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Trouble and Feedback / Creating Website
« on: 06/12/19, 03:10:55 AM »
Hello Satele Shan RPers!

It’s been awhile. I hope you’re all having some fantastic RP adventures and enjoying the new game content.

Enjin is proving to be a disappointing platform host for an RP Community website. I’m looking into creating a website for the Star Forge RP community similar to this site.

This question is directed primarily at the admin team: exactly how difficult is it to set up an RP community website using Simple Machines? Is it similar to creating websites via Enjin where they start you off with a sort of website “shell”? Are there any good guides to managing and editing sites using this platform?

Thanks so much for your assistance. May the Force be with you.

Cantina / SWTOR Encyclopedia - Electronic/Online Version
« on: 04/22/18, 02:22:20 AM »
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia is singularly the greatest resource available to SWTOR RPers. If you'd like to see this invaluable book made accessible through electronic means, head over to the forums here and voice your support.

Outside Realm / Farewell
« on: 01/12/18, 08:45:48 PM »
Fellow RPers of the Satele Shan (formerly Begeren Colony) server!  Farewell.  Effective immediately I'm transferring all my characters from the Satele Shan server to Star Forge, to join that server's RP community.  I've had tremendous fun with many of you over about the last 2-3 years.  For <Imperial Wild Space Command> members, please note that guild ownership has transferred to @Niarra who, as I understand, intends to retain the guild name and preserve the guild lore and story for all those interested.  In the future, I will likely be more easily reach at my Enjin profile.  I wish all of you the best in your RP adventures.  May the Force (and the peace of the Lord) be with you.

((Original post.))

I regret that so many members of the SWTOR RP community adopted a negative outlook toward the KotFE/KotET expansion.  I consider it absolutely brilliant that we got to look at the secret activities of the Sith Emperor outside his involvement leading the Sith Empire.  For those RPers who were turned off by the latest expansion story, I’d offer to you to keep in mind that the story was not principally about the Alliance Commander (your character), or the rise of the Eternal Alliance, or the short-lived dominance of the Eternal Empire.  That expansion was entirely centered on one individual: the Sith Emperor.  It was a brilliantly written story that filled in so many gaps SWTOR story fans like myself have had for years about what the Sith Emperor has been focused on during his prolonged “silence.”  Charles Boyd did a fantastic job in a previous forum post explaining and tying in how the Fallen Empire expansion brought a lot of those story puzzle pieces together.

I’m getting pretty stoked about the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront II.  Story writing is the absolute best part of any game for me, and I’m excited to explore the Imperial perspective of the events immediately following their loss at the Battle of Endor.  My excitement over Battlefront’s upcoming release, coupled with my enthusiastic participation in SWTOR gameplay and RP has struck a very exciting idea upon me.

To my mind, the SWTOR game story is at the perfect spot for Bioware to start taking us down the road of the collapse of the current Sith Empire.

In Old Republic lore, at the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War (5,000 BBY), the Old Sith Empire is nearly totally obliterated, all the major Sith figures like Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, and Ludo Kressh, have either passed, or are on their way out.  The Sith Emperor claims lordship over the remains of the Empire, and leads them into a long exile, eventually rediscovering Dromund Kaas and reestablishing the Empire.  From that point, the Empire-entire, including all the rival Sith lords, are bound by one thing: their total obedience to the Sith Emperor.  Loyalty to the Emperor is very much at the center of Sith and Imperial culture.

It must be that the events of Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire had a tremendously profound impact on the Sith Empire with regard to its leadership continuity but also may have called into question things like how Imperials relate to the Sith after the Emperor’s betrayal.  If the center of an Imperial’s life is service to the Emperor, who has since betrayed the Empire, that takes Imperial culture and turns it on its head.

The events of KotFE saw not only the betrayal of the Sith Emperor to his former Empire, but the demise of the twelve-member Dark Council, and the ascension of Empress Acina (although player choices on Iokath make it possible for her to be killed as well).  There is a significant power vacuum in the Sith Empire right now, and given the tendency of Sith lords to engage in reckless infighting in the quest for more power, if a single, powerful figure (like Darth Jadus?) does not step in to take the reigns soon, I think it makes sense from a writing-perspective to start drawing up plans for the demise of the Sith Empire in its current form.

How might the collapse of the Sith Empire be written into game expansions and updates?

