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Holocrons and Info Nodes / Spirit
« on: 02/11/18, 06:19:42 PM »
   A certain Jedi's journal of meditation, Day 20:
   My daily thoughts and meditations may not be so interesting, but today I had the chance to meditate in the library. Went over some old teachings from my enclave today, stuff about growth. We used to be an old farming enclave, and the lot of us; even the ones taking the path to knighthood courses were expected to talk with plants. What may surprise my twelve-year-old self; standing here today, is that knowing what type of plants were generally edible has saved my life on numerous occasions. Typical 12-year-old me would have taken saber practice any day of the week. With the number of scars I have, one wonders if I’m any good at it. On the other hand, the fact that I’m still writing this with those scars must count for at least something.

   The lesson made me muse on something that’s been bugging me for a while now. Consider this: a simple plant growing on a planet; what does it take for such a being to survive? It must receive water, it must have the atmosphere it likes, synthesize its own nutrition. It must think of ways to deter predators, and if it can’t find a way to pass its genes down to the distant future so it’s great grand children may have a chance to do so. Now, consider other parts of the ecosystem too. Other plants vie for the same resources, creatures may eat plants, yet those creatures that may spread its seeds, and form symbiotic nature with those plants also.

   If the way overplayed metaphor I’m drawing here is the living force, what is the role of the Jedi? Originally, I used to think the Jedi are someone used to protect the plants and encourage symbiosis. A farmer perhaps. After all, I was taught that the Jedi were the caretakers of growth, and to protect the light is to protect others and keep the peace.

   That’s a rather narrow galaxy view, to be honest. The word life implies death. Selectively choosing half that cycle isn’t balance. That’s another thing that used to bother me. How could the masters and books and after-school essays talk about balance of the force when we were supposed to be champions of the light side? The obvious conclusion is that the entire ecosystem is the light side. To be the protectors of life is to welcome death also. The cycle of life isn’t inherently evil.

   I realized this about a year ago. This isn’t some new conclusion I’ve reached; like some fresh minted knight realizing he doesn’t get to pawn off all his duties to the fresh Padawan and sip rum on the beach. My question now is how we can be part of the living force and yet watch over it at the same time. The line between stagnancy and aestheticism and simplicity to the point of having no desire. To be frank, I enjoyed watching each master’s reaction when I requested for a test to knighthood. Regardless of their decision on the matter, that has given me much to muse.

The Trading Floor / WTB Anarchy + Mischief pistols
« on: 10/19/17, 02:35:37 AM »
Hey ya'll. I'm looking to pick up the anarchy + mischief pistols for a character of mine. I'm willing to trade most of my inventory for one, up to and including one of the last (If not THE last, I haven't seen any others on Harby and TEH) Revenge hypercrates that exists on the North American Servers.

The hypercrate is worth way more than anarchy at this point, but, I've been rather slow at turning it into liquid assets thanks to me being lazy with the game. My loss is your gain!

Events and Occasions / Dawn of Doomsday: The Maze
« on: 08/22/17, 09:53:57 PM »
The Empire and the Republic both have acquired the co-ordinates thanks to the work of multiple strike teams of something deep within the planet Iokath. The strike teams were lead to believe whatever's below the planet is controlling vast portions of the sector of the planet, with it's mechanics causing death to both sides. Both sides have assembled strike teams, to challenge the depths of Iokath...

The finale in the DoD line! Sign up will be for both factions! This will be a chatroom event due to me having to manage 2 factions, and also sets! 2:00 PM, PST!

Events and Occasions / Dawn of Doomsday: Revengence
« on: 06/20/17, 02:23:17 AM »
Republic and Imperial forces have struggled across the inhospitable landscape of Iokath for months, and the war on the planet shows no sign of slowing. Disturbing news has reached the Empire. A band of Jedi and Affiliates seemed to have discovered something hidden deep within the planet. Something that has both attacked the Imperials and the Republic both electronically, and physically. It's shown itself capable of transforming the terrain of the planet itself, at will; with no regards to anything getting stuck in the middle. The orders from Wild Space Command is clear: kill or capture this being at any cost.

This will be an Imperial Event in the Dawn of Doomsday line of events. We will be starting at 5PM pst, and I hope everyone who wants to come can make it with the holiday. This event will bring the Imperials up to par with the Republic events lead to a (hopefully exciting) finale. Depending on how many come to this as opposed to the Republic ones, I may tweek the final event.

