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Media Gallery / ARISE MY JAHDGES!11!
« on: 03/30/18, 04:57:08 PM »

Cantina / On Han
« on: 03/16/18, 09:06:55 PM »
Copy and pasted from my comment on a youtube video

You know, today I was thinking, how could we have salvaged Han?


Have Han's fight the carbon-copy empire in the underworld!
He knows its in an outs, so he's out to mess with them! He maintains his distance because, politically, that's a mucky proposition and let's face it, the man really doesn't do suits. Leia steps down from politics because political blowback, from you know, a general leaving his post plus SOMEONE has to fill the void -- and considering her status as a heroine of the rebellion, it helps keep morale up.
On the underworld front, Han realizes being disavowed and independent sounded good on paper... right up until debt collectors want their due. So on top of trying to fight the reborn carbon-copy empire's influence in the underworld, he now ALSO has to deal with the repercussions of being a rogue-turned-general-turned-rogue-and-wife-of-leia-oops-why-did-i-leave.

See? Now everyone's competent. Less useless, more badass BUT they bought the dirt because of (1) daddy issues and (2) the weight of the burden was too heavy to bare.
The villains are far more capable and strong because of it and certain activists still get to keep the bullshit political messaging without you know, making the story a political tale of WHO GIVES A SHIT.

Haaaaah. Catharsis...

Holocrons and Info Nodes / An par ner adate [Aurel Legacy]
« on: 05/31/17, 03:33:42 AM »
An par te vencuyot
An par ner adate
An par ner aliit

All for the future
All for my people
All for my clan

Alliance Headquarters, Odessen - Training Floor
Two months after the formation of the Alliance

Hands cut the air as instructions were given. The sound of sparring filled the room as the faint scent of incense infused the Aurelian's lungs.
"Alright. That's enough. I hope we're all warmed up. Bring it in."
He gestured in the center of the training floor as many
"I thought I'd bring it back to the basics today. Saber combat. Maybe some of you own your own light sabers, others might prefer something a bit more tactile or with a bit of weight and wherever you're at, I think we'll have something relevant. There's a few things..."
He looked between each face, trying to remember each name. Few were absent, but on the whole most of the regulars were here. And not all of them were force-sensitive.
"Form is obvious and so is posture. You will or will have covered that together with your instructors. There's enough learning material to go around. Footwork is something your instructors will stress and I will happily parrot their words but our focus for the day is distance."
It was strange for him to stand here as an instructor. He had apprentices before and it wasn't the first time he'd taught a large group but standing here with the Alliance, giving instruction to a large group composed of Jedi, Sith and all in between... it gave him a real sense of purpose. Of unity. One he hadn't felt in a long time...

"Distance between yourself and your opponent -- the distance that you cover with each step when you close to strike, the distance  your opponents will cover in reply. The distance you need to cover before you strike. It might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how much room you might need to make a cut or how little. When you're alert and ready for battle the step you make in combat covers more ground than you might make out of it."

He demonstrated to them as he made a typical cut with the training saber, stepping towards one trainee in the circle around him -- coming too close as his wrist would have landed on the trainee's head. He moved again only this time with perfect distance his training saber came to rest in the air above a trainee who was on opposite side of the assembled.

"Many of you are force-sensitive, your sense of space sensitive to your mood. This is why you you train -- by maintaining focus, you flatten your sense of space and make better decisions. Master Rayya will take over. Master Rayya?"

An aging Jedi steps forward as the Aurelian moves to spectate.

He took a breath as a female figure clad in a white hooded robe stepped forth. "You've really found your place here, Caius."

The Aurelian instructor raised a brow. He didn't need to look her way to know whom it was. "Master Aurel."

She only sighed. "I thought we'd be closer. Not 'Keahi' or 'cousin'?" she tried as she pushed back her hood revealing her short but well kept white hair. Their eye colours matched but of the two of them she was the only one that was visibly Echani.

Physically, if nothing else.

"Cousin." he finally relented. "We haven't exactly been in contact...but you are family. Even if all you have of us is the name..."

There was a small silence. The words he spoke clearly cut her deeper than if he'd simply insulted her. That was the thing with being Echani; less tends to mean much, much more.

"I want to change that." she finally said as she lowered her head. She gave a formal bow as she may as well have prostrated herself before him. "Battlemaster of Clan Aurel."

He snorted at her sudden formality. "Enough, enough." he sighed, himself tired of it. Their past was complicated. One that made no sense to any other than themselves. It was insane how family can get so twisted. "Alright. Come by tomorrow night; I'll get my brothers... we can have it out."

His words meant the galaxy to her. To him, as well... although he'd never admit it. But they both needed this; to reconcile deeds done in the past.

