sith Sorc) who I play as a manipulative patient Sith who desires to learn and acquire as much information as he can from artifacts to blackmail. He may also run a shadowy ring of operatives, but no one can confirm that......

All in all I look forward to meeting all of you in the future!

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