Events and Occasions / Jedi Knight: Divergent Paths
« on: 05/31/17, 09:34:01 PM »
OOC: This is an event born from another minor RP plotline that spiraled into this bigger event. (Let me know if this night's slot is taken, I didn't see anything). This is not part of the Dawn of Doomsday line, who's next event is coming soon™. The background premise for player education is as follows:

During the war with the Zakuulian Empire, the Jedi found themselves at a loss after returning to the explored rim of the galaxy. With an old and battered ship along with dated weapons, the Jedi had no choice to look for allies in the fight for Zakuul. Their search; led by Jedi Knights Harkasone Milan and Merrant led them to a little known Sith lord studying the force in the jungles of Belsavis.
The two parties came to an eventual deal; her organization would lend one of their prototype Zakuulian reactors for access to the Jedi archives. The deal stipulated that the reactor and her personnel were to be returned after the war, and the two parties would go their separate ways peaceably until the next time they met. Unfortunately, while her personnel were returned to her; the reactor was not, as the Jedi kept the reactor and broke the deal under republic orders. Now the Sith prepare to pounce on the unsuspecting Jedi forces, returning to start a test run of the reactor…

This will be an event focused on defending the Watch from an Imperial raid. You must have a under 100-character sheet to participate, and must have access to the watch. This will be a mostly PVE event, with pending a surprise. This will be at

Events and Occasions / Dawn of Doomsday: Landfall
« on: 04/25/17, 05:42:27 PM »
The events on Iokath have started to unfold and the Viper has once again contacted you. While the Empire and the Republic fight over machine gods, another threat has emerged from the depths of Iokath. The Viper does not say more, but the co-ordinates provided are for an area ahead of the republic landing zone, along with a Republic transponder.

I've been leveling the character I'm going to be using to lead this from the field; so I needed a date when I thought she could make it. You will need access to Iokath for this meeting. The event will start at 8pm, server. We will be using Niarra's system, so if you have a character sheet it'd be to your benefit (but not necessary!)

The Trading Floor / WTB Strap tuning!
« on: 04/18/17, 01:35:08 PM »
Hey, I have a few gun RP characters that weren't so lucky to get strap tunings. I'd love to purchase some for a reasonable price. Let me know!

Events and Occasions / Dawn of Doomday I - Iokath RP pubside.
« on: 04/06/17, 03:09:59 PM »
Sender: [encrypted]
Sender address: asyadf1232/aayy[Message encoding damaged]


You have been contacted because I have worked with you before on items of galatic import, or you either have caught my eye or have the reputation to do such. I do not like working with others, so by reaching out to you; I hope you understand the gravity of the situation.

Disturbing news has reached my ears. The radiation around a little known planet called Iokath in wildspace is dropping, allowing access to unheard of techologies older than perhaps the Gree tech we see as exotic. It is no surprise to anyone that the rumor of a superweapon on the world exsists. Perhaps some of you already know this, with your connections with the Jedi, or the Republic goverment.

I am not affiliated so officially. In fact, it may be soon apparent that my sources and I may have stood against you, or are currently wanted by the Republic. Another night, another time, we may discuss our difference in views by tongue or even blade if you must; but I ask you to put aside that to work with me now. All of us must choose a side for this particular upcoming fight over Iokath.

The Republic and the Imperials will officially move on Iokath soon in attempt to secure the superweapon, and I am sure the Alliance will soon follow. As a citizen of the galaxy at large, the idea of having a war with these new weapons is a grim new reality. Realistically, if I alone could destroy it all, I would; but I am not capable of feats of such super strength. Objectively the Republic has more rules and regulations on the use of such weapons of terror and mass destruction. As such, I have come to you for help.

Please join me for a discussion on a policy moving forward. I would hope the Republic and it's allies would hear me out and work with me. You may come armed but without the intent to fight. You may not bring anyone without an invitation. The location will be provided to you soon.

With some of Imperial Rp'ers gearing up for the new patch, and the restart of the whole Imperials vs Republic dynamic, I thought maybe the pubside should have at least one or two events alongside the impsides stuff for Iokath. The original idea, (and supposed fallback if people want to do their own thing) I had was to provide some conflict with some of my characters opposing IWSC (and by extention the imperials in general). I figured I might see who else is interested at least get a good rivalry going and restart some RP again. (At least I've been out of the game for a few months now ;-;)

This event will be mainly preparatory IC discussion and a guage to see who's (if anyone lol) interested in something lead by me, and how they want to see the storyline moving forward on pubside.