To close the distance that kept family apart.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Lone Saber
« on: 05/14/17, 12:24:30 AM »
"I am Caius Courser Aurel, Aurelian Battlemaster of Clan Aurel. My people have chosen to align with the Eternal Alliance and though I am their Battlemaster, I understand that our radically different culture requires me to play a largely administrative role to ease transition. Before the Battle of Odessan, we kept our selves as a separate fighting force out of necessity; to be effective for the of the Alliance. To expose ourselves and to help integration, I've split my fleet and spread it out across the Alliance to help the commander and the other leaders build on the spirit of co-operation.

My role now is more familiar to me. As an Aurelian Battlemaster, I understand the pains of being away from the front lines... but more than anything else I find that the down times are the most difficult times of them all. So... to maintain sanity and productivity at the same time, I think it best to polish off some of the skills I'd gained in my time by repairing a datacron I first built when I left Tython. Looking back now, I think that those days might tell a story that gives us context into the birth of the Alliance. How to some of us, the Alliance is a chance to do things over.

I'm leaving these entries accessible to all Alliance Personnel; a living history and my part in all this. I'll add whatever I'm able to access. Though the damage is extensive, who knows what bits I can recover."

-- [Aurelian] Battlemaster Caius Courser Aurel aka Pirate Lord Kyras, King of acquistions, aka Darth K'uur, aka Jedi Knight Rouser Cross, aka Information Broker "Silver Swan", aka... (there is a long list of names)

((OOC: O-kay! This will be my attempt to sum up my character's history and to bring him into the current day. I always had a good idea as to how to do it but actually doing it will be messy. PM me if you see anything that sticks out and runs contrary to actual IC events and as always, I'm glad to see feedback.))

Storyboards / Convalescence
« on: 01/25/15, 08:23:27 AM »
This thread follows the events following Rouser's arrest.


There comes a time in every sentient's life when they have a chance to rest. To take stock and think. Even for those who've seen the future, seen a glimpse of what it might bring... the unsurprising sting of the present was a bitter reality that one had to face. To endure.

Outside Realm / Dragon Age Inquisition
« on: 12/23/14, 06:19:22 AM »
Out of curiosity, who plays? What class/spec are you rocking?

Dagger Rogue - Tempest

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Shadow Ops: Zythia
« on: 09/24/14, 11:58:05 PM »
((OOC: This thread follows Master Aurel's actions concerning Zythia. Mostly between scenes.))

Quote from:  Iaera
"I believe Master Aurel's skills are uniquely suited for this task."

The situation on Zythia had escalated far too quickly than anyone had anticipated. The council was more than a little worried and many Jedi who knew of what was happening were on edge. There were rumours... and then there was the reports. Worrying reports of machines that could harness the force residing in all living things. A weapon that annulled the powers of Jedi, leaving any effective military action a costly waste of lives. But this wasn't the first time the Jedi had seen such a device.

No. It was back during the Great Hyperspace War. The Dark Reaper. What was even more worrying were the implications -- if this machine was built again, then how long before the Empire was going to have the means to mass produce scaled down version for every front in the galaxy?

She would rather not know.

The Galaxy would rather not know.

Dealing with such evils fell within her expertise. Master Keahi Aurel was a Jedi Shadow. There were none in the Custodum better suited to deal with a situation as this.


I can't help but remember the last time I was here. Aiding a prominent leader of the resistance to establish a covert beachhead by installing a beacon that could better guide small ships in. I wasn't the first Shadow that was dispatched to this planet. But as I've discovered... I'm simply the first Jedi that's been able to report back in.

But this planet... I've been to many Dark worlds. Places rich in the dark side of the force but here?

I... lack the words for it. It feels so wrong here. Like a piece was permanently out of place.

Neo-Zythian patrols were everywhere in this part of the city. Public transportation went through more security checks than could have ever been convenient and every second road was barricaded, gated in as traffic even on the ground was dictated solely by the hastily painted signs of the planet's new Masters. She'd lost count of the number of checkpoints that littered the city. The monorail she was riding was ordinarily intended for labourers going to the industrial sector of the city. It was also one of the only rail routes that gave her a good view of almost every checkpoint in the city. A convenience, of course... but one she was grateful for.

Two to five men per check point, sometimes covered by heavy emplacements but there was always, always a surveilance droid. Hovering here and there, scanning everything with a heartbeat. Security here was tight... very tight. Large groups would have had difficulty moving through the city and having more Jedi here would have only led to disaster. Still, as the monorail slowed to stop, she dusted down her robes and disembarked.

Right. I guess it's time to get to work...

Storyboards / Jedi vs Sith: The Sacking of Coruscant (Iaera)
« on: 07/23/14, 08:26:53 AM »
((spins off from Tales of Tython: The Sith's Retreat))

10 years ago. 1 BTC.
I remember...

