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Events and Occasions / Return to Dancer's Palace (8/10/18)
« on: 08/10/18, 03:11:12 PM »
Hi Everyone! Please feel free to join the fun at Dancer's Palace tonight. I have permission to use the venue and would love to see you all there.

Please remember that Sindee is Imperial-aligned and can invite for that side only at this time.

Events and Occasions / Got any plans on July 14?
« on: 06/29/18, 11:00:10 AM »
[EDIT: Moved to 7/14 so we can celebrate Soovada on 7/7. See you soon!]

OOC: Hi everyone! I'd like to invite you to my place on Tatooine for a couple days of fun in the sun. On July 7 and July 14 I'll be hosting an in-game party for those of you who are interested in staying inside IRL while partying virtually and pretending that there's no such thing as too much sun. I'm staggering the start times for each week in the hopes that West and East folks can find a time to visit.

Bring your swimsuit because there is a pool - complete with a diving board. There's a balcony bar overlooking the Rancor Pit and if there's interest we can lock the rancors away in the pen and use the arena for some spirited games of pew pew. (This is an experiment and if there's too much pvp chat spam, we may move the pvp venue to the outer edge of the stronghold.) There's also a sunset bar for those wanting the best view of the resort.

Lastly, I'll be handing out random prizes of mounts, crystals and cold hard credits on the hour. This is meant to be a fun occasion and while I won't be policing any RP, if you're a mean f**ker then you'll be asked to leave, cuz mean people suck  :rage:

7/7  4:00pm-7:00pm Pacific.
7/14 7:00pm-?? Pacific.

Let me apologize in advance for any re-posts. I've never done this before and may not have clicked the right buttons the first time.

See you soon!

P.S. May I have a volunteer or two from the Pub side of things to hand out invites? Otherwise you can let me know here and we'll figure out a way to give you a key before the event.

P.S. Again: Are any of you sensitive to the blinky light floor? I have a Rave Room directly off the Balcony Bar that I can tone down before the event.

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