I figured people would be more free on the weekends, but if the time doesn't work; I can try to adjust it. Location is still up in the air, I'll let you know when I've decided. The first session will be at 4PM, in-game.

Worldbuilding and Community / The Battle for Abregado-Rae
« on: 01/08/17, 11:54:31 PM »
This project came about as the Coalition gathered resources over the months. We selected a target after Hark mentioned his homeworld one day, and the management role of managment fell to me. I don't want to clutter this with a thank you, when I'm probably going to write an essay on it, but that you all for your support. This project lived because of you.

News Channel Post: (coming soon)
Raw Document for easier reading and download for reading on the go:

    Abregado-Rae had a surprisingly rimward feel for a core world. It’s main city was relatively rough living, divided evenly between settlers who had created an industrial core in most of their burgeoning cities, gangs and smugglers. Though often looked down upon by the other core worlds, it is a valuable world, the starting point for those braving Rimma Trade Route. By that reasoning was to no one’s surprise, that the planet hosted a Star Fortress.
    On the subject of the fortress, the core worlds tended to have stations that were particularly well armed. The coreworld fortresses had extra arms to justify being so far from Zakuulian territory. The initial reports showed that the fortress itself had more than a division of skytroopers and light armor to deploy quickly to control any situation below, and the number of knights stationed there are fairly numerous.
   The shield generator for the fortress sat far from population centers. Outside of cities and towns was a verdant planet, with rolling hills and lively forests. The generator was thusly located far west of Capital City. Near a vast forest, the area around the generator is cleared of everything and heavily patrolled. Zakuul also has presence in the few villages nearby, maintaining outpost and supplies to control what little populace farmed that far out.
    The morning of the attack is a misty one. The hills and forests of Rae tended woke slowly to the noise and bustle of a planet alive, yet drowned out by the clatter of mechanics. The Skytrooper patrols had started the shift change, to rotate out the wear on the units, as their organic commanders sluggishly got out of bed to exchange places with their tired comrades.
    As coalition forces approach their target, scattered Zakuulian encrypts reach the ears of the attackers. For some reason, an error with a replacement part had put an error in an alignment of the city destroying cannon. Whether by dumb luck or by will of the force (or those wielding it), the ground forces would not be the cause of the cities destruction today. Now, it was up to them to finish the job.

   Exephos paced the deck of the transport cruiser, overlooking the people he was about to send into battle. He sized up the quality of his troops, before giving off a loud bellow.  "This is addressed to those that will be serving alongside my troops on the front, you know who you are; so listen up!" Exephos growled.
    He put his hands behind his back and ran his gaze across those assembled.
    "First off! You are ALL to respect my chain of command! That means that you don't give orders to my troopers and you stay out of their way. Some of them have been doing this for longer than you've been alive, understand?" He barked, before gesturing to the side at a trooper with a walker silhouette painted on his pauldrons. An additional synthleather kerchief was wrapped around the lower half of his helmet and neck for added protection against shrapnel.
    "This is Lieutenant Horsav, head of the lead walker for this mission! He will be giving you the ground rules for operating around his machines!" Exephos grated out.
    Horsav stepped forwards.
    "Alright, we'll be deploying two kinds of walkers on this mission. First is the Manka-class. They're the big boys. They weigh one hundred tons, have a primary armament of two heavy cannons, and a variety of other anti-personnel weaponry. Second is the lance walkers. They're bipedal two-man light armour designed to hit fast with their heavy repeaters and missile systems then exfil. They'll be providing close support while the Mankas lay down the firepower." He explained, eyeing the crowd from behind his reflective visor.
    "Now, first thing's first; stay out of the way of my walkers, alright? The crews will be focusing on taking out enemy assets; they can't be looking for people down below and if they step on you, you’re dead. Nothing left but a grease-spot." The lieutenant stated.
    "Second; do NOT climb on the walkers without notifying the tankers, aye? There are sensors on the hull that will notify them that there's something hitchhiking and they will activate the electroshock plating. At best, you'll get zapped right off. At worst, the cleaning crews will be scraping your charred remains from the fuselage." Horsav described with the barest trace of humour.
    "Now lastly; ensure that you wear ear protection AT ALL times, even if you’re 'used to loud noises' or indoors. The power of the ordnance we're firing at such close range will, and yes it positively will, deafen you. We've had it reach volumes up to one hundred and eighty decibels which is loud enough to cause permanent harm!" Horsav finished, looking around at those gathered; his gaze lingering before he nodded at Exephos.
    "Finally, I want to make this last part very clear... You watch your fire very carefully. If I hear that one of my troopers was injured or killed because one of you got trigger happy or swung your blade too far... I will personally rip out your eyeballs and force them down your throats." He warned quietly.
    “Now get to your stations! Rancor platoon, with Shad’ra! Aashe, Besk, and Cresh companies, to your walkers! Those of the coalition, make yourselves bloody useful!”