The Crusader's schism. The conflict that eventually reunited the Mandalorian Clans. Whilst the clans fought, the Empire grew impatient. Despite Mandalore's insistence that the dispute remain a Mandalorian affair, he was forced to relent when Republic forces inevitably entered the conflict. The fighting was brutal.

The Sith apprentice stood at his master's side -- Lord Rudra. A fierce woman and and even fiercer warrior, she was young. No more than two years older than he. His teacher and lover, her short black hair and intense gaze never failed to stir him. Beneath her beauty, she was passion incarnate. Around her, he'd never want for a moment of calm. In the battlefield, in the training room. Even the bedroom.

Of course, despite his status as her partner, he was her apprentice. And she, too, served her own master... a master who, among all the Sith was an unquestioned hero of the Empire.

Darth Marr.

The man stood tall, even as a blue silhouette on the holocom there was no exaggeration when it was said that he was one of the most powerful beings in the galance. Lord Rudra had just finished giving the Dark Councilor their report.

"Apprentice. Only the most accomplished of us are named Lord of the Sith. For your service and mastery of the dark side, you join us as Dark Lord of the Sith."

"Lord K'uur." spoke his master, his lover. Her vulpine grin hinted at a feast to be had. Glorious battles where he could revel in the destruction of his enemies. More than that, he could feel her lust... a feeling he mirrored as he silently basked in the honor of his naming. Rudra inclined her head forward. A bow. A first. He knew what this meant for their relationship. They were equals.

"Yes. You have been granted a title -- one deserving of like conquest. Celebrate then claim your prize. Report to Darth Malgus. He will lead you to your just reward."

Malgus. Darth Malgus. Any Sith warrior knew the name. The man was a veritable juggernaut of rage. His accomplishments were well known -- any battlefield the man was sent to would be fitting for any Sith wanting to test their mettle. And unlike most commanders, Malgus was not a man who'd waste his best forces by keeping them in reserve.

Yes. This would be a tribute worthy of his new name.

I remember...

K'uur. A noise more than a word. A... command meant to demand silence in mando'a. I distinguished myself during their schism. I lacked a name that I thought I deserved so my master made it mine. It has meaning... weight. Mandalorian in origin, as was my prestige. It was... fitting. Its meaning gave me purpose. Worth. I truly... finally... felt like a true Sith. And my just reward was to add the hardest fought battles to my name.

Trouble and Feedback / Calendar Time Consistency?
« on: 07/12/14, 05:04:17 AM »
It's just something I noticed now, but assigning the times on posts is just that, only for posts. Calendar doesn't reflect it. For particular events it could also be time-stamped.

To be clear, it's not a problem, after all most people live in the same time-zone and those of us that don't mentally translate it ahead of time to make it on time. There is no need here, just a bell and a whistle that will only distract those who find it cute. Really, just an idea to toss up if a willing programmer had free time and felt particularly masochistic.

(To summarize what happened during Jedi night, Knight Rouser Cross returned to her the lightsaber of her fallen master and with it came a great confession that he wasn't entirely whom he'd claimed to be. At the height of the confusion he escaped from his impending arrest into the vast Tythonian wilderness. The Jedi quickly alerted the Temple. A Sith was loose on Tython -- one who hid in plain sight.)

(Shortly after Jedi Night.)

He didn't want this. He knew it would happen, but even still -- he didn't want this.

Rouser's... confession was done out of hope. Hope that perhaps there would be a soul within the order that wouldn't be so blind as to bow pointlessly to there rules. Hope that, with tempered wisdom came knowing that there was a time that ultimately demanded silence and secrecy. That the truth had a heavy cost -- the payment was in lives that ostensibly the Jedi were sworn to protect. But he knew it wouldn't be so -- even as he vaulted over a fallen tree and leaped towards the canopy of the forest he knew how she'd react. He had offered a compromise, a means of unveiling secrecy without the heavy cost that came with it. All he needed was a day. One solid day and he could have warned his disciples, his apprentices and the lords willing to make a difference.

He had told her what he was trying to do. That there will always be a Sith and the Sith will always have a Sith Code. He told her how that, with his teachings he could change the Empire -- change the Sith. Not by ruling it, but by giving its code a different meaning. To give the Sith a new purpose. That vision was at stake. Even now as Iaera gave her report, he knew her message would eventually reach the High Council. Someone in the Empire would have a plant and as the Council learns of the infiltrator in their midst, those Lords who had infiltrators of their own would be very interested in discovering just whom Rouser truly was. It wouldn't remain a secret for long -- for as much as the intelligence archives had been manipulated to clear his past, Sith politics guaranteed that many parties would have long memories. Memories that remember the bold claim he'd made before the Dark Council years ago, of how he'd declared himself Darth and that show of strength enabled him to guarantee his command of the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet.

