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Cantina / The Next Time I'm In Town
« on: 09/27/18, 12:13:21 PM »
So I haven't been around, and out of the respect and affection I've had—and still have—for this community I just want to acknowledge that. Particularly for anyone whom I've interacted with most recently and for all the folks I'm sure I told things to that I've since forgotten and not made good on, etc. On its own that would not warrant a post, even though previously I had been making a concerted effort to do just the opposite and become more involved around here and stimulate activity as much as I possibly could, because like many I'm sure I miss "the good old days." What I feel does merit dropping a line, though, is that I don't plan on that changing any time soon.

I'm not "leaving" because, in as concise a way as I can think to put it I just don't know if that really happens the way saying so implies. Furthermore, as I've said in other places around here in semi-recent times, I plan on sticking around in some capacity until the lights go off. Heck, I'm even still subbed, though that's largely because if I want to do pretty much anything in the game at all now I have to be. Thanks for that, BioWare.

Anyhow I wanted to keep this short (which it already isn't) and I swear I'm not trying to be "that guy" and kick up dust but I just felt obligated to put something up saying I'm sorta moving on, and it feels like a little more than perhaps the Absentee thread accounts for. In recent months I've just felt cast adrift, looking for a place to do the things I used to enjoy so much here in TOR and SWG before that, and I can no longer ignore that—much as I have tried to make it so—that place just isn't here anymore. Not for me, at least not right now.

I feel bad, in a way, to say what I'm saying now, because of all the wonderful folks around here who I've shared so much with and who have shared so much with me, given me so much of their time and energy, shared their stories and passions. I wish I felt I could still give the commitment that all deserves, and that I feel I ought to give with everything I have put into this community over the years. I've made investments in this community and game in every sense, and it's hard to accept that the bulk of any return on those is largely behind me. I've never been the most prominent or public name in this neck of the internet woods and that suits me fine, and I've honestly done this before and just not said anything, but this time with the general state of things I wanted to.

So that's how it is. If anyone is so inclined I'll continue to try and make myself reachable as always, though I admit I don't come checking this site very often anymore so if you want to grab my attention a PM or a different platform (Discord or Steam or such) will likely be required, but don't hesitate to do so. There just doesn't feel like a place for me here on the regular the way I once felt there was, and I'm finally going to let it be.

P.S. For any interested parties, I've actually dusted off the old beta ESO account and been having fun tromping around there. I see some opportunity and a glint of life and hope there for what I've been missing, so I'm going to go after it. If any of you fine folk end up there too, feel free to look me up @TheBarbarian. Cheers.

Events and Occasions / Independence Night
« on: 05/11/18, 07:33:31 PM »
Indie Night is back on the calendar! I will keep it on the calendar until someone asks me to take it off. The only reason it ever wasn't is because nobody specifically put it there. The idea was it would be free-form and would not require a host, however seeing the result of that attempt I will be personally doing my best to be there or at least see to it someone else is. But also, nobody has to be! It's just an option!

Start time was chosen arbitrarily to be the same as Jedi kNight for simplicity, it is entirely informal and mostly irrelevant, but if you would like one there it is. If anyone wants to do adventures or just has an idea to throw at the wall for any given Indie Night, you are not only welcome to do so but encouraged! You don't even need to ask permission, just tell people!

There are no rules, merely guidelines (yes you should hear that in the Barbossa voice). Nobody "owns" this thing. It's Independent. I just declared it.

So, I don't normally do this, but...  :umm:

I ran across this dye the other day, by happenstance, while perusing the selections on the GTN for a long-awaited solution to my frustration at how non-unique the TT-17A Hydra armor set has become. I wore it as my Bounty Hunter's primary armor, undyed (because I originally wore it before dyes, and the dyes have been about 90% trash to this point and the base color scheme is awesome), for literally years. That is, until they went and slapped the entire set into a common adaptive gear vendor in the middle of Dromund Kaas as unrestricted, legacy-bound gear and made it dirt cheap. As a result, everybody and their frickin' brother wears it now. And of course, they mostly wear it undyed. Aside from the salt at having paid several million credits for it back in the day (when that was a lot, and some of you may even remember floating me loans for that...), it pretty well made it impossible for me to feel satisfied just sticking with it, since while it makes sense for Troopers and Jedi and even Agents and Sith to all look the same, it's pretty lame if your BH looks exactly like every single other idiot who decided to pick up a gun and go for a stroll.

Since the dyes are, as previously mentioned, pretty much all crap, I eventually gave up on it and I devised myself a whole new set for my Hunter. And that's all well and dandy, but I was recently motivated once again to spruce up the old Hydra kit because it's one of the few good armor options that I have access to for use on the Pubside alt I finally broke down and made for the aforementioned Hunter. Which brings us back to the entire point of this. I found this Olive Green and Tan Dye Module, and while it is rather bland and understated, that actually makes it perfect for him, and it looks good on the Hydra set. The catch being that literally the only one I've ever seen listed was up for 9mil at the time, which I can't afford. It is now no longer up, has not gone back up for days, and the poster has not responded to mail. I am the nervous.

