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Holocrons and Info Nodes / A Corrupted Prize
« on: 02/26/18, 06:56:58 PM »

Approx. 5 years ago...

The perpetual hum of energy and metal was a much-loved melody in the dead of space. Tas’ra’s starship sat cloaked in orbit around Belsavis and the frost-encrusted planet stared up at the Sith from beyond the viewport, cratered with verdant pockets of life in the volcanic fissures that scarred the surface green from space.

“We’ve arrived, Lord Tas’ra,“ the ensign at the helm delivered the obvious news out of duty.

“Standby for new orders. I must contact Darth Avardice.”

Tas’ra’s boots scarcely made a sound against the sleek metal floor as he strode from the bridge, headed straight for the comms terminal in the cabin beyond. A moment later, the emitter flickered to life and the holo-likeness of well-dressed Sith woman was staring back at him.

“Tas’ra, darling…” the Pureblood looked up from a datapad and smiled demurely. “I trust you’ve made it to the Outer Rim without much trouble?”

The Chiss bowed his head deeply. “Yes, Darth Avardice. We are currently in orbit around Belsavis and ready to depart.”

“Unfortunately there has been a bit of a hitch with our plans,” Avardice frowned. “The Banta report that a Jedi and their padawan were spotted landing not to far from the tomb. Seems like you with have more than Lord Baehl to contend with down there. Are you sure you are up to the task, my apprentice?”

It was hard to tell if her gaze narrowed on him, or if it was a trick of the holo as it glitched across the frequency. Tas’ra’s jaw tightened slightly, but he did not show his annoyance so freely. He simply forced a smile and narrowed his own gaze on the hologram.

“Rest assured, my lord, I will retrieve the corrupted noetikon and ensure it does not fall into any enemy hands. I believe Lord Baehl’s greed will play in our favour.”

“Then why do you seem so troubled?” Avardice slowly smirked as Tas’ra face betrayed his surprise. “I know you, my dear. What is it that has you uneasy?”

The Chiss tugged at the cuff of his glove, straightening out the garment as straightened out his answer. “I feel a strange movement in the Force surrounding this mission. I have not been able to gain understanding of what it means, but it has grown stronger now we are here. Yet, despite my unease, I am certain we will emerge victorious. Lord Baehl will help us with our goals, and I will see you back at House Moros with your prize to present to Keeper of Mysteries.”

The Pureblood studied him a moment, before inclining her head.

“Very well. I look forward to your success.”

The cyan light flickered out of existence and Tas’ra returned to the bridge.

“Hail the spaceport and get us clearance to port. We need to get planet-side as soon as possible.”

Hey there, fellow roleplayers. I never know what to write in these things...  :shifty:

I'm Jay. :nerd: I'm a long-time role players in tabletop, forums and other MMOs during the years (WoW and TESO, mainly. I dabbled in SWG many moon ago until lag killed it for me) and have recently picked up SWTOR for the third time to try dipping my toes into the RP community and see how things go.

I have slipped in with the Dark Chorus crew, Impside, while they are in the midst of getting established and I am currently playing 2 characters. Since I suck at self-introductions, I'll introduce them instead!

Lord Tas'ra -- My Chiss sith, who has a bit of a quiet chip on his shoulder for being exactly that. He's quite interested in power through knowledge and spends a lot of his time relic hunting and studying such finds. He also does a lot of his own legwork for the important finds, because he's arrogant and a control freak and is convinced if anything is to be done right, he needs to do it. He also enjoys composing music in his spare time, but he's not likely to tell you about that... :umm:

Selaan M'soth -- My little fixer/slicer nerd, who is more comfortable around droids and computers than people. Grew up a duct rat on Nar Shaddaa and got caught up in a whole lot of trouble when she was sold into slavery. Without a bunch of spoilers, she ended up with Imperial Intelligence for showing promise with her knack with sneaking around and slicing.

Darth Avardice -- A Pureblood Sith involved in The Dark Chorus, and part of House Moros. She does work within the Sphere of Mysteries, and is part of the council of advisers for Darth Moros himself. She is also Tas'ra's master. Not officially a fully-fledged character, but I've made her more an NPC for guild purposes.


I have a Jedi character I have been poking around on, but have not yet made a full step out into Pubside RP yet... maybe in future  :grin:

Media Gallery / Jaydek's Art Thread
« on: 01/26/16, 02:44:38 AM »
Heyo!  :grin:

I've been fleshing out my snarky lil' slicer gal from Imperial Intelligence lately and felt the need to scribble her face down. Likely the first of many SWTOR scribbles to come.

Introductions / ((OOC)) Take three... (Newbie, here!)
« on: 01/18/16, 01:34:35 AM »
:grin: Hi.

I'm a tabletop/forum RPer (Pathfinder, D&D) mostly, though I've been playing MMOs for 12 years. I've only really attempted to mix the two in the past 6 months, so while RP isn't a new to me RPing in MMOs is only something I've been trying to get into for a few month. I roleplay over on Wymrest Accord (Horde) when I can find walk ups that match my timezone and used to roleplay in a Bosmeri guild over in ESO until my timeline made it too awkward to make guild events.

I've got a couple a friends who roleplay on BC, so I've started an Imperial Agent and brushing up on my SW lore. Looking forward to hopefully finding people in my timezone to RP with! Thanks for maintaining these forums, they help a lot!


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