Hey, I'm looking for the Temple Guardian Supplementary armor to round out a character look. That entails the helmet, bracers, and belt. It's a character that may see the light of day in RP, if that helps.

Unfortunately, the price of the pieces are entirely unreasonable on both Harbinger and Begeren Colony. Ebon Hawk has it reasonably priced, but to get there and back is another story.

If anyone has the pieces, or is coming back from EH; let me know, we'll work something out.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / To Do What's Right
« on: 05/12/16, 11:43:00 PM »
   The deck of the freighter shifted under Harkasone’s feet as he strode slowly towards the door to the main cargo bay. The lights dimly gleaming off the floor grate, and the soft chink of metal on metal of his boots hitting the floor resounded around the corridor. Pausing at the door, he pulls his cloak securely over his white armor and pulls his face deeper inside his hood before tapping the panel and slipping inside. The noise and music rebounded around the bay, and Harkasone takes a moment to adjust his senses before weaving into the crowd assembled. As he makes his way to the front, gently pushing; Shraga the Hutt’s booming laugher cuts through the air. He emerges, and the scene in front of him chilled Harkasone to the core.

   A Twi’lek stood over another’s corpse; a slave collar on both, her hand shaking so much that Harkasone thought for a moment for that she was going to drop the bloody vibrosword she was holding. Harkasone had been following the Hutt for the better part of a few weeks, after Harkasone had stumbled into some of his thugs on the lower level of Nar Shaddaa. From what he could gather after the fact, the sector was high in refugees, which had meant generally a supply of people who couldn’t pay enough protection money not be used for ‘free’ labor.

   Harkasone takes a careful look around the bay. Hutts always protected themselves when they appeared in public, and with this much time to prepare, Harkasone would be shocked if that didn’t include shielding. Hark blinks as he spots something, a plan forming in his head as he spots a panel for concussion shielding next to the Hutt’s throne. He smiles, the great part about shields is that they don’t let things get out as much as they are ment to keep things from getting in. The wiring in the wall for the control panel had to follow to inside to the engine, and it would be pretty easy to guess where the wires go on this old a ship. Harkasone slowly makes his way to the wall, letting the guards clear the previous entertainers off the stage.

   Harkasone swallows into his suddenly dry throat. Sure, he had been alone these past 5 years, being a crime fighting 'hero'. After his master left him, he had continued to do this; to stick with what he had believe in would help people. But it was generally small stuff. Stopping loan sharks, detaining credit purse snatchers, stopping the occasional small time thug bosses. But taking a Hutt alone? That’s a new level of guts, and one Harkasone wasn’t looking forward to. Still if someone was going to do something to help those refugees, it had to be him. Harkasone takes a deep breath, and flips the shield’s switch with the force, and the shield blinks to life. With a flash, his copper saber also jumps awake, and a quick and deep slash to the control panel’s power lines in the wall results in a loud spark, and a shield stuck to on.

   Over the panicked screams and cries of the crowd, an eerily calm booming voice calls out for quiet. Harkasone glances back as the Hutt begins to speak “Hee uba doth bu kaae badaua coo doth kouikei mah yanee.” Harkasone looks forward as guards start to emerge from the receding crowd, which was now occupying space near the wall, blocking any escape route. He moves to the center of the semicircle before responding. ”I needed you in an area which will actually prosecute you. Been watching you for a few months, thought if I intercepted enough of your cargo, you’ll come out and deal with the problem personally. Shraga the Hutt, you are under arrest for crimes against sentient beings. The Chandrilan Security Forces are on their way; you’d do best to surrender.”