A lofty station -- far away on some world in the Unknown Regions but here he was in the Deep Core, evading who knew how many Jedi. In his mind, the difference in words mattered... he was no coward. There was nothing he feared in the wrath of his enemies, there was no battle he was losing. He avoided the Jedi, escaped confrontation all because he knew how it would play out. They would try to arrest him -- and he would resist. He was no mewling with the lightsaber. If they forced a confrontation, even outnumbering him more than a few would die in their attempt to bring him in. And he still doubted that they would succeed. He wasn't arrogant in this regard... he was a warrior. One of the best -- and that was no idle boast. But for once, a Sith didn't desire the death of the Jedi. And being a warrior didn't always mean slicing your problems into halves, there were times where cunning mattered more than valor and evading the Jedi combing the woods had done little else than give him his daily cardio. Doubtless because they were expecting some veined, white-skinned figure whose malicious intent could be felt a parsec away.

That would change soon.

Still, he didn't want this.

((Blah, I'm rusty. Gimme a break! As always -- all constructive criticism is welcome.))

Cantina / Player housing
« on: 03/08/14, 08:00:23 PM »

Now. Before we all burst from excitement let's give a moment for all the bothans that died to bring us this news.


Outside Realm / Star Wars X-Wing tabletop
« on: 03/06/14, 04:26:24 AM »

Brintte was in RC when i told her about this but right now as i go through my phone i thought I'd share the story. So, last sunday I was playing this game and somehow this happened.

Fun times.

I'll leave that incident to your imagination. But that same battle, I kept doing the same thing to Boba Fett. So much so that eventually... he died. Got whittled down by the millenium falcon's gunner - chewie. Because somehow Fett managed to trap Han in carbonite during the battle. But in the end it pays to know that I saved the day. The rookie pilot. For the win.

So has anyone else played this game?


It's a thing. So I have to ask. Who's doing it? Who's interested? What kittens will you donate to dog shelters? What mice will you give to cats? What dogs will you give to-- you get my point. The thing is, every body could do with some games in their lives and for this year, I've found out that one of the societies I've joined is making a call out-- we're going to be doing 12 hours of table top and donating all the things to kids out there willing to prove that there's more in life than being a n00b. In fact, quie a few are aspiring 1337 gamers. And if there's anything that has the ability to touch the heart, it's badass kindergarteners with the ability to talk down even the most seasoned of gamers.

The above narration was written under the social pressures of being in a very silent library... and an unnaturally straight face. But seriously! This year the society I recently joined will be donating at the minimum a gold coin each to the Child's Play Charity. But on top of it all, it's to make sure we enjoy the gift we have that is tabletop.

So -- what about you? What will you be doing on Tabletop day? Want to put together an event for all your local people? Word. Up!

Introductions / Spotty Presence
« on: 02/16/14, 09:14:48 AM »
... I should have posted this earlier, but as it so happens I'm undergoing quite a drastic change in usual schedule and I won't have a good baseline for my attendance for, at the least, two-three weeks. I'm sorry for that!

The characters affected are mainly Renver, Kyras, Darth K'uur, Lord Achaen, Captain Karel Aurel, Rouser and Kaihee.

I've given notice to the events I've been looking to attend but I may have missed others. Spontaneous RP is the thing I'm going to have to be stuck with for a little bit; hit me up here on PMs or on raidcall if you see me. Otherwise, thanks folks and once again, I apologize to the people I'm having to bail out on.

Cantina / XCOM: Enemy Within -- Your Character!
« on: 11/20/13, 04:07:36 AM »
So, in raidcall I was having fun, yelling out the crazy things I was doing with characters that were named certain players' toons here.

And admittedly, that made it so much more fun. For example, I used Kiive to try to rescue a civilian. Here's what happened -- said civilian was standing next to a vehicle. By killing the Alien next to the civilian, Kiive set the car on fire. She saved the civilian: yaaaay! Car blows up, kills civilian ANYWAY. D'awww.

So next game, I place Kiive next to a Chrysallid. Said alien not only tears her throat out... but turns her into a Zombie. Just my luck. I survive. There are other shenanigans. Telline, for example, is a Robot. Iaera was a shotgun psionic... that, due to the way things went, had her Will lowered to... extremely low (43).

I know I'm not alone in playing this game -- but for those of you who don't and actually want your character designed the way you feel the way would be incarnated in this game, please don't hesitate to tell me. Otherwise, I'm making your character anyway and playing it anyway I like. >.>

Some quick info;

5 classes;

MEC Trooper (robot)
Support (medics, mostly but they fill different roles as well)
Assault (with shotguns)
Heavy (with a rocket launcher and light machine guns)
Sniper (with... oh come on, this one's obvious!)

There's also psionics -- for this, I'm using it for Force Sensitivity.

So come on. If you want to know more about the game, I'm sure there's a wiki out there. If you're in Raidcall, give me a yell. I'll keep this thread updated as to the shenanigans I get up to and stuff that happens.

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