Certainly I’d like to see a story arc like this drawn out over a lengthy period (like KotFE/KotET was).  There’s plenty of existing lore information for several game updates to be introduced that periodically take use down the path of destruction of the Sith Empire.  A few ideas I’ve brainstormed include (but are most certainly not limited to.  Imagination on the part of the Bioware writers is the limit!):

Reappearance of the Emperor’s Hand.  The Emperor’s Hand were twelve Sith purebloods who tended to personal or important matters as directed by the Sith Emperor.  While the Dark Council oversaw the day-to-day management of the Empire, the Hand were the direct enforcers of the Emperor’s will.  Most people, including some Dark Council members, were not even aware of the Hand’s existence.  An important thing to remember about the Hand was that all members were exploited by the Emperor physically and mentally, as he fed off them for strength.  In Servant Two’s case, his mental bond to the Emperor was so strong he had lost more than one marble in his head.

I would certainly like to see the return of at least some members (Servants One and Two especially) of the Emperor’s Hand in a potential game expansion centered on the Sith Empire’s demise.  The final death of Vitiate is sure to have had a critical impact on them.  My ruling idea right now is that the members could be written back into the story as having gone mad at the loss of Vitiate and the breaking of their mental bond.  Borrowing a bit from the upcoming Battlefront II game, I’d like to see the Hand secretly return to the Empire and initiate their own version of “Operation: Cinder” to burn away what remains of Vitiate’s “failed” Empire.

Darth Vowrawn.  Bless the Bioware writers for already writing this excellent character back into the game.  I seem to recall prior to the invasion of the Eternal Empire, Darth Marr was the Dark Council’s most senior member (having been on the Council the longest), but Vowrawn was the oldest.  I think Vowrawn is a critical character in the Empire’s story right now and I’m curious to see what plans (if any) Bioware has for him.

For an Empire in chaos, I think a lot of people have overlooked Vowrawn’s importance, and what he likely represents to many Imperials, Sith in particular.  Vowrawn is a representation of the Empire’s strength, purity, tradition, and culture in the years before the emergence of Zakuul.  Vowrawn is best known to players as a sophistically-mannered, politically-savvy, self-interested Sith lord.  But I think that, story-wise, the events of KotFE could have had a profound impact on Vowrawn’s outlook and caused some reprioritization on his part.

I think one benefit of a game expansion exploring the downfall of this Sith Empire is to set the stage and connect the dots for the emergence of the next future Sith organization (which, in this case, I believe is Darth Ruin’s New Sith.  Forgive me if I have my lore wrong.)  I think Vowrawn could be an excellent puzzle piece to tie the collapse of the current Sith Empire to future Sith organization.

This is what I’m thinking.  Being the politically-savvy creature he is, I think Vowrawn is intelligent and realistic enough to accept that the Sith Empire is on its way out.  Now that it’s known that the Emperor betrayed them, and the realization that the Treaty of Coruscant really marked the beginning of their end has set in, I think Vowrawn is well positioned to start maneuvering to secure the future of the Sith.  I’d like to see him muster as many willing Sith as he can accumulate to follow his lead into a new exile.  Korriban probably would not be adequate since its location is known to the Republic but perhaps he leads them to the Malachor system, Ziost (who’d expect that), elsewhere in Sith space, or into the Unknown Regions.  This would be an excellent way to lay the groundwork for the eventual emergence of future Sith groups and entities in the far future, including those led by Darth Ruin.

Sith Infighting.  Much of an expansion about the Sith Empire’s collapse would address this subject.  I’d like to see an update that covers a lot of Sith and Imperial infighting.  Factions forming and turning against each other.  Perhaps it starts subtly as murders and ploys and evolves into open conflict between Darths and prominent lords.  In the same way Battlefront II will portray the Imperial perspective of events, I’d like to see Imperials in the Sith Empire and how they feel about being turned on their brothers and sisters by power-mad Sith lords.  This infighting would be the most significant factor in the downfall of the current Sith Empire.

Imperial Loyalists.  While many Sith would turn on one another for power, I’m sure there’d be a few Sith and many Imperials who’d struggle to maintain the current order of the Sith Empire.  I’d expect to see traditionalists rally to preserve their culture and place in the galaxy.  Even if it’s all in vain, aristocratically-minded Imperial moffs, admirals, and generals would proudly (and arrogantly) muster a token defense of the Empire. 

I’d like to see Minister of War Ilyan Regus lead the charge to preserve Imperial society, life, power, and prestige in the galaxy.  With Acina’s current status kind of up-in-the-air, I think Regus is a more-than-suitable spiritual successor as a great defender of the Empire to Darth Marr.  Inevitably, the Sith Empire will collapse, but I’d like to see the story be told of the brave Imperials that fought to hold it together.