So, if any of you might happen to have it unbound and in your possession, and aren't attached to it, I would gladly buy it off you for whatever price you think is far. I think if I scrape the barrel I could get up to 5 million, which honestly feels more than worth it to me to finally solve this vexing identity problem and be able to enjoy using that set again. Similarly, if anyone sees it around again, I'd be much obliged if you'd let me know, and even more so if you felt like going so far as to pick it up and have me pay you back (Scout's honor totally will).

Want Olive Green and Tan Dye Module. Couldn't afford when showed up on GTN. Have not seen since. Will pay up to 5mil for it. Many thanks if can assist.

Roleplay Workshop / Questions On Vocal Styles
« on: 04/25/14, 11:51:20 AM »
So it has been bugging me for a while (even before I took my break) that neither Arcuro nor Arkraos has a very distinct vocal style at all. I feel like I see more distinct styles a lot among other characters, and from my perspective it seems to improve the cohesiveness of a character. Whether it be a slurr, an accent, more or less use of contractions, or any number of other things. I'm not looking to make a drastic change to the speech of my characters (partially for ease while typing stuff out), but I am looking to give them some distinctiveness.

My first big question to throw out there is, do people notice/use this often, and do people feel it works to provide some character? Secondly I would ask, does it ever get to be too much, and if so, when? Finally, if/when it is too much, does it annoy people or detract from the actual communication? I'm really just trying to collect opinions on the matter I guess, as it is something I find hard to judge for myself.

I figure what I have to work on is that I try to differentiate the brothers through some personality variances already (whether I am actually successful with that or not depends :P ). Arcuro is supposed to feel fairly restrained in his social dealings. I aim for an image of a fairly nervous, less socially-developed career soldier. He is supposed to be more concerned with being courteous than his brother, at least around strangers, and to have that sort of military politeness about him as a result. I figure that all translates to reduced use of contractions, use of polite titles like "sir" and "ma'am" a lot, and a more generally wordy way of speaking.

Arkraos is where I feel like I slip the most. I meant him to be a gruff, more socially experienced variant on Arcuro. He still shares much of his younger brother's characteristic anxiety, but does a better job of hiding it. He is intended to have none of the more proper military feel in his character, never having really worked within the ranks of a true military for long. While less concerned with politeness, he is not rude either. I added all that up to: more use of contractions, replacing more casual titles for Arcuro's polite ones ("mate" or "friend" instead of "sir", etc.), and with a more simple and straightforward way of speaking (but not in a particularly less intelligent way, just less fancy).

Problem is that while I have thought about these things, I never really knew how people interpreted them (low spectrum Autism sucks), and I didn't want these sorts of things getting in the way of the actual communication from the characters. So now I ask!  :grin:

Roleplay Workshop / Requesting Brainstorming Aid
« on: 04/21/14, 12:36:37 PM »
First of all, hello again everybody I haven't said "hello again" too! Some of you may remember me from before I took my leave of absence from the game, being the guy behind the lesser known Cyone brothers: Arcuro (Republic Trooper) and  Arkraos (Imperial Bounty Hunter).

Down to the brass tacks of why I am making this post, as stated in the subject, I need some help brainstorming. I've been playing SWTOR on and off for at least a year and a half now, and always on the BC server. I started roleplaying on my first character, Arcuro, pretty quickly after picking up the game. This leads to a long and fairly complicated history for him especially, and Arkraos has no shortage of such things either. The problem with this is that I have never kept good track of all of the happenings in their stories, and as a shameful result, I don't remember nearly enough of the specifics of their histories as I feel I would need to truly revive them.

The obvious solution to that kind of problem is to make new characters, but I really hate the thought of that. I know enough of their pasts to be really opposed to the idea of putting all of it to waste, not to mention losing at least a starting point for all of the relations the characters have built over time. At the same time, there are things about the characters I would like to change, not so much fundamental things as other more extraneous things. I have been brainstorming on these issues for days now, since I started playing again, and I really haven't come up with a satisfactory plan.

I'm no stranger to roleplay, having been doing it in some capacity since Star Wars: Galaxies. At the same time, I do not consider myself any kind of master. Given this, I would really appreciate any advice or ideas any of you more experienced folk might provide. Additionally, and quite importantly, I am no lore expert. In point of fact, I have long gotten by on a very sub-optimal understanding of Star Wars lore, especially with regards to the Old Republic era. Honestly the gigantic, complicated nature of Star Wars lore has always been daunting and somewhat frustrating to me, but I have long been a hearty fan of the franchise. Thusly, I have a number of direct questions on the subject, and any other tidbits provided are welcomed, regardless of how they do or don't contradict my own work so far.

The major structure of the histories of the brothers will stay in tact, but I am certainly going to do some tweaking to make everything fit better and be more manageable. What I'm also trying to figure out is what I am going to add to said histories for the time I have been away. The end goal I am trying to get is a more flexible semi-clean slate to start to work with. It's a difficult proposition, but I'm hoping to explain a lot of it through some kind of genetic experimentation stuff as far as where the characters are now. I know I'm going to use some kind of memory loss (I know, sorta a lame write-off, but it seems like the best course of action) to achieve some of that, but the question is what all is behind it.

