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Roleplay Workshop / Timelines
« on: 05/03/18, 06:57:50 AM »
Do you ever set up timelines for your characters stories, or even just when each of them met any of the others?  What software do you use, if any?

I've used Aeon Timeline in the past, for other purposes; was going to play around with it here, too, but also considered just using Google Sheets to make a simple chart of some sort  -- like a vertically descending timeline, with branches to the left and right, or possibly just branches to the right with notes like, "7 ATC - Sotekh meets Kharys", or even dates on the left, notes on the right. 

Roleplay Workshop / Awareness of Sith history
« on: 04/27/18, 04:58:38 AM »
How common do you all think knowledge of Sith history more than a few hundred years back is among the Sith order?  Like, does the Academy talk about/teach about Dathka Graush, or the Jedi Exiles, or even Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, Ludo Kressh and the Great Hyperspace War?  Or is it just Force techniques, weapons training and current politics, do you think?

Roleplay Workshop / Dealing with the Alliance
« on: 02/16/18, 05:28:30 AM »
Since I'm a newcomer to this community, I don't have the personal experience to know how you all have dealt with the Eternal Alliance.  I saw a bit of discussion in the Schroedinger's Galaxy thread that touched on the Alliance, but I'm more curious to know how many fully accept it in their RP canon, how many have chucked it entirely, and how many cherry-pick bits and pieces. 

Just curious, as I try to figure out my own stance and what it means for my chars.

Cantina / Can one resign from a Mandalorian Clan?
« on: 01/31/18, 03:45:15 AM »
...or otherwise part on good terms?

Just curious.

Worldbuilding and Community / Sith and Jedi sects
« on: 01/22/18, 03:40:03 AM »
I've not read nearly all of the pre-Disney EU books, and the only post-Disney Star Wars book I've read (so far) is Thrawn, but I don't remember any discussion about sects within the Jedi and Sith orders. 

In universe, we know that the Jedi were regarded (at least by outsiders) as a religion, even if an "outdated" or "hokey" one, as per Han Solo.

Given that real-world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, all have their schisms and sects.  Without engaging in debate about the merits of any, Christianity is broadly divided into three major groups, Islam into two, Judaism into three, Buddhism into two, and I've no idea re: Hinduism--three, perhaps, but that's a very vague memory at best, so forgive me if I err.

The Jedi have had their schisms, from whence sprang the Sith of course, but within anything I can remember seeing on screen or reading about them, there's at most a few minor notes about the Living Force adherents vs. the Unifying Force adherents.  Overall, it's still presented (to my recollection) as fairly monolithic, all things considered, which bothers me, even with their tendencies toward pacifism and harmonizing.

How much more so, then, the Sith, who are nothing if not fractious and belligerent?   There are all kinds of different schools of thought throughout Sith history as to how the Sith Order should be organized and governed--one lord, two lords, red lord, blue lord?  hehehe 

But little to nothing in the way of theology or cosmology or ontology or epistemology. 

Doesn't it seem like an obvious omission?  Or am I simply not remembering where any of these things have been covered (possible, certainly!)?

Edit: I /do/ remember the episode of The Clone Wars with the Father, Son, and Daughter.  It struck me as ... not in keeping with anything else we've been told about The Force in Star Wars, but I suppose it does qualify as a treatment of religious beliefs.  There were still little in the way of doctrinal details there, though, IIRC.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Revelation
« on: 01/22/18, 03:18:18 AM »
"You are a prisoner.  You must break free." 

I've had this dream since I was a child of five, living on Dromund Kaas.  A Sith Pureblood speaks these words to me.  Each time, she's the same: tall, slender, imposing, with crimson skin and burning yellow eyes that stare intently right at me.  She wears the same robe--deep crimson, with gold trim--and on her sleeves, a sigil, done in the same gold thread.  On her head, she wears a peculiar leather headdress--perhaps a crown, perhaps monastic garb.  All the other details of the dream vary, but maddeningly, she never elaborates.  She never says anything other than those exact words, in fact.   The setting differs--sometimes my childhood home on Dromund Kaas; sometimes a dark temple in an unfamiliar jungle landscape; sometimes a brightly lit throne room, full of Sith--old Sith, before bastardized hybrids started calling themselves "Purebloods." 

Since I was five, I've devoted all my resources to trying to understand these visitations.  I've tried to decipher the details, tried to find clues in the locations or the objects visible or the people present, or any tantalizing aspect of the dreams that my mind could latch onto.  I'm now thirty one, and it's never made any sense, until now. 