   The response was laughter; first from Shraga, and then the crowd after the stunned silence dissipated. The Hutt speaks low in a menacing tone “Jee yom babau pee wa Jeedai yom saeha bo ahbeu bai kaza paupe yahaa, um Jee yom bamane phaba. Bancaie Jee canta Jee noa-a je bo wahwuiu bai banbonzahag pumba, tee mah koushonbe sahna pumba. Tah dotkot hih ba bosog cuona. Jee cha canta kee nan bimhee see tah. Pea besnewa Jee yom ba pinpiumii bai vot joniu. Killee jen.”

   Harkasone’s throat somehow get exceedingly dry, especially compared to before. The Hutt had mentioned that he had split from the order. That wasn’t really true, it was a majority portion of the order that had split from him into hiding. And maybe he did appear to have a hero complex to some. Threating his friend though? Can’t have that. Especially with him regretting him ruining their relationship as friends right before coming here. “I don’t work with anyone, Shraga. This was all me.” He shakes his head. He can’t be so attached to her. It’s against the code. Not following the code leads to-

   His thought is interrupted by a sharp pain and a momentary feeling of weightlessness; followed by a sickeningly wet crunch a moment later. After that, all he could feel was pain as the oxygen left his lungs with an explosive force. Harkasone looks up at the assailant, a Houk twice his size; hefting a steel beam as though it was nothing. He can’t help but grimace. Tomorrow is not going to be fun to wake up to. That is, if he wakes up at all. Harkasone’s saber comes up, nearly too slow to stop the beam from smashing his face in. But he thanks the force as he scrambles to his feet after slicing the beam in half. Before the hit, he had been confidant that as a practitioner of Soretsu, he would have been able to stall till the authorities came. But, unfortunately now, now all he could do is stall until his body shut down. Harkasone leans back instinctively, the Houk had switched to vibroswords, and the other guards were fanning out with blasters drawn. Harkasone eyes the room as he contemplates his next move.

   His friend had told him as a last resort that she would just go in there swinging, and cut everyone down. And for a long moment he really considered it. He realized he REALLY wanted to live to see another day, and all his newfound friends, associates and even that oh so pretty girl at the bar again who gave him this stupid plan in this first place. But his hand waivered as he swung his saber to block the next strike. He realized that without doing this the jedi way, he couldn’t face them. If he went down that path, it wouldn’t be him saving the day, only a shell doing the wrong things for the right reasons. And that would be more damaging than killing the crime boss. Harkasone had let the force take over for his hands, but now he could tell that his time stalling was nearly to a close. Well, at least as a force ghost, he wanted to tell his friend that he died on his feet. Harkasone brings up his left and jerks one of the blaster wielding men on the perimeter, an Iridonian, into the Houk. As the Houk turns to deal with the object throwing him off balance, Harkasone strikes at the base of the Houks neck with his hilt. And as the Houk goes down, Harkasone turns off his saber as the blasters around him open up.

   Harkasone watches the others in the room fall from the stun blasts from the doors. He could hear, far off, the Chandrilans secured the room, and were exchanging loud words with Shraga. He saw the Chandrilan Security captain walk up to him and move his mouth to words he can’t quite make out. His hearing was going, and Harkasone couldn’t seem to figure out how to open his mouth. So as the darkness closed in around his sight, the last thing he remembers is giving the Security captain the most satisfying thumbs up in his relatively short life.

   Harkasone Milan awoke to white. Startled, he rolled out of bed, nearly collapsing from pain, very quickly realizing that somehow he had made it to a hospital. After a few tries, he gets up and staggers over to the datapad with his chart. He had suffered severe internal damage and more than a few broken ribs in payment to turning in the gangster, well worth the price. More concerning to him was the fact that he woke up in a hospital. Staggering through his records, to his relief, he had been put down as a spacer with a ship accident, probably by that captain as thanks. Still it wouldn’t be too long before somebody started asking questions, and there was still a galaxy of Shragas out there. It was time to get back to work.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Ghosts of Hill 40
« on: 08/26/15, 12:08:22 AM »
Colonel, you asked for a compilation of our black box reports for the after action review of the fighting at Hill 40. I've compiled the notes as is, directly from the black box. Please remember that all of these are eyes only; and generally above the pay grade of anyone outside of MI, so count yourself lucky. MI has good intel despite the rest of the Army believing otherwise, and I hope that General Hierse keeps that in mind next time.