That's where I run into the blockades I need help with. My meager understanding of lore does not include the specifics of genetic science in the age of the Old Republic. I need to know three core things. First, how advanced is genetic engineering in the Old Republic era, and is it plausible that it could be used to mess with people's brains and bodies in a significant way. Second, if it is, who would have access to this kind of tech and knowledge, and how widespread would this access be. Third, what would the resulting complications from such things look like, if they exist. I'm not looking to give anybody superpowers or anything, but I feel it would be an interesting way to work in some mystery and screw things up a bit with the brothers.

I'm currently drawing a blank on how to work all of this out in a specific sense, so really any brainstorming is appreciated. Seeing as how I am also developing a story arc of sorts for my characters, if people have an interest in being involved I'm definitely open to it. I run into a lot of problems here because I do not want to step on people toes at all, or make any kind of awkward inconvenience, so I figured seeking help from the community was a good plan. I recognize that this is all very vague, but that's kinda the point at this juncture; I need to turn vague into specific.

So yeah, hit me!

Outside Realm / Unfortunate Absence
« on: 10/28/13, 03:51:18 PM »
   So, first of all, I want to apologize for essentially disappearing on all of you. This was not my intention, and I feel bad for doing so. In short, a lot of things in my life have seen both substantial and rapid change, much of which has been out of my control. I have also been struggling with, among other things, some pretty severe depression, which has also impacted my functionality as of late. Consequently, while I am doing alright overall, I unfortunately just don't have the ability to be active in the BC community in a meaningful sense right now. This does not mean I will be leaving for good, I just need some time to work things out and get to a better place in life.
   I want to let you all know that I have really enjoyed being a part of this community, you guys are awesome. My one regret is that I never was able to get as involved as I wanted, but perhaps in the future that goal can be realized. So thank you all for the good times, and I hope there will be more to come. In the meantime, I will miss you guys, and I wish you all the very best!

Roleplay Workshop / Community Involvement
« on: 09/15/13, 04:59:20 PM »
     Hello folks! So, it has been quite some time since I have dabbled in the world of forums, and therefore I apologize if this is in the wrong place or something ahead of time. In any event, I'm making this post to ask for some advice. As of late I have felt that I should get more involved with the general role-playing that goes on in the community on BC. What I mean by that is I would like to be able to be a part of more of the stories and other things that go on, as I really enjoy this community and RP itself. I figured making this post was the best way to ask for general advice on how to do that, and to essentially put myself out there and say "Hey, I want in, Coach!". As a few of you may know, I struggle with a lot of anxiety-related mental disorders, which often translates into a certain amount of social inability. This means that I have a hard time figuring out how to be social at times and where to start with people in general.
     I do already attend the weekly community events whenever I can, and I greatly enjoy them when I do. Unfortunately, with school on I have less freedom as far as time for RP goes, as I have to manage a sleep schedule that allows for waking up early, being out of the house, and staying awake. That said, however, I do still have quite a bit of time to devote to this. I live in the Midwest (Minnesota, specifically) so I am on central time, and I am available most days after school and on most weekends (with the exception of one night per weekend that I spend out of the house). So, all this in mind, I put forth this request for advice to all of you veteran community folk on what to do. Thanks!

Introductions / Greetings Fellow Roleplayers! (OOC)
« on: 05/09/13, 08:56:40 PM »
So, this is the first time I have used this site for anything except checking events (despite being a member of it for a while).... therefore making this my first post. I really have no idea what I am doing, as I have little experience with things such as this, but hey, first time for everything. I am an avid roleplayer, and have been a minor part of the Begeren Colony community for over a year now. You might be thinking, "Why has he chosen now to post?", so let me answer that first.

I am a terribly anxious person. I have many different issues related to anxiety, all of which are fairly severe. This means that I have a hard time mustering up the courage to do anything like make a first post on a new forum, on the internet, where people will read it. Needless to say, I finally worked up the courage to do it. I am also spurred on by the fact that I have been out of an active roleplaying state for a while, which has caught up with me, as I do so enjoy it. And, seeing as how my long time guild (The Wardens of Providence) has seemingly dissolved into nothing, I no longer have the circle of roleplaying friends that I used to. Thus, all of this leads me to come here.

So, in light of all the possibly useless stuff I just typed out, I wanted to introduce myself. I have two characters, both on Begeren Colony. My main of the two is Arcuro Cyone, a Republic soldier (possibly former, complicated), in his mid twenties (roughly). His whole story is a little lengthy, so I'll spare you all the details, but suffice to say he's got an interesting history, with more than a few issues and challenges. My second character is Arcuro's brother, Arkrilios Cyone, a Bounty Hunter loosely affiliated with the Empire. Much of his character remains a mystery (even to me :P).

All in all, I came on here hoping to make some new acquaintances and become more involved in a community that I have been loosely a part of for all this time. I really, really hope I haven't messed this up somehow.


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