I gaze down at the scroll on the table before me.  The title at the top reads, "The Crystal Shell"; it's signed at the bottom:  Senekhjari Khai.  I know now that this is the name of the woman in my dreams.  The scroll's age-worn case rests on the corner of the table, the same sigil from her sleeves stamped into the metal.  It took me years to confirm this scroll even existed, and years more to obtain it.  It cost me all of my political power, prestige, and credits, even my marriage--all of them insignificant compared to the priceless revelation contained in the scroll.   

I finally understand her message.  All my life, I thought she meant a prisoner of political powers, or of our own passions, or (perhaps) even of the Emperor, but she meant something so much more profound.  We Sith talk about forbidden lore and our trove of secret knowledge--as if how to levitate rocks were some priceless bit of arcana available only to a select few at some great personal cost.  We bind our acolytes with the most dire oaths of obedience and secrecy, and then give them grammar lessons! In the Sith language that half of them grew up speaking!   But this--this is a secret to shake the foundation of empires. 

The clues have been there all along, from the very birth of the Sith religion.  Sorzus Syn knew, when she wrote the Sith code.  "Through victory, my chains are broken.   The Force shall set me free."  Free from what is the question we should have been asking all along.  She didn't mean petty tyrants, whether they call themselves "Lord" or "Darth" or even "Emperor", nor the Jedi, nor their insipid and emasculated Republic.   She didn't mean "our animal selves", our base passions, or the fears and habits that hold us back from our potential.

She meant the entirety of existence as we know it. 

The scroll contains the details of her revelation:  we live and die inside of a vast, invisible shell of energy, which we call the Force.  It gives us tremendous power, but at tremendous cost.  When those who cannot touch the Force die, they are absorbed back into the shell; their identity dissolves and gets churned in the shell, like a cup of water being poured into the froth of the ocean.  That energy will eventually incarnate in a new body, but it is no more the same energy, the same person, than a handful of water from the ocean is the same water from the cup.  This endless cycle of rebirth, starting anew each time, is a vast, cosmic prison.

When Jedi die, they will sometimes retain their consciousness and exist as a Force spirit.  They hold that this is possible for a short time only.  Like a raincloud over the ocean, they believe that all must inevitably return to the source and start over.  They are no better off than those who cannot wield the Force.

But it is possible, despite what the Jedi believe, to not only maintain one's identity for a long period of time, as the spirit of many dead Sith Lords can attest, but to reincarnate with all memories intact.  In this fashion, one can build up the necessary power and knowledge to break through the shell into what lies beyond.

The scroll stops here.  Years of chasing down every lead, every rumor, every artifact, have turned up no clues as to how one can escape, but I have confirmed several facts over the course of my investigation.  Senekhjari Khai was a disciple of Naga Sadow, as well as his sometimes lover and confidant.  The conflict between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh was not about political power, as we are taught.  Instead, it was about the destiny of we who call ourselves Sith.  We are in a cosmic prison; do we collaborate with our captors, and become the jailers in exchange for a few paltry favors, as Kressh would have had us do?  Do we exchange our chains of iron for chains of gold?  Or do we settle for nothing less than our freedom, our true freedom?

I don't know how yet, but I will find the means to escape the prison.  I must.  It's in my blood.  My name is Seskhet Khai, and Senekhjari Khai was my ancestor.

Introductions / OOC Introduction
« on: 01/19/18, 02:16:06 PM »
Good evening!

I'm a recently returned player.  Having been back in the game long enough to get comfortable, for the most part, I've been considering what to do in the light of the server merges, as well as the dissolution of my previous (small) playing group.  So, I've joined new guilds, am looking for new people to get to know, and figured I'd check out the RP scene these days. 

I used to RP in Star Wars: Galaxies many, many moons ago.  I haven't really done so in any MMO for years, at this point, but the urge is still there.  I can't help but create elaborate backstories for all my multitude of characters, no matter which MMO I'm in, and SWTOR is no exception.  I apparently cannot just make a char and go shoot stuff.  I have to make a char, then figure out what he or she wants to shoot, and why, and who does he/she know that might be willing to help him/her shoot stuff, and who has he or she shot in the past, and who are his or her family members and what look should he or she have and why and and and and and .... 

Other bits of info about me:
  • I have chars of both factions, naturally, but vastly prefer Imperial (specifically, Sith classes).
  • I'm fascinated by the history of the Sith, and spend entirely too much time wondering about their theology and the actual details of their religious belief system.
  • I work full-time, Eastern time zone, night shift, Wed-Sat at present, which does rather impinge on my gaming time, but I do rather enjoy being able to pay my bills, so that's unlikely to change soon.   :grin:
  • The Legacy Family Tree feature is one of my favorite aspects of this game.  I wish every MMO had something like that.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone.  I've not yet decided which (minor) char I wish to start RPing with, but will throw together a signature with the appropriate info or something similar, soon.

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