MI always pays back its debts, Colonel.

-Jr. CPT Turari

Day 1

We reached Point Thranta on Peak 80, overseeing Hill 40 without any major trouble. The Republic forces patrol the area lightly due to the difficult terrain of the peak, despite the peak being relatively being close to the major fortifications of Hill 40 and its child ridges. Corporal Dine set up our equipment upon arrival. I sent sergeant Malford to start the first watch on the ridge, while sergeant Childs, lieutenant Cale, and I kept an eye on the perimeter. The assignment has been quiet so far, and with luck; it will continue that way.

-Junior Captain Turari

Turari cradled her heavy rifle between her arms as she readjusted herself between the two rocks she was concealed behind. She had been assigned to Balmorra after the first push into the mountains and the late spring weather had turned the entire range into an endless muddy sinkhole; not exactly a vacation on Rishi. A lot of the troops being brought in after the initial push had been green replacements, and her squad was no exception. Military Intelligence faced a shortage of veteran troops like everyone else in the Imperial Army and the officers of the division she was attached to have made it all but explicit that the objective here was to make her squad a little less green as much as it was to watch enemy troop movements. Hill 52 had one of the bigger fortifications on the mountain range and MI needed to know who and what came and went from it. She refocused her attention on the path as she shook her head. She could distract herself with these thoughts when she got back to the tent later.

Day 5

Non-stop rain for the past 3 days has reduced our visibility. I have noted potential inaccuracies caused by this in the attached Republic deployment reports. Childs and Dine are supposed to take a copy of the black box back past Hill 47 tonight to upload the data to Imperial 9th Legion Command. I strongly recommend any offensive action in the ridgeline be delayed due to rain.

-Junior Captain Turari

As Turari walked down the mountain path with sergeant Childs in front of her, she sealed the black box in a waterproof bag. The black box, a small datachip that fit in the palm of her hand, had been invented for soldiers who were going on missions that required comm silence. The black box was designed to be easily hidden somewhere with a tracker if something went wrong between broadcast periods; allowing any recovery team that may be sent to at least recover the mission records. Chiss had better night vision thanks to their genetics and Turari had to accept, with a mixture of appreciation and dismay, the fact that she still couldn't see past her outstretched hand in the torrential rain. The rain over the week had turned the hills into a giant mudslides and the valleys into sinkhole pits deeper than some of the buildings on Correlia. Since it would be difficult to broadcast so close to the Republic line, Childs and Dine would use the rain to their advantage and get through the patrols to somewhere the transmission wouldn't be intercepted. She heard a muffled curse behind her as Corporal Dine slipped on the flowing mud as the path crumbled under him and nearly swept her off her feet as he slid a few meters down the hill. The sergeant in front of her let out a soft chuckle and he saluted to her before helping Dine up and off into the dark. And as Turari watched after them disappear into the night; she wondered in the back of her mind whether it would be the mud or the Republic that would kill them first.

Introductions / (OOC)Hello there!
« on: 07/03/15, 01:40:40 AM »
Hello everyone,

I'm LVT! I've been on Begeren Colony for 2 and a half years! That's right; I'm a veteran player! I wasn't super into RP at first despite me picking an RP server; since this was my first real MMO. I'm a somewhat accomplished PVE player who's obsession for the lore really saw me pick up RP last summer when I first got into imp side.

Since then, I've actually started to get into RP more and more, and I started lurking at about a year ago, so I know most of you (well, IC anyway). I've also met a quite a few BC players on Vaiken, (Most of you will probably recognize me as Turari since I'm there pretty frequently at night), or sometimes at Dancer's Palace; some of you who finally pushed me into getting a BC account.

Unfortunately I'm on vacation till the 17th, so I can't really do anything in game right now, but feel free to message me if you need something (IC or out) from me as I'll be lurking the site as always.

Well I hope to meet you all around,

P.S. I'd like to mention just two of my BC friends: @Zmaj that I'm sorry for never introducing myself properly that one night and I hope this makes up a little for it. And to @Lolermelon that, yes, I do pay attention to my inbox.

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