Chiss Abandonment.  For all I know, November’s game update may touch on this.  The Chiss Ascendancy is the only real ally the Sith Empire has had in its latest conflict with the Galactic Republic.  The shock of the Zakuulan invasion, couple with a prospective increase of Sith infighting, might just be enough to convince the Ruling Families to cut their losses and retreat into isolation.  The Chiss seem to always act in accordance with what is best for their people first, and I don’t see them eagerly rushing to the aid of a declining Empire vainly struggling to retain power.  I think the time may be coming for the Chiss to respectfully tip their hats to the Sith and retreat into the isolative safety of the Unknown Regions, not to be seen again until the rise of Thrawn.

What are your thoughts on a potential game expansion focused on the fall of the Sith Empire?

Is that something you’d like to see?

What sort of things do you think we’d see in a story for this?

For Imperial RPers, do you think it’d kill your Imp-side RP?  Do you think it’d be fun to RP?  Can you write it into your own characters’ stories?

The Trading Floor / Flagship Plans: Frameworks Needed
« on: 12/11/17, 06:03:50 PM »
All, I'm seeking to acquire more flagship frameworks (purple) in anticipation of possibly needing to fully unlock another guild flagship in the future.  I will pay up to 10,000,000 for a single framework if you have any.  Thank you.

Roleplay Workshop / Crafting RP
« on: 11/30/17, 08:25:07 PM »
So my new job makes it nearly impossible for me to know when I'll be available to attend or host RP events.  This is particularly frustrating as a GM, in which capacity I'm the principal authority for planning such occasions to advance guild lore.  I was struck by a neat idea today for an 'event' I'd like feedback on.

In current game lore, the Galaxy is suffering from a resource crisis, affecting both the Empire and the Republic profoundly.  In real life, the Christmas season is upon us.  I think it would be fun to host a crafting RP 'event' that uses the game's current resource war as a backdrop.

The rough idea I have is that Impside, Moff Herrmann and Governor Heermann (( @Elym )) will sponsor a new public program to encourage Imperial citizens to become proactively engaged in contributing their time and resources to help mitigate the impact of the materials shortage.  What I'd like to see is players craft items to exchange with other players, except all this would be done IC.  We could perhaps make a sort of 'Wish List' of items players would like to receive (mounts, decorations, stims, armor, etc.).

Is this something anyone would be interested in?  I suppose it could be like a 'Secret Santa' where people craft the items they'll exchange and it'll all be done IC.

Worldbuilding and Community / Jedi and Sith Leaders
« on: 10/09/17, 10:27:56 AM »
Hey all, like I said in the Shoutbox yesterday, knowledge of Force-users is not my area of expertise.  If people want to see leadership profiles like the ones I made for the Republic and Imperial militaries, I'm going to need some input.  I'm currently compiling information on figures associated with the below organizations.  If I'm missing anything, let me know.

     Emperor / Empress
     Emperor's Hand
     Children of the Emperor
     Dark Council
     Korriban Sith Academy Overseers

     Jedi High Council
     Jedi Battlemasters
     Green Jedi Council (Corellia)

The reason the Umbara FP Imperial group fell through was, a) the FP was (and continues to be) very buggy and laggy, and more people in a FP instance would likely have made that worse and b) most of the Influencers agreed that it was not worth it to group for that particular FP, the rewards were not much better from grouping.

The new Copero FP is coming out next month. I expect, since we'll be on solid ground and not a moving train, that lag won't be as much an issue.

What I want to do here is get a sense of which players would be interested in grouping for the new FP when it's released.  We'll revisit this issue probably a couple times as new information is released from now until release, but I'd like to get a sense of interest.

Prospective Team Members
Nicohlas     HEAL


Supreme Commander

The Republic’s Supreme Commander is the military head of the entire Republic armed forces.  In this capacity, the Supreme Commander oversees the deployment, preparedness, policy, and other aspects of managing the Republic Army and Navy.  This figure reports directly to the Supreme Chancellor, but regularly interacts with members of the Galactic Senate as well.

Jace Malcom
Status: Unknown

Formerly a hero of the famed Havoc Squad in the Republic Army’s Special Forces Division, Malcom frequently saw action across multiple battlefields in the Great Galactic War.  In the Cold War, he returned to a previous battlefield, Alderaan, to coordinate Republic support for House Organa in their civil war with House Thul.  As Supreme Commander, he personally took an interest in the evacuation of civilians from Makeb, and more recently led Republic forces against the Sith Empire on Iokath.

Previous Supreme Commanders
NameDates Active
Rans – c. 10 ATC
– c. 13 ATC
Stantorrsc. 10 ATC


General Callan Grayne
Hoth campaign
Status: Unknown

During the Cold War, Grayne deployed to Hoth, where the Republic was stuck in an endless conflict with the Empire.

"War Trust"

An unofficial body of senior officers charged with exploring new military innovations and developing bold tactics for use against the Empire.  The entire War Trust was wiped out by Darth Baras' apprentice (the future Emperor's Wrath) during the Imperial occupation of Taris in the Cold War.

General Durant

General Faraire

General Elaxis Frellka

General Minst


General Elin Garza
Commander, Special Forces Division
Status: Unknown

One of the most prominent officers of the Republic military.  Garza is notable for co-founding SpecForce Division during the Great Galactic War.  In her capacity as SpecForce Division commander, she oversees the Republic Army's classified special operations against the Sith Empire and other threats to the Republic.  She is a controversial figure, but a highly decorated one.

General Var Suthra
weapons development
Status: Unknown

Another senior army officer who saw extensive service in the Great Galactic War.  The horrors of his experience drove Var Suthra to pursue the development of superweapons that would allow the Republic the edge it needed to survive a future conflict with the Sith Empire.  Var Suthra worked closely with the famed Hero of Tython in the Jedi's campaign against Darth Angral.

List of Generals
AakarsBalmorran resistanceDECEASED
AndoHoth campaignUNKNOWN
AvesCommander, Republic forces – CorelliaUNKNOWN
ConlathCommander, Republic forces – BelsavisUNKNOWN
DreesonTaris reconstructionDECEASED
GelrexBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Karastace GonnOuter Rim diplomacyDECEASED
KashimCommander, Republic forces – Alderaan     UNKNOWN
KorvanCommander, Republic forces – QueshUNKNOWN
KrepkitHoth campaignUNKNOWN
Ilic NadabHoth campaignUNKNOWN
OriasBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Thelonia Redrish     Voss diplomacyDECEASED
Amos Rikerogue, Eternal Alliance oppositionDECEASED
ShodarraHoth campaignUNKNOWN
SkylastBelsavis prison reclamationUNKNOWN
TaoChief Controller, Balmorran resistanceDECEASED
UchangHoth campaignUNKNOWN
VanderOrd Mantell Infantry CommandUNKNOWN


Fleet Admiral Bey'wan Aygo
Eternal Alliance military commander
Status: Discharged

Formerly the commander of the Republic's First Fleet.  Aygo distinguished himself at the Battle of Kuat.  During the invasion of the Eternal Empire, he attempted to mobilize his forces to oppose Zakuul's forces, but was constantly blocked by then Supreme Chancellor Saresh, who wanted to continue focusing on the Sith Empire.  Aygo was discharged from Republic military service and now commands the military forces of the Eternal Alliance.

Fleet Admiral Numinn
Commander, Fifth Assault Fleet
Status: Unknown

Numinn founded the elite Coruscant Aegis squadron during the Cold War to confront Sith aggression during the treaty period.  When Darth Malgus split from the Sith Empire, Numinn was called as a member of an emergency war council on Ilum to confront the new threat.

Other Fleet Admirals
Name     Position     Status

List of Admirals
Trede Bakvalen     UNKNOWNUNKNOWN
DabrinCommander, ValiantUNKNOWN
MonkDarth Baras spy network     DECEASED
RevaldHoth campaignUNKNOWN
ShaiBattle of IlumDECEASED


Minister of War

Charged with overseeing all military matters and directing the armed forces of the Sith Empire, the Imperial Minister of War is one of the most senior officials in the Imperial government.  The War Minister sits at the very pinnacle of the Imperial military hierarchy, establishing military policy, issuing orders to subordinate units, and balancing the needs of the Sith.  Prior to the dissolution of the Dark Council and the ascension of Darth Acina as Empress of the Sith, the War Minister reported directly to the Dark Councillors in charge of the spheres of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, and Military Strategy.

Previous Ministers of War
NameDates Active
Shareis     c. 7 BTC

Khun Tazith
Special Advisor to the Minister of War
Status: Unknown, Presumed Deceased

A veteran of the Great Galactic War, where he founded and commanded the notorious Bane Brigade.  As tensions between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic began to escalate during the Cold War, Tazith was recalled from retirement by Darth Vengean to serve as special advisor to the Minister of War.  Dispacted to Hoth, where Imperial forces had forced Republic troops to committ resources to an unwinnable war scenario, Tazith resurrected the legend of the since defeated Bane Brigade to lure elite Republic and Jedi forces to the planet.  Tazith recruited Imperial heroes in this endevour and sought to spring a trap on the elite Republic forces lured to the planet.


Answering directly to the Minister of War are the moffs, senior military leaders and territorial governors who enforce the War Minister's directives and rule over entire sectors of Imperial space.  Ranking above the admirals and generals of the Imperial military, the moffs exercise command authority over both ground and naval forces assigned to their units or sectors.  Unlike lower ranking military personnel, the uniforms worn by moffs are much more diverse, often reflecting previous achievements or current command responsibilities.  This elite class of the Imperial military hierarchy traces its roots back to Odile Vaiken, the first Grand Moff of the Sith Empire who served in the period following the Great Hyperspace War.

Grand Moff Ilyan Regus
Commander, Operation Dark Ice (formerly)
Status: Unknown

Promoted shortly after the demise of his predecessor, Grand Moff Kilran, Regus is known as an unwavering traditionalist and Imperial patriot.  He prescribes to the belief of the superiority of humans and Sith Purebloods over other species, and eagerly works toward the defeat of the Galactic Republic, the Empire's oldest enemy.  After his promotion, Regus deployed to Ilum with Darth Arho to procure large quantities of Adegan crystals in a bold strategy to develop stealth technology for the Imperial armada.  Following the betrayal of Darth Malgus, Regus convened a special war council on Ilum and led the Imperial effort to confront Malgus' treason.

Grand Moff Rycus Kilran
Commander, Imperial Fifth Fleet

A famed Imperial hero of the last war, Kilran is most well known for his role in the Sacking of Coruscant.  In the Cold War, Kilran initiated skirmish operations against the Republic in a series of small provocations.  Kilran and his Fifth Fleet made a stand against Republic heroes at an Imperial prison on the Maelstrom Nebula, where Kilran guarded the incarcerated Revan under orders from Darth Malgus.  It was in the prison that the "Butcher of Coruscant" finally met his end, bravely fending off a Republic rescue.  Kilran's legacy has continued to inspire a generation of Imperial military personnel as they struggle to fend off the Republic and claim victory in the galaxy for the Empire.

List of Moffs
AltissCommander, Denova campaignUNKNOWN
BraynorGovernor, Anoat SectorUNKNOWN
DolusDarth Nox supporterUNKNOWN
DracenCommander, Quesh Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
GrahamDarth Nox supporterUNKNOWN
HurdennCommander, Taris Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
KreskCommander, Imperial Ordnance Acquisition Corps     UNKNOWN
MaskenSphere of Military OffenseDECEASED
Varnus Orleclaw enforcementUNKNOWN
PhennirImperial Expeditionary FleetUNKNOWN
Valion PyronSilencer superweapon projectUNKNOWN
RugenthQuesh campaignUNKNOWN
SarekAlderaan annexationUNKNOWN
TarandonSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
TyrakCommander, 63rd Armored Infantry DivisionUNKNOWN
Merile Yurrion     Governor, Arkanis SectorUNKNOWN
Alvon ZamarCorellia military studyUNKNOWN

Under-Moff Arribid Bensen
Engineering consultant
Status: Unknown

Exhibiting an interest in scientific study over military responsibility since his time at the Imperial Military Academy, Bensen became one of the Empire's geotechnical engineering experts.  Bensen has travelled the galaxy extensively as a consultant, advising military commanders on geological factors impacting the strenghts and weaknesses of Imperial and Republic installations.  After Imperial forces under the command of Darth Marr successfully conquered Makeb, Bensen was dispacthed to the system to oversee the mining of the crucial isotope-5 mineral.  The rank of "Under-Moff" was created especially for Bensen in recognition of his unique role and the importance of his mission.


General Arkos Rakton
Sphere of Military Strategy
Status: Unknown

Celebrated as one of the Empire's greatest strategists and military commanders.  General Rakton's career was unique in that he had never lost a battle prior to his defeat at the hands of the Republic's elite Havoc Squad at the Battle of Corellia.  Rakton is an ardent beiever in Imperial ideals, and unlike his Sith superiors, he is a perfect soldier, forbidding assaults on civilians and always considering the welfare of his troops.

General Adele Konya
Commander, Black Hole campaign
Status: Unknown

Another veteran of the Battle of Corellia, having participated in many of the critical battles of the Empire's campaign to conquer the planet.  After the Empire's defeat, Konya led a campaign to seize hypermatter stores for the Imperial fleet in the Black Hole district.  Here, she led a two-front campaign against the Republic and local criminal elements.

List of Generals
AvrunHK-51 retrievalUNKNOWN
Bourom     Taris campaignUNKNOWN
DaneSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN, Presumed Deceased
EdikarGarrison commander, Taral VDECEASED
FarvinTaris campaignUNKNOWN
GrannSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
GreistCommander, Armageddon BattalionUNKNOWN
KligtonLord Rathari's power baseDECEASED
KolochQuesh Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
KrauDarth Tormen's power baseUNKNOWN
MerionSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
RoshGarrison commander, Fort Kodentha     UNKNOWN

Colonel Vrain
Commander, Imperial Conquest Consolidation Corps
Status: Unknown

As head of the ICCC, Vrain oversees Imperial control of newly conquered worlds secured.  Most notably, during the Cold War, Vrain deployed the ICCC to Balmorra, captured in the previous war, to quell the planetary resistance movement and bring the planet under firm Imperial control.


Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill "Voidwolf"
Underworld operation mastermind

Beginning his career as an Outer Rim slaver, Kirill later took a contract as an Imperial privateer.  He often employed tactics deemed distasteful by his aristocratic Imperial colleagues.  The seizure of Force-sensitives and their deliverance to the Sith saw him excel to the rank of Commander.  Kirill later schemed to amass a large underworld fleet to strike at the Core Worlds, leaving the Empire and Republic to battle on Corellia.  He was defeated by the infamour Voidhound.

Admiral Zasha Ranken
Commander, Imperial Forward Command
Status: Unknown

A prominent Imperial naval commander, Ranken was handpicked by Rycus Kilran to serve under him during the Great Galactic War.  Later, she assumed leadership of Forward Command, planning and executing bold offensive strikes against the Republic.  After the Zakuulan invasion, Ranken sought out Republic and Zakuulan allies to rally against the forces of the Eternal Empire but was arrested by Arcann's forces, later being inadvertently released by the Alliance Commander.

List of Admirals
Jefand AngeHutt negotiations, Nar Shaddaa subjugation     UNKNOWN
Layek Davos     Commander, Imperial Search and RecoveryUNKNOWN
FraabaalImperial High CommandUNKNOWN
HestunCorellian sector fleet commandUNKNOWN, Presumed Deceased
HoltzHoth campaignUNKNOWN
IvernusCommander, Imperial forces - BalmorraDECEASED
KalmicSphere of Military StrategyDECEASED
RiserreBalmorra occupationDECEASED


General Threnoldt
Commander, Imperial Reclamation Service
Status: Unknown

General Threnoldt commands the element of the Imperial military responsible for archaeolologal and historical analysis and the exploitation of alien technologies.  He was well acquainted with Darth Thanaton, previously the Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.  At the onset of the Galactic War, he recruited Imperial heroes to respond to the crisis of a released Rakatan warlord on the Republic prison-world of Belsavis.

General Kolvin
Nar Shaddaa expedition mission leader
Status: Unknown

During the Cold War, Kolvin led a Reclamation Service expedition to the Hutt-controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa.  At the Sith Emperor's behest, Kolvin's team was charged with uncovering an ancient relic associated with Darth Revan.  Kolvin's expedition ended with the discovery of the Infinite Engine device, which was transported to Dromund Kaas on his command for study.

Worldbuilding and Community / Iokath RP - Ground Battle RP
« on: 08/21/17, 02:02:56 PM »
I finally have a steady work schedule for the next three weeks and am eager to host and execute an RP event again focusing on the current conflict on Iokath.  This time, I'd like for the event to be an IC assault by <Imperial Wild Space Command> against a Republic base.

I'd like to gauge community interest here, so let me know if this is something you'd like to attend.  If it's just Imps that want to go, we can do an actual PvE-style assault on the Republic base. If Pubs are interested as well, we can institute a roll system for combat.

Access to iokath would probably be required.

Let me know if you're interested so i can start planning immediately.

I'll be in class next Tuesday, but I expect to be out mid-afternoon (US Mountain time).  Assuming I don't have much homework, I'll patch as soon as I get home and run the Umbara FP once on story mode.

After that, I'd be interested in grouping with three other Imperials (preference will be given to <IWSC> members but if there's a vacancy I'll take any other Imperials) to run the FP on Veteran Mode (from what we're hearing, the higher level difficulty you run the FP on the faster you can get the new SH).  I play as a healer so three DPS would be preferred but we can manage other roles as well.

Let me know if you'd be interested in grouping for this new content and what role you play.

Cantina / SWTOR RP Influencer Website
« on: 08/02/17, 03:49:43 PM »
Before anyone gets overly excited about this, let me begin by saying that I'm just brainstorming a rough idea here. I'm sure most, if not all, of you are familiar with Bioware's SWTOR Influencer Program. It's basically comprised of player-created content sites like Dulfy or the various podcasts, Twitch streams, or YouTube channels dedicated to talking about the game. Most of these influencers choose to focus on PvE and PvP-related content and major game update information like new strongholds or class changes. There is one significant gap in the community of influencers in my opinion, and that is a venue that focuses principally on game and SW lore, story, and similar subjects that would be of particular interest to the SWTOR RP community.

I'd be willing to establish and help manage an independent website for this purpose. For my part, I'd like to write overviews of lore-related subjects, author articles on story and lore-focused topics, develop guides and strategies for datacron and Codex entry acquisitions, provide tips and insights into in-game RP "mechanics", etc. My weakness is (and consequently what I would need assistance with) computers... :p specifically setting up and managing a website and making it look pretty and such.

So the things I'd like to hear back from all you are things like:

- Would you be interested in (and use regularly) a website dedicated to the more RP-related aspects of SWTOR gameplay as described above?
- What sort of guides, articles and such would you like to see on such a website?
- Would you be willing to contribute to the maintenance and management of such a website, either on the technical end or through content creation?
- Do you have any other thoughts on this subject?

I'm just playing with the idea right now. Let me know your thoughts.

UPDATED: 09-14-17

Here is a rough blueprint of content that could appear on a SWTOR RP website.

Website Names.  I'm terrible when it comes to naming anything so input here is appreciated.

SWTOR RP Central
SWTOR Loremasters

Website Content

Lore Pages
     Persons of Note
     Galaxy Map (depicting faction-controlled planets)
     Military orders of battle
     Galactic Timeline

     Story overviews
     RP mechanics
     Speculation and opinion

     Codex Entries

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Since we've heard from the horse's mouth that there will be an Umbaran SH (in the form of a moving train) released next month, I'd be curious to hear from the community what plans you have to incorporate this new SH into your RP. Thus far, I have only one idea for how I'd like to use it.

I'm considering using the Umbaran SH in RP in a similar manner to how certain nations employed the use of military trains in WWII. Some of these nations had plans to use trains as sort of mobile command centers for senior leaders to prevent targeting by enemy forces.

That's the idea I'm going with right now; to accommodate for the Umbaran environment, I think I'll have IWSC "discover" another player-made planet in Wild Space.

Let me know what plans you all have for using this new area for RP.

Storyboards / Internal Affairs
« on: 07/18/17, 11:55:40 AM »
En route to Iokath

He summons me to Iokath!  Me!

General Orbid Veramin was fuming in his shuttle’s passengers hold.  His demeanor discouraged even the slightest comment from the few staff and guards accompanying him on his trip to Iokath from Belkadan.  The rotund man tapped aggressively at his datapad, reviewing notes as the shuttle sped through hyperspace.

The situation was intolerable.  Unbelievable even.  It had only been eleven years since then Captain Heermann had arrived on Ilum assigned, under rather unusual circumstances, to the intelligence staff of Grand Moff Ilyan Regus.

Now, the presumptuous brat ordered him to Iokath, where he was overseeing part the campaign for Imperial conquest of the world.  It was an honor he did not deserve.  Veramin never liked Heermann, the boy came from a middle-class Imperial background, yet enjoyed the ear of Regus’ senior staff.

What’s this nonsense really about?  Certainly he doesn’t care so much about Belkadan’s insurgency to drag me all the … BZZT.

Veramin’s train of thought was interrupted by the shuttle pilot’s announcement over the intercom. “Sir, we’re coming into the Iokath system now.  A starfighter escort will accompany us to Moff Heermann’s flagship.”


The shuttle dropped out of hyperspace, only to be confronted with the awesome view of a raging battle over Iokath.  Swiftly and purposefully, a flight of F-T6 Rycers assumed a defensive posture around the newly-arrived shuttle.  The pilot steered the craft toward a nearby Terminus destroyer.  As the shuttle proceeded over the destroyer, the full view of the battle, and the Ziost Avenger, came into view.

Bridge of the Ziost Avenger
In orbit over Iokath

Assuming his usual position on the observation platform at the front of the bridge, Moff Heermann stood quietly with erect posture, observing the conflict before him.  Though he appeared to be intently studying the battle, he liked to use the reflections in the large observation windows to monitor the activity on the bridge as well.  It was through this method that he saw the noticeably irate General Veramin arrive on the bridge.

Veramin had been troublesome to the young moff for years.  When Heermann had first arrived on Ilum to participate in Operation Dark Ice under … delicate circumstances, Veramin assumed a hostile demeanor toward Heermann, which had never abated.

In fact, the hostile relationship between the two men had only ever gotten worse.  Veramin harbored overt sympathizes toward incorporating more alien species into the Empire, a heresy both Heermann and, more importantly, the grand moff staunchly opposed.  When Darth Malgus made his play for power, Veramin came to suspect it was Heermann who had put in a private word with Regus’ senior staff members that had since put him on the outs with the senior Imperial military leadership.  That was only partially true, of course, but Veramin’s political views, so expressed at a time when the Empire was contending with such a profound treachery, led to a major stall in his career.  He was appointed head of Belkadan Command.  Being put into a position of command over an entire planetary military force is a great honor in the Empire, but perhaps less so when it’s on a planet on the periphery of Imperial interests.

Heermann watched the reflection of the overweight man approach in the window and spoke quickly, cutting Veramin off as he started into what was likely an insincere greeting.

”General, I trust you don’t think I’m so naïve as to take what I read in the Imperial media for fact.  I am, after all and at heart, an intelligence man.”  Heermann turned slowly to face his old adversary.  ”The Belkadan media reports a great success against the log-standing insurgency there.  But you and I know better.”

Veramin snorted, surprising a nearby adjutant at the disrespectful gesture.  ”Moff,” he spat out as harshly as throwing a dagger, ”Forgive me if I don’t immediately see what concern planetary rebellion on Belkadan is to you.” Veramin looked out at the battle behind Heermann. ”I’d have thought you’d have your hands too full here to care what happens on our … simple planet.”

The moff responded quickly and assertively.  ”Belkadan is the base of operations for my command.  I can’t very well launch major military operations in Wild Space if my principal garrison isn’t assuredly secure.  The planet has been in the Empire for over fifty years now, General.  It should be a firmly established Imperial holding now.”  His tone turned accusatory, ”Why is it not?

Veramin lacked the discipline, or perhaps it was the interest or care, in concealing his displeasure at being lectured to by this young whelp.  His face adopted a crimson hue as he responded, ”Belkadan has never received the level of support needed to …”

Heermann promptly interrupted, ”Half-a-century of Imperial authority and you offer me excuses as to why you’ve failed to root out all traces of dissent?!”

The round general’s expression became more overtly hostile as he retorted, ”There remain elements of the Belkadan citizenry who still wish to see the planet’s reincorporation into the Republic.”

Herrmann nodded quickly, ”Indeed, General.  The most troubling point of all.  Fifty years under the Imperial banner and a persistent political and militant opposition makes the Empire look weak.  Your failure to root out this insurgency has threatened to make public sympathy an ally of the Republic!”

Veramin was preparing to fire back when the white-uniformed moff turned his back on him and proceeded to his position near the window.  ”Well, at least this shan’t be a noteworthy matter for much longer.”

The angry general pondered the moff’s words in confusion.  "What?"

Heermann turned again to face the general.  ”I will see to the campaign against the Belkadan insurgency myself … once the battle here is concluded and I return to the system.”

Veramin took a step toward the moff in earnest, realizing that such a move would mean a swift final death to his already stalled career, if not a more literal end to his own life.  ”You don’t have the authority!  Planetary military operations are under my purview.”

The moff offered a small smirk, ”I don’t have to be a Sith to forsee that the planetary governor is not likely to refuse an offer of additional military support to quell this rebellion.”

”I’ll see to this insurrection on my own. Don’t think you’ll get the chance to strike the final blow on me, Heermann.”  With his final threat launched, the general turned and stormed off the bridge for the hangar deck.

Heermann allowed a small smile, confident Veramin would prove himself incapable of handling the Republic threat on Belkadan.  He turned back to face the observation windows, witnessing two strike fighter squadrons depart the dreadnought’s forward hangars for a fresh assault on Republic ships.

Early the next day
Belkadan Command HQ

General Veramin came into his office early that morning.  He'd given yesterday's meeting considerable thought and determined it was well past time for him to pay Heermann back for destroying his career on Ilum.

The rotund officer made his way around his table and plumped himself into his high-back chair.  Pressing the comms button on his desk, he issued his orders, "Put me through to the Ministry of Logistics at the Citadel.  Department of Regulatory Affairs."

He sat back and waited to be connected.

"General, Regulatory Officer Alamand Orgair, at your service, sir.  What can the Logistics Ministry do for you?," the holofigure on his desk inquired.

Veramin sat forward with a confident smirk. "Officer, I've discovered some irregularities with the Heermann family's management of funds I think I have a